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(Written using ideas from my friend S, with her kind permission)

Dating a famous actor had its ups and downs. The downs included knowing that there were multiple people on the planet who thought you weren’t good enough for him.

The ups definitely included the showbiz parties that he was invited to and always brought you as his plus one. The great food and the champagne were always welcome, and this party had spared no expense on either. And for some reason, the bubbles always went straight to his head, making him drunk, giggly and adorably snugly. You laughed as he whispered something into your ear, you had no idea what it was, but you followed as he went outside, stopping only to grab your coat.

You watched him with fondness as he walked out into the street on wobbly legs and hailed a taxi, the end-of-the-night glow still fresh on his cheeks. He looked so damn good in a tuxedo, bowtie open and hanging down around his neck, top two buttons of his white shirt open.

A black cab stopped beside you and you both bundled into the back seat, thighs touching. You could feel the heat radiating from his body and it was sending waves of electricity though you.

In the darkness of the back of the cab, you felt him shift. Then you felt the click-click-click of the zip of your dress going down.

And his hand disappearing inside the fabric.

The intoxicating scent of alcohol and the sandalwood of his expensive aftershave filled your nostrils as he moved closer, his hand on your bare skin. Fingertips brushing against you, moving to grip a handful of your flesh. You felt goosebumps forming as his hot breath ghosted your neck.

It all felt so illicit. You knew you shouldn’t be doing it but God you wanted to so much. Your hand started on his lower thigh and slowly moved up to feel him hardening beneath your palm. His fingers were still grasping the skin of your exposed back, the other hand tangling through your hair and tracing behind your ear. His soft voice was whispering all the bad things he wanted to do to you if the fucking taxi ever got you home.

He was forced to take off his jacket to mask the bulge emerging in his trousers but you ignored that and carried on playing with him, expertly flicking open the button and unzipping the flies that led to your prize.

You knew he was hoping that the back of the taxi was dark enough that the driver couldn’t see you teasing him beneath the black fabric, and you couldn’t help but giggle as he let out a sharp intake of breath, trying desperately not to react to your ministrations. He was burning under your palm, you were fully aware that you were driving him absolutely insane. Your touch always did.

His grip on your skin intensified the more you stroked him, and you could tell he was being really careful not to let on how aroused eryaman otele gelen escort he was, as the driver took a detour back home due to roadworks. You knew it was taking everything he had not to cum in your hands and the thought tuned you on so much that you could feel yourself getting wet already.

His breathing changed from long, deep breaths to a succession of hot, shallow huffs against your neck. His body tensed against you and you knew he didn’t have long to last… you wondered to yourself if you should stop and edge him or should you let him make a deliciously dirty mess all over his nice suit?

He noticed the wicked glint in your eye. “No… Don’t let me cum here,” he pleaded with his eyes.

The taxi stopped, signalling that you were finally home. You didn’t bother to zip up your dress; you simply covered yourself with your coat. He looked up at you with dark desire in his eyes as you climbed out of the taxi and ran up the steps to open the door.

He hastily zipped up his flies, threw a note at the driver and bolted out of the taxi after you. The driver shouted something about change but he yelled “Keep it!” in a strained voice, not caring how much he had just paid for the short ride.

Your hands were shaking with lust as you searched for the right key, slotting it into the lock – the symbolism wasn’t lost on you as you felt him come up the steps behind you. He pressed his body to your back, moving your hair out of the way to place hungry, wanting kisses on your neck. He was still achingly hard and you could feel it slip into the cleft of your ass. Your dress damped where his body pressed into your soaking pussy.

You finally got the door open and you both tumbled into the hallway, you turned to welcome him into your arms and your lips finally connected in a chaotic clash of teeth and tongues.

You couldn’t make it up the stairs; too much time would be wasted. You unzipped him again and this time let his trousers and underwear fall to the floor. You stopped kissing him and stepped back to look at him in this beautiful, submissive position. Dark hair messy, trousers around his ankles, and his erection shining in the dark.

You swooped down to your knees to take him into your mouth.

He let out a long, low moan at the contact; you knew that he was already so close; you could taste the pre-cum oozing from the tip of his cock. Grabbing on to his ass for more leverage, you swallowed down the full shaft, taking him deep into your throat before agonisingly slowly pulling all the way back to the head again, your tongue dragging the bulging vein of the underside. He was watching you through those long, sooty eyelashes, until you gave a rough swirl of your tongue on his frenulum and he mewled and threw his head back, eyes fluttering closed.

You sincan escort lazily sucked on the tip of his dick, prolonging the sweet torture he was in.

“Fuck me now,” he said, barely audible to anyone else but you.

“Right here?” You asked seductively, a drop of pre-cum still attaching your bottom lip to his cockhead.

“Sofa.” he confirmed as you licked your lips, tasting his delicious saltiness. Your core was throbbing and as much as you would have liked to finish him off there, you’d much rather get fucked.

He kicked himself out of his trousers and underwear and helped you up off your knees. You both kissed your way to the doorway, stopping momentarily to unbutton the crisp white shirt he was still wearing. You slid it off his shoulders and sighed into his chest, running your fingers through the smattering of hair there.

“Take off your panties,” he murmured into your hair.

You couldn’t help but smirk as you replied, “Well I would, but I’m not wearing any.”

His eyebrows shot up in surprise. “All night? And you never told me? You bad fucking bitch.”

“I’m a wanton hussy, what else do you want?”

He kissed you again, urgently pushing you towards the sofa. You quickly slipped out of your dress, leaving you almost naked, smiling as his beautiful blue eyes grew large at the sight. You grabbed his hands and put them on your body, letting them roam every part of you, deliberately touching you everywhere but *there*. You knew he was returning the torment you caused him earlier.

You pushed him down onto the sofa, him completely naked, you in nothing but your hold up stocking and high heels. As he watched, you slipped two fingers between your legs and playfully rubbed at your clit, moaning softly at the delicious sensations. God you felt so powerful when you were like this.

You knew he was coming completely undone just watching you touching yourself for him, the only light being the outside streetlight streaming in, illuminating your body in an ethereal golden glow. You looked like a goddess to him and you were going to take him to heaven.

Maneuvering your legs either side of his, you leaned your weight on his shoulders, allowing yourself a moment just to enjoy the anticipation. Then finally you took his cock, almost purple now and painful with arousal, and placed the head against your soaking hole, enjoying the burn of the stretch. Finally you slid agonisingly slowly down on it until you were so deliciously full, his balls settling against your ass. You allowed your body to rest so you were seated, kneeling, before him.

He winced, edging closer to relief but not wanting to come the minute you closed around him. He watched you bounce on him, slow and steady at first, but increasing your speed as you felt your own orgasm building, building, elvankent escort building…

He grabbed onto your breasts, tongue going between flicking at your hardened nipples and mouthing at the exposed skin of your neck, your chest, your lips. He wanted to touch you *everywhere*. His moans disappeared into your open mouth as you kissed messily, echoed by your own whimpers as you felt your climax start to hit, that tense knot in the middle of your stomach tightening….

“Oh Jesus Fucking Christ!” you cried out, undulating your hips into him, head rolled back, eyes wide as your orgasm crashed through you like electricity.

You were too weak to carry on, your climax overtaking your body. He saw you slowing down and decided to shift himself on top of you, making sure not to pull out of your warm cunt. He sloppily kissed you again and then powered into you, his need to come so desperate. You whimpered as he pounded you hard and deep, thrusts coming in and out faster… faster…

White spots blurred your vision as you felt a second climax brewing. It was almost too much, too intense. His moans and grunts were getting louder in your ear as he pushed into you.

“I can’t,” you protested weakly, but he knew you didn’t mean it. There was a safe word and you hadn’t used it. With one hand, he pushed your right leg up, allowing him to angle himself to go even deeper still. You cried out, unsure if it was pleasure or pain but God you wanted more of it, whatever. With his other hand he reached between the two of you and found your clit, your sweet spot, that hot little bundle of nerves that made everything else in the world fade away until it was just him, his cock and his fingers. And fuck, you were coming again, and it was like a million fireworks going off inside you.

His breathing mimicked yours – jagged, gasping. He needed his release, driving deeper and deeper into you. Your cries of pleasure tipped him over the edge and he came inside of you, juddering and pumping every last inch of himself deep in your quivering body.

He flopped on top of you, exhausted, your bodies damp and sticky with sweat.

For a moment you both just lay there silently, basking in the afterglow. Finally he looked up at you, his blue eyes still slightly glazed, his lips red and kiss-swollen.

Tenderly you ran your fingers through his hair (that had escaped the gel he put on it earlier to tame it) that one stubborn curl at the front bouncing back into place as you tugged on it. God you loved that little section of hair, the greys that he hated and you loved starting to peek through.

He leaned his chin on you and looked up at you tiredly through those ridiculously long lashes of his.

“I love you,” he said sleepily.

“I know.” you nodded. “I love you, too.”

You were almost too exhausted to move but you knew you couldn’t stay there all night, you’d stick together.

“How about we share a nice, hot bath?” he asked, as if reading your mind. “I’ll run it.”

“God, you’re perfect.” you smiled blissfully, giving him a soft, loving kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32