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The cruise ship is now in the middle of its voyage. On a Saturday night, Ted and Jane were enjoying a sensuous dance in the ship’s exclusive dance room on the topmost floor. Jane was wearing a loose fitting sleeveless dress which hung from her plump shoulders by two very thin shoulder strings. In the last dance they had one arm around each other and the other arm on each other’s shoulder. Sometimes they had a fleeting kiss.

Now, as they were dancing to the exotic tune, Ted was rubbing his palm on Jane’s smooth shoulder skin. He had a glimpse of one of her armpits beneath her broad shoulder, alongside her well shaped heavy breasts. A jet black tuft was now visible in her underarm, but was completely out of sight when her heavy arms were hanging by her sides. The underarm hair was wet with sweat, and Ted could get a whiff of perfume and sweat whenever she raised her arm to remove strands of hair falling frequently on her face.

Ted could feel her soft breast pressing on his chest. He longed to sniff and taste her armpits, but could not. During this dance also, she showed him both her armpits repeatedly. He started getting a hard on. Lust was building up within both of them.

She whispered in his ear – “Come to my cabin after midnight. A friend of mine Kate will join us. We shall have fun together.” Saying this she drew him to her, and they engaged in a very sensuous kiss.

When he went to her cabin after midnight, her friend was not present. Jane told that she would come a little later. Jane was wearing a very short skirt and a sleeveless vest. Her skin was soft and glowing.

As soon as she closed the cabin door, they pulled each other in a cozy embrace and lusty kiss. None was willing to be released from that sweet embrace. Their kiss grew more and more tight and juicy. Their lips were fiercely rubbing against each other, with abundant saliva flow. He instantly grew tight and hard. As he squeezed her boob, her soft fingers found his hardness, and were rubbing him.

Ted could not hold himself any longer. He kissed and licked her wide plump shoulders. He was eager to sniff and lick her soft and wide smelly armpits with black tuft wet with the juicy sweat and emitting an attractive pungent smell. He raised her left arm a little and just pushed his face into the flesh and hair of her armpit, and rubbed his nose there.

“Oh! I was waiting for this moment, and was thinking when will you take my armpits. My underarm flesh and hairs are longing for the touch of your lips and nose. When I came to my room from the dance floor, I sniffed my own pits. Come, sniff ‘n lick them, and tell me – are they delicious?”

Ted took off their robes. Jane’s bra was revealing more than covering her huge breasts. Ted took many a hard and long sniff of her left armpit by rubbing his nose there, and lustily licked her juicy underarm flesh with slow and long strokes of his tongue. In between licks, he planted wet kisses on her armpit.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…so delicious, so hot…” – saying this he gave some more lusty kisses and licks on her left pit, and munched the armpit hair, pulling them with his teeth. He then attacked her right armpit with renewed vigour.

Jane was enjoying every moment. She craves for lusty armpit-love making. She was hot, and so invited her friend Kate also. Before Kate comes, she wanted to have an exclusive hot armpit session with Ted. She bent a little, and inserted her long and sexy nose in his armpit and took in the strong odor. Ted opened his armpit more and let her insert her whole face in balıkesir escort his armpit. And pressed his armpit on her face.

Their passions were building up. They were now wildly sniffing each other’s armpits. Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff… It was accompanied by heavy licking with their entire tongue stuck out. The only sounds were of heavy breathing, lusty lashing of the tongues and sniffing sounds. Ted opened the hook of Jane’s huge bra, the attractive breasts jumped to the front. They were in a lusty tight passionate embrace, faces down into each other’s armpits. After sometime they changed armpits, but the intensity of the armpit-love increased.

“Uuuuuummmmmmmmmmm…” “Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

Ted played with Jane with lusty embraces which was like wrestling, their bodies glistening with sweat, their sexy body odor making them more and more passionate, they lost themselves in bouts of armpit kissing and eating, waist kissing, nose kissing. While armpit kissing, she began squeezed his d**k. Ted was kneading the neat folds of her waist flesh. So sexy!



Ted licked and kissed her plump wide shoulders, back and waist for a long time, then kissed her long sharp nose with his saliva, sucked her nose in his mouth, bit her sweaty armpits, while tasting and kissing them. She pushed her juicy underarm flesh hard on his face, kissing and biting his armpits.

“Can’t stop tasting eating your underarm hair and flesh…” – He said.

“Don’t stop…but I must have yours” – She said.

The underarm kissing, tasting, licking, sniffing went on and on.

Jane took him in her mouth, drenched in her own armpit sweat and grime, and tasted it moving her tongue in quick circles near the tip. After a while he took it out, and pumped in between her huge boobs, which she pressed hard together. She tasted the tip, as it came out and lashed at her chin.

Extreme lust, forced them again in a lusty embrace and hot kiss with wide open mouths, and rubbing of the tongues and sucking each other’s saliva. He slowly went inside her, both enjoying the rubbing of skins. Simultaneously, their mouths broke away from the lusty kiss, and got entrenched in each other’s smelly underarm, with lots and lots of lusty kissing, biting, licking, sucking, and sniffing of the smelly and sweaty armpits…They soon had a priceless quickie, from which none wanted to break away.

They were so engrossed in the mutual armpit sniffing and licking that they did not first hear the calling bell. When they heard, they disengaged, and opened the door. Kate entered. She was wearing a very loose sleeveless dress with large armhole. After the door was closed, Kate started doing her hair by raising her arms, and asked – “Have you two already started the party?”

“Well…just getting into the groove” – replied Jane.

Kate advanced towards Jane with open arms. The two ladies lustily looked into each other’s eyes for sometime, and then locked themselves in a tight embrace and lusty and noisy kiss. Their cheeks hollowed in, as they kissed, with tongues lashing deep into each other’s mouths, exchanging large balls of saliva. It seemed that they would suck out all the air and saliva from each other’s mouth. Their hands were working over all areas of their sweating bodies. Jane took off Kate’s dress and unhooked her bra, and both were feeling each other’s skin. For sometime they kissed and licked each other’s shoulders and underside of their breasts. Then they lustily kissed bartın escort and sucked each other’s juicy hairy sweaty underarms. Their underarm kissing and licking continued for a long time.

After they disengaged, Kate pulled Ted in a sensuous and lusty embrace, and offered her armpits with jet black hair to his mouth. He kissed and licked her smooth shoulder skin, then started kissing her armpits, smelling and relishing her pungent armpit smell. He pulled the jet black hair with his teeth. They sniffed each other’s smelly armpits with hard sniffing sounds for a long time.

Then they attacked each other’s armpits, and started licking each other’s armpits lustily. They were licking the smelly armpits like mad, with loud sniffing sounds. Occasionally they sucked and bit into each other’s armpit flesh.

Jane embraced Ted from behind. Ted got sandwiched between the two buxom ladies. Jane put her nose and lips in Ted’s armpits from behind and sniffed and kissed his armpits. Ted and Kate lustily licked and sniffed away at each other’s armpits.

Then Ted embraced Jane from front, and Kate changed position to embrace Ted from behind. Heavy underarm kissing and licking followed once again. They drenched Ted’s d**k with their saliva.

Then it was dinner time. There were sandwiches and burgers. They soaked each item in each other’s armpit sweat and grime, instead of sauce, and relished the new taste. Then they cleaned up each other’s armpit by mutual sucking and licking. And the armpit sniffing would never end – it seemed. Sounds of armpit kissing, licking and sucking, along with heavy sniffing sounds filled the room.

Jane took some of her own saliva and put it in both her armpits. Then she brought her armpits to Kate’s nose. Kate took long and hard sniff of the juicy armpits filled with Jane’s saliva. Kate then put some of her own saliva in her own armpits, and then Jane pulled Kate engaging her in a tight kiss and lusty embrace. They put their faces in each other’s juicy armpits and lustily licked their saliva from their both armpits, munching and pulling each other’s wet armpit hair.

Ted saw Jane and Kate frantically sniffing, licking, tasting and sucking each other’s juicy armpits, crushing each other in a wrestling type embrace.

Ted caught hold of Kate from behind, and put his saliva drenched d**k in her left armpit. She pressed her hand to her side, and he started rubbing. Kate’s passion rose high. After lingering in Kate’s armpits for long, he cozily entered her from behind and had a violent quickie, while passionately kissing and biting her juicy underarm flesh, and squeezing her huge boobs from behind.

Then he took turns with Kate and Jane in armpit love. After having lot of mutual armpit tasting and kissing, Kate put her arms around Ted’s neck, brought up her lips and their lips got enmeshed in a saliva filled lusty slippery kiss. A meaty lingering quickie followed, which both wanted very much, and enjoyed passionately, and followed up with a flood of lusty armpit kissing, licking and sucking.

Jane held out her shapely hands and drew Ted in a tight embrace. Their lips quickly met and got locked in a tight slippery kiss, tongues darting into each other’s mouth. Then each lifted the other’s hand and pushed their mouths into each other’s sweaty armpits, with lot of armpit licking, kissing, biting and tasting. Jane caught hold of his d**k, squeezed hard and guided him into her with one forceful stroke.

The embrace tightened and the underarm kisses got furious and urgent batıkent escort by the minute. Ted munched the hair under Jane’s arm and pulled the tufts by his teeth. Jane wildly licked Ted’s armpits, with lots of saliva. His armpits became slippery with Jane’s saliva, and the smell became more erotic. Jane’s armpit smell drove him mad.

Their mutual armpit licking, kissing, biting and tasting went on and on. Seeing them, Kate raised one arm and lowering her head a little, started smelling and licking her own wide armpits full of jungle of hairy growth. Sometimes she went near the entwined bodies of Jane and Ted, and lustily sniffed and licked their sweaty and smelly armpits from behind.

Jane and Ted bit into each other’s armpits with extreme lust and urgency, and humped into each other frantically. Jane wanted a quickie now in front of Kate. With lots of lusty underarm kisses, bites and licks, they could not hold any longer, and soon together reached the sweet and prolonged end of their saucy, slippery quickie. But their lustful armpit kissing and licking continued long thereafter.

Kate wanted her own sweet little quickie. She clasped Ted in a tight embrace and exchanged deep wet kisses with him, to make him hot once again. Jane clasped them from behind alternately, and sticking out her long tongue, she continuously licked their sweaty armpits.

Kate sat on a low chair, opened her arm a little and guided Ted’s d**k in her right armpit, and clamped her arm down. Ted became instantly hard in the wet warmth of Kate’s armpit full of thick black hairs, and pumped vigorously. Rubbing with the jet black hair in her armpit generated more heat and lust. Kate encircled her fingers around Ted’s d**k. Then he entered Kate nice and cozy, they were clasping each other in an iron tight embrace, and with their mouths firmly embedded in each other’s sweaty and smelly armpits, cheeks hollowed inwards, and the meaty quickie got under way vigorously.

Their embrace grew more and more hot and lusty. Passionately biting and tasting each other’s armpits, and Ted squeezing her huge boobs, they soon reached a great sensuous peak, from which they did not want to come down. Kate never wanting to let go, it was a multiple quickie with hot Kate, the pungent smell of her armpits never allowing Ted to relax.

After that Ted rubbed some oil on him and put his d**k in both the ladies’ armpits in turns and moved back and forth, while the ladies pressed their arms super-tight to their bodies. At one time the three of them locked themselves in a joint embrace, rolled on the bed to satiate their lust. Their intense armpit love continued for a long time.

As soon as Ted left, Jane and Kate eyed each other mischievously. They now have the rest of the night to themselves. The previous sessions were a big turn on for both of them. They passionately wanted to be in each other’s arms.

They ran towards each other and got into a lusty tight body rubbing embrace. A fierce tongue kissing followed, with intense rubbing of the sweaty and slippery bodies. Holding Jane’s head backwards, Kate forced open her mouth and spat heavy loads of saliva in her mouth. Jane drank hungrily, and wanted more. Kate obliged.

Then Kate asked Jane – “Won’t you give me some of yours?” Jane opened her mouth. Kate flooded Jane’s mouth with her ready saliva. Jane drank every drop of it. Then they spat profusely in each other’s armpits, and holding each other, licked, sniffed, kissed and bit one another in their sweaty and smelly armpits, tasting each other’s underarm juice. They were in no mood to end their lusty armpit sniffing.., kissing.., licking.., biting…

In the early morning, they slept off with arms entwined around each other, and faces buried in each other’s armpits…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32