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When I got out of my steel grey Lexus RC F, in a very White part of the city, I knew that I would draw looks from just about every person on the street. My 6’1″ stature, along with my shaven bald head, and no facial hair, make for an intimidating look. Add to that, my very dark African skin color, plus a 240 lb hard-earned frame, most people take notice right away.

For that reason, I always dress to impress. Business casual or formal work well, but today was to be club attire. My ecru slacks, handsomely pleated and ironed, plus a white button down shirt with the top three unfastened, indicated that I was a man on a mission. The 10 karat gold necklace finished the look, nestled into my tightly wound chest hair. However, my bright white smile and easy demeanor tend to relax onlookers. I strode down Market Street with ease, ready to meet some new friends.

I stepped into the Starbuck’s at exactly 5:30 on Tuesday, and spotted the couple right away. I had been asked to meet them by Lisa, a schoolteacher, and the wife of a couple I already bull for. Apparently, the people I was to meet were just dipping their toes into the hotwife/cuckold lifestyle. Lisa had explained to the wife how Lisa and her husband, Ted, had been in this lifestyle for years. Ted liked to watch other men dominate her, and give her pleasures he was unable to. I’m not sure that Lisa went so far as to explain how submissive Ted is with her and her bulls. But, cuckolding was exactly what interested the new couple, and the wife asked Lisa if I would be interested in helping them out as well.

We agreed to meet, but I had a few requirements of the newbies. The two were to be inside the store, and looking over the desserts at exactly 5:30. The wife was to wear something pink so that I would know they were whom I was to meet. A skirt was also required, but nothing was to be worn beneath.

She was wearing a pink sweater that highlighted her ample breasts, and a black skirt that hugged a sweet curvy ass, The wife sported slender legs and arms, a modest waist, and most of her 20 pounds of extra body weight were shared between her bosom and butt. Her recently coifed dark hair was shoulder length, curled, and brunette in color, giving an appearance of Italian heritage. Standing next to her husband, she appeared 3 inches taller than he.

Her husband looked eastern European, with a graying, receding hairline. There were several strands that combed across his naked skull at the front, in a poor attempt to cover up his failing testosterone levels. He was 5’3″ or so, stocky, with a large, round belly. However, the two looked clean, and friendly.

I approached them and introduced myself. They both looked up and smiled, he more nervously than she. I said, “I’m Michael. You must be Lisa and Ted’s friends.” I extended my hand to him, and his small hand fit easily in my muscular grip. She looked me up and down quickly, trying not to be obvious. They both seemed to be surprised to see me, making me wonder if Lisa kept my ethnicity a secret. Her gaze stopped at my hips, perhaps looking for any signs that my package might meet their requirements. She was in luck, because the cut and fit of my slacks allowed for an indication of my size, even if unexcited.

As he shook my hand, the man offered, “I’m Bob and this is my wife, Mary.” I released his hand and then I took her hand in mine, gently, and smiled.

“Come this way,” I said, pointing to an empty booth, next to a booth occupied by two elderly ladies sipping lattes. As we approached, Mary slid into the long seat on the right, followed by Bob, leaving me the entire bench across the table from them. When they settled, I stood close to the seat, and leaned into Bob, looking him in the eye. I used a voice that wasn’t quiet, nor too loud, and said incredulously, “Bob, you invited me here to talk about servicing your lovely wife, and then you decide to sit next to her and leave me on my own on the other side?”

His face turned red, and he looked around to see the woman behind him flinch and take a furtive glance our way. He got up immediately and uttered softly, “Sorry.” His wife smiled at me as he stumbled his way to the other seat. I slid into the seat next to her. The woman beside us was whispering to her friend and they both giggled, one looking past her friend at us, the other peeking over her shoulder.

I turned my volume down so that we could get to business. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m guessing you are new to this.” Before Bob could respond, I reached my right and down and took Mary’s left hand in mine. I slid it across and rested her hand on the inside of my muscular thigh. Her fingertips quickly found the bulge of my semi-hard dick. She gasped audibly as her fingers wandered from the head, still mostly hidden beneath the rumpled layer of foreskin, all the way to the root.

“Yes, we’ve only played two other times,” answered Bob.

Mary chimed in with, “Yeah, they were pretty much disastrous.”

I kept my hands on the table, folded. “I’m not surprised. So,” I asked, batman escort turning my attention to Mary, “tell me about that.”

“Well, we tried a Craigslist guy, but he couldn’t even get hard, so that went nowhere. And then, Bob brought home a guy from work, but he wasn’t much of a lover. And he was barely as big as Bob. And then Bob came prematurely while we were still in foreplay, which caused him to get really anxious and made us stop. So it was really bad.”

I nodded in agreement. I said to Mary, “Yes, this happens a lot when people don’t know how to do it right. Lots of guys find that they are fine with everything, until they cum, and then they start to over think things. I could have predicted that would happen to you. I can promise that I will have measures in place to avoid that gut-wrenching situation for Bob. This needs to be handled in a way that everyone gets what he or she needs.”

I turned my attention to her husband and asked him, “So, how big are we talking, Bob?” He looked at me oddly. “Your friend. Mary says he wasn’t much bigger than you. How big, exactly, would that be?”

Bob avoided my gaze and muttered, “Uh, about 5 inches.”

“I see. Well, Bob, God doesn’t treat us all fairly, does He?” Again, not waiting for his reply, I said, “So, tell me about you two. I want to know your story. I smiled at Mary as he began.

“Mary and I have been married 23 years. She’s a teacher, and I work in retail.”

“A teacher? What grade?” I enquired.

“Seven,” was her answer.

“So you look after a bunch of horny boys and girls with their hormones racing?” Mary laughed a bit, and nodded, as I turned my attention to Bob. “Retail, Bob? What kind?”

“I work at Lauren’s Shoes, downtown.”

“Oh, the ladies’ shoe store.” I knew the place because of its upscale shoes that some of my other cucks’ wives shop at. “Do you get many hot women hitting you up, Bob?” I knew the answer before he responded.

“No, not really.”

Looking his body up and down, I offered, “Maybe too many beers at night, Bob? ” His wife slid her hand along my cock, pressing her fingers in as I questioned Bob. She measured its weight, finding the speared end working its way out of its sheath. “Well, at least your wife here is very attractive. You must be glad to have her in your life.” Her hand stroked the speared tip, still partially hidden beneath the rubbery foreskin, teasing it further to its almost performance length.

“Yes. Mary is everything to me.”

I looked at her, asking, “Any kids?”

“No, Bob doesn’t produce enough…” answered Mary, stopping herself before fully admitting another disappointment she’s endured during their marriage.

I helped her by continuing quickly. “I see. So, how long have you been having thoughts about seeing your wife with another man?

Bob replied, “I mentioned in about a year and a half ago, but Mary didn’t want to go further than roleplaying stuff in bed.”

Mary added, “He would fuck me and ask him to call him a different name, like some guy at school who I might fantasize about, until I would cum. Then he would eat my pussy after and tell me how good I taste. Or he would jack himself off and then cum on my pussy, then lick it back up.”

Bob turned almost crimson. “That was until I talked Mary into looking at some online personals from bigger men than me. That’s when we found a guy for her to play with, but it didn’t go well. But then Mary and Lisa talked about their sex lives at work, and that’s when Mary found out about Lisa cucking Ted with other guys.”

I cut in at that moment. “I guess we should get down to business. Mary, can you tell Bob whether you think that I might be considerably larger than him or his little friend?” I looked down at her hand as it gripped my meaty dick.

Mary grinned and responded, “Bob, I’m sure of that! Michael definitely is a big boy!”

“So, Bob, I have not touched Mary at all since we sat down, have I?”

Bob looked to Mary and back to me. “Um, no. I don’t think so.” Mary leaned her head into my arm, her hand slowly finding its way back down my length, gently cupping my rather large ball sack.

I looked around at the busy shop, and decided to up the ante a little for them. I looked at Mary and said, “Mary, why don’t you scooch down and show Bob how much you would like me to visit you two in your home?”

Mary’s eyes opened wide. She looked around the café to make sure no one seemed to be paying any attention, and then extended her feet to rest next to her husband’s left leg. She then slouched down low, and bent her knees apart to give him access to her sopping wet pussy. Bob surreptitiously moved his left hand down, locating her left knee and slipped his hand inside her thigh. He leaned down to slide his hand along the trembling length of his wife’s creamy thigh, until he touched her heated pussy. Mary’s sodden vulva answered that question clearly.

When he brought his hand back up, Bob couldn’t resist brushing his fingers beneath his nose, bayburt escort and then taste her wetness. Mary hiked herself back to being seated properly; her face flushed with embarrassment as she checked to make sure no one caught her.

She reached her right hand across to Bob and said, “Bob, I want to make a date with Michael.”

I couldn’t contain my amusement. He took his horny wife’s hand in his. Bob asked, “So, Mike, how do we do this?”

“I’m Michael, Bob. Not Mike. Don’t call me that, Bob. And, if it works for you two, I’m available Friday night at 8pm.” The two looked at each other, a look of terror as the prospect of fantasy becoming reality was staring them in the face.

“That will work,” suggested Bob. He exuded an aura of nervousness, no doubt concerned with how excited his wife had become so quickly. Mary’s right hand squeezed her husband’s hand, and her left hand fondled my hardened dick.

“Okay, here is how this works. I have a one time, 100% money back guarantee. It goes like this. Because I meet a lot of flakes, I charge a fee of $150 for the first meeting only. If Mary is not completely satisfied at the end of our evening, you can keep your money. Bob, it doesn’t matter if you’re satisfied, only Mary will make that decision. This night is to be all about her, correct?” He quietly assented. Mary’s left hand now moved from my cock, and reached around my broad back, coveting my muscular form and snuggled into me.

I continued, “When we make it through the first evening, then there will be no charge for any further meetings. Finally, Bob, because this is all about Mary’s pleasure, if at any time you say no to anything to which you are directed by Mary or myself, it will be time for me to leave. You will have decided that Mary’s pleasure isn’t foremost in your thoughts, or that I am not the right man for this task. I will not be upset in any way, and I not return at any time after you tell me, or your wife, that you will not comply with what is asked of you. Do you understand this very important rule, Bob?”

Mary caressed his hand as he looked at me and said, “Yes, Michael, I understand.”

I turned my attention to his wife. “Mary, your husband has asked me to attend to your sexual needs, in your home and in your bed. He wants to be a willing participant in seeing your sexual needs met. I will be glad to perform that service for you, because I believe that you love your husband very much, but have needs that he is unable to meet, all by himself. Do you know what all of this means?”

Mary looked at me quizzically. She gripped Bob’s hand more tightly. I wasn’t sure if she dared to answer me. So, I answered for her. “It means, Mary, that this wonderful man in your life, is a cuckold.” I let this set in. She looked to Bob for his reaction, and he tried to steel himself to what was being said.

“Mary,” I added, “please do not associate Bob being a cuck, with anything shameful. His selflessness is a gift to you. Not every man cares enough for his wife to allow her to be properly fulfilled. And it’s time that you accepted that he is this wonderful but incapable person, by addressing him as such, whenever I am with you. He will be grateful to hear you say ‘cuck’ or ‘cuckold’ or even ‘my darling cucky’. He will know by your words and how you say them, whether he should feel pride or shame. Mary, can you do this for him now?”

I could feel Bob’s heart pounding from across the table. His chest heaved as this moment of clarity rocketed toward him. Mary drew her arm from around me, and her left hand joined her right hand in his. Mary took a deep breath, leaned close to him and stated, “We both know that Michael is right. I am ready for this, and so are you. I’ve always loved you, and that won’t change, I promise. Thank you for being who you are, my… my sweet cuck.” Their faces neared and Bob and Mary kissed each other momentarily. I allowed them that moment of connection, as it was an important step going forward. After they held hands quietly for a moment, Mary returned to my side.

I asked, “Is there a night table on each side of your bed at home, Bob?”

“Uh, yes,” was his response.

I pulled out a piece of notepaper with its prescription already written. I turned it so it was between the two of them, and both Mary and Bob craned their necks to read it.

The instructions read:

1)Mary will take her cuck to the adult store and purchase a metal cock cage when they leave Starbucks. Mary will keep the key to her cuck’s cage around her neck, and he is not allowed out of it, until Michael arrives. Mary will then remove the cage for her cuck, at Michael’s direction. This means there can be no sexual contact between Mary and her cuck, before Michael arrives on Friday.

2)The cuck will take Mary to find a black lace bodysuit that has snaps at the crotch. Black stilettos are the only other item that Mary wis to wear for Michael.

3)After school on Friday, Mary will come home to her cuck. Mary will remove the cock cage and bebek escort shave her cuckold smooth, in an act of reverence for this special night for Mary. She will then re-attach the steel cage. The cuck will wear something respectful for Michael’s arrival.

4)The cuck will shave Mary’s pubic area smooth for Michael. He will paint her nails the color of her choice. Mary will bathe and prepare for Michael’s arrival at 8PM while her cuck prepares the home and bedroom as described below.

5)The cuck will place one full pitcher of ice water and one glass on both night tables.

6)The cuck will place one tape measure on the cuck’s night table,

7)The cuck will place 3 – $50 bills on the cuck’s night table.

8)The cuck will place an ice bucket on Mary’s night table. It is to be filled with 3 bottles of Jagermeister, to only be consumed by Michael.

9) The cuck is to place an extra pillow on the floor next to his side of the bed. This will be the place where the cuck will remain kneeling at all times, unless otherwise directed by Mary or Michael.

10)When Michael arrives, the cuck is to retreat to the bedroom to light candles and begin a playlist of soft, romantic music. He will then remove all of his clothing and kneel in his place until his cuckoldress attends with Michael to unlock his penis from its confinement.

11) The cuck will then be allowed the experience of seeing his wife pleasured again and again. However, the cuck shall not be allowed to cum until such time as Michael sees fit.

After they looked the list over, Mary looked at me. She reached her hand down and took my thick cock into it. She felt the wetness of my pre-ejaculate and embraced what will be her newest and darkest toy in just a few days.

“Are we good?” I asked.

“Yes,” was Mary’s emphatic reply; Bob only nodded.

I looked at him intently until he uttered, “Yes, Michael, we are good.”

I got up and leaned back to kiss Mary on the cheek. She kissed mine. I stood and shook Bob’s quivering hand and walked out of the store.

* * *

Friday evening, I arrived as planned, and the door was answered within a few seconds of my ringing the doorbell. Bob opened it and stepped back to allow me in, with Mary standing about 3 steps behind him in the foyer, wearing the appointed attire. Bob reached out his hand to shake mine, and I instead handed him my jacket, while I moved to her and said, “Mary, you look beautiful.” Her face blushed.

I looked her over, the lacy suit sporting a plunging neckline that gathered in and pulled up her plump breasts. Her dark brown nipples stood out through the gauzy material. I delighted in the smoothness of the lace as it disappeared between her beefy thighs. Her nails matched the color of her lipstick. I took her hand and raised it to allow her to spin round so I could take in the rear view. She did not disappoint. Mary’s full hips and prominent backside strained the limits of the elasticity of the lingerie.

Bob closed the door behind me and placed my jacket on a hanger inside the hall closet. I guided Mary back to me and drew her lips to mine. Her shocking red lipstick pressed against my cocoa lips, and Bob stared intently. We kissed tenderly, her high heels not quite high enough, causing her to rise up on her toes. Our tongues teased each other.

I whispered into Mary’s hear, “Unbutton my shirt.” Mary settled back on her heels and gazed at my chest hairs, exposed from the first two buttons already unfastened. Her fingers grappled with the next button, and then swiftly moved downward until she got to the belt of my brown slacks. She wrenched the shirttails from within, and undid the last button.

When she opened my shirt in an attempt to slip it off my shoulders, Mary stopped abruptly. She moaned softly and murmured, “That is fucking hot!” as she saw the tattoo on my chest and abdomen of a raging bull. The curled horn tips encompassed my pectorals and each horn ends at a nipple. The rest of my solar plexus and abs were filled with the depiction of a grimaced face of the bull, complete with a large ring piercing its snout. Mary’s hands immediately wandered over the sketch, coursing through the tightly knotted curls of my chest, and testing the rippled meat of my abs.

Her breathing grew shallow as her hands caressed me. she toyed with my broad chest, and hugged me close so as to get a grip of my powerful ass cheeks. I turned to Bob, looking him up and down, holding my gaze at his extensive gut. I then asked, “Bob, did you complete ALL of the items on the list as required?”

“Yes,” he replied immediately, pulling the paper from his trouser pocket.

“What about the last item, Bob? Did you forget about that one?”

Bob looked down the list and read the last one, which of course, demanded that once I entered, he was to withdraw to the bedroom and kneel in his place until Mary and I decided to go upstairs.

“I’m sorry Michael,” he offered, moving immediately to the stairs. On his way up he stopped when I added, “Oh, and Bob, when Mary and I do go up, I will need you to come back down and gather up all of my clothes. The are to be neatly set in your bedroom, so I can dress once I have satisfied your wife for you. With his departure, I moved Mary and I to the sofa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32