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Darla’s life was tumbling out of control.

Oh, things were going well at work, but her personal life was a disaster. She had not had a date in a year and she was slipping into a doomed relationship with a married man. Not to mention her 18-year-old step-daughter, Emma, was acting more like 28. That is, a 28-year-old who was willful, immature and aggressively sexual.

Darla was determined to change all that — to end her unhealthy relationship and save Emma from herself. Her campaign had started two weeks ago when she grounded the girl for bad grades and breaking curfew. But Darla had to watch Emma constantly to keep her in the house. She felt like a prison guard.

In fact, tonight she had taken a stand when she caught Emma trying to sneak out, dressed like Britney at her provocative worst. A screaming fight resulted.

“Maybe you can go the rest of your life without being loved!” Emma shouted, “BUT I CAN’T!”

Darla finally won the battle by virtue of her moral conviction — and by screaming louder and longer. Defeated, Emma had thrown her purse across the kitchen and run upstairs crying to lock herself in her room.

Emma had almost won the battle when she made a sneering comment about Blake Alewine.

Blake worked in Darla’s company, and they met while working on a joint project. Darla had blushed deeply when they were introduced. Blake’s short curly hair, full lips and direct brown eyes somehow combined to hasten her breathing and weaken her knees.

Blake soon realized the effect he had on Darla, and he obviously enjoyed teasing her into a state of arousal. He made excuses to drop by Darla’s office and flirt suggestively until her skin flushed, her breathing quickened and she sat squeezing her thighs together. Once they rode the elevator to a meeting together and he stood so close she could feel his warmth all down her back, while his breath tickled her neck.

Lately Blake had begun inventing reasons to drop by Darla’s house on his way home from work. First it was to deliver some paperwork that really could have waited until the next day. Then it was one lame excuse after another.

Once inside her door, Blake would quickly invade Darla’s personal space, making her retreat until her back was to a wall or corner. Then he stood or sat very close and drawled suggestively (almost whispered) until she could stand it no longer. Then she would push him away and demand that he leave, which he did, laughing mischievously.

He had never touched her though he was often so close she could feel his warmth and her skin became hyper-sensitive waiting for contact. She sometimes wondered why Blake hadn’t touched her. The waiting was hard to bear even when she reminded herself that he was married, and letting him touch her would be a horrible mistake.

Sometimes when he left, Darla would rush upstairs, jump into bed and madly squeeze a pillow between her legs, yearning for release. But she was the daughter of a fire-breathing Texas preacher, and felt it was wrong to satisfy herself.

It didn’t help that Darla had been celibate since her husband’s departure more than three years before. He had gradually become obsessed with the idea of sailing around the world alone in his 36-foot cruiser. Then one day he simply packed, said goodbye and sailed away. He left her with a nice house, a meager income and his daughters from two previous marriages.

Darla dealt with abandonment by focusing on her work. Taylor, 14, became shy and withdrawn. Her half-sister Emma coped by seeking attention from men — any attention from any man. Darla had fended off a whole series of Emma’s unsuitable boyfriends.

Darla tried to be a good mother. She fretted and fussed over Taylor and sympathized with Emma’s anger and need. But she couldn’t help resenting the way Emma ignored Darla’s problems — acting as if her life were perfect.

And Darla would not have been human if she had not envied the gifts that made Emma a magnet for men. She was a beautiful halkalı ucuz escort teen and would obviously be stunning when full-grown.

Emma was at least two inches taller than Darla’s 5-feet-5. And while Darla was resigned to having an average body, Emma’s long legs, firm round ass and swelling tits drew men’s eyes from a block away.

Even Darla found herself affected by the girl’s loveliness. She sometimes had stifle an urge to stroke Emma’s flawless skin or caress her luxuriant hair. Darla called her own short mop “boring brunette,” while the girl’s long hair was a dramatic honey-blonde.

Blake had met Emma several times at the house, of course. Most men were immediately smitten, but Blake only seemed amused at the girl’s eagerness to be pursued. He had talked with her kindly, but briefly, then turned his attention back to Darla.

Emma was both surprised and unsettled by the indifference of an attractive man. And her disquiet increased when she realized that Blake really did prefer her stepmother. No man had ever preferred her stepmother since Emma had blossomed at 14.

So Emma sought Blake’s attention whenever he visited, wearing revealing clothes and often hovering in his line of sight. But he ignored her efforts.

Darla finished washing the dishes after her battle with Emma. It was too late for Blake to stop by, she thought, realizing uncomfortably that she both dreaded and eagerly awaited his visits.

“Get ahold of yourself!” she thought. “Going any farther with Blake would be a disaster.”

She paused.

“But it would be soooo good to get laid again!” she thought, hugging herself and feeling a flush rise in her face.

She was startled out of her musing by the ringing of the doorbell. Heart pounding, she peered through the glass and saw Blake standing on the porch. She opened the door, but left the storm door between them.

“Blake you can’t come here anymore,” she said with determination, though her mouth was a little dry. “Nothing is going to happen.”

He smiled sweetly and her heart gave a bound. She was suddenly aware of a growing warmth between her legs, and of her half-erect nipples rubbing against the soft fabric of her bra.

“Please, Darla, just give me a few minutes and I’ll be on my way. I just want to talk,” he pleaded.

Darla was silent, trying to fix her face in a disapproving stare. But instead she stepped helplessly aside as Blake opened the door and came in.

In a few minutes he had done it again. He had backed her against a wall in the living room and was leaning so close she had to turn her head or they would have brushed noses.

“You want me Darla,” he whispered. “No. You need me. I have something you desperately need and I’m willing to give it to you. Now. Tonight.”

“No, Blake. That’s not going to happen,” she said calmly, avoiding his eyes. “It’s wrong. You can talk all you want, but I won’t give in.”

He leaned closer still and kissed her lightly on the ear. Inside she melted, while outwardly projecting icy indifference. She started to push him away, but he took one of her hands and slid it down to his crotch.

She froze.

It had been long — so long — since she had held a dick in her hand. Darla felt Blake’s length and thickness and warmth and she quivered inside. A mental picture appeared in which she was sucking his thick shaft, making him groan, knowing he was about to fill her mouth. She had to get away quickly or she would lose control. But then his arm was around her shoulders, pulling her face against his chest.

“You want it, Darla,” Blake whispered.

For a moment she struggled to break free, to take control, but her hand still held his hot dick and suddenly she knew she had lost. Her resistance vanished and she moaned and pressed hard against him. He grabbed a breast roughly and she gasped.

“We can’t!” she murmured urgently. “Taylor and Emma are upstairs!”

He ignored her protest, halkalı üniversiteli escort crushing Darla’s lips with a bruising kiss.

Her head spun as Blake’s tongue explored her mouth, caressing her tongue. She was quickly beyond caring about the girls, or anything but Blake’s hands and mouth taking her, taking control. He yanked her t-shirt up and off, then pulled up her bra to free her breasts. Then he was kneeling while his mouth took rough possession of one nipple and his fingers tugged cruelly at the other. The pleasure was exquisite.

“Aaaaahh!” she cried. “Ohmygod! Oh! OH!”

She pulled his head harder against her chest, arching her back to press her small tit against his mouth. He suckled her eagerly. In a moment he had unbuttoned her cutoffs and pushed them to her ankles along with her plain cotton panties. Then his fingers were exploring her hairy pussy, finding her sex and penetrating, slowly, deeply, inside her. She whimpered and her knees almost buckled.

Darla was momentarily embarrassed by how wet she was. Once Blake parted her inner lips her juices flowed freely, coating his fingers and easing their passage. Her knees buckled again and she started sinking to the floor.

“No so fast,” Blake muttered, holding her up. He pulled her cutoffs and panties off her bare feet and guided her towards the couch. But instead of lying her down, he bent her over the back of the couch until her forearms rested on the cushions. Now her feet remained on the floor while her hips were supported by the back of the couch and her ass was in the air.

By the time she grew puzzled by this strange contortion, Darla felt the head of Blake’s dick pressing against her pussy lips from behind. She groaned deeply, anticipating the thrusts that would fill her long-empty well. They weren’t long in coming.

A series of short, powerful thrusts left his thick member buried to the hilt in Darla’s welcoming pussy. She could only brace herself and pant quickly as waves of pleasure washed through her. Then he pulled out, nearly all the way, before shoving his dick into her again. She could feel him deep inside.

Soon he was quickly withdrawing and shoving back into her welcoming pussy. His hands held her hips with bruising force and his position allowed him to thrust hard, drawing leverage from his legs and force from his buttocks. There was a small, wet sound each time he withdrew, followed by an audible ‘SMACK’ with each new penetration as the front of his hips met her rounded buttocks. He fucked her hard, to her growing joy.

“Ohmygod I’m getting fucked at last!” she cried inwardly, her bare nipples rubbing against the rough fabric of the couch. “God I need this! How have I lived without this?”

Blake changed his stroke, alternating short spates of hard fucking with longer periods of slow, steady thrusting. When he entered her slowly, Darla could feel the head of his dick parting and sliding against her inner walls. When he fucked her fast, her world became a blur of sensations bringing her to a powerful state of arousal.

“I have to come,” she thought to herself. “I’m so close … so close … I’ll die if I don’t come!”

Blake must have sensed she was near the crest because he settled into a steady pace and changed the angle of his dick slightly. Now as he entered Darla his shaft rubbed slightly against the fleshy lips that cradled her clit, while the head slid firmly against her inner walls.

Darla felt a growing tension in her lower body, her belly and legs. Her neglected nipples were painfully hard. The repeated stimulation of her clit gave her a sense of growing pressure that must be released, and her closed eyes saw only a pink-red haze. Then it happened.

“FUCK!” she shouted as her pussy spasmed, squeezing his dick, and her climax began. She pushed her hips back to meet his thrusts. “FUCK! FUCK! OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD! OH! OH! OH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!”

She knew the sounds haramidere escort she was making weren’t ladylike. They were barely human. But she was too far out of control to care. For a moment she wanted the world to hear, to know she was coming and coming HARD! with a long, fat dick pounding her slick pussy.

“AH! AH! AH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH!” she cried as her body convulsed with pleasure. She spasmed again and again and her pussy involuntarily squeezed Blake’s dick. One hand reached fruitlessly behind her, wanting to touch him, and she finished with a long, satisfied groan, “AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaammmmm.”

He stood motionless for perhaps a minute, still buried deep inside her. She panted and enjoyed the fading glow of her orgasm. Then she sighed with disappointment as he pulled slowly out. A second later she was twisting to look over her shoulder at him, because Blake was rubbing the slick, wet head of his dick against her smaller hole.

“No, Blake,” she said firmly. That is NOT going to happen!”

And then her breath was gone because his thumbs pulled her ass cheeks wide and his dickhead was pressing hard against her asshole. She tried to wiggle away, but her bent-over position put her at a disadvantage.

Then ‘POP’ and the fat head of his dick was inside her, sliding slowly deeper on a coating of pussy juice. She felt a burning pain she could not escape and humiliation mixed with incredible arousal. This was forbidden. This could not happen. He hadn’t ASKED for entry to her bottom!

“Ohmygod, it HURTS!” she wailed, but already the pain was less, accompanied by an incredible sensation of fullness and pressure. There wasn’t room for his dick in her ass, but impossibly it was there. Gripping the couch, she held herself motionless to avoid further agony.

And he was pulling out and she groaned as the pain soared again. Then he was pushing again, sliding slowly back inside. Darla was panting, trying to ignore the pain. Slowly he withdrew and slowly penetrated until — all at once — he stopped.

She opened her eyes and was horrified to see Emma standing just a few feet away, her hair tousled. She was dressed only in a t-shirt with her dark blonde muff peeking from underneath the hem. Darla was speechless, but Emma was not.

“You’ll probably need some oil,” she said, stepping closer and handing a small bottle to Blake.

Then Emma swept the magazines off the coffee table and pulled it flush against the couch. She sat on the opposite edge, then spun around to face Darla, spreading her legs. Now Emma’s ass was on the coffee table, her legs were spread wide and her pussy was not six inches from Darla’s nose.

“HE won’t fuck me,” Emma said tersely, cutting her eyes up at Blake, “so YOU will just have to do it!”

Outraged, Darla instantly refused.

“I won’t do THAT! You KNOW I won’t!” she hissed, glaring up at Emma.

“If you don’t eat me, I’ll make Taylor,” Emma whispered, her eyes boring into her stepmother’s. “You know she’ll do anything I want.”

Stunned, Darla knew instantly that Emma was right. Sweet, needy Taylor would do ANYTHING for the approval of her beautiful half-sister. Emma had only to ask in the right way, at the right time, and Taylor would lick her pussy and be grateful for the privilege.

Still, Darla readied herself to exert a supreme effort, push Emma aside and pull herself away from Blake. In three minutes Emma would be upstairs in tears and Blake would be on the porch with his clothes in his hands. She knew she could do it, HAD to do it. She would think of a way to protect sweet little Taylor!

Then she felt Blake’s fingers spreading warm, slick oil on her asshole. Her nose caught the fresh, musky scent of Emma’s pussy and her face felt the warmth rising from the girl’s widespread crotch. She hesitated … whimpered … hesitated … then lowered her face and pressed her nose into Emma’s tangled bush.

She shoved her tongue into the girl’s thick pubes. Between Emma’s swollen labia, Darla found her wet inner lips and began stroking them up towards her clit. “It’s not fair,” she thought, “Her pussy even tastes good.”

“I HAVE to do this!” she thought, finding Emma’s swollen clit and sucking on it gently. “I HAVE to save Taylor!”

And then all thought was wiped away as Blake’s dick slid slowly, smoothly, deeply into her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32