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Big Tits

Dvora, the matchmaker, didn’t believe what Noga was asking her: a double-penised mate!

“Miss Noga, doctors say that a ‘diphallus’, i. e. a man with two penises, is born out of five and half a million normal births. So it’s really difficult to find such a man; moreover, most ‘diphalli’ have just one normally developed penis, and the other is removed after birth as it does them no good.

And in most cases ‘diphallia’ is accompanied by other severe anomalies, including sterility. I assume that you want a man with two penises, but normal in all other respects. It is like seeking a Siamese cat with a normal tail and no squint!”

“Dvora, current Siamese race standards mandate just that. It’s just a problem of time and effort.”

“Time and effort imply money. I’m not sure you’re really ready to spend lots of money in such a pursuit, with so little probability of success!”

“But I will only find my bliss in such a man. I’ve always dreamed about him since I was 14.”

“Noga, there is something you haven’t told me. Most 14 year old girls barely distinguish the penis from the scrotum – and my aunt once said that it was way too much, as she didn’t yet know where she was sitting upon, at such a tender age; when thinking about their mate, these teenagers want either Prince Charming, or its modern counterpart, like a rockstar.

Your father is a Haredi rabbi, not a physician. How did you learn about diphallia, and how did you develop this fetish as a 14 year old girl?”

“Er … when I was 14, a neighbor family had a child, a son. I once helped his mom change the diapers and wash him — so I discovered that he was a complete diphallus. As he peed on my … bosom when I was changing him, I knew that he had two functional urethras, and that as he would grow up, his penises would be fully functional.”

“Noga, you’re now 32, and this boy would now be 18 — the right age for marriage. But … you want a boy like him, or you definitely want him?”

“I want him. But his family left when he was five, and I haven’t been able to find him.”

“I can try and seek him. But it will take some money, and I may discover that he is dead, one of his penises has been lost to surgery, or that … you may not have him anyway.”

“If he is alive and … whole, I’ll have him.”

“What if not? We should devise a Plan B, darling. You’ve just told me that time goes by and that your biological clock is not just ticking, it’s striking a whole belfry.”

“Two male twins, two female twins. All them.”

“This is an even stranger fetish. What do you dream about this quartet?”

Noga blushed, looked around to ensure nobody else was listening to her, and began sharing her most secret sexual fantasies with Dvora.

“I would like to awake in the morning not because the clock rings, but because a man is taking me in my sleep, and as I feel the arousal his throbbing penis gives me, I awake and fully participate.

When I awake, I want to roll with my man

until he is supine and I’m procumbent upon him. Then the man

should open my buttocks and my anus, and penetrate me from behind.

He should not come, because I need him later. Not even the man

should: as soon as I enjoy my orgasm, I rise up, let their members get out of my body, then I make a turn-around and sit on their penises — the man

now enters my vagina, the man

enters my anus.

They now feel free to do whatever to get their orgasms — I’m certainly getting mine.”

Dvora had learnt several such accounts from his or her clients, but she would never develop a tolerance to them; her pupils dilated, her big bust grew half a cup letter (“I should always remember to wear a larger bra when meeting my clients,” she grumbled to herself), her vaginal juices began to flow, her clitoris hardened and her labia opened somewhat.

She kept asking out of not-only-professional curiosity, “Noga, what’s the role of the female twins in your fantasy?”

“They should suckle my nipples. Sitting on my thighs, grinding their vulvae on them, possibly when I am penetrated by my two men.”

“And your men, not only feeling your breasts, but the twins’ too, would certainly appreciate their presence!”

“I would like these girls to be bisexual, so they’ll spend some time with my men too.”

“Do you want identical or fraternal twins?”

“The males should be identical twins, so, in case one of us gets pregnant, paternity becomes a moot point.”

“What about the girls?”

“At times I want indentical twins, at times fraternal ones, so they may complete each other — one may be blonde, the other brunette; one be a C-cup, the other an E-cup …”

“Couldn’t an hairdresser do the miracle?”

“Dvora! We’d make love in full light! Would you go to bed elazığ escort with a person whose pubis shows that your hair is dyed?”

“Obviously no!” Dvora chuckled, “But most men apparently don’t care.”

“That could be an acceptable Plan B.”

Dvora pondered about Noga’s fantasies, and then asked her, “Noga, I assume that during the night your men will make love with your girls — all together. What would you do then?”

“If I also had the diphallus, he would serve me thoroughly.”

The excitation in Noga’s words infected Dvora, who kept asking, “Your diphallus, the one you could not forget, is over-and-under or side-by-side? According to a Net-search, there are both types.”

“Side-by-side. I think that he could give me double penetration if I lay on a side — but we will need a bed that can be raised at his cock’s height.”

“I understand. Hey! What’s the white spot on your blouse?”

“Oops! I spilled some milk.”

“Milk? How could you produce it, as you told me that you have never been pregnant?”

“I thought that you weren’t interested in pseudocyesis.”

“You mean that you have had a phantom pregnancy?”

“Yes, I actually had two of them. The first time when I was eighteen, the second one last year.”

“Then you realized that your biological clock was sending shockwaves and that you badly needed a husband. But … unless you’re Christian, and therefore bound to believe that a woman can become pregnant without actual sex — you must have had sex with men prior to developing these episodes. What was unsatisfactory in them?”

“I simply could not have an orgasm with them.”

“Noga, have you been told what I usually require of my clients?”

“To test their lovemaking ability. No problem, I’ve already had sex with women, and my friends sustained my milk yield by alternating at my breasts. If you like milk, you could be one of them, until you will find the people I requested, of course.”

Dvora was now horniness incarnate — she wanted to tear Noga’s dress and take her on the writing desk, but she was a client, and clients deserve a different treatment.

She told her, “Darling, sit on my lap. Your bosom towards my face, please.”

Noga did that, and as her skirt was quite tight, Dvora had to take it and slip it off towards her butt, so Noga could comfortably sit over her thighs, with the legs wide open.

Noga took off her jacket, and Dvora unbuttoned her shirt, unbuckled her bra (luckily, the buckles were between the cups), and delicately caressed the mammae, the areolae and the nipples.

Noga loved the touch, but she urged Dvora to suckle, as her breasts were engorged; Dvora put her arms behind Noga’s back, drew her near her own bosom, and began licking the sternum; then her tongue began climbing and circling Noga’s right breast, until it played with the areola and nipple, Dvora’s lips opened and took the nipple in — like a Catholic takes in the Host.

Dvora’s breasts were quite big, and Noga felt her nipples against her belly, hard as arrowheads; Dvora’s hands were gently caressing her buttocks, and shaking her hips so Noga’s twat was alternatively pressed against either thigh of Dvora’s.

In the meantime Dvora was hungrily sucking her milk. Although she had been weaned for decades, she was still able to get nourishment and give pleasure without pain, and Noga reacted by raising her legs to Dvora’s armpits, so Dvora’s breasts were caught between her legs, and her nipples pressed against Noga’s pubis.

Dvora loved the move, and opened her own legs somewhat, so her right hand could stroke Noga’s butt and reach down to the anus and vulva, and deftly fondle them, while her left arm was hugging her, and her left hand stroking the still inactive left nipple.

Noga put her hand into Dvora’s neckline, fondled her breasts, took them out of the bra and the T-shirt, and rubbed their nipples against her own twat. She too wanted to touch Dvora’s twat, but she needed the other hand to keep Dvora’s face at the right distance from her breast.

Dvora understood that, and pulled a lever to recline the seat halfway. Therefore Noga’s pubic mound slipped towards Dvora’s pubic bone, to the delight of both, while Dvora managed to raise her shirt and bra towards her own neck, and used her big breasts and nipples to delicately tickle Noga’s belly and navel.

It was now time to change breast, and Noga found the right spot over Dvora’s pubic bone — so she could writhe and grind her own clit against it. As Dvora was now waving her breasts like ostrich feather fans, Noga was now free to put a hand behind her butt, and sink it until it touched and fondled Dvora’s vulva.

Both women came, and when Noga’s breasts were empty, their lady wanted to reciprocate escort elazığ by suckling Dvora, even though she was completely dry. Dvora rose to her feet, told Noga to sit on the chair and begin suckling as she was removing all her garments.

Dvora’s breasts were so big and saggy, that Noga had to lower the chair to the minimum height; her eyes were at Dvora’s navel height, and her chin skimmed her pubic hair; Dvora removed her pants & panties, and bent her back somewhat, so Noga was forced to lower her mouth and to put her chin at the labia’s height.

“Now you understand why my back is slightly bent — not because of my breasts, but because of what I love to do with them!”

Noga caught the message, and managed to suckle Dvora’s nipples while massaging her clitoris with the chin, and pressing her own nipples against Dvora’s thighs and knees.

“You’re better than a client of mine who loves tickling my pussy with his goatee!” claimed Dvora, and Noga laughed so hard that she nearly bit her nipple.

“My fetish,” added Dvora, “is a man with so long a beard that he could dip it into my menstruating vulva during a 69 and then write a love letter in perfect Chinese calligraphy.”

Noga laughed so much that she fell from the chair; and didn’t stop anyway; so Dvora kneeled over her face, let her juggs drop over her belly, supported herself over her elbows (whose skin was as thick as a tire tread), removed her skirt and panties, and began licking her vulva and clitoris.

Noga could only do the same, and as Dvora managed to put the nipples of her saggy breasts over the ones of Noga’s firm bust, Noga’s orgasm was so intense that her breasts squirted some milk.

Then came Dvora, twisted towards Noga’s face and told her, “What if you suckle me in a different position?”

The saggy Dvora’s breasts allowed her to be suckled with her clitoris pressed against her supine suckler’s chin; Noga’s breasts weren’t that long, but she managed to tickle Dvora’s buttocks with them.

After that, Dvora proposed an inversion: she would lay supine, licking Noga’s clitoris and vulva, while she was sitting on her rack as if it were a pair of pillows.

Dvora couldn’t sit on anyone’s breast, but her own mammae were better than any pillow, mattress or cushion, especially when her nipples hardened, and Noga felt that sticks were growing under her buttocks, and dreamed of them crawling towards her orifices and stopping them until a doctor was needed to reopen them.

But Dvora’s breasts were just immense, not magical, so Dvora could only dream about it. When they were done, Dvora proposed a game of spanking — more playful than painful.

Noga hoped that Dvora was telling the truth, and accepted, they hugged, and while Noga was slapping Dvora’s buttocks with her hands, Dvora was using her breasts as clubs to hit Noga’s butt, singing a famous aria from Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” (“Batti, batti bel Masetto la tua povera Zerlina — Strike, strike, dear Masetto, your poor Zerlina”).

The breasts were heavy, and the nipples left some marks on Noga’s skin, but they both enjoyed the game. Then Dvora went to a wardrobe, opened a drawer, and took out a dildo — actually, a strap-on.

“Dear Noga,” she said, “I would like to know why were you unable to achieve orgasm with a man.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I would like you to fuck me with this.”

“Whew! I feared you were going to fuck me!”

“I would like to do that too, but only when you are ready to receive it. If you penetrate me with it, you are the one in control, you may find it delightful, you may wonder why should I receive most of the pleasure, and you just a little.

Then we will know whether your problem is with penetration — or just with the men you’ve slept with so far.”

The speech convinced Noga, who latched the strap-on, and was waving it like a flag, when Dvora interrupted her and asked for some milk.

“From the breasts or from the cock?”

“From the breasts; meanwhile you could titfuck me,” cheerfully answered Dvora.

The position was now different: now Dvora sat on a chair with her legs wide open, invited Noga to sit on her left thigh, so she [Noga] could give her her right nipple, and press her knees against her vulva. Noga took care not to press the kneecaps against the pubic mound, but the femurs’ ends against the labia, as Dvora was sitting with her buttocks only, and left her genitalia hanging.

It was a strange kind of dildo: the glass penis did not end into a flat base, but into a ring which was to be inserted between the labia maiora and labia minora. Although the ring was not wide enough to allow penetration by an adult penis, it let the partner insert his tongue or fingers, or small toys. And if elazığ escort bayan the dildo were “waved” energetically, the ring would convert the movement into clitoral stimulation.

Dvora, before suckling, told Noga, “A knee into my genitalia will be enough,” so Noga parted her legs and allowed her lover to caress her vulva with her fingers and her right nipple, while the other breast was pressing the dildo against the other — much in the way an elephant grabs a stick with his trunk.

Noga found it funny to nourish a woman while pretending to be a well-hung male, but Dvora’s mouth, finger, vulva (even female knees could turn into erogenous zones!) and breasts were pleasing her a lot.

After switching sides and emptying the left breast, Dvora laid supine, grabbed Noga’s calves, knees, thighs and buttocks as she knelt down, spread her legs wide open, instructed her to briefly massage the clit with the dildo tip to improve lubrication, and then let it get into.

For Noga, it was quite a weird experience, she felt her own vagina empty, and desperately wanted somebody to fill it; the most sensitive parts of the body were her nipples now, which desperately sought contact with Dvora’s breasts — luckily, it was easier to zero in her areolas than for a seaplane to land in the Hudson Bay.

Dvora hugged Noga with a blacksmith’s force, kissed her more passionately than her previous lovers, drew her towards her own head, so the dildo pressed harder against the clitorides of both; Noga’s firm breasts and Dvora’s immense ones conspired to give added pleasure — as when Noga began to throb and twist the way men do while within a woman’s body, her nipples furrowed Dvora’s areolas like plowshares, and lubricated them with their milk.

As her pleasure increased, so did Noga’s feeling of vaginal void; Dvora knew that, and moved her hands from Noga’s back to her buttocks, the thighs, and her vulva kept open by the strap-on ring. She gently rubbed the exposed labia, as if they were the rim of a vessel, then cautiously entered in until she found the G-spot.

It was easy to stimulate it against the dildo outside the vagina, and when she moreover inserted her thumb into her anus, Noga squealed of pleasure and squirted some fluid from the nipples and the urethra.

Then Noga laid over Dvora’s immense body, absorbing the orgastic experience, while Dvora was cuddling her.

“Did you come?” asked Noga.

“Not yet,” smiled Dvora, and Noga resumed twisting and throbbing, until Dvora too came.

“Did you see?” said Dvora, “Penetration is nothing mysterious or painful — you too can do that! You’ve even ejaculated like a man!”

“I love you, Dvora,” said Noga, “I will miss you when I will be married!”

“Hmm … could you teach me how to have a phantom pregnancy like yours, so I may begin squirting milk?”

“Inducing lactation doesn’t require a phantom pregnancy; I will teach you while you find my Prince Charming. By the way, weren’t you eager to play the same trick on me — penetration, I mean?”

“Oh yes! But I want to use another dildo!”

It was a double-ended dildo, pliable in the middle, so the women who shared it could bend it as they saw fit.

“It is not a strap-on, darling,” explained Dvora, “I want you to lick my clit as you insert one of the ends into my vagina; then you have to bend it the way it suits your favorite position best.”

“Yes, madam.”

Noga introduced a creative variation — she knelt over Dvora’s face, and she lubed her vagina by performing a 69 while introducing the dildo, and was so engrossed in that, that Dvora eventually asked Noga, “Darling, have you left the opposite tip at least out of my body?”

“Oops … Couldn’t we use an extension?”

Dvora laughed so heartily that the dildo partly went out (and her breasts, massaging Noga’s, nearly led her to orgasm), and Noga could regulate its protrusion; she then bent it 90°, and she sat over it, slowly kneeling down until her mound was grinding Dvora’s.

At first she simply sat in that position, supporting herself with her arms projected behind her, letting Dvora touch her thighs, buttocks and hips, while her knees were zeroing in Dvora’s areolas and nipples.

Then she slowly bent forwards, Dvora’s hands grasped her tits and softened her landing — while Noga’s hands took care of Dvora’s breasts and piled them up on her ribcage, thus creating the best and the sweetest pair of pillows in the world.

The vaginae of both women were now full, and Noga began raising and lowering her body over Dvora’s, so she felt the dildo throbbing in her vagina until she came and squirted some milk and ejaculate.

She was weary and wanted to rest, but Dvora grasped her hips and moved them back and forth, so the dildo could stimulate her, and lead her to orgasm.

When they were done, Noga asked Dvora, “Have I passed muster?”

“Yes, you can definitely enjoy penetration. I’ll find the diphallus you crave for — but don’t forget to teach me how to lactate!”

“I will, Dvora. Thanks for pleasing me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32