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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 80). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 81 – New Jobs. Talk of Enlarging the Family


I knew I was opening myself up to accusations of cronyism or nepotism, and in this case and probably many others, I didn’t care. I was the big boss of a corporation that I owned controlling interest in, and rank did have its occasional privileges.

Marcia stood in front of my desk. She had a beguiling smile on her face and was holding her skirt up so that I could see her bare shaved pussy, a beautiful sight in the middle of my otherwise hectic and overly numeric day.

“Thank you, Marcia. I can see that you are adhering to my office dress code.”

She smirked, “I thought you were supposed to feel things out by hand.” She gestured at her pussy with one finger while still holding her skirt, right where I detected some arousal based on a slight swell and moistness to her labia.

“I can’t do that if you’re standing way over there. Come around here.”

Marcia moved, but kept holding the front of her dress so I had a constant view of her succulent lips. I could feel the start of my own swollen condition as she came within reach. She did have a beautiful pussy, but maybe I thought that about all of them.

I ran my hand up and down her leg. Marcia shivered. I explained, “When I check or when you feel I should check, you should feel free to come around to this side of my desk. You are one of the privileged ones now. When I do this, I often take a small sample of your feminine wiles.”

I gently slid two fingers along her slit until I reached her vagina, and then magically those same two fingers slid deep inside my newest wife. Marcia groaned and held onto my shoulder because her knees got all wobbly.

I pulled my hand out and sucked on my fingers. “Yummmmm, and thank you for sharing yourself with me.” I loved her taste and pungent aroma that invited me to plunder her succulent body.

Melanie appeared at my door. She gave us a lascivious grin and announced, “Mr. Worthington, your eleven a.m. is here. Do you want to meet here or might I suggest the executive conference room?” She grinned as she watched Marcia drop her skirt and try to smooth over things. The area around my desk carried her aroma and Mel could probably smell things even over by the door.

I said, “Mel, I think for a few minutes we’d better meet in the conference room. There’s a strange odor over here; delightful and arousing, but probably not conducive to a normal business meeting.”

Marcia gave a light punch to my shoulder. I stood and leaned in and kissed her. I whispered, “Go back to work. I might check again later, so always be prepared.” I winked at her and got an inviting grin in return.

I headed towards the conference room, planning a stop in the men’s room along the way only to adjust the awkward position I seemed to have inflated into at the short sexual interlude.

Marcia had been known in my headquarters building as one of my bodyguards and a senior member of the security team. Lucas had left her in charge of things many times when he’d travel with me. With her new status as a ‘wife,’ neither Lucas nor I thought she should continue in the bodyguard role, at least as a primary responsibility. Consequently, with my enthusiastic blessing and her enthusiastic acceptance, he’d moved her to the new position as Director of North American Corporate Security.

In that role, she took over security and protection for all of our sites. As part of the job she became the manager of several of our I.T. staff in a matrix situation, because they were overseeing the protection of our networks, websites, and various server farms. The position was important, and she certainly had the qualifications based on her education. As far as experience, she was going to learn a lot by OJT – on the job training.

Because her office was going to be near mine, Lucas requested that she continue to carry and remain current in her firearms and martial arts skills. She wanted this too. Lucas also had worked with Deke to bring Melanie up to speed with a handgun as well, and she had her own Glock 30 sitting in the top drawer of her desk just outside my office door, and she knew how to use it. I suggested the same role for Sheila, but she begged off.

While Marcia would be working for Worthington Industries, unlike Melanie and Izzy, Marcia would join Sheila and be traveling part of the time to assess güvenilir bahis other offices and manufacturing sites regarding their surveillance, communications, technology protection, and overall security situation. Since we had over a thousand different sites, I expected that she’d soon realize that she needed some help in this aspect of her job. To have a little separation I had her reporting directly to Andy, although the two of them had also become intimate at some of our parties, I didn’t think there was a strong love relationship there the way Marcia had with me.

I was pensive riding home in the limousine that Tuesday evening with Sheila, Melanie, Izzy, and Marcia. I wondered what I’d find when we got back to the condominium. As it turned out, I found most of my other wives, plus Carter, Mike, and Ryan. The three men were cooking in my kitchen as the girls sat on the high bar stools at the counter and talked and laughed with them. There was a high level of domestication.

Mike handed me a Chardonnay on ice, my favorite cocktail drink, without my asking. He had similar glasses for the others that arrived with me. Of course, there was a flurry of kisses and hugs of the cooks as well as discussion about what they were preparing for dinner.

In an off moment, I caught Elsa staring at me. I had been studying Carter and his interaction with KC and Izzy. She gave me a wink. I wondered if she could read my mind. I further wondered what she’d think of the idea I had jelling in my head. My reticence to discuss the idea with her was based more on testing my own thinking on the subject than anything. Several weeks had passed since we discussed it and she had noticed what she referred to as my ‘odd’ behavior.

As we talked and the men worked, Deke arrived with a bag of groceries. If they lived with us, I wondered whether I’d have the same discussion about paying for things that I did with the girls.

Deke got welcomed to the condo by everyone – strong handshakes and smiles from the other men and me, and hugs and kisses from the girls, almost like welcoming a husband or beloved brother home from work. Ryan and Mike were on Deke about whether he had taken the ‘Big Step,’ and obviously some of the girls knew what was happening as well, because of their interest in his response. I felt a little out of it, because I didn’t know the subject matter.

Deke saw my puzzled look, and responded to everyone but in a way so I could catch up. He said, “I wasn’t economically viable as a high-end firearms instructor, and the associated things I did with it. So, I’ve been looking for an alternate vocation, and today I did indeed close the deal on one. I bought a security alarm company that has offices in Hudson Township. It’s a going business, the owner wanted to retire, and we negotiated a buyout deal over the next five years that’ll allow me to eat, but pay off the purchase as he phases out of his business, and I phase in.”

I spoke, “Say more about the business.”

Deke laughed, “Well, it’s home and small commercial security systems, everything from alarm systems and emergency communications to video surveillance, both obvious and clandestine. The place has about two-dozen employees and a good book of business … and, by the way and in no way a factor as to why I bought, but the company was the lead contractor for the security system that eventually went into The Meadows. Lucas knows the company very well apparently, since he vetted the whole outfit as part of the contracting process. He gave it an A+ rating.”

I teased, “Well, if we have a problem we have you cellphone number.”

He laughed, “There better not be any problems, or I’ll be out there personally any hour of the day fixing it myself so it gets done right.”

KC asked, “Do you have experience in these things?”

Deke nodded, “Besides all the firearms and security stuff I did in the service, I also did a lot of electronics for what I might call spook stuff – bugs, wiretaps, secret recording devices, hidden alarms, and the like. It was interesting work, and now I have that background as I move into this allied arena. There are lots of overlaps.”

I asked, “What’s the yearly revenue of the place?”

Deke nodded, “Excluding the cost of the equipment we install, which we mark up, the place turns just under three million a year. I want to find a good number two person and open up a subsidiary base over near your Club Infinity to service that growing area. I have this idea of installing security systems in new construction while the walls are open, and making that a selling point on those spec homes. Wiring them up ahead of time saves hundreds of hours on some projects, so we might come out way ahead. I’m still thinking through a viable business model around that idea.”

I thought Deke had the right attitude and enthusiasm for his new endeavor. I saw Marcia cut Deke out of the group for a few minutes to talk to him about security endeavors. I could see a good coupling of interest, talent and technology in that friendship.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri watched Deke with Marcia. He was very solicitous with her, and I saw him making sure she had his contact information as the two talked. She seemed exceptionally grateful to him as well. After they chatted, there was a nice kiss between the pair and some romantic talk that I thought involved some invitations to get together later that evening. The two obviously liked each other a lot. I couldn’t remember whether I’d ever seen them making love.

The three men who’d taken on the role of cooks for the night, served up a five-star meal for the rest of us, a veal piccata dish served with shallots and capers along with sautéed spinach and gnocchi. After the meal, I joined the cleanup crew in the kitchen and we had things put back in order in record time.

There were six men and nine women together that evening. In most groups that size, sex or affection would be inhibited because of embarrassment or shyness, but not in this group. We loved group sex – ‘together sex,’ Elsa called it sometimes. I noted the combinations for the first round: Deke with Marcia and Izzy; Mike with Cindy and KC; James with Sheila; Ryan with Melanie and Stacy; Carter with Elsa; and me with Alice, who was exceptionally affectionate and loving.

We spread out around the condominium living room and family room. I heard one of the Danish porn videos start up on the family room television and knew the folks in there were using it for a little eye-candy as they started their own sexual games. I offered Alice the opportunity to go back to the bedroom, but the once shy woman wanted to make love in public and be available for swapping with the others in the living room.

I watched James eating Sheila; he was good apparently from the response she not only endured but relished as she urged him on between her own orgasms. When the tables got turned and she went down on his large dong, he stroked her hair in a loving manner. I waited to see if he’d force himself on her, but he never did. I knew Sheila liked ‘rough’ occasionally, but not so that night.

Mike worked Cindy and KC into a sexual frenzy with his hands and mouth. The trio jockeyed positions so that he ate Cindy as KC sucked on his cock, keeping it at its full swollen length and the consistency of steel. The two women switched, and then Mike worked his cock into KC as she had Cindy kneel over her so she could eat her pussy. Mike extended himself to be sure that both women were getting off before he did. He could also lean in and kiss Cindy in a sexy way, even making love to her taut breasts. He delivered a vaginal orgasm to KC and then did Cindy, working her up to an orgasm with his cock inside her as he stroked her clit with his thumb. When all was said, done, the trio cuddled together and there was a lot of hugging and kissing – very affectionate and loving.

Alice and I had a traditional fuck, both of us loving the other, and also finding great arousal at watching the others. We made little comments to each other about what was happening elsewhere in the room – dirty talk most of the time. I was amazed at how coarse prim and proper Alice could be; I loved it and told her so. I got a lascivious grin from her and then she launched a kiss on me and drove her tongue halfway down my throat she was so worked up. After we were through we walked into the family room to see what was happening in there.

The couples and groups in that room were temporarily finished and cuddled together watching the television’s display of pornography, in this case Vanessa and Anna getting fucked by two muscular studs after apparently returning from a date. The scene looked familiar, and I think I’d seen part of that being filmed when I was in Denmark months earlier.

Elsa invited us over to her section of the sofa. Alice was there in an instant. Carter stood, and before we sat again, Alice and Elsa were in a sixty-nine eating the cum from each other’s cunts on the plush rug in front of the sofa. We were also an oral group. I didn’t say anything, but Carter got right down between Alice’s legs with Elsa and the two took turns lapping at Alice’s hot and drippy slit. God, that all looked hot as hell.

I watched how Carter behaved. He was very gentle with both Elsa and Alice, often smoothing their skin and asking whether they enjoyed something he’d done for them. Alice had me come over to that end of things so I could help her on Elsa’s pussy. I added in my own love and caring to that set of cleanup duties.


Mark sprung his big idea on me over lunch on Thursday. Two months had passed since he’d started to act oddly about the guys and the rest of us. During that time, I had come up with my own explanation about what he was doing. As it turned out, I was correct.

Having lunch with Mark was exceptionally rare. I couldn’t recall any prior time when he’d broken away in the middle of his business day to be with any of his wives for a casual lunch – at least I thought iddaa siteleri it was casual. For him, it was usually prime time to do business; however, this time he was family oriented.

We went to the little sidewalk sandwich place where Cindy and I had shot Myron Tanner, and I’d almost died from the shot Tanner squeezed off as our bullets tore his chest apart. I think Mark wanted to see what the place was like under more tranquil conditions. He made sure I was comfortable about going to the place before we ate there, and at that point I had no reservations.

Mark hemmed and hawed around and after talking about the nice weather for two minutes nonstop, and I finally said, “MARK! What do you want to talk to me about? You have me worried. I know you’ve been mulling over something serious for some time. Am I in trouble with you? Is one of my sisters in jeopardy in some way? The guys?”

Mark about fell all over himself. “Oh, no. There’s nothing for you to be worried about. I want your opinion on something that I’ve been thinking about. I haven’t talked to anybody about this, but now you.”

I gestured for him to continue exhibiting my impatience.

“This is about the five guys we pal around with, isn’t it?” I asked. I’d figured that much out weeks earlier.

Mark nodded. “Yes. They are almost if not equally as romantically involved with all of you girls as I am.”

“And that bothers you? Do you want them to stop coming around? Are we seeing them too much for your liking?” I was kind of teasing Mark, because I knew if anything like that bothered him we would have heard about it long before.

Mark came back defensively, “Oh, no, not that at all; the opposite in fact; very much the opposite. My thinking has led me to think that we should annex the guys into our polyamorous family the same as you girls with some kind of ceremony or symbol – like the rings. That’s my question for you; what do you think of that idea? They all love you and are so solicitous of each of you, plus they hang around with us almost all the time. Moreover, you all seem to love them in return. I don’t see any of playing favorites among them except maybe on a specific night. We all do that.”

I sat back in my chair and looked at Mark in disbelief, yet he’d reached this conclusion all on his own. I knew he was kind and had an compassionate streak that led him to do impulsive things like give a beautiful stripper over six-thousand dollars for her teen’s orthodontic work, but I never thought he’d think about annexing other men into our family. For a guy, this seemed a huge step in his thinking.

After seconds while we stared at each other, I said, “I’m pleased and quite emotional about what you said – topsy-turvy almost, and my overall reaction is super good. I like the idea, I think. I kind of figured you might head in this direction based on having watched you watching them these past weeks. There may be some downsides I’m not seeing.”

Mark said, “Oh, I’ve thought of several. First, the guys might not want to give up their independence to be part of our polyamorous family. They each have their own bachelor pad, according to you.”

I nodded. They did each have an apartment. Most of us had been to each of them at one time or another, either alone or in small groups, and for various reasons, including a change of venue for our lovemaking. Since none of them were conducive to our security, we had not stayed overnight at them.

Mark went on, “If they do move in, they might end up focusing on one girl instead of playing the field with you all as they have been. Next, there’s the expectation by all of you that they won’t get serious with someone outside our circle. They can fuck them but not become emotionally involved like we’ve been doing at our parties and occasional other interactions.

I interrupted, “A comment. I am always emotionally involved with people I fuck, it’s just that with some I can easily disconnect afterwards and practice detachment.”

Mark thought that was interesting and continued, “I don’t know what they do with their free time. I don’t know if they date other women or have other buddies they pal around with. I just see them together with each other and you girls. If they like a lot of alone time, my idea might not work. They’re not at the condo or The Meadows every night or over every weekend.

“I guess people will think that I’m gay or bisexual, but that doesn’t worry me. At this point in my business, I don’t think much of what I do in my personal life will impact the business. I’ve studied some of the other business leaders, some even in flagrant affairs or bigoted beyond belief, and there’s little impact on their business. Besides that, almost every part of our life together, including the sex parties with the guys, has been written about in some magazine exposé.”

Mark continued his ruminations, “Of course, at The Meadows and the condo we fill up more rooms, and there’s more hustle and bustle and chaos because we’d now have fifteen people living in one place. We’d all be going different directions all the time, although things have gotten that way now with all of us running off to different jobs, places, projects, and activities all the time, only it would be more so with five more living with us.”

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