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This is the first chapter in a new series.

Michelle intends to seduce her hot roommate, but if she thinks she will be in charge of anything, she has another thing coming…


Michelle takes a deep breath and double-checks her appearance in the mirror. Her long red hair is curled perfectly falling over her shoulders and back. Her blue eyes are framed by long eyelashes, her lips painted a dark red. Her skin is soft and smooth — and covered by barely anything at all. She is wearing a black sheer lace camisole and matching thong, and absolutely nothing else. “I can do this,” she murmurs to herself, satisfied with her reflection. Moving across the room, she takes a final deep settling breath before opening her bedroom door and striding confidently to the living room, sitting smoothly on the couch.

Will, her roommate, stares open-mouthed at her, his eyes moving over her body. He is seated with one arm slung over the back of the couch, the other holding the tv remote out as if he had been changing the channel. She blinks at him, her cheeks flushing slightly, but hiding her embarrassment and nervousness. “Michelle?” he says in a choked voice.

“Yes?” She mentally applauds herself for keeping her own voice steady.

“What…exactly…are you doing?” He slowly pulls his eyes up to her face, meeting her gaze, and there is hunger there.

She pauses a moment before answering, letting her own eyes drink in his body. He is shirtless, as usual, revealing his ripped torso, every dip and curve of clearly defined muscles, his jeans slung low on his waist. The first time she had seen him like this, a few days after moving in with him, she had dropped an entire pizza on the kitchen floor, and all trepidation about moving in with a guy she didn’t even really knew flew right out the window. She had ached with wanting him for the last three months they’d lived together, and she is finally at her breaking point. She’d started leaving hints for him — her underwear hung up to dry in the bathroom, her erotic novels left out all over the house, even listening to smut audio books while she cooked for them — about two weeks ago, but he didn’t take the bait. This is her last attempt to seduce him — offering herself on a platter of lace.

“I’m watching TV. What are you doing?” She says nonchalantly, peeling her eyes off his body to look at the tv. Her heart is pounding so hard she can’t even tell what he had been watching.

“I meant…what are you wearing?” The strain has changed in his voice — from shock to…if she didn’t know any better, she would call that tone hungry — barely held-back desire.

The corner of her lips turn up slightly. “Then you should have been more clear with what you wanted.”

“Michelle,” and that word, her name, is half-groan. She can’t hide the shiver that takes her. “Please go put something else on.” Her antalya escort heart sinks, her face falling. Oh. He really…he really didn’t want her. As she goes to stand, he continues, “because if you sit there wearing only that little scrap of lace, I can’t promise to keep my hands to myself.”

Her head snaps around to him, her turn to be surprised, and there is lust on his face, hot and real. “I…” her confidence begins to fail now, and she can’t get her mouth to work.

He cocks his head to the side, raising a brow, looking at her with a new light. “That’s what you want, though, isn’t it?” And just like that, the power in the room shifts. “You want me to touch you, Michelle?” She swallows. This isn’t what she intended. She had wanted to seduce him, but this was…she is helpless here. She nods, mouth parted slightly. He lifts his hand and crooks his fingers. “Come here.” His voice drops lower with the command, his smile turning easy and confident.

“Okay,” she breathes, and it’s like he is tugging on a thread between them. She finds herself crawling across the couch and straddling his waist, arms on his chest.

“Turn around,” he urges, as if to test if she will obey. She does, and his arms go around her and settle her in his lap, her back against his torso, her head leaning back on his shoulder. “Such a good girl,” he says in her ear, his breath tickling her neck, and she gasps, winning a dark chuckle from her. “You know, Michelle, if you wanted me, all you had to do was ask. No need to waste your money on this pretty little outfit.”

“Waste?” She asks her head already spinning as his hands brush over her stomach and sides over the lace. “It worked didn’t it?”

“Once,” he agrees. “But that’s all you’re going to get to wear it.” He kisses her neck as his hands grab the hem of the camisole and yank, tearing it up the center.

“Fuck!” She gasps, clenching her thighs together at the rush of heat pooling between her legs.

“Ahah,” he scolds, moving her thighs to either side of hers. “If you want me to touch you, you are going to have to keep those gorgeous legs of yours spread wide for me, understood?”

“Yes,” she answers, her eyes drifting closed as his fingers rest on her thighs for a moment before trailing slowly, slowly up.

He doesn’t touch her where she needs him most, though, instead tracing up the sides of her thong and hooking under the sides. “Yes, what?” He tugs outwards, and her panties tear as well. He tosses all the scraps of fabric away, leaving her completely bare on his lap.

“Yes, sir!” She wraps one arm up around his neck, arching back against him. She remembers her plan — knock him speechless, make out for a bit, ride his cock — she never imagined this…no, that is a lie. She had imagined him exactly like this a hundred times before — the growl in his voice, the antalya escort bayan confidence in his hands, the heat of his breath on her skin as he issues commands and she follows them. The real thing though — a thousand times hotter.

“Better.” He lets one hand rest on the top of her thigh, thumb inches from the heat of her pussy. The other picks the remote back up, clicking his way through a few menus. He takes long enough for her to catch her breath and refocus, just in time to see the tv screen turn black as he starts a movie.

“You’re…watching tv?” She asks incredulously.

“Of course. You didn’t expect me to drop everything for you did you?” She falls a bit from her high, but just then, his thumb begins making small, light circles on her thigh, and all her focus goes to that digit. “Don’t worry, I changed it to something we will both enjoy.” She doesn’t have time to read his tone before the screen lights up again and the room fills with a sensual gasp. She looks up to see the camera zoomed in on a woman’s face. Her eyes are screwed shut, her mouth wide open as she lets out a loud moan. Her makeup is smudged; her hair is mussed. The movie zooms out, showing her arms raised above her head, showing bared breasts with peaked nipples glistening with moisture. A man leans into the shot, sucking one of them into his mouth as her body moves and shakes.

“Is this…porn?” Michelle asks.

“Is that a problem? If it is, I can just leave you to choose the channel in here, and I’ll go watch it in my room.”

“It’s fine!” she says quickly, and he laughs, his hand inching further up her thigh. Then she gasps as his other hand cups her breast, thumb moving over her nipple in time to the man’s tongue on the screen. He bites, and she moans louder, body arching off the bed. Will plucks her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pinches, lightly at first but increasing the tension, testing her. Michelle can barely breathe as she pushes her breast more firmly into his hand.

“Stay still,” he reprimands, and she leans back into him with a whine. “You wanted me to touch you, so you are going to let me touch you.”

“Yes sir,” she answers, and his lips meet her neck again, a slow kiss across her skin that sends her heart thudding hard in her chest. Wills is overwhelming her completely, and she can’t get enough of him. His teeth graze her shoulder, and her eyes half-close, unable to look away from the movie. The man switches to the woman’s other nipple, and so does Will, his hand moving closer to her pussy, so that his thumb is a hairsbreadth away. She resists the urge to push her hips into his hand — stay still; she has to stay still. “Please,” she gasps after a full minute of this, the moans of the couple filling her ears.

“Please what?” He asks in a teasing tone.

“Please touch me.” Her body is escort antalya trembling with need now.

“I am touching you.” He pinches her nipple a little harder than before and she whimpers — whimpers. “Where do you want me to touch you, Michelle?” His voice is quiet and full of just as much need as hers.

“My pussy,” she whispers, blushing hard as he makes her say the word. “Please touch my pussy, sir.”

“Your pussy?” he asks, his hand lifting off her thigh. Just as she is about to protest, he cups her, spearing two fingers inside her just as she craves, and she cries out, her fingers clenching in the couch cushions. “No. Who’s pussy is this, Michelle?”

“It’s yours!” She gasps, unable to deny him anything he wants, not anymore.

“Is it now?” he teases with a laugh as his palm grinds against her clit making her squirm on his lap despite every effort to remain still. “Fuck, Michelle, you are so wet. Is this all for me?”

“Yes, sir,” she whines, wishing he would quit talking and playing and just touch her already! He isn’t fucking her with those fingers, just holding her in place, and it is hot and exhilarating.

“Do you want to be mine, Michelle?” She nods, not trusting her voice. “Are you sure you know what you’re asking for?”

“Tell me.”

Will digs his fingers in deeper, curling them inwards, and she moans, her hips moving in his grasp begging for more friction. “Think carefully about your response. If you want to be mine, you will be mine. And I don’t want a girlfriend. I want a whore.” Her body goes hot and cold, taught and loose. “I want a fucktoy that I can use however and whenever I want. Is that what you want to be? Once you say yes, you will belong to me, and no one else, do you understand?”

She doesn’t hesitate. “Yes, sir! I want to be yours!” Finally, he groans, biting her neck as his fingers begin moving inside her. “Yes!”

“Cum for me, then, fucktoy,” he growls in her ear, fingering her hard and fast, his other hand pinching and tugging on her nipple as his teeth and lips tease her neck. And just like that, the tension he had built up over the last several minutes breaks, like her body had been waiting on his command. Like a puppet on his string, she obeys, crying out loud as her orgasm crests, her juices running over his hand. “That’s my fucking good girl.” He slows, letting her come down from her high to blink back to reality, the movie running credits over a picture of the woman kneeling with cum all over her face. “Open,” he orders, his hand lifting to her mouth. She parts her lips, her tongue flicking out to taste herself, and he pushes the two fingers inside, rubbing them on her tongue, claiming her mouth just as he had claimed her pussy. “Do you like how you taste, slut?” The word sends a thrill through her, and she just moans in response.

“Get up,” he says as she finishes cleaning off his fingers. “We have ten minutes before Mark will be here for game night,” he says, his eyes wild with lust as he unbuttons his jeans. “Get in my room and bend over the bed. Now. I want to fill that juicy little cunt with cum before he gets here.” I grin as I move to obey, ready for more — ready for everything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32