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Many thanks to the members of ‘The Bistro’ thread who started me on writing this story–which of course never took place. Your names have been changed to protect the guilty!


I stood and hesitated for a moment at the door of the bar, eager yet apprehensive as to what this night held for me. After all, the people I was about to meet were strangers in a way, being only names I knew from online. It was one thing to bare one’s soul on an anonymous message board but quite another to do it face to face. Maddy had arranged this meeting for us all, knowing that I was flying in from London for a week, and I was pretty sure she would be wanting me to try out the infamous “back room.” If this was the case, I sure hoped I could get a few drinks under my belt for Dutch courage, because it was my own fault for revealing that I sometimes have trouble getting an orgasm! They had joked that there were one or two people in our crowd who could assist me in that, given half a chance, and as I hesitated I had the feeling that this was to be the night that I would find out whether it was a joke or not.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed open the door and entered the Bistro bar. All chatter ceased for a moment and every head turned in my direction. Then everyone was talking at once, welcoming me, and as I was gathered into several bear hugs a very large drink was put into my hand. Was this the Dutch courage?

I was found a seat and looked around at the sea of faces. Who was who, I wondered? Surely that big guy over there must be Danny, and as I looked his way he gave me a big grin and a wink. To my amazement I actually blushed, thinking back to all the intimate details he already knew about me. But, I thought, pulling myself together, I know a lot about each and every one of them, too. Everyone came and introduced themselves and it was great to finally put faces to names.

Just then I was drawn bahis siteleri into a warm embrace and a whispered, “Welcome at last, Ruth, I’m sure we can all make this evening a memorable one. I’m Maddy, by the way. We’ve all got our heads together and have so much planned already. I hope you are happy with that?”

I gulped and smiled. “OK, I’ll go along with anything you’ve decided, but when does this all begin?”

“How about right now?” said a voice to my left. “Hi, I’m George.”

I looked into his face and his eyes smiled into mine, a smile that went right inside me, and I felt that familiar tingle coursing right through me.

Just then Maddy clapped her hands saying in a loud voice “Laura, Jolene, Penny, Charlene, Beth, Patsy, and Sandy—follow me, ladies, to get Ruth ready and settled. All you guys are banned from the back room.” Amid loud groaning from Danny, George, Henry, Bill, Jim, Bob and Larry— plus a few lewd comments—I was led from the bar.

The back room was dimly lit but cozily warm, thank goodness. A fluffy robe had been laid out to cover my embarrassment … for now, anyway! Sandy took my hand and led me, unprotesting, to the showers and I could see this was to be a communal affair. The water was very hot, just as I liked it, and several hands began to soap me all over. I stood still, only moving as directed as I was washed over my breasts, the nipples leaping to attention, and I moaned softly as someone’s hands caressed my buttocks, gently opening the cheeks with a soaped finger before sliding inside. My legs almost gave way as more fingers found their way to my pussy, opening it and finding my sensitive clit.

Laura said, “Enough of that! There will be plenty of time later.

I groaned in frustration as the water was turned off and I was dried and led back to the bed. It seemed rather high to me, but there was a very good reason for this, as I would find out later.

“We are going to blindfold canlı bahis siteleri you, Ruth, but not tie you down although you will probably be held in place,” said Charlene and even with the blindfold covering my eyes I could tell she was smiling broadly.

I heard a click and the shuffling of many feet approaching my body and I jumped as a soft mouth started to suck on my left nipple, licking it and coaxing it up. Yet another mouth started to do the same on the right. Both my ankles were grasped and my legs were pushed up and outwards, held there displaying all my charms. I felt a large finger caress my pussy and pull the lips apart. I gasped with pleasure, then groaned as it was inserted deep, deep, deeper inside me, then pumped in and out making my juices run. A soft mouth started to lick at my pussy lips and clit and I bucked upwards, grinding into it, crying out with pleasure. I suddenly realized why the bed was that height as a large cock rubbed against my opening and pushed to enter.

I thought, my God, he’s too big and tried to cry out in protest, but my head was tipped back and a large cock pushed into my mouth effectively silenced my cries. My whole body was being used and I was overwhelmed with sensations. All I could do was lie there and accept them.

I was more than accepting—the feeling was incredible as my pussy was being licked and slowly, so slowly, stretched and entered to the hilt before a steady rhythm started pushing me upwards at every stroke towards the cock filling my mouth. When he could hold out no longer, his man juice poured down my throat. In that position I had no choice but to swallow and there was a hell of a lot of it! No sooner had he withdrawn but another took his place and both cocks pounded and filled me from both ends.

After they withdrew I waited expecting others to take their places but instead

I was lifted from the bed, then placed into a sitting position and pushed canlı bahis forward so my breasts hung down to a waiting mouth. A cock beneath me was guided inside my pussy. I gasped out loud as a finger began to caress my buttocks, edging to that exposed hole, rubbing round it then easing in, lubricating as it went, opening and spreading it and I knew what was coming next. My breath was coming in gasps. I tried to relax but I knew I was losing it, and as soon as a cock touched me there and pushed I started to scream. A moment’s discomfort and he was in, not stopping, going all the way and somewhere in a dark tunnel I could hear a deep voice telling me he was using me.

I was screaming, swearing, and begging, “Oh, please God, please,” my body bucking as wave after wave of exquisite pleasure coursed through me, not once but over and over again. I clamped hard on both cocks—there would be no withdrawal till I was through, and I heard both men groan and cry out as both sets of muscles relaxed and clamped as multiple orgasms tore me apart and milked them dry.

Completely exhausted, I collapsed downwards and as the blindfold was pulled from my face I looked into the smiling face of Henry. “Wow, where did you learn that trick?” he asked. “Or does it come naturally?”

From behind me, I heard Bill say, “Mission accomplished!” as he pulled from me. I rolled sideways to be held in Henry’s strong arms as he gently kissed me. I looked around and everyone was smiling at having proved that they were right all along.

“You just needed the right stimulus,” said Larry, “although I doubt whether you would want that sort every time!”

Everyone laughed and I joined in as I was tenderly wrapped in the fluffy gown and helped to a comfortable seat, a welcome drink placed in my shaking hands.

It was then that Penny made the suggestion, “Hey, we should make this an annual occasion! See you all next year, same time, same place?”

A great cheer went up and everyone started talking at once, making plans of how they could make this a bigger and better reunion next year.

I just smiled weakly, glad that I had a whole year to recuperate, but I didn’t say no, did I?

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