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“How’s a girl supposed to eat?” Daisy held out a handful of change. “Look Greta a measly four bucks in tips.”

The head waitress smiled and pulled a wad of bills from her bra. “Gee Daisy I made this just on the lunch shift.”

Daisy’s mouth dropped. “Oh my frickin’ god. How did you do that?”

“With my muffins and pie.” Greta shook her boobs. It’s easy.” She pointed to a guy. “I bet that jerk will pay me twenty bucks just to lick frosting off my muffins.” Greta took the man out back, spread frosting on her boobs and let the guy lick away.

Daisy watched. Soon the head waitress lifted her skirt and the guy pulled out his prick, humping her against the wall. Greta came back wiping cum from her leg.

“Muffin Man paid me eighty extra for a piece of pussy pie.” She winked. “Always upsell the product honey.” Greta flashed the cash. “See it’s easy.”

“No it’s NAUGHTY!”

“No it’s NICE! Nice and profitable. That’s how I make rent.” Greta lit a cigarette. “Daisy this town is packed with so many horny pricks— it’s like prick fishing in a barrel.” She winked. “And a clever girl knows how to profit from pricks.”

“Gosh I wish I was clever.” The short brunette hung up her apron. Her car was broken so she had to walk home in her worn out shoes. She’d just turned onto Main Street when a man drove up.

“Need a ride home cutie?”

Daisy hesitated. “Um… sure why not.” She jumped in the truck and the big guy drove away. But halfway to her apartment he stopped behind a gas station. The man grinned. “How much?”

“For what?”

The guy unzipped. Daisy watched his prick rise up and grow and grow and— OMG! The thing was twice the size of Cousin Cecil’s. “A hand job cutie. Can you jack me off for forty?”

Daisy’s mind raced. Forty bucks! Wow. She could buy new shoes. “Mister I’m not a whore— but okay.” Daisy remembered to upsell. “You want fries with that? …oops I mean TITS with that… for ten bucks extra?” She lifted her top. “You wanna suck my boobies?”

“Hell yes, you got bodacious boobies.” His long tongue licked all over her tits, slathering them in saliva as his teeth nibbled her puffy nipples. Daisy loved it. Cousin Cecil never paid enough attention to her tits.

She gripped the guys prick. It was stiff as a shin bone. Her soft hand stroked his stiff bone up and down.

Daisy spit on his prick and stroked it up faster. The slurping sound of a wet hand job filled the car. The guy moaned and gripped esenyurt otele gelen escort her chest. His big hand kneaded her big tits, twisting her nipples as she furiously pumped his shaft.

Little Daisy watched his pee hole get bigger and bigger and… OMG it erupted like a cum volcano — spurting goo flew into the air— splattering across Daisy’s face and blouse. “YUCK!”

The guy spurted a few more times, pulling her nipple with each spurt. He fell back and sighed. “That was great.” Daisy wiped her cummy face. “Now Cutie, how ’bout some pussy pics?”

“Twenty bucks more mister.” Daisy lifted her skirt, yanked her panties down and spread her legs. The guy snapped a few pics of her bald pussy then pulled out a wad of bills. “Now let me put it in your money slot.”

“Into where?” The big man laughed and shoved the money into her pink hole. “OUCH!” Daisy snapped her legs shut and jumped out of the truck. Running behind a dumpster she quickly fingered the money out of her pussy and counted the sticky bills.

Sixty-five? The jerk cheated me! No wait a minute. Feeling around inside she found the extra five. Wow seventy bucks! Not bad for seven minutes and a sticky blouse. Greta would be proud.

That night Daisy lay in bed thinking about the money. She wasn’t a whore but… Rubbing her twat she fantasized about and hard cocks and spurting cum volcanos… and Daisy called her pencil-prick cousin over to fuck her to sleep.

The next day Daisy walked in wearing a bright smile and a shiny new pair of shoes. Greta winked.

But waiting tables that day was really hard, because Daisy kept thinking about really hard cocks. With every guy she wondered about the size of his prick. Would he pay her to jack him off? And what else might he pay her to do?

The naughty thoughts made her so damn wet, pussy juice streamed down her thighs. Daisy caught Greta out back smoking. “Um Greta which guys might want me to um… play with their pricks?”

“Only the horny ones honey.”

“So which ones are horny?”

Greta laughed. “All of them honey— all of them!”

After her shift Daisy hung up her apron and rushed over to Main Street. Her heart pounded as she thought about stiff pricks and cold cash. Maybe she could make enough to pay her rent, or maybe buy a new purse instead.

The petite brunette brushed her hair back, stuck out her big chest and held out her thumb. esenyurt rus escort A car slammed on the brakes. “Where you headed baby?”

“Um… anywhere you are mister.” The guy opened his car door and Daisy hopped in. They drove way without talking. The silence made Daisy uncomfortable. She blurted out. “I’m Daisy.”

He grunted. “Ralph.” The guy looked her up and down and winked. After a few more minutes of silence Daisy whispered. “I’m not a whore… but I can make you feel real good for forty bucks.”

“Really babe?” Ralph grinned. “You’ll suck off my prick for forty?”

“No. Greta says blowjobs are sixty.” The guy nodded and took her to some old garage with a cum stained couch. Daisy sat on the couch, pulling out her melon-size boobs. “Greta says titty feels are free with blow jobs, cause it makes guys cum faster.” He juggled her bouncy cantaloupes.

“Good girl. Now open your mouth.” The man dropped his pants and his fat prick sprang out, pointing at Daisy’s face. Daisy had only sucked off Cousin Cecil… And this prick was sure a lot bigger than Cecil’s.

Daisy spit on his cockhead out and licked prick-shaft as if it were a lollipop.

“Suck it baby.”

Opening her lips as wide as she could Daisy took the chubby cock into her mouth. She sucked slowly, working her mouth up and down his thick shaft. As she sucked Daisy flicked her tongue into his piss-hole. Greta said this made a man’s cock tingle.

Soon Ralph grunted and grabbed the back of her head, pumping his shaft deep into her throat. “ACK!” Daisy choked as he cock-hammered her face, with his pubes hitting her nose. She kept choking as the man pumped faster, using Daisy’s mouth like a sloppy cunt.

Suddenly his prick spurted. Daisy gulped down the loads of cum. But more cum gushed into her mouth— She gagged and gulped as the nasty thing kept spurting. Finally it stopped. Daisy pulled away panting. With her chin covered in goo she looked up at the man. “Did you like it mister?”

He laughed. “Baby you got a sweet mouth.” Daisy tried to pull up her bra while the guy groped her tits. Time to upsell. “Mister for twenty extra I’ll let you take a pic of my sweet pussy.”

“Hot damn!” Daisy raised her hips so Ralph could pull off her panties. He gazed at her smooth pussy. “Wow it’s shaved.” The guy stared into her slit and took a pic. “Hey baby how ’bout a piece of pussy pie?”

“No, Greta says I’m saving esenyurt türbanlı escort my pie.”

“Saving it for WHAT? Hell you could make a hundred more just by spreading your legs. It’s easy baby.”

“Gosh a hundred bucks?” Daisy thought about it with her clever mind. ” You’re right mister.” She lay back on the dirty sofa. Ralph grabbed her ankles and spread her like a wishbone. The big man mounted Daisy, pushing his thick cock into her tiny fuck-hole.

“Ouch! Go slow mister… you’re hurting me!”

But he grabbed her tits and fucked faster. Plunging his fuck-stick in like a spear. Daisy felt his thick cock ripping her poor pussy. This wasn’t easy at all.

As he screwed her Ralph kissed Daisy with his warm lips. And she felt her pussy getting used to his fuck strokes . Ralph pounded away and her young pussy start to tingle. His long cock reached places deep in her cunt— places Cecil’s pencil prick never touched.

The tingle burned hotter and hotter… until it burst into a raging orgasm! Daisy’s little back arched in the air “OH… OOOH MISTER!” Her enflamed pussy clenched his cock and Ralph came at the same time, slapping his cum into her steaming fuck-hole.

The man pumped her until his prick quit spurting, and he collapsed on her chest. Daisy felt streams of warm goo leaking from her crack. After a minute the man stood, rolled up a fat wad of bills and shoved it in her money hole.

Daisy looked up. “Gee thanks Mr. Ralph.” The wad inside her felt super –super thick. She rubbed her cash-stuffed-twat and giggled. Daisy absolutely love being a girl.

The next day Daisy walked into the cafe with another new pair shoes, a new purse and a new necklace. The head waitress was, of course, out back giving head. Guys got paid on Friday, so Greta said Fridays’ were all-the-cum-you-can-eat.

Soon Greta walked in smoking a cigarette and wiping her sticky lips.

Daisy flashed her new things… but her friend frowned. “Dammit Daisy you’re supposed to save money for rent. Did you?” Daisy shook her head. Greta crushed her cigarette. “Go in back and blow Ernie.”

“Should I give him pussy too?”

“No dammit, just a BJ. Look Daisy I told you I have big plans for your twat. I told everyone you’re a virgin.” Greta gave Daisy the evil eye. “You didn’t let no one poke your pussy did you?”

The girl crossed her fingers. “No ma’am, never.”

Daisy was still on her knees, sucking Ernie’s cock with her tits out when Greta came back. “Nice knockers!” “Greta grinned. ” Honey there’s this black guy named Lumpy Leroy. And Lumpy is paying you five hundred bucks.”

“HOLY CRAP!” Daisy’s eyes widened. “Five hundred… why?”

“Lumpy won the virgin auction.”

“But I’m not a… um… what’s Mr. Lumpy going to do to me?”

Greta winked. “You’ll see.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32