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Adriana Chechik

Blue Water Boys � By Finn Lewis




This one took a little while to get out and ended up a lot longer than I”d intended so I”m splitting it into two parts.


For those of you who”ve reached out – I thank you. It is very much appreciated.


As always this story is complete and utter bullshit. Honestly, it never happened.


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Have you ever had days that are so fleeting but so fucking perfect you wish you could live them over and over again? The last three days have been like that for me and I”m pretty sure the next few weeks are going to be even better.


I”m sat on the two seater couch facing my bed after having very carefully extracted myself from underneath the slender arms and legs draped over me to shower and shave and to make myself a strong cup of coffee. It”d been a long night with not much sleep. There are not just two, but three completely naked boys still asleep in my bed this early in the morning with their legs all tangled together and arms thrown over bare chests. Sadly however, only one of them is lying on his back showing off a soft two inch penis with the hooded sheath of his foreskin puckered into a small nozzle at the tip lying limply over his hairless balls. Krystiyan”s hand is resting on its owner”s thigh between his legs with his body snuggled into him, his thin wrist grazing the other boy”s loose sack as he breaths deeply turning into hollow of his throat. I”ve borrowed Seb”s camera from his cabin and I”ve taken a few photos of the three of them like this with the morning sun coming through the small windows on either side bathing them in a hazy bronze, which, I think even Seb would admit was `artistic”. The single thin cotton sheet is thrown aside with pillows strewn about over the bed and floor and little feet are only now starting to twitch and curl as they slowly begin to stir with the gentle sound of the water slapping quietly against the hull.


But before they wake, seeing me sat here stretching the front of my boxer briefs and making it impossible for me not to climb back into bed and join them, I want to tell you about last night and who the third boy is occupying my bed with Ren and Krystiyan snuggled into him.


Just over three weeks ago while I was securing Krystiyan”s new passport in Odesa, Seb went ashore and met me back at the RIB a few hours later. Before we tied up alongside Ghost, which I”d moored at anchor a hundred meters offshore, he told me he wanted to stay for a while on his own. I guess he wanted to say goodbye to his birthplace in his own way and then meet up with us again in Amsterdam when he was ready about a forty minute drive away from Utrecht where we”d be visiting Lucas. I don”t know if he thought he”d never see the place he”d spent the first nine years of his life again or what, but he packed a small duffle bag and I ferried him back to the pier hugging him tightly and telling him how much I loved him. Even though he wasn”t really my son, it felt like I was losing the closest thing I had to one, just like I”d felt with both Alek and Lucas before him. I was dreading the day we”d have to leave him in Australia in a couple months” time, but it would”ve been selfish of me not to allow him to stay just so I could spend as much time with him as I possibly could. I understood his need to do it however much I hated being separated from him. I watched him walk away with his bag over his shoulder and waved when he turned around. It was only going to be a week but I honestly wanted to cry.


I took my time getting to Amsterdam with Ren and Krystiyan on board stopping off for a day or two in pretty much the same places Alek and I had after leaving Odesa together over fourteen years ago. Krystiyan was so in awe of everything and we spent as much time exploring as we could. I”d forgotten just how much fun it is being with two boys that young. I felt more alive than I had in a long time and I was in an almost constant state of arousal watching them with their tops off in nothing but very short shorts or their boxer brief speedos dive bombing each other when we swam at the end of each day. We”d retreat back to Ghost during the heat of the day at some point and as soon as we were inside they”d both be stripping naked playing with their single digit little uncut dicks wanting me to suck them off and give them their tingles. I know this”ll sound like I was treating Krystiyan as nothing more than a sexual play thing, there only to satisfy my own lustful pleasure, and I swear that”s not the case, but my God I knew we”d chosen well. He”s younger than Ren by about five months and only about two months past his eighth birthday, but it was him who instigated our morning ritual of both boys crouching over me taking turns licking and sucking my rigid six inches until I came in one of their mouths or over both of their faces. Of course they expected the same in return. Sometimes I”d dive right in devouring their stiff little dicks and balls swapping between them and at other times I”d slowly lick and kiss them all over their smooth young bodies making them giggle and moan before taking them into my mouth eventually giving them their well-deserved reward.


Over the last few weeks Ren”s helped Krystiyan settle into his online home-schooling until about two in the afternoon each day, and another hour practicing his English with him. It was heavily accented and harsh sounding but I found it sexy as fuck just like I had with Alek and Seb. Afterwards they”d play up on deck or just lay in the sun completely naked and I”d often go up to make sure they had enough sunscreen on even though they were already getting pretty brown. Sometimes one thing would lead to another and I”d have them arguing over who”s dick I sucked first. We”d cook diner and eat together as a family whether we were in port or at sea, and I had a rule that there were no screens allowed at the dinner table so I got to hear all about their day. I still had to work three or four hours a day so I used the time when the boys were doing their schoolwork or playing up on deck to get done what I needed to, and after dinner we”d sometimes watch an episode of something on NetFlix or a movie, and then the boy”s would get on the PlayStation for an hour or two until it was time to go to bed.


Both of them are very affectionate and kissing them is one of the more sensual things we do together. I”d never play favouritism of course, but Krystiyan is incredibly talented with the things he does with his small mouth and slippery little tongue when he”s kissing me. I suppose it”s because he”s had some experience with men just like Alek had, but I like to think he”s still somewhat innocent. God he gets me so hard at night in bed and I often can”t wait to go down on them bringing them off one at a time or alternating back and forth between them. I love rolling their foreskins up and down over their tiny glans and wriggling my tongue into the taut frilly ribbons when I”d pull them up in a nozzle. Even though Krystiyn is five months younger, has a good half inch on Ren but his foreskin isn”t as long, so it doesn”t quite cover the head when he”s hard leaving a third of his glans exposed which I tickle all the time with my tongue when I”m blowing him.


I haven”t fucked either of them yet but I”ve had two fingers inside them both and I started using the smallest three inch dildo a couple weeks ago getting them ready for when I do. Both of them love my fingers in their asses and as soon as I started massaging their immature prostates and giving them epic mind blowing orgasms as a result, they were eager to move onto the toys I had. Now they can”t wait and usually they”re the ones making sure I can reach their tight little holes whenever I”ve got their cocks in my mouth. I”ve gotten myself off sliding my cock back and forth between their thighs painting their chests and stomachs in cum and over their little hairless dicks and balls or into the valley of their asses. I get a special kind of thrill when I work my fingers into them afterwards using my semen as lube and they love it when I”d lick all my cum off their dicks before sucking them.


We finally made it to make it to Amsterdam by which time they were easily taking the four inch dildos and leaving them in for extended periods. I was very pleased to see it kept them both hard the whole time they had them in but they had difficulty concentrating on their schoolwork at times. The morning we were to arrive in Amsterdam I had two naked boys either side of me and I woke them up with my tongue and mouth coaxing their soft little dicks to life and brought them both to orgasm with two fingers in their asses rubbing that special spot inside. After I”d gotten them off they pushed me onto my back sitting either side of me licking and slurping up and down all over my cock and cupping my balls in their hands until I came between their mouths coating their cheeks and lips with my semen.


Lucas and his eighteen year old Dutch boyfriend Isaak met us in the city centre along with his much younger brother Espen who we”d chatted to over video quite a few times already. I didn”t that Lucas was now nineteen or how much I embarrassed him, but I wrapped my arms around him hugging him so hard because it”d been nearly two years since I”d last seen him due to fucking Covid-19. When I pulled away I gave Isaak a hug as well before turning to Espen and holding out my fist for a bump. I”ve already told you he was a real cutie, but seeing him on screen was nothing compared to meeting him in person. You know when you just can”t stop looking at someone? That was me that first day and I think he knew it too. Lucas is very well aware of my attractions, obviously, so he couldn”t keep the grin off his face when he told us Espen was going to start modelling for a well-known clothing line. He nudged his boyfriend”s brother and told him to show me his Instragram and TikTok feeds.


I swear to God he had thousands of followers. As he was scrolling through his posts on his phone I saw dozens of photos he”d taken of himself in various poses, including quite a few topless ones I might add, Lucas had to have known I”d be getting more than just a little bit hard standing next to this boy leaning down to get a good look at them. I”m not sure any words I write here would do him justice. He”s blond; his hair clipped short at the back and up one side but it was long on top sweeping down the other side reaching below his nose and his eyes were a very bright clear sapphire blue. I swear his lips looked so soft and bubble-gum pink with a cute little cupids bow in the middle, and don”t even get me started on his body. Fuck me. If there was the perfect specimen of an eleven year old boy that pressed all my buttons, Espen was it. He was slim but not skinny with a sexy tapering waist and flat stomach and his chest was fucking amazing. Two tiny pink nipples dotted his barely defined and only slightly swelling breasts, and as I looked at his pictures on his phone all I could think was that I”d probably be seeing it for real in the flesh at some point over the next couple weeks. Hopefully it”d be more than just once and with any luck, more than just the top half. Fuck, how right could I have been?


He was wearing a faded dark grey sleeveless tank top that hung just above his rounded ass clad in blue skinny-fit jeans with flip flops on his feet. The tantalizing view of his pale sinewy neck and throat sent my mind racing. I watched him flip through his photos looking at his thin boyish fingers imagining what other uses they could have and how they”d feel around my cock as he licked the pre from my glans cresting those lips of his over the top to swallow me whole. And he smelt really fucking good too I was that close to him. Without a doubt I knew he”d have a completely smooth and perfect little hairless dick hidden away in his jeans and I hoped to God I”d get to see it even if I never saw it hard.


Which I did by the way. A lot. And I was going to be seeing a lot more of it over the next few weeks because, thanks to fucking Covid-19, last night his Mom asked if he could stay with us while there was so much social unrest in the Netherlands. There were protests and rioting on the streets and being a nurse working long hours not knowing when she”d be home she worried about his safety. I, of course, agreed to this without complaint; especially after the first night staying at their home and the following two days since.


If you haven”t already guessed, yes, Espen is the third boy in my bed along with Ren and Krystiyan and he let me fuck him last night. I was his first and I”m sure I”ll be his second and third and fourth, but there”s no way I”ll be the last man or boy to go there because he liked it way too much for him not to want to do it again and again with anyone willing. All through lunch that first day I”d catch him looking at me and I”d smile when I met his eyes. Ren and Krystiyan hadn”t actually ever met Lucas in person except over video calls so they were all over him and Isaak because they were the cooler older boys which left me and Espen to chat and get to know each other. Right from the start I got this vibe that he already knew about my relationship with Lucas as well as the other two boys, and unless I was completely mistaken, the kid was actually trying to flirt with me. The way he”d touch my arm or just the look in his eyes when we were talking was subtle, but when he had to lift the front of his tank top up to scratch under his arm while he was facing me I knew he was doing it on purpose. He could have just lifted an arm and scratched himself without having to lift the front of his tank top, because it was a tank top and didn”t have sleeves, but he did. I caught Lucas looking and when I glanced his way he grinned at me nodding his head at Espen. His meaning was abundantly clear; I didn”t know how he”d done it, but it would seem his boyfriend”s little brother was fair game.


After lunch we caught a taxi for the forty five minute ride to Utrecht with Ren and Krystiyan flanking the older boys in the back row of the minivan leaving Espen and I together on the smaller bench seat behind the driver. If he had any idea how turned on I was with my arm across the back of the seat behind him trying to glimpse down the opening of his tank top at his throat, he showed no outward signs of it. He sat with a foot wedged between the seat in front of him and the side of the van leaning into me and I could smell the coconut of his shampoo in his hair thinking about how much I wanted in his pants. Because of the way he was sitting his jeans were stretched taut at the crotch meaning there was no obvious lump or even a hint of a bulge at the front so instead I concentrated on the flawless smooth skin of his face and neck and the little I could see down his top. About half way into the trip he turned around to talk to Lucas and his brother, and when he faced forward again his hand came to rest on my thigh and stayed there. My cock got a little excited at how close he actually got to it and pulled at my briefs as it inflated in my shorts only a few inches away from where his hand was. I wished he”d move it just a little bit higher.


He wanted to know about every single place I”d ever been, which were my favorites and what we”d done there. I found myself describing our life on board Ghost with Alek, Lucas, Seb and now with Ren and Krystiyan and all the places we”d been in great detail just enjoying being able to talk to him like that. He seemed so excited and interested and told me he wanted to go to all those places as well and I”m sure he got at least a bit hard at one point when he tried to adjust himself without me seeing. I was a bit disappointed when we arrived in Utrecht because it meant his hand left my thigh, but when I scooted along the seat to get out he looked down at my crotch seeing the outline of my half erect cock and gave me a cheeky little smile.


What surprised me though, but in hindsight it probably shouldn”t have, was that Espen took my hand in his as we made our way into their building and up the elevator to their apartment. It felt so natural to hold his hand in mine and he”d give me little squeezes making me look down at him every single time my attention wandered over to my other boys. Ren and Krystiyan however were oblivious to both my interest in Espen and complexly blind to the lustful looks Lucas was giving them. He kept scanning his eyes up and down their bodies lingering on their asses or the barely discernible little bulges in their pants so often I didn”t need to be a mind reader to know what he was thinking.


Their apartment was bigger than I”d expected having four bedrooms and an open plan living with kitchen and dining. Lucas gave us a brief tour showing us his and Isaak”s room where they shared a large queen sized bed and then Espen dragged us to his. I immediately recognized it from the videos he”d shown me that afternoon from his Instagram and TikTok feeds. He was obviously a Marvel fan with Ironman, Spiderman and Captain America framed posters on the walls and a Mandalorian spread on his double bed. Along one wall was his desk with a gaming PC and cam/mic set up where he made his videos and chatted with his many fans. I so wished I could close the door and lead him to his own bed by his hand, lay him down on his back and crawl over him to kiss him like I”d been thinking about abidinpaşa escort for the last few hours. They pointed out their Mom”s room and the forth bedroom that served as her home office before leading us back into the living room. As I”ve said, their Mom was a nurse and still at work, but she was due home in time for dinner so Lucas and Isaak and I caught up over a coffee for an hour while the boys went off with Espen to his room to game for a while. I”d kinda hoped he”d stay near me but he did look over his shoulder catching me staring at his ass. Yeah, yeah, I”m a perv, but he had a great fucking ass.


I know I”ve neglected telling you about Isaak, but really, I was far more interested in his eleven year old brother. I could see the teenager Espen would grow up to be and to be honest, if older teenaged boys did it for me I”d probably want in his pants as well, but he was way outside my preferred age with hair where there shouldn”t be and thick ropey cum that would come shooting out of his adult sized cock. He was exactly the type of boyfriend I knew Lucas would have though; fit and toned in an understated way and not at all effeminate even though I happened to know he was purely a bottom boy. I think they”re generally referred to as Twinks. He was very sexy and it was obvious they felt very strongly for each other with the way they acted and found any reason to touch.


Elin, Isaak and Espen”s Mom arrived home and Lucas was introducing us when the three boys came rushing out of Espen”s room. The first thing I noticed was the flush on their faces and the two slightly larger than normal little lumps in the boy”s shorts which they weren”t even trying to hide. I briefly glanced at Espen”s crotch looking for the same telltale signs of an erection under his jeans wondering if my two younger boys had gotten lucky. God I could only hope. The second thing I noticed was that they didn”t go sit with Lucas and Isaak but instead sat either side of Espen on the couch opposite me. Lucas noticed as well because he raised his eyebrows at me smiling as he watched the three of them sit down. Elin offered me a wine and got the boys Cokes and we sat and chatted for a while getting to know each other. She told me how much she liked having Lucas live with them and how he dotted on Espen like he was his own brother. I think I had a pretty good idea why.


Over the next hour we told her all about living on board Ghost and the places we”d been and the people we”d met leaving out some of the more personal details of course. She wanted to know all about Alek and Seb and how Ren and Krystiyan had come to live with me which I answered somewhat truthfully. I left out the fact that my three Ukrainian boys, Krystiyan included, had all been living on the streets selling their bodies when I”d met them. When she asked, the boys told her about their schoolwork and what they did for fun and they were excited to tell her about how they were going to learn to scuba dive just like Lucas and their other adopted brothers had.


It was getting into early evening and if we were going to make it back to Ghost at a decent time for dinner we needed to be heading off which is when Elin offered for us to stay the night. As custom dictated I declined at first. For one thing I wasn”t sure where we”d all sleep, and for another, I really needed to bust a nut after being around Espen for much of the day and I”d rather I got off in one or both of the younger boy”s mouths instead of my hand. Of course my own pleasure would have to wait until I”d blown them both to orgasm first which I was pretty sure wouldn”t happen if we stayed.


“Nonsense. We will eat and you will stay. Espen will sleep with Isaak and Lucas, Ren and Krystiyan will sleep in his bed and you can sleep on couch yes?” She stated in her no nonsense manner.


What could I say? The look on Espen”s face was enough to make me relent and agree. “Thank you Elin. We”d be very grateful so long as you let me pay for dinner.”


“Pffft… You are guest.” She waved her hand. “You show me your boat tomorrow and we call it even. We order pizza yes?”


So we stayed. Pizza was ordered along with a mountain of sides and we sat at the dining table to eat with Espen and Krystiyan next to me and Lucas and Isaak on the other side with Ren between them while Elin sat at the head. Afterwards I used her laptop to bring up our account in the cloud showing them a few of the thousands of photos we”d amassed over the years. Some of them Seb had taken and Elin was astounded at the quality and the emotion they evoked. I didn”t censor any of them since I didn”t store any of the more intimate photos of us online, but in quite a few one or more of the boys were completely naked which included Lucas from when he was nine all the way up to when he left us nearly two years ago. I watched Espen closely from the corner of my eye seeing how his interest seemed to linger on the ones of Alek, Lucas and Seb when they were older with wispy hairs or short trimmed bush around their teenaged cocks and he”d steal quick glances at his brother”s boyfriend when he thought no one was watching.


Elin suggested we put a movie on so we settled into the couches turning the lights down. I made sure I sat between Ren and Krystiyan so they didn”t feel like I was ignoring them with an arm around one and the other snuggled into my side. By about ten the movie finished and it was time to get the boys to bed and make up the couch for me. I followed Ren and Krystiyan into Espen”s room enjoying watching them strip down to their underwear and getting them into his bed. I kissed both of them on the lips goodnight and whispered to them to kept things quiet if they were going to fool around reaching a hand under the covers to their hard little dicks and giving them a squeeze over their underwear. Of course they were going to. They hadn”t had a single night without getting their dry tingles at least once before going to sleep in the three weeks since Krystiyan had come to live with us. I came back out and hugged Lucas and Isaak goodnight noting that Elin had already made the couch up for me.


Espen stood to the side waiting, and when I held my arms out he wrapped his around me burying his face into my chest below my chin and I lent down breathing in his smell wishing I was spending the night with him in his bed. I was horny as fuck and he was an incredibly sexy boy. Lucas pulled him away and winked at me as he dragged him into their room for the night, and for the first time in years I”d be taking care of my own aching cock by myself because there was no way I wouldn”t be jerking off thinking about him tonight. I got undressed and pulled the covers over me on the couch but I left my briefs on not wanting to be complexly naked in Elin”s home. I was hard and in need of release after being around Espen most of the day, and I was sure he”d been coming on to me. The looks Lucas had given me suggested he knew something I didn”t and I silently cursed him keeping his secret to himself. With the lights off I quickly fired off a text to Seb wanting to make sure he was doing okay and then scrolled through the news for a half hour waiting until I thought everyone else was asleep.


At about eleven I couldn”t wait any longer. I closed my eyes and groped myself through my briefs feeling my cock respond with the topless photos I”d seen of Espen that day in my mind in vivid color. I spat into my hand and then slipped it under my briefs wrapping my palm around its engorged length sucking in my stomach at the touch. I began slowly pulling up and down catching the pre that oozed from my tip, smearing it over my glans and coating my hardened shaft with saliva . Fantasies flashed through my mind of lifting Espen”s tank top up over his head exposing his bare chest where I roamed my hands over his smooth skin and circled the tiny points of his nipples with my fingers. I”d lean in licking and sucking each in turn as I lowered my hands to his stomach, tickling below his navel to his jeans and twisting the button open at the front before sliding his zipper down letting them fall to the floor. In my mind I”d pull him down completely naked on top of me straddling my legs with his excited sex poking me in the stomach. And then I was kissing him on his soft wet lips with the long blond hair on the top of his head falling down around my face feeling him grinding into me as my cock towered between his thighs rubbing along the crease of his ass. I kept my eyes closed as I imagined him opening his mouth and sliding his small slippery tongue into mine as I rolled us over getting in-between his legs and nuzzling into his throat and sucking his skin hard enough to leave a mark. Kissing and licking him all over I”d slowly crawl backwards down to his chest feeling the tiny points of his nipples with my tongue and then to his slender stomach and navel. His pubis would be smooth and bare and his cock would be erect. I assumed he”d still have his skin and in my mind it”d be stretched thin half way down his small glans and he”d moan when I took his sleek straining cock into my mouth. Jesus I wished it was for real. I was sure he”d taste so fucking good. My hand was moving faster up and down aided by the pre oozing from my slit and I squeezed my balls in the other fantasizing about sucking Espen off listening to his boyish moans as I blew him bringing him closer and closer to orgasm.


I heard a noise and my hand stopped all movement listening with my eyes open and turning my head to the door leading to the hallway. It sounded like a door opening and someone treading softly on the carpet and inwardly I cursed whoever it was. I”d been only a minute away at most from exploding over my own chest and quickly pulled my hand from within my briefs. I tucked my aching cock back in before pulling the sheet over my waist and groin leaving my upper body exposed when the door to the hallway quietly crept open. It”d been left ajar so there was little noise except for the scraping on carpet, and then a silhouette slipped in through the gap silently closing it again behind them. It was too big to be Ren or Krystiyan and too small for Lucas or Isaak, so there was very little doubt as who it was.


My heart began to beat a little faster in my chest when Espen emerged from the darkness of the hallway into the brighter moonlit living room. He was topless, wearing only a thin pair of Marvel flannel pyjama bottoms with nothing on his feet, and I felt a surge of pre ooze from my cock looking at him. His body was fucking amazing. Young and smooth and slim, his waist tapering in from his barely defined chest and below the small whirl of his belly button there was a mile of bare flesh leading all the way down to the waistband of his loose fitting pyjama bottoms. Fuck me he was hot. I could just make out the small lump of his sex under the flannel only a couple inches below where his smooth bare skin started and my cock twitched under the sheet. He was looking my way as he crept a little closer walking on his toes towards the kitchen obviously trying to work out if I was awake or not. I didn”t want him leaving so I shifted on the couch and spoke up.


“Hey buddy… What”re you doing up?” I asked as loud as I dared in a whisper.


He stopped and turned my way. “Sorry. I couldn”t sleep so I was getting a glass of water. Did I wake you up?”


“No. I couldn”t sleep either.” I said unable to stop my eyes travelling down his bare chest and flat sexy stomach to the obvious little bulge of his sex distorting Spiderman”s outstretched arm under his flannel pyjama pants. When he stepped closer I could see a thin strand of webbing shooting from Spiderman”s wrist right where his dick was and I couldn”t help grinning to myself wondering if he could come or not as I looked back up at his face. If I had to guess, he probably had a little watery load and I was pretty fucking sure he didn”t have any underwear on either. “Are the others asleep?”


He shook his head and I saw his eyes briefly dart along my naked chest to where my cock was clearly outlined under the thin cotton sheet. There was no hiding the fact I was hard. “Lucas said for me to come out here so him and Isaak could do sex stuff. He said you wouldn”t mind.”


I bet he fucking did… I thought. He was setting it up for me to seduce his boyfriend”s little brother and I knew he wouldn”t have done it if he thought there was even the slightest chance Espen didn”t want exactly the same thing I did. But, to be that sure and to send him out to where I was in the middle of the night he had to have been one hundred percent certain right? Had they talked about it and planned this together? Maybe. If they had, that meant Espen already knew about me and what would probably happen if he came in here. Especially dressed the way he was.


Thank you Lucas!


“I don”t mind at all. I could do with the company.” I said smiling at him. “Especially a cute boy like you.”


He gave me a shy grin but he stood there as if he was uncertain what to do next until I sat up patting the couch next to me indicating for him to sit down. I”d purposefully let the cotton sheet slip down a little more as I sat up knowing full well the length of my hard cock was plainly visible to the eleven year old boy and I saw his eyes staring at it in the moonlight as he came closer to sit next to me with his hands in his lap. I turned towards him slightly, leaning back against the cushions letting him look all he wanted and rested an arm across the back of the couch behind him watching his face and where he was looking. It was a very encouraging sign.


He eventually turned his head up and looked back at me reclining on the couch which naturally twisted his body around giving me a better view of his naked chest. I instinctively glanced down between his legs which he couldn”t possibly have failed to notice. “You think I am cute?” He asked with his sexy as fuck Danish accent.


I raised my eyebrows and lowered my chin to my chest as if in surprise looking into his eyes. “I think you”re way more than just cute buddy. You”re really hot and you”ve got an amazingly sexy body too.”


Yeah, I knew I was risking scaring him off, but you know what? I was pretty fucking sure he”d come in here to try and get me to do stuff with him and I wasn”t really in the mood to beat around the bush. I was hard and horny and I needed to get off and a hot sexy little eleven year old boy was practically throwing himself at me. At least I thought he was. So when he grinned at me and his eyes seemed to invite it, I took the next plunge without even thinking about it.


“I bet you”d look even better without these on.” I said running my fingers over the thin flannel material of his pyjama bottoms.


He glanced down at them and then back up to meet my stare. There was no way I could be one hundred percent sure, but I was pretty confident he knew all about me. “Lucas said you like boys.” He said quietly confirming my suspicions.


Bingo! I kept my eyes on his and slowly moved my hand further up over to the inside of his leg. My fingers drew circles on his inner thigh tantalizingly close to the covered lump of his sex and I knew I was moving things forward far too quickly, but God I was so fucking hard for him.


“I do. Is that okay?” I asked letting the back of my index finger press against the bulge of his covered balls.


He looked down briefly and back up to meet my eyes gaving me the barest of nods with the hint of a smile on his lips. With his permission secured I moved my hand fully between his legs feeling the soft sponginess of his testicles through his PJ”s and up to his hardening dick. I had to know what Lucas had done with him already because there was no fucking way he hadn”t done something. He always did like the younger boys and Espen was way too fucking hot to resist. “Has Lucas ever touched you like this?”


“Yes.” He said, his voice sounding strained and needy. I felt his dick filling with blood as I traced his short length through his PJ”s and he looked down biting his bottom lip. His smooth young chest swelled with his breath and he opened his legs for me pushing himself into my hand.


“Yeah?” I asked cupping him fully in my palm over Spiderman”s image and dug my fingers into the soft spongy mass of his balls. “Did you like it?”


“MmmHmm…” His breath was coming a little faster as I fondled him through his pyjamas taking his thin shaft between my fingers and thumb and scratched a nail right where I thought his small glans would meet it. He moaned quietly and gritted his teeth.


“What else does Lucas do?” I asked knowing he wouldn”t have stopped at just touching him. “Does he suck your dick for you?”


He licked his lips and nodded his head. His nipples were like tiny hard points and his stomach caved in with a stuttered breath when I moved my palm above the waistband of his pyjamas. They were so low on his hips I swear I would”ve seen hair if he”d been old enough, but the feel of his bare skin was warm and soft and so fucking smooth there. I eased my fingers underneath the waistband of his flannel PJ”s while keeping eye contact with him and buried my whole hand inside. I was right; there was no underwear preventing his hot little four inch cock to slide smoothly under my palm adana escort and I felt no trace of hair whatsoever. He was uncut just like I”d expected him to be and hard as a fucking rock. My fingers curled around his thin slender shaft and with only a little resistance I slowly peeled his skin back stretching it taut feeling the underside of his small glans graze along my palm.


“Have you sucked his?” I asked glancing down at his soft wet lips as he let out a quiet moan. I was imagining my own cock easing its way through them into the warm moist heat of his mouth when he nodded his head again with his bottom lip trapped between his teeth. Fuck yeah. He”d sucked an adult cock already and when I looked up at him I saw his eyes had lowered to the pole of my erection underneath the cotton sheet and I knew he was thinking about sucking it.


A thought occurred to me then that I couldn”t believe I hadn”t thought of it earlier. “And your brother? Have you sucked Isaak”s?” I asked curing my whole hand around his dick and rubbing the pad of my thumb into the groove of his tiny slit.


Espen”s mouth hung open for a second and he sucked in his breath before looking back up at me shaking his head. “No.” He breathed heavily and clenched his teeth at the sensation on his most sensitive spot. “He just watches when me and Lucas do it.”


God I was so fucking turned on. Glancing at his open mouth with those soft succulent lips of his looking so inviting all I could think about was what it”d be like to kiss him. I ran my free hand up his back to his neck turning his head towards me as I looked him in his eyes groping him between his wide spread legs. I leant forward and he turned his body into me lifting his face and closed his eyes when I brushed my wet lips against his. They were so fucking soft and sweet and when I pressed a little harder into him he pushed back but kept his lips sealed. He let out his breath through his nose as I held him by the back of his neck pulling his mouth against mine and felt him smile when I squeezed his cock inside his PJ”s. For the first ten seconds he hardly reacted at all. He just let me massage my lips against his wetting them and running the tip of my tongue along the seal until he finally opened a little and started to kiss me back. It was then I felt his hand on my thigh over the thin cotton sheet covering my erection slowly crawling its way up to my cock. When his fingers touched it for the first time he paused and then withdrew them as if afraid of doing something wrong.


“It”s okay… You can touch it.” I breathed into his mouth reaching down with my fingers inside his pyjamas to the small loose sack of his balls and dug up underneath them pressing into his taint. His hand came back but this time it stayed there and he wrapped his slender fingers around me feeling my girth and how hard I was for him as I pried his lips apart with my tongue seeking entrance to his mouth.


For those of you who are fortunate enough to have kissed a boy like this, you”ll know exactly what I mean when I say it is absolutely nothing like kissing an adult. A young boy”s mouth is so soft and wet and small and even if he hadn”t brushed his teeth for a week he”d still taste good. Thankfully Espen had before going to bed and I was greeted to his minty breath as my tongue eased its way through his lips to run along his front teeth and then delved further inside his mouth. I still held him by the back of his neck feeling the thousands of tiny prickles from his shaved hair under my hand as I turned my head slotting into the hollow of his cheeks and coaxed his tongue forward with my own. At the same time my thumb and fingers of my other hand held his rigid cock between them slowly masturbating him underneath his pyjamas and rolling his foreskin back and forth over his small swollen glans. Fuck I was so hard. His hand had stopped all movement on my own cock but he still held me in a tight grip as if afraid to let go. I found his tongue and together they circled and slid over each other and our jaws opened and closed spreading saliva around our lips. I absolutely loved the swish of his long blond hair falling over his face tickling my cheek and I could tell right away he”d kissed like this before. Unless he had another friend he messed around with there was very little doubt in my mind it”d been Lucas who”d taught him because the way he twirled and flicked at my tongue inside his mouth was the same as Lucas did.


But as much as I enjoyed exploring his mouth and playing with his small slippery tongue with my own, what I really wanted was his hard preteen dick still hidden away under his PJ”s and to taste the essence of his boyhood. Even though his orgasms might still be as dry as Ren and Krystiyan”s were, I was going to make him come so hard in my mouth and show him just how good I was at it so he”d hopefully come back for more.


I eased off the pressure on the back of his head and pulled away sucking my lips in and tasting his saliva. Both of us were panting fairly heavily in each other”s faces and I glanced down at his wet lips wanting to kiss him some more. I touched my lips to his again but instead of kissing him I whispered quietly. “Does your Mom ever get up during the night?” I asked.


He shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. “I don”t think so.” He breathed swallowing his own saliva letting me graze his lips with my tongue.


“Good.” I whispered tickling the length of his preteen cock with my thumb and fingers making it stiffen even more than it already was. “”Cos I really want to suck your dick.”


I hadn”t seen it yet but I knew he”d have a beautiful cock just like the rest of his sexy young body and I couldn”t wait to see it. Moving away from his mouth I slipped my hand from within his pyjama bottoms letting the waistband snap closed covering the hard length of his four slim inches as I climbed over him onto the floor kneeing between his legs. His hand left my cock as I climbed over him and the thin cotton sheet fell away leaving me in only my boxer briefs, and my straining hardness pressed against his when I went for his throat..


“Should I take my pants off?” He asked turning his head to expose his throat to me and lent back into the couch as I nuzzled my face in there kissing and licking just above his collar bone.


“If you want me to suck your dick then yeah, those need to come off.” I said grabbing his wrists when he went to reach for them. “Let me do that buddy…” I sat back a little between his legs trailing my mouth and tongue down over the slight rise of a breast to one of his tiny pale nipples centered there and flicked it as I stroked both hands down his sides. It rose out from its flattened state into a small hard nub almost instantly and he pushed his chest up to me as I roamed his smooth lean body with my hands covering the whole of the other breast in my palm before moving my mouth over to it. I was keenly aware of what awaited me only a foot below my chin but I”d learned to savor each and every boy, and there was no way I was going to miss out on exploring his sexy as fuck preteen body. I was rock hard with anticipation but I dare not touch myself in fear of pushing myself over the edge and denying myself the pleasure of Espen”s mouth after first sucking him to a shuddering preteen orgasm.


Knowing his Mom was asleep in her room only a few meters away I covered his hard four inch cock with my hand over his PJ”s and scooted down circling the tip of my tongue around his innie belly button and then delved a little lower. I felt his glans on my chin as I trailed back and forth along the silken skin of his navel right above the waistband slowly turning it inside out with my fingers exposing the head of his preteen cock. My lips followed and before I”d even seen it I was flicking my tongue into his frenulum and around the hot glans of his head pressing it back into his bare pubis utterly devoid of any hair as I slid the sides of his pyjamas down over his hips when he lifted up for me. The waistband dragged down his cock and over the tight orb of his balls and when I scooted back a little he raised and closed his legs allowing me to pull them down over his knees and off his feet. There was ample light coming in through the windows and as he lowered his legs and spread them apart my eyes locked onto his slim four inch cock lying against his navel pointing up at his face and his hairless balls pulled up tight in sexual arousal. I moved back in-between his wide spread legs glancing up at him briefly and then back down at the object of my desire already imagining the taste of him in my mouth.


“Beautiful…” I whispered as I leant in with my hands running all the way up his silken thighs to his hips. His cock was still that of a young boy a year or two away from puberty; sleek and rock hard hovering over his bald pubis with a slight upward curve pulling his creamy white skin taut along the smooth slim shaft of his four inches. His hairless balls were drawn up tight to his body in their loose sack and needing desperately to taste him I curled one of my fingers underneath at the base of his cock lifting it up to my mouth stretching the tendons either side creating a little dimple in-between. The first touch of his spongy hot glans on my lips as I tickled his frenulum with the tip of my tongue was fucking awesome. I felt my own cock surge and expel a bead of pre into my briefs and with very little ceremony I pursed my lips and slid all the way down to the root pressing my nose into his hairless mound and my chin into his balls. I heard him suck in a breath and slowly let it out in a quiet moan. I stayed there for a few long glorious seconds breathing in his smell and cradling his young preteen cock against the roof of my mouth with my tongue and suctioning my cheeks around it before slowly pulling back up to the head. He responded by widening his legs and lifting his hips up at me, his slick diamond hardness sinking back through my lips to his crinkled balls and I heard another quiet moan from above.


My arms were draped over his legs with one hand laid flat on his chest and the other on his inner thigh as I reached down under his balls with my thumb massaging his swollen taint making love to his cock with my mouth. I could feel his heartbeat racing under my palm and when I circled around a nipple with my fingers it hardened into a little nub like the tip of a ball point pen. His dick tasted as good as I”d imagined it would and so hard as I slurped up and down his short rigid length flicking my tongue around his glans and then taking him back down to the hilt. I have no idea if he was watching or if his eyes were closed in blissful pleasure because the only thing I could see was the soft barren skin of his navel and hairless mound as I worshiped the eleven year old boy”s dick with all the skill I could muster. The webbing between my thumb and index finger framed his sex and I pushed up under his balls pressing into his immature prostate from the outside while tickling his silky smooth pubis with my fingers at the same time. I massaged his slender shaft with my tongue as it slid effortlessly in and out through my lips pausing at the tip to circle my tongue around his glans before going back down on him. His shaky breath and stuttered moans were soon accompanied by a hand on my shaved head and then both as he met my lips raising and lowering his butt off the couch to slowly thrust his rigid stick in and out of my mouth.


I fucking love it when a boy does that. It lets me know he likes what I”m doing but there was no way I wanted to get him off just yet, so when I pulled up to the crown of his glans again I let it spring from my mouth and craned my head up to look at him. His eyes were hooded watching me and as I licked down his quivering length to his balls drawing them both in at the same time his mouth hung open in blissful pleasure pushing his head back into the couch. He moaned loud enough for me to worry about being heard, but I didn”t fucking care. My nose pressed into the root of his cock with it standing upright against my face as I lavished his balls soaking them in spit. I rolled them around in my mouth and prodded them with my tongue feeling every corrugated wrinkle of his scrotum wondering if Lucas had introduced him yet to anal play.


Should I? Fucking hell yeah I should. I had no idea if I”d ever get the chance to do this again with Espen and I so badly wanted to explore his tight virgin hole with my tongue before bringing him off. Well, I assumed he was virgin. I didn”t actually know but I was about to find out. With his ass perched on the edge of the couch I stroked the hand that”d been playing with his nipple down his side and moved the other over his thigh bringing them both between his legs and lifting them up from under his knees letting his feet hang in the air. I held his legs apart and pushed them back either side of his body looking at him from in-between his thighs seeing him slumped in the couch over his raging little cock and balls. His face showed a mixture of confusion and curiosity as I dipped my head ticking his swollen taint with just the tip of my tongue along the red bead of his seam and then trailed it down even lower.


“Has Lucas ever done this?” I whispered with my lips against his smooth as silk hairless taint watching him watch me getting closer and closer to the cave of his anus. He shook his head slowly and swallowed whispering a quiet no in reply. He wasn”t stupid; he knew exactly what I was about to do but he made absolutely no move to stop me.


The metallic coppery taste of his hole sizzled on the tip of my tongue when I dipped down into the shallow enclosure between his cheeks feeling the heat emanating from its center. He let out his held breath with an erotic as fuck moan and my mouth watered as I circled his tight little muscle with my tongue flicking the taut band of his ridge before lapping at the fissure and burying my face into his ass. I was so turned on precum leaked from my slit soaking a wet circle in my briefs as I stiffened my tongue probing at his anus and felt him relax, his tiny hole pushing out and opening for me to enter him a quarter inch. The look on his face was one of pure wonder and amazement that anything could feel so good as I wriggled deeper into him bringing my hands down to his ass next to my face prying his cheeks apart with my palms and digging my thumbs in on either side. He opened up so easily I knew there was no way it was the first foreign object to have invaded there. Almost a half inch of my tongue was surrounded by the hot fleshy insides of his opening and I could only imagine what it”d be like to sink my cock into such a warm and inviting hole as this as I ate him out breathing heavily through my nose directly into his taint and balls.


Perched on the edge of the couch and holding his own legs up under his knees beside his chest Espen was curled nearly in half watching me rocking his hips. The head of his rock hard four inch cock tapped just above his hairless mound in time with his movements but was otherwise left untouched until I snaked a hand up and around his thigh to grasp it in my thumb and fingers once again peeling his skin all the way back. A tiny dot of pre formed at his slit and I touched my finger to it feeling its tacky wetness. God I wanted to make him come so bad.


I could”ve so easily stayed there for hours feasting on his hot spongy hole but his rigid cock and the treat it might provide was far too tempting for me to ignore. He was eleven after all, so he might have something to offer right? If there was I knew it wouldn”t be much and maybe just a little cloudy, but that was exactly why I loved boys his age. Just a tiny splash of sweet, crystal clear honey to savor on my tongue as I gave them so much pleasure.


A sexy smile grew on Espen”s face when I nosed my way up over his balls and along his erection licking his steely hard shaft. I made a show of curling my finger back underneath and lifting it to my mouth letting his glans rest against my lips as he lowered his legs into the crook of my arms spreading himself open for me. “Does anything come out when you come?” I asked, my voice low and full of need.


He nodded with a trace of a smile. “A little bit.”


“Good…” I whispered caressing underneath his head with my lips teasing him with my tongue. “I want you to come in my mouth okay? And I liked it when you put your hands on my head so you can do that again if you want.”


“Okay.” He nodded and I flattened my hand on his soft bald pubis around his four inch cock held up to my mouth. With my bottom lip folding just underneath his glans I turned my head down over it and his slim rigid length slid through gliding over my tongue until my chin pressed against his balls. His hands came to my head holding me there, his slightly curved dick swelling and gaining the hardness only a young boy can achieve. It was like steel but so soft and smooth and as I pulled back up to the tip I looked to see him watching me and grinned around his slender shaft. I went to work then, caving in my cheeks and sucking him in hard using the muscle of my tongue to massage him back and forth making sure I kept his skin taut with my thumb and fingers at the root. I flicked his naked glans and rode the bullet shaped ridge with my lips pursed tightly around it giving him the sensation of penetration before plunging down and adıyaman escort taking him fully into my mouth over and over again until his slick cock glistened.


If he was only half as turned on as I was it wouldn”t be long before his newly acquired, sickly sweet jizz would be splashing across my tongue like liquid honey. I felt a slight pressure on my head as he pushed me down while at the same time lifting his groin up to my face slowly fucking himself into my mouth and I let him set the pace. His soaking wet cock slid in and out through my lips from the ridge of his glans all the way down to his hairless mound cushioned on my tongue and grazing along the roof of my mouth. I caressed the taut muscles of his stomach up as far as his ribs unable to reach further with my arms trapped under his wide open legs and back down again to the silken skin of his pubis. He reminded me a little of Mason, the eleven year old who”s dad I”d swapped boys with in the Bahamas. His body was sexy as fuck and so sleek and slender with his hip bones protruded into my palms the same way Mason”s had, but unlike the other boy Espen was drop dead gorgeous with a face that would no doubt have many a man drooling over him when he began his career as a preteen model. Hell, half his fans on Tiktok and Insta where probably men and other gay boys wanting in his pants dreaming of meeting him and somehow making their fantasies come true.


I beat you to it fellas. And he tastes as good as you imagined. Better even.


I could hear him getting closer with the quiet little grunts and moans from above as I worked my mouth up and down massaging underneath with my tongue and caving my cheeks in. His movements had sped up and he put more pressure on my head each time he buried his four inch cock in my mouth pressing my lips against his bald pubic mound before withdrawing and then pushing me back down again. I could almost smell his climax approaching and my mouth watered awaiting the inevitable gut-wrenching spasming of his dick and the sweet taste of whatever he had to give. He moaned, trying to stifle the sound as his stomach tensed under my hands and thrust up into my mouth holding onto my head with his legs pressing down on my arms. I knew those brief few seconds before orgasm were excruciating; knowing what was coming and wanting it more than anything but wishing it would last forever at the same time.


I”ve been lucky enough to have had perhaps twenty five boys come in my mouth since I first met Alek, and every single one of them was different except for one thing. They all put their hands on my head pushing me down trying to force their convulsing little dicks all the way into my throat even though they were a long way off from being able to do so. Some were loud and others were quiet. Most were somewhere in-between but Espen was clearly very vocal when he came. Even though his cry of pleasure was muffled by the hand covering his mouth the noise he made was a lot louder than I would”ve liked. I held him at his sides and felt his silken hard dick swell becoming as rigid as iron just before it kicked, splashing a thin watery emission that bled against the roof of my mouth and dripped down onto my tongue. The next five or six jerking pulses were completely dry but no less intense, the muscles in his stomach clenching tight on my forehead as I savored his taste.


His cock continued to throb in my mouth getting weaker and weaker with each pulse and his hand dropped away from his mouth gasping for breath. His chest rose and fell and he swallowed looking down at me with his dick buried to the root before finally letting the pressure off the back of my head. I craned my neck keeping his rigid cock in my mouth to see the look on his face. Yeah, you know the one. The look of a preteen boy immediately after orgasm; his dick still twitching and buzzing even as the feelings receded that makes your own cock rock hard ready to fuck.


I relented, pulling up to the tip of his glans and flicked my tongue around it before letting it slip from my mouth keeping it held upright with my thumb and fingers at the root. “Good?” I asked smiling up at him from behind his dick keeping my lips pressed to the groove of his frenulum on the underside of his small sensitive head.


“Uh-huh…” He panted nodding almost in a haze as his body relaxed slumping back into the couch. His dick and small rounded balls were soaked in saliva remaining as stiff and rigid as before I”d started pointing up at the ceiling with his foreskin fully retracted behind his glans. I could”ve probably gone back down on him and done it all over again but there was no way my own urgent need would wait that long.


“My turn?” I raised my eyebrows in question. He looked at me sweeping the blond hair away from his eye knowing full well what I meant and grinned slowly nodding his head again. I knew he”d sucked Lucas cock and mine was an inch shorter than his so I wasn”t concerned about him being intimidated by it, but I was worried he”d be turned off by the amount of pre I”d leaked into my boxers. I”d been on the verge masturbating myself before he”d come into the living room and had remained hard, oozing a steady stream while we”d talked and then getting him naked with his cock in my mouth had kept me right on the edge. I puckered my lips around his glans one last time wanting a final taste before letting it go and pushed myself up to stand between his legs in front of him.


As you”d expect his eyes locked onto and followed the straining length of my six inch cock covered in the stretchy material of my briefs, but he looked up at me when I held my hand out for his. He took it and I gently pulled him upright into a sitting position so his head was about level with my crotch only a foot away and ran my other hand through his blond hair moving it to the side so I could see his face. I still had his hand in mine and slowly brought it to the front of my briefs turning it so his palm pressed against the solid shaft of my cock. His thin fingers automatically curled around it and he looked up then, grinning at me before looking back down feeling my hardness in his hand.


“It”s hot.” He whispered as I moved his hand up and down an inch at a time and he gave it tentative squeeze.


“If you”re gonna suck it you need to take it out.” I whispered moving my hand to the back of his head putting a little pressure on it to bring his face and mouth a little closer. He surprised me then, moving the rest of the way all by himself and caressing the side of my vertical pole with his cheek and then turned his head to nuzzle his lips along its length. I inhaled sharply and he looked up at me smiling, his mouth rising to the wet spot circling my glans as he lifted his hands digging his fingers under the band at my waist. I have no idea if he was just copying what I did for him or if he really was this familiar with the art of seduction, but fuck he had me rock hard. His fingers folded the waistband of my briefs outward over itself exposing just the slick underside of my glans coated in slimy pre and pressed his rosy lips to it licking me with his tongue.


“Ohhhh… Fuuuuck.” I breathed helping him stretch the front of my briefs down under my balls and pushed him back a little. I grabbed my cock at the base pointing it at his mouth as I held him by the back of his head bringing him closer again in anticipation of the soft wet heat of his mouth. God I was so fucking turned on I was going to cum really fucking soon.


Seemingly unfazed by the slick coating of pre Espen gripped my cock around the shaft with his fingers and thumb only just touching and looked up at me with his mouth open, lips covering his teeth and his tongue flat over his bottom lip. His head was tilted back and I watched his eyes as he laid the head of my cock onto the cushion of his tongue before closing his lips around it. Jesus Christ… He had so much saliva in his mouth and it was so fucking warm and wet that I couldn”t help but turn his head down pushing half my rock solid six inches in. I could feel his breath panting from his nose on my short trimmed pubic hair and held him there for a few seconds luxuriating in the exquisite softness of his mouth, his small tongue cradling my shaft and then pushed in another inch reaching the entrance to his throat. He extended his neck and relaxed, obviously having done this before and I have no doubt he could take all of me if he wanted to, but I held off waiting for a signal from him that it was okay. I gently held his head in place and slowly pulled away feeling his tight lips slurping around my shaft as it withdrew over his tongue until the ridge of my bloated glans caught and then pushed forward again sliding so easily back into his mouth.


To think I”d been around this boy all day with absolutely no idea that he”d come to me in the middle of the night and how incredibly warm and soft his mouth would feel on my cock. Lucas had known all along and had kept Espen”s secret desire hidden from me, but in a way I was thankful he had. I wouldn”t”ve been able to think of anything else and in my eagerness to get into the eleven year old boy”s pants I might”ve spoilt it for the both of us. I stood there in the moonlit living room with my briefs tucked under my balls and my hands on his head watching this absolutely gorgeous boy working his mouth so expertly up and down my shaft. He”d burrow his tongue into my frenulum with his lips wrapped around the ridge of my glans and then swallow me whole all the way down to his flattened hand covering my pubic hair and I tried vainly to hold off my impending climax but it was a futile effort.


“Fuuuuck… I”m gonna come.” I groaned as quietly as I could rocking my hips gently fucking his mouth knowing his Mom was asleep in her room only a few meters away. I”d hoped to God he wouldn”t pull away and he didn”t. His head moved a little faster riding the ridge of my glans back and forth with his lips and his small fisted hand tightened around my shaft jacking me off at the same time very clearly intent on taking my load in his mouth.


I felt it rise up from deep under my balls, the thrilling sensation of orgasm spreading outwards as my cock thickened in readiness buried to his fist in Espen”s mouth. I pushed forward forcing his hand to flatten holding him by the back of his head pulling him to me enduring those few seconds of insanity before climax hit me. The rush of semen surged up my swollen length in one huge pulsating discharge drenching the back of his mouth and throat and I felt him struggle for a second before swallowing and then pull back a few inches against the pressure of my hands on his head. After the first shot had gone straight down this throat the next three coated his tongue in thick adult cum before slowly subsiding until I had nothing left to give. His lips were sealed tight glazed in a creamy sheen holding it all in as I looked down slowly fucking three inches in and out of his mouth basking in the gradual waning of my climax. The weakening pulses decreased to one every few seconds oozing the last of my seed onto his cum slicked tongue and, as I watched him close his lips around the tip of my cock holding me in his small fisted hand, he swallowed it all.


It was erotic as fuck. I stood there catching my breath as my cock slowly lost some of its rigid hardness and put my hand over his around it as I cupped his cheek in the other palm turning his face up to me. “That was… fucking incredible Espen. You”re really good at that.”


“Are you going to do me in my butt?” He asked using the very American slang for anal sex as his hand went to his stiff dick between his legs. They were spread wide around mine standing in-between them still and he pinched it in his thumb and fingers drawing my attention to what was hidden beneath.


Of course I wanted to fuck him. “Did you want me to?”


With his head still turned up to me his eyes darted back down to my cock and he smiled looking up again nodding. “Yes. Lucas said you would.”


So, they”d talked about it. Which meant Espen had come in here fully prepared to let me sink my cock in his ass and fuck him. I still had no idea if he was virgin or not and if `d known I could fuck him before he”d taking my cock in his mouth and getting me off, I”d probably have done it too even though it would”ve been a really bad idea with his Mom just a few meters away. “I”d love to fuck you Espen. I”ve been thinking about doing that with you all day.” I said as my breath slowly calmed and winked at him. “Has Lucas done that?”


He shook his head. “No. He said I should let you be the first one.”


My cock was by now only half hard and drooping, but hearing an eleven year old boy telling me he wanted me to take his virginity kinda does it for me and blood began to pump back in as I sent a little thank you to Lucas in my mind. The thought of bending Espen over the arm of the couch and sinking my cock into his tight virgin hole had me hard again in a matter of seconds, but I knew it couldn”t happen. Not tonight anyway. He”d need more time than we had to open him up and I wasn”t sure if we could be quiet enough not to wake his Mom, and besides, I didn”t really want it to be hurried. Call me a romantic, but a boy”s first time taking an adult cock up his ass should be special. Not a quick Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Little-Buddy and then send him on his way. I could wait a day or two.


“I could ask your Mom if you can stay with us for a couple nights on board Ghost if you want?” I asked bending over a bit to reach a hand down to his small rounded balls tickling them with my fingertips and then up the short length of his erection pointing at his face. I smiled down at him tracing my fingers around his glans wanting a whole lot more time with this boy than just one middle-of-the-night blowjob.


His eyebrows rose at the feathery touch on his cock and he let out a quiet stuttered breath through his open mouth nodding his head. I took hold of his wrist removing his hand from my now rapidly hardening cock and stepped back brushing his hair to the side and off his face so I could see his eyes. They were bright and clear and radiant surrounded by long dark eyelashes and his skin was smooth and so young, but God he looked so fucking hot with the sheen of my cum still lingering on his soft wet lips. His little dick flexed when I grazed my fingertips into the groove of his frenulum and he groaned in frustration when I left it to lift his chin up to face me.


“You”re a very sexy boy Espen…” I said leaning down to kiss him. Our lips touched and then parted just a little allowing me to run the tip of my tongue between his tasting my own semen there. God I wanted to fuck him but I really didn”t want to risk waking his Mom while I took her son”s virginity. And it would probably take a while for me to come again which might be too much for a boy”s first time. So, instead of reaching for my lube, I stepped around his legs to sit beside him keeping his face turned towards me with the side of his cheek in my palm. I breathed in his air feeling his wet pointed tongue slip out to graze along my lips and lowered my hand to his chest laying it flat between the barely concaved depression of his breasts. His skin was so soft and smooth it felt like satin and his heart thumped beneath my hand as I gently stroked him there in small circles. I could never tire of kissing a young boy like this, but unfortunately I had to send him back to Lucas and Isaak”s room to sleep.


“Hey…” I whispered pulling away from his mouth only far enough that I could look him in his eyes. “Thank you for coming in here tonight and letting me suck your dick, but I think it”s probably a good idea if you head back to bed in case your Mom catches us.”


As if on que he yawned right in my face, his smooth chest expanding under my hand and he mumbled a quiet “Sorry”. He was tired. It was almost fifteen minutes to midnight and trailing my fingers down over his stomach to his stiff little cock between his legs tickling him on his super sensitive underside I kissed him again on his lips. “Maybe I can do it again for you tomorrow night?”


“Mmmhmm…” He breathed nodding his head. Planting the idea in his head I knew he”d be thinking about it all day tomorrow and would be horny as fuck by the time we ditched his Mom. I”m a wicked man I know, but hey, I do love a horny boy.


I watched him slip his feet into his Spiderman pyjama bottoms and tug them up his legs and then lift his ass off the couch pulling them over his erection hiding it from my view even though it was still making a tent at the front. Without even a mumbled goodnight he took one last look at my cock before getting up and padding quietly away to the door. He turned just before he went through to glance my way making sure I was still watching and smiled quietly closing it behind him leaving me to relive the last half hour on my own. Before he”d snuck down the hallway and back into the living room I”d been reduced to pleasuring myself with fantasies of kissing him the way I”d wanted to do all day, roaming my hands over his body and undressing him and taking his imagined cock in my mouth. And now? Well, you know how the saying goes; been there, done that. The real licker though? He”s willingly; even eagerly I might go as far to say, gone down on me with more skill than I thought he”d have until I came in his mouth. I wouldn”t say it was the best I”d ever had, because I”ve had a lot of very talented boys show me they knew exactly how to suck cock over the years, but it was pretty fucking fantastic made all the more so knowing he was still virgin and wanted me to fuck him.

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