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You never really know what life is going to bring to your doorstep, do you? You live your life, letting each day pass you by and accepting what is and what you think will be. Most people never venture outside of their comfort zone, allowing themselves to live boring to average lives and most are happy with that.

But not me.

I have always been an adventurer, someone who thought outside of the box, looked for the most colorful path rather than the path least taken. From a young age I showed great potential for the arts, that’s probably how I ended up becoming a photographer. I loved my job; it brought me so much happiness and a sense of fulfilment. It was never the same as the day before and it allowed me to meet an array of characters, most more colorful than myself. Some I will never forget. Those are the ones that stood out in my mind, forever changing me and how I see the world. One of those special someone’s goes by the name of Mia Manlow, an Italian model just making her mark on the New York scene. Her face graced the covers of every magazine and billboard across the city and it was hard not to stare. Her foreign beauty and natural slim frame are what got her into modeling, but it was her eyes that got me. Yes, they grabbed a hold of me and sucked me into her world, even for a brief moment. But it was a moment I will hold onto forever.

I was lucky enough to get a phone call from Mia’s agent one day, asking me to do a shoot with the Italian goddess. Now that she was on the up, New York’s most sought after model, she needed her portfolio updated. I happily accepted the offer. Ever since I spotted her on a billboard for Channel I had been dreaming up a shoot just for her. I wanted to capture every inch of her body on film for the world to see, and every inch is what I got.

I don’t know why I was so nervous to meet her. I had been photographing models professionally for ten years now and I never so much as blinked an eye. They were all pieces of art for me to capture on film and share the beauty with the world. But Mia was different. I felt a strong desire to see her, to know her. And the day of the shoot I was a nervous wreck. Her sensual stare was intimidating just from her pictures. I wondered what those eyes were like in person.

Boy was I in for it.

At exactly three o’clock sharp her agent entered my studio with a posse of media personnel and Mia in tow. I was star struck the moment I saw here. She seemed to glow with a light that no one else could touch. Her jet black hair hung to her waist, complementing the caramel texture of her flawless Italian complexion. I wanted to reach out and touch her, trace my fingers along her smooth limbs, feel the warmth that radiated from her body. It took all of my will power to shake it off and put on a professional smile to greet everyone. After I showed Mia’s agent and media peeps where to sit I took the model to her dressing room.

“So, according to the list that your agent provided me, we have a few different looks to aim for today,” I informed her as she removed her long white jacket and flung it on a chair with an effortless grace. She just looked at me and smiled, her plump pink lips shining as they caught the light. “Some head shots, a few candid photos, and then…um,” I cleared my throat nervously; “he wanted a couple of tasteful nudes.” I had done hundreds of nude sessions in the past, none that I even thought twice about. But something about seeing Mia naked in my studio, in front of my camera, made me blush. I could barely look her in the eye.

“Wonderful,” she purred with a thick Italian accent. “I look forward to working with the great Ari Jensen. I heard many great things about your work.” The letter R seemed to roll off of her tongue like she was tossing it around in mouth all day. It simply mesmerized me. She seemed to stare at me with a look of certainty, as if she knew how this day was going to play out before it even happened.

“Great, well, yes.” I stopped myself there before I embarrassed the two of us and turned on my heel and headed back out to my studio. I wasn’t sure at the time, but now I’m convinced that I heard Mia giggle behind me.

The afternoon flew by as we made our way bahis firmaları into the late evening. Mia was sensational in front of the camera, as if she were born there. Her body moved with a natural grace that made it seem as if she weren’t even aware of the camera capturing her every motion. Her painfully beautiful face never faltered, never changed from the glorious and sensual expression she always wore.

We spent hours getting the perfect head shots and candid photos, utilizing just about every inch of my studio. Finally, her agent was satisfied with a few and suggested we move on to the nude session. I felt my face flush again as my eyes averted to Mia. She stood against the back of my green velvet sofa with a cheeky grin, her gaze meeting mine as she gave a playful wink.

“Shall I undress right here or do I have to go to hair and makeup first?” she asked us.

“No, Mia darling, we want these to be natural. Just undress where you are comfortable and we’ll start shooting,” her agent instructed.

Mia gave a shrug and reached back to untie her blue maxi dress from around her neck. I watched as it fell to the floor and pooled around her bare feet like a puddle of water. Mia was completely naked underneath that dress and now her smooth tanned body stood bare in my studio, waiting to be captured on film. I was amazed at how comfortable she seemed to be with no clothing on. I watched in awe as she circled the sofa and took a seat, stretching out on her belly, the whole length of her limber body melding itself to the shape of the cushions. I admired the curvy lines that her backside created starting with her tiny feet, moving along the lean calves and up over her perky behind. The small of Mia’s back seemed to hypnotize me as I skipped along each tiny bone of her long spine.

“Ahem, are we going to start or not?” her agent asked me impatiently. I jumped at the sound of his voice bringing me back to reality. Never in my long career had a client or subject ever capture me the way Mia did. The simple movements of her sexy body lured me in, taking over my own body and preventing me from simple functions like moving or talking or even breathing. But we had been in my studio for hours and I bet they were all dying to go home so I quickly got to work snapping away at the European beauty on my sofa.

Even though I managed to get through the last of the shoot with a bit of professionalism, I still found myself forgetting to breath or being too mesmerized by Mia to remember to click the button on my camera. Whenever I found myself in that state I would quickly fiddle with something or change the film, any simple gesture that would break me out of the trance she put me in. It didn’t take me long to realize that Mia knew, too. She knew the effect she had over me, perhaps over everyone she met. The simple fact that her agent was a flamboyant gay man was probably the only reason why he seemed to resist her pull. I would often find her smiling at me, giving me a wink or toying with my self control as she licked her lips a little too sensually or caressed her thigh a little too slowly.

After an hour or so I had to call it quits. Mia had me so turned on by simply being herself that I had to get away from her. It would have been extremely unprofessional of me to hit on a client, especially one so famous. I wasn’t even sure if she was gay. So I packed up all of the film and labelled it to be developed while Mia’s people gathered up their things and got ready to leave.

“It was a pleasure working with you, Ari,” Mia’s agent said as he extended his hand towards me. I smiled and shook it. “I shall be in touch with more clients for you to shoot.”

“Great, I look forward to it,” I replied. I noticed that Mia was not getting ready to leave. She simply slipped her blue maxi dress back on and stood leaning against the sofa again. She waited for her agent to approach her and I watched as they spoke quietly back and forth. Her agent stole a quick glance back at me and then gave his client a grin before heading out the door. Mia was staying.

Mia. Was. Staying.

I stood nervously as I watched her come towards me. Her every movement captivating me; the swing of her dainty arms, the kaçak iddaa sexy stride of her long and tanned legs, and her mouth – oh her mouth! – How I wished I could touch my lips to hers and taste what I had been imagining the whole time.

“You’re not going with them?” I asked her. She simply grinned and shook her head.

“I thought that we could hang out, get to know one another,” Mia purred. I could listen to her speak all night and be satisfied with that. The tone of her voice screamed sex. “Would that be alright with you? I could go if you’re busy.”

“No, no! That’s, um, that’s fine. I had a long day; I wasn’t planning on doing any work tonight.”

Mia was so close that I could smell her luscious scent of vanilla radiating from her skin. I wanted to run my lips along the length of her neck, where I knew the intoxicating scent was strongest. Her eyes locked with mine and a silent moment passed between us, like the one you experience before a first kiss. But neither of us made a move. Instead, I cleared my throat nervously.

“Would you like a glass of wine?” I offered and made my way to the kitchen.

“Yes, that would be wonderful, thank you.” Mia came and stood behind me as I grabbed two glasses from the cupboard. I heard the sound of something soft falling to the floor and when I turned I found that she had removed her dress once more, revealing her flawless and naked body just inches from me.

“Mia what-“

“Shhh,” she muttered and placed a finger over my lips. “I know you want me. I saw the way you looked at me today. I’m no fool. And I hope neither are you.”

I stared at her in shock, unable to move. Mostly for fear that she would move her finger from my lips and I couldn’t bear the thought of her pulling away now. So, after a few seconds of consideration, I slowly opened my mouth and let her finger slip inside. I sucked playfully with my tongue, tasting the sweetness that her skin offered while never breaking our intimate gaze at one another.

Mia leaned in and did what I had been dying to do all day and touched her lips to mine. Her soft and plump mouth covered my lips and she tasted of peppermint as her tongue slipped inside. That first kiss was indescribable. Being a bi-sexual thirty year old woman in New York, I was no stranger to different sexual experiences. I had dated quite a bit over the years but nothing compared to the sensation of kissing Mia Manlow. Her sweet vanilla scent held me tight as our mouths entwined. I wove my fingers through her jet black hair in an attempt to draw her closer, if that were even possible.

Through heated and laboured breaths Mia managed to gasp a few words, “Fuck me, Ari. Right here, right now.”

The sound of her voice wanting me so badly sent me over the edge. I let go of everything, my nervousness around her quickly faded away. I left her mouth and made my way down her neck to her luscious breasts, leaving a trail of my lips along the way. Mia grappled at my white tank top, lifting it over my head and tossing it behind her.

“You’re so beautiful, Mia. An Italian goddess right here in my kitchen.” I continued to kiss her body, touching and licking every inch I could get my hands on. She then hoisted herself up onto the countertop, making her the perfect height for me to please her. I watched as Mia’s hand slipped down between her legs and she began to rub her clit for me. i joined her, taking over and making her pussy flow warm and wet for me.

“Oh God!” she cried and threw her head back. “Ari, oh-“

The thought that I pleased her that much with just my hands thrilled me, making my own pussy wet with delight. I then dipped my head and pressed my mouth over her throbbing sex. She tasted sweeter than she smelled, intoxicating me all over again. My tongue toyed with her sensitive clit, making her juices flow over my lips. The sound of her quick heavy breaths told me that she was close, Mia was going to come right her in my kitchen, by my hand – or mouth.

“I’m coming, oh Ari, yes-yes-YES!” Mia cried out as her climax exploded. I didn’t stop, though. My tongue continued to rub her hard clitoris, determined to keep her coming. “Oh – ohh!!”

It continued like that for what seemed kaçak bahis like an eternity, my mouth pleasing the Italian beauty on my kitchen counter. I kept her coming until she couldn’t handle any more. I felt the tremble I her legs as she came down off of the adrenaline rush, sweat clinging to her sweet skin. I looked up to find her face and saw the look of pure satisfaction saturating her face.

“Was that enough?” I whispered as I reached up to kiss her quivering lips and caress her subtle breasts.

“Yes, more than enough.” Mia held me by the small of my back and slowly let her hands fall down to the button on my jeans. “Now it’s your turn,” she said as she popped the button open and pulled down the zipper. “But let’s move to a more comfortable spot.”

I grinned and helped her down from my countertop before leading the beauty into my bedroom. I removed my jeans and underwear, finally completely naked as Mia was. The tone of my alabaster skin against her caramel complexion was beautiful, I felt compelled to capture it on film.

“Would you mind if I took some pictures?” I asked, unsure, but gave her a smile.

Mia glanced over to my dresser where I kept a small Canon, perfect for times like these. She shot me a devilish grin and leaned over to swipe it from where it sat. I watched as she turned it on and hand it to me.

“Make them good, Jensen.”

I clicked a few buttons and then placed the camera back on the dresser where it would snap shots of us together. We began kissing again, the passion heating back up quickly. Our naked bodies melding together as if we couldn’t get close enough. I caressed her breasts, suckling her nipples with my mouth like little raspberries.

“Enough,” Mia suddenly spoke and pushed my face away from her body. “I said it was your turn, did I not?”

“Yes, but-“

She put her finger to my lips again. “Shh, now tell me where you keep them.”

I gave her a puzzled look. “Keep what?”

Mia leaned in and began to nuzzle my ear, her soft tongue toying with the lobe. I felt my eyes roll back in my head as my pussy ached for her mouth.

“The toys,” she whispered. “I know that you are bi. I know that you must keep toys here. Let me play with you.” The last words were as soft as a purr but sent a warm quiver down my body, tickling my sex.

I pushed Mia down onto her back and climbed on top of her long and tanned body. If I were a man I would have wrapped her legs around my waist and lost myself inside her. But it seemed that was what Mia wanted to do to me.

I could barely contain myself.

I quickly fumbled with the drawer in my night stand and pulled out a strap on. Dangling the strap from my finger, I turned and faced Mia with a grin.

“Here you go,” I said and handed it to her. “You know how to use one of these?”

She snatched it playfully and gave me that devilish grin from the kitchen where the corner of her mouth twisted up, begging to be nibbled on.

“Oh please, you are not the only one who enjoys both sexes.”

I lay back on my pillow while she strapped on the toy like a pro. This was one of my favourites and I was beyond thrilled to find someone to share it with. I ached to have Mia inside of me, pleasuring me with the toy and thrusting her hips towards me.

I spread my eager legs wide as Mia crawled towards me on the bed. First she massaged my clit with her careful fingers, pleasuring me almost to the point of coming but knowing when to stop, knowing how to keep me hanging on and desperate for release. Her lips found mine as she placed her body over me and entered my wet pussy. The toy slipped right in, widening me with its girth.

“Oh Mia, fuck yes.” My head tossed back in bliss while my lover thrusted back and forth slowly but hard. Each thrust forced a cry from my throat. Pain for pleasure, as they say.

“Harder,” I cried out after a few minutes. i was so close to coming and I wanted Mia to pound the orgasm out of me. “Faster!”

With a few deep thrusts, Mia brought me to a mind blowing climax. My back arched as she continued with small waves of her hips, letting me ride out my orgasm as long as possible. I opened my eyes but my vision appeared blurred with bright colors. She literally blew my mind. This woman, this foreign beauty who walked into my studio and into my life that day; I captured her on film but she just simply captured me completely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32