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Well it’s been three days since my wife and I had been at the peepshow. She has bugged the piss out of me, about her getting a job there. Are sex lives have been great, were constantly fucking and sucking each other. She likes to get on top of me and sit on my hard cock and rock back and forth to fuck her self.

While she tells me dirty little stories about how she wants to work at the peep show and how she will service all the patrons and how her pussy feels when she even thinks about what happen last week.

I kept telling her that I didn’t want her to work at a place like that. But finally I broke down and agreed to her working at the peep show. It had its advantages I would take her to work and go inside and watch a show for free. She would join me at her midnight break and most of the time she would suck me off during her lunch break.

One night I come to pick her up from work and she told me to go over in the dildo section and pick out a large dildo for my pleasure. I picked out a model called the John Holmes special.

I couldn’t wait to get home knowing my wife was going to use a strap-on dildo to fuck me. As soon as we got home she laid out a dildo harness on the bed, and I knew that she wanted to fuck my ass with it. She laughed. “Does that turn you on?” afyon escort She smiled at me in an evil way. “No, I’m not going to fuck your ass with this. Well not now, anyway.

But I’ll keep that in mind for the future. What she wanted was for me to strap on the harness with the dildo and fuck her with it. She then told me that my cock wasn’t big enough to satisfy her any more as she strapped the dildo on me, my cock was rock hard.

As I positioned myself over her and between her spread legs, she took hold of the dildo and the back of my neck and pulled me to her. “Now forget that you even have a cock. This is your cock from now on.” She was very excited, and arched up to the fake cock, and I moved as if it were my cock.

She whispered hotly. “Don’t you wish you had a cock like this? I looked at her, and she answered. “It’s perfect. You provide the movement, and the dildo provides the 14 inches of excitement. I can tell a big difference in my wife since her new job. She has turned into such a whore.

She always calls and tells me when she is about to be a bad girl. Some times she gets horny during the day watching all the men coming in there to get some relieve. So she will go in a booth with one of the customers and suck and fuck their cock. Sometimes agrı escort she makes me come to work with her, and she will set me up in a booth. When some of her favorite men come in she will set them up in the booth next to mine, then she will come in the booth with me and make me suck their cocks while she masturbates and watch’s me suck them off.

Sometimes I will suck a cock while she tongues my ass out. One time I watched her suck this guy off, and when he cummed she pulled it out of her mouth and it blasted all over my face.

My wife no longer wears bras or panties when she goes to work. She decided to get real kinky and stop taking the pill and continue fucking all customers, co-workers and the other manager (who is black) She knows there is a chance of getting knocked-up and not even knowing by who.

I am going along with this and I enjoy eating her fresh cream pies when she comes home and she started letting me fuck her and shooting my cum up her cunt too. I get turned on fucking her as she goes through her pregnancy not knowing who knocked her up and what color the baby will be as she is still fucking the customers, most of them are black or Latino.

She is 4 months pregnant now and her tits and ass are great. She doesn’t miss a day of work. I went akdere escort down to see her the other day and she was in a booth with two black guys. As I peeked into the booth she had one of them between her tits and was licking on the head of his cock as he fucked her tits. He shot a huge load of cum all over her tits, but what was real sexy was that he had been fucking them so hard that milk was spurting out of her tits.

I entered the booth and she had me down between her breast licking up the cum and titty milk. As the other black guy slide up behind me and fucked me in the ass. I could tell he was about to cum because I could feel his big black cock swelling up in my ass. When he started cumming it shot up in me so hard I could almost taste it.

My wife pulled his cock out of my asshole and made me squat down over her belly and let the black man’s sperm leak out of my ass and land on her belly. Then she took her pretty little hand and rubbed it into her skin like a fine body lotion.

It was embarrassing, he had fucked me real hard and when my ass got loose he shoved a lot of air up my asshole and it sounded like I was farting when the cum was leaking out.

I guess I am going to get me a part time job here. They are adding more booths and they are going to have live sex acts. My wife told the owner that I would do any sex act that anybody wanted to watch. I just don’t know about her sometimes.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32