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Every year, the DAALS a Black Femdom organization invade a city to form white slave and establish a place where dominant Black Woman could live their life as they see fit. Not all Black women in life are dominant. It’s an idea some people love to share even if it’s not right at all but there’s some with bad intention. Being Dominant don’t mean they are bad people, some dominant are great person and treat their submissive the right way but most of the DAALS loved to humiliate their slave especially white ones.

They try to invade the city of Krab now; it was a peaceful city where life didn’t cost a fortune. The population was mostly white, some black, Asian and muslim were there too. They were acting like white. Blended into the society and they were accepted. A blond girl named Camille worked at the Krabber, she was a sweet petite blond girl with long hair. She had the face of an angel, blue eyes, small bubble butt and small tits. Her mother was a teacher at the school where all the student where 21 years old and more. Veronica the mother was 41 years old and had the same look than her daughter but medium firm butt, big tits a bit saggy and short blonde hair but she was in great shape always training.

Anyway, The Krabber was a fast food restaurants and it was loved by the locals. After some weeks, Camille and her mother started seeing lots of black family buying house and having big role in some company. They even saw numerous new building like a Strip club and a dance club. Something was weird but Camille didn’t care much. She was a shy person like her mother but very open minded. She had no hate in herself. Her dad was dead of cancer 3 years beşevler escort ago and it was tough for her and Veronica.

One day, Camille entered the Krabber and saw some new staff member. There was a special meeting all employees had to go. Camille entered the room, she saw all 8 employees. 4 white woman and 4 black women plus an older black woman who looked like the new owner of the Krabber. She presented herself as Ms Jackson. Ms Jackson was rather tall and had huge boobs and big butt without being too much fat. She had an afro and always had a stern look on her face. Maybe it was the scar between her eyes that made her looked tough but Camille already knew to not test her. She gave everyone a new uniform. Camille seemed a bit shocked to see her outfit was a sexy bra that were all too short for them. They had a really short skirt that showed every girl panties. What was the most confusing for Camille was to see the other black employees had a classy uniform not sexy at all. She noticed a trap on their ass thought. She thought it was hilarious to work with a trap behind you.

Britney a white brunette girl that had a strong attitude started saying she would never wear that and called that an injustice. She wanted to have the black people uniform that show no skin. Ms Jackson got mad, she told Britney who was a chubby brunette to shut up. Ms Jackson told Oprah who was a chubby black teen to stand before Britney. She returned her, made Britney Kneel in front of Oprah and she opened the trap on the uniform of Oprah that showed her black butt to everyone. Some people laughed, some people were shocked. Ms Jackson beylikdüzü escort told Britney if it was enough skin for her. She said that people need to learn respect and need to know how to use their skill to the advantage of the Krabber. She said she wanted no racist and she would organize special meeting or activity to fix things or just make a better team spirit for the whole team.

Ms Jackson approached Britney and told her if it was enough skin for her, Britney started to complain again it was just a butt and they had everything showing to the clients. Ms Jackson put Britney face in Oprah butt. Some black people laughed and yelled how the smell is. Ms Jackson laughed and let Britney go who started to lack air to breath. She told everyone to get back to work and everyone quit.

That was weird seeing that for Camille, she thought Ms Jackson was more a military person. Someone who thinks everything needs to be learn by force and humiliation. Camille wasn’t totally wrong, Ms Jackson was an ex-military and a pretty good one but she injured one of her legs and since then she gained weight but she still had that aura around her. Strong aura, she was a tall woman and looked powerful.

So they worked for a day in that uniform, came back the next day and even more people was there. Lots of creepy dude. They were all ejected. A Black woman bouncer was added to play security, she had a Mohawk and looked really muscular behind her coat and jeans that showed a firm medium muscular butt. After a few days, only black woman were there and they were of all ages. One of them was groping Camille bilecik escort Butt asking her if she ever did some striptease? She offered her a job at the new strip club. Camille went to Ms Jackson office and complain about being molested by the old lady owner of the Strip Club.

Ms Jackson stood up and approached a panicked Camille, she turned her towards a big mirror showing her and Ms Jackson behind Camille. Ms Jackson hands started to touch Camille body. She touched her small tits and grab her bubble butt even going underneath her panties without touching her pussy or asshole.

“Look at you Camille, you’re sexy. Small beautiful tits and a bubble butt everyone would love to get their hands on. You need to take advantage of that. You have a power I don’t have anymore. People all see a tough old black woman when they see me. They think I’m a bad person and they probably tell everyone I’m fat. I sure couldn’t go for a job at the strip club. You could make tons of money there but it’s not the point, the point is. You need to take advantage of that and let those black customer hands do whatever they want. They are going to tip you even more. We’re woman, we’re all woman. It’s not sexual assault or anything with us, it’s just fun. You need to breath in and enjoy those moments,” Said Ms Jackson still touching Camille body.

She returned Camille and started kissing her, putting her tongue in her mouth. Camille tried to resist a bit but Ms Jackson hold Camille head making it harder to resist and one finger just barely touched Camille wet pussy making Ms Jackson happy. Ms Jackson let Camille go, Camille left and wondered what happened to her. The words of Ms Jackson made total sense for her but at the same time it was so slutty to use her body to have more tips and just “fun”, She never was a lesbian but god… She loved Ms Jackson touch. Her strong hands touching her body was so great. She wondered what would be next… what she should do about the whole situation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32