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Soon, it was Friday night, and Cat was excited for the following day. She had really gotten to like Audrey and Alex; they were her first friends at her new job and still somewhat new town. Cat became tired soon after eating another slice of the same delicious cake she had last week and curled up in bed.

Cat’s sleep felt like it went on forever, much to her pleasure, and when she woke up, she was well rested for her day out. She paced out to the kitchen to fix some hearty sausage and hashbrowns for herself, scarfing them down before picking out some clothes. It was the middle of May now, and the weather had been getting more temperate and enjoyable. This allowed Cat to throw on a light, green t-shirt with several light blue patterns on the front, and she decided to try wearing the pair of jeans she had converted into capris. Usually, she favored long or baggy pants; they were comfortable of course, not constricting her lower section. Her endowment easily made her feel exposed in shorter pants, but she was confident in these, as she had made them just right for her. She packed her phone and some extra items in her purse then grabbed the paper with Alex’s address on it and plugged it into her phone’s GPS.

She left with a good 15 minutes to spare, which was lucky as she saw how distant Alex’s house was from hers. Fortunately, easy traffic let her make decent time, pulling into the driveway of Alex’s house to see her and Audrey walking out the front door.

“Heyyy! There you are! I know I got here early, but I was getting borrrred waiting for you, ya sleepy head!” Audrey shouted at her as she got out.

Cat mocked back at her “Well, hello there, I didn’t realize we were taking a whiney kid with us, oh wait, that’s Audrey.”

“Ha ha, very funny, but I’ll be the one to do the teasing, thank you very much. Alex, are you ready to go? We’re taking your car right?”

“Oh! Yea, that works!” Alex, seemingly caught off guard tried to answer back quickly, “I’m ready if you both are, pile in.”

Audrey ran to the right side of the car, “Shotgun!” and she slid in with dexterity that proved her work at the gym. In fact, she was still in workout clothes.

“You didn’t change after going to the gym?” Cat asked her after she got in the back seat behind Alex, “I mean I don’t care, you don’t smell at all.”

“Oh, I changed my top at least. Hehe, I bet you don’t mind that I didn’t change my tight leggings.” She tried to tease at Cat as she brought one leg up to show off the material that was taut around her thighs.

Cat appreciated the view but was not so easily affected today, “Ha, I’m good. Not letting this thing interrupt our day.” She patted her thigh next to where her dick protruded, “Speaking of which, we didn’t talk much about what we’re doing did we? I mean I have extra cash, that’s not an issue.”

Alex responded to her “Well first I have to go deposit the check, sorry I kinda forgot.”

“Don’t sweat it, we have all day to make the most of, it’ll be great!”

Well, it was great, until after they got to the bank.

“…Alright I’ll just need you to fill this out.” A bank teller handed Alex a deposit slip to complete.

“Thanks,” Alex the laughed, “It won’t be in the account very long though, going out to spend most of it right after this!”

“Oh, near the malls? I hope you have your own car, the next bus leaves near here in about 5 minutes.” The teller replied.

Alex finished up the detour shortly and ran back out to the car. To her surprise, Audrey wasn’t trying to bother Cat at all. She was looking intently at her phone.

“So, before we go, did you find the time for the movie?” Alex inquired Audrey.

“Just got to it actually, it looks like there’s a showing at 3:30. That would work around what you wanted to do right?”

“Yea! That’s a great time.

Then Audrey leaned back to Cat, not so sneakily putting her hand on her thigh while doing so. “So, since Alex is the the one who planned it, and has the big bills, we’re going where she wants first, so we’re going…”

“Shoppiiiiing!” Alex finished as she turned the ignition over.

But only rumbling came from the engine.

She tried again, sputtering and hissing soon followed, and a third time produced the same results.

“Dang it, I knew I should have gotten that checked out,” Alex said upset.

Audrey began to scold her, “Oh Alex, you know you have to get problems fixed right away when they’re with something so expensive and important like your car.”

“Sorry guys.” Alex was a bit more upset.

“Audrey, it’s ok,” Cat interjected, “It doesn’t matter Alex, we’ll just get a cab back to your house and take my car.”

But then Alex remembered what the teller said, “Wait, guys, there’s a bus coming soon we can take; the bank teller told me. And I have an app I can use to get my car towed to the mechanic’s shop on the west side of town, near the where we’re going.”

Cat was looking on the bright side of things, “That’s perfect, we’ll go shop then ankara escort bayan your car will probably be close to done when we’re finished.

“Hey, the bus is already here!” While Cat and Alex were talking, Audrey noticed the bus pulling up to the stop. They all hopped out of the car, quick as they could, and sprinted over to the stop.


They managed to just barely get on. “Phew! I’ve already gotten my workout today, I don’t need anything more.” Audrey huffed out. “Ugh, no free seats? That blows, our ride is long and we’ll have to stand.”

Cat leaned over to Alex as she grabbed a hand rail, “SEE, I told you bringing a kid wouldn’t be any fun.”

“Oh, you still think it’s fun to tease me huh?” the three were standing in a line, Audrey first, then Alex behind her, then Cat behind Alex. As Audrey said this, the bus was about to take a sharp turn, and when it did, she let herself push back into Alex which pushed her butt into Cat.

“Oof,” Cat wasn’t expecting this but was wasn’t allowing herself to be phased, “Ha, it’s going to take more than that to get me going today. Oh, no offense to you Alex, I didn’t mind being bumped into by you.”

Alex laughed back to her, “Hehe I don’t mind it either, don’t worry,” she was also looking out the windows of the bus, “Hey, isn’t that a group of sorority girls from Wheskey University? I went there and was in a sorority too. They’re wearing shirts I remember from every spring on campus! I used to love that week.”

“Ooh, and they’re the next stop. Maybe a bunch of sorority girls all around you will get you going though, eh Cat?” Audrey appeared eager to see Cat in this situation

The bus pulled over and a crowd of college girls rushed in, all wearing the same lime green shirts, and mostly all in black or grey leggings. The bus was already full, with no seats available and a considerate number of people standing, holding the rails and grips on the ceiling of the bus. Even though they were trying to remain close to one another, they filled up the remaining space, with a good few around Cat, Alex, and Audrey. And Cat tried not to look, she really did, but there were so many girls in tight pants. One knocked into her as the bus started to move, but she was keeping her cool. She glanced over a couple times, and Audrey took note, turning her own head too, but Cat remained calm, with not even a twitch from down below.

The sea of girls bounced up and down as the bus travelled along the uneven roads, and Cat took in the sights, proud that she could manage to control herself. One of the sorority girls, in particular, was a little chubby, and her fat rear was consistently close to Cat’s right side. Although trying to control herself, she kept hoping that a turn or shake of the bus would make the girl’s butt press against her hand. She slyly edged towards the girl, and finally, with a sharp right turn, the soft mass pressed against her hand for a few seconds and she loved it. She wasn’t as adventurous as Audrey was though; regardless of bumps or turns, she let herself fall several times and ‘catch’ herself on the tight bodies of the girls around her without reprehension. Their destination was getting closer now, she knew it would be alright. Sharp turns from the bus continued to squish the girls against Cat, and although Audrey took these opportunities to bump Alex back into Cat again, her willpower still seemed sufficient.

Now the bus stopped at a cross section where several finance firms were located. A small crowd of people got off, and Cat believed she might have some wiggle room now. But, true to her luck, another bunch of business-type people got on, probably off for lunch. The bus doors opened directly to her left and people squeezed by her, many men in suits immediately glared at the sorority girls on the bus. Although Cat was at first detested this, she remembered how much she was taking in the same sights and decided to keep to herself. A slender business woman was the last to board, rushing towards the bus before it departed.

It was now packed like a sardine can. Cat was shoved against the doors, with sorority girls and business people were on her right. Alex was fully thrust into her now as well, trying to keep her butt from pressing against her as best she could, but Audrey’s butt in front of her was too firm to let her press her hips forward very much. The business woman had no other place to move and was stuck behind Cat now, just as squeezed into her as she was to Alex.

“Of course,” she thought, “I have to have someone rubbing up from the front and back now.”

She was still holding back well but felt something peculiar poke from behind. “Wait isn’t it a woman behind me?” she continued to think and had a quick side glance at the person. It was. in fact a woman, “Woah, is this another futa? I’ve never met another one but, oh, this isn’t the best place to do that.” The protrusion grew further, her butt was rubbing against the futa behind her, and it was giving the futa a boner that touched mersin escort bayan down past Cat’s butt and was now nudging against the top most part of her thighs. She squinted her eyes, still not giving up, but Audrey that something was up.

“Oh, I think it’s finally getting to her Alex. Your must be pressed up quite close to her.” she said this while looking at Cat who responded,

“Well, that’s not really all I’m fighting against.”

Audrey couldn’t see the woman behind her much, let alone the bulge that was poking Cat below.

The woman overheard and was embarrassed. She tugged her skirt down to try and suppress her erection and apologized to Cat, “Shoot, I’m sorry, I’m not doing this on purpose. I just can’t move.”

Cat tried to make her feel better by explaining her own situation, “Oh well, don’t worry, I’m uh… fighting the same thing right now.” And she was fighting pretty hard not to let the trembling feeling escalate. She clenched her body to stop blood from flowing into member she had kept down until now, but the rumbling of the bus and the woman pressing behind her were beginning to be too much.

Luckily her mind was taken off this as the woman was intrigued and began to ask about her problem, “Wait do you mean the same thing like?….”

“Yea, um, I’m a futa too, and I’m currently trying not to get a massive erection on the bus.” Cat admitted to her.

“Haha, I feel for ya, it’s hard enough with all these girls wearing leggings, am I right? But with

someone in front of you I’m sure nobody would notice.”

But Cat protested letting it grow, “Oh no, I can’t let this monster start to grow, everyone on the bus will know if I do.” She joked with the girl, finding someone, even if a stranger, to relate to. But there was truth and a solidarity in her voice about not letting it grow. Both women were struggling with all of the people, especially the other women, rubbing against them. Luckily, the erection of the futa behind Cat was about as big as it would get, but unluckily, it began to throb more and more. Cat was worried at the end but then a voice echoed through the bus.

“Next stop, Green Meadow shopping district.”

“Phew” both futas relaxed as the stop was so close.


The bus screeched to a halt, the doors opened, and Cat rushed to be the first one out to get a breath of fresh air to calm herself.

“Ok, I’m good.” Cat sighed, relieved she had made it this far.

Alex came over to her, wondering what happened as she didn’t hear the exchange between the futas, “Are you ok?” then Audrey too, “Yea I mean I know Alex has a nice butt, but it shouldn’t have been that difficult to keep it down.”

“Well,” Cat began to explain, “The woman behind me was pushing into me a lot and it turns out she was a futa too, so I had a big bulge against my butt since she got on. It was a bit difficult but1 I managed.”

Alex was surprised, “Oh wow another futa, I didn’t know. I didn’t feel you get hard either.”

Audrey was just the same. “Ha, nice job Cat. I’m proud you can hold it back now.”

“Hey don’t talk to me like I’m some kid who just stopped wetting the bed.” Cat said, slightly offended.

“Oh, hehe, sorry, that came out wrong. Hey, we’re finally here though, let’s do some shopping!”

So the group set off, walking towards the gigantic mall in the center of the district.

It truly was a sizable mall, dozens and dozens of shops had come to make it their home. The trio was moving towards the north entrance, as that’s where most of the clothing stores were located.

A wall of smells hit them as they went through the second set of doors into the mall. Waftings of greasy pizza cheese, sugary scents of desserts that were way too sweet, vapors of doughy soft pretzels; these all permeated the mall. Close by, however, in department stores and the like, perfumes, colognes, and various other scents took the edge off the smells of the rest of the mall.

“Mmm smells great” Audrey cooed.

“Oh, yea I love all the different perfumes they sell here!” Alex said, believing she was agreeing with her.

Audrey’s mind was in a different place though, and she corrected her, “No, no. Not that, the food. Mmm, I can’t wait until we go for lunch.”

Cat couldn’t believe she could be enticed by mall food and shared her opinion, but Audrey wouldn’t listen. Her stomach was controlling her just as much as Cat’s dick could sometimes control Cat. But Alex butted into their conversation about their stances on mall food.

“Audrey don’t worry, we’ll get to lunch soon enough. But for now, I know exactly where we’re going. I even made a plan for it!” she pulled out a folded list from her back pocket that hand bold black ink on it, “First we’ll go to The Lily and The Petunia to look for tops; they have good tops, but not much in the pants department. The store that does is Azure Chateau, and we’ll head over there afterwards. And since we’ll have shirts and pants then, we can head izle to some stores with accessories to go with them like some of the jewelry shops. I’ve never had a bracelet before, and I really want to get one today.”

Cat and Audrey were amused but impressed with her planning and followed along.

Audrey exclaimed, “Ha, alright. Lead the way o captain, my captain!”

And so she did, luckily, The Lily and The Petunia was right next to where they had just come in and they soon entered the store which, as Audrey put it, ‘oozed femininity’.

It was true, the walls were covered in light pink and cream colors, and decorations littered the store. But they certainly had a wide range of clothing. Multitudes of blouses and colorful t-shirts lined the majority of the store’s space, but there were a variety of other smaller sections of mainly tops. Cat could see Alex’s truth about the pants. There were mainly two types of jeans she could find, and the only other types of pants she could find were in designs or colors she would never dream of wearing. A pair of dull purple pants with dots of tan particularly turned her away from the selection at this store.

While she looked around, Audrey was happy to find an athletic section, however small and began wondering how her body would look in different fabrics. She picked up a sports bra that appeared a size small for her and went over to Cat. “Hey Cat, you think my chest would look nice stuffed into this snug thing?” she held it up to her chest which she pushed out at her, trying to get a reaction. Cat, still having pride over how she managed the bus ride, politely brushed her aside to which Audrey complained, “Aww, you’re no fun. I’m gonna go find Alex, maybe she’ll admire my breasts, unlike you.” she joked at Cat.

Cat next found herself looking at a shirt with a deep v-neck, similar to Cassidy’s. This got her thinking about her afternoon with her. Audrey’s chest might be something she could brush off, but the thought of Cassidy’s massive breasts stayed in her mind. They were so soft, but they were still heavy, and she remembered the feeling vividly.

She got a bit too absorbed in thought. *throb* The beast, even if not fully awake, was growing restless. “Oh no you don’t, I’m gonna go find Alex and Audrey.” Cat quickly cleared her mind and went to the register to find Audrey with Alex who was swiping her credit card to buy three new shirts.

“Oh, there you are Cat! I’m done here now, you ready to head over to Azur Chateau?” Alex then seemed to remember something, “Oh yea, didn’t your pants get ripped last week? Ooh, we should look for a cute new pair for you!”

Although not the one to go shopping like this often, Cat forgot about the pants she destroyed (well, Audrey helped destroy them too) last week. “Oh, yea actually I need a new pair now, partially thanks to somebody here.” She gave a look to Audrey who then gave a fake defense, “What, I didn’t do anything, I swear.” before grinning mischievously back at Cat.

They were about to turn and head out when the cashier alerted them, “Hey before that third woman came to the register too, you were talking about going to a jewelry store? Well, the Westgate jewelry shop started and hour long sale about 12 minutes ago. You might want to head there first to get the best stuff before it sells.”

Alex’s eyes had lit up as soon as she heard the word ‘sale’ and she grabbed Audrey’s and Cat’s hands and asserted that they were rushing to the Westgate store as quick as possible. Many other people had the same idea, as they saw people constantly streaming into the store as they approached it. Westgate was packed; it was not only jewelry and the like that were one sale, but all kinds of accessories, adornments, and decorations were discounted. Alex saw the number of people, both women trying to find something cheap but nice to wear and men buying for the women in their lives, (probably those women they forgot the anniversary, birthday, or another event of) and she rushed in to try to get what she wanted before it was sold. But she was so focused, in fact, that she forgot she was holding onto Cat and Audrey still.

She dragged them through the crowds of people, not realizing they were bumping into everyone because of it. Cat’s lower body was rubbed against several women because of this and she pried herself from Alex’s grip due to the familiar tingles she began to feel. Audrey also released from her grip, but because she found something she actually found interest in. A pair of small silver earrings with dark violet gemstones looked beautiful to her, and she found herself amazed, as she wasn’t usually the type for earrings or fashion accessories at all. They were the last of two pairs that were hidden behind a few other sets.

She picked one pair up and looked at the price, with the sale on it was actually a great deal, so she turned around to buy them before anyone else might. Someone else was trying though. When she turned around she was met with a towering blonde woman that was certainly over 6 feet high. She stared not at Audrey, but at the earrings she was holding and had sullen eyes and a slight pout with her mouth. She asked with a voice that timid that was also heavily accented, “Oh… is zat the last pair uf those earrinks?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32