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Dirk and the Waitress

(Author’s note: this is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person(s) living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual situations in this story are at least 18 years of age. This work is copyrighted and may not be distributed in any way by any person(s) without the express written consent of the author.)

It had been a long day on the road, and Dirk was tired. He’d been in the saddle for the better part of 10 hours, riding back to his home after attending the Charter Presentation ceremony for a new chapter of his MC. Unfortunately, the new chapter was two states over, but Dirk was retired and didn’t have anything else to do, so because of that and his dedication to his MC he jumped on the bike and rode to the ceremony. The after-ceremony party had lasted until the wee hours of the morning, and Dirk had managed to grab a couple hours of sleep in the clubhouse before hitting the road. Now, ten hours and nearly 700 miles later he was dog-tired and ready for a shower, a meal, and a soft bed. He kept his eyes open for an exit that looked like it led to a small town; he much preferred small towns to big cities, and it wasn’t long before he saw an exit that looked promising. He took the exit and then turned right at the end of it, following the signs to what turned out to be a small town called Bent Creek.

“Yeah, if ever there was a small town around here, this has got to be it!” he said to himself as he turned the bike to the right and opened the throttle, the loud pipes of his bike thundering. The town was only two more miles down the road, and it looked exactly like Dirk thought a small town should. It reminded him of the small town where he had met Pat, the lady farmer a few years ago, and the memory of that road trip brought a smile to his face. Pat was a real ball of fire, and just the thought of her brought a smile to his face.

‘I really should get back that way again sometime soon!’ he thought to himself as he rode his bike down the main street of the town. It was nearly 7PM when he pulled up and parked in front of the only hotel in town, the thunder of his pipes reverberating off of the buildings on either side of the street. He turned off the bike and put the kick stand down, then got off and stretched. After he had worked some of the kinks out of his body he walked up to the door of the hotel, opened it and went inside. The clerk behind the counter was the only person in the lobby, and he looked up at Dirk and smiled. Dirk expected a somewhat hostile greeting from the clerk because of his club colors he was wearing, but to his pleasant surprise he didn’t get one.

“Good afternoon, sir, and welcome to ‘The Retreat!'” the clerk said, his smile never faltering.

“Thank you,” Dirk said, returning his smile. “I’d like a room for the night, please.”

“Very good, sir, we have plenty of rooms available. Would you like something on the ground floor?” he asked, and Dirk nodded.

“That’d be great, yes,” he said. The clerk reached under the counter and produced a check-in slip and a pen, sliding them over to Dirk as he spoke.

“Just fill this out, please, and I’ll get you all set up,” he said.

“Where’s a good place to grab something to eat?” he asked as he filled out the form.

“That’d be the Queen Bee Diner,” the clerk said. “Only place open this time of night on a Sunday.”

“As long as the food is good, I don’t care,” Dirk replied, putting the pen down and looking at the clerk.

“The food is good, sure,” the clerk said, a smile crossing his face, “but the view is even better!”

“The view?” Dirk said, giving the clerk a quizzical look.

“You’ll see once you get there!” the clerk replied. He turned and took a key down from the hook rack behind him and handed it to Dirk. “Here you go, sir, Room 117. It’s facing the street so you can keep an eye on your bike.”

“Thank you, I appreciate that,” Dirk said, taking the key. “Where is this diner located?” he asked.

“Take a right out of the parking lot, go down two blocks, take another right and it’s on the left,” the clerk replied.

“Thanks again,” Dirk said, turning to walk back out to his bike and get his gear. Ten minutes later he was in his room and in the shower, letting the hot water run over his body. The hot water felt good on his sore muscles, so he took his time in the shower. By the time he finished and was dressed in clean, fresh clothes it was close to eight o’clock. He went out to the parking lot and cranked up his bike, then rode out of the parking lot, turning right and following the clerk’s directions.

It only took about five minutes to find the diner. It looked exactly like you would expect a diner to look — it was a chrome, old-style passenger train car that had been converted to a diner, and if Dirk had to guess he would have guessed the diner to be about fifty years old. But it was very well-kept, and after parking his bike in the empty front parking lot güvenilir bahis he went inside, the bell over the door jingling as he entered. The diner was empty of patrons, so he had his pick of where to sit. He walked down to about the middle of the diner before sitting down in a booth, and a few seconds later the waitress came out from the back. It was then that Dirk understood what the hotel clerk had meant about the view being better than the food.

The waitress was a stunning brunette with short, slightly wavy hair so dark it was almost black. She was about five feet five inches tall with a round, very cute face with high cheekbones above a pair of soft, pouty lips. She was wearing a coral blue waitress uniform with the skirt stopping at mid-thigh, the uniform hugging every curve of her slender, obviously very fit body. There was a short white lace-trimmed apron tied around her waist, and a white name tag on her breast that read “Charlotte.” She was wearing white nylons and three-inch heels that matched her uniform to complete her outfit. If Dirk had to guess about her weight he would have guessed she weighed around 120 pounds at the most, and it was very easy to see where at least twenty pounds of that weight was.

Charlotte had the biggest pair of tits Dirk had seen in a very long time. They were bigger than big, they were absolutely huge! Round and full, standing out proudly from her chest and straining against the fabric of the dress she was wearing. The first three buttons of the dress were open, showing about a mile of cleavage and letting him see the tops of her breasts bouncing as she walked towards him. The smile on her face was almost as big as her tits, and Dirk could feel his dick stirring in his pants at the sight of the sexy woman walking towards him.

“Well, hello, stranger!” Charlotte said, stopping next to the booth where Dirk was sitting. “What can I get for you?” she asked, smiling down at him, an order pad in one hand and a pen in the other. It took all of his concentration not to stare at the huge twin mounds of breast flesh right in front of him, but he managed to look at her eyes instead as he replied.

“A nice, cold soda would be good for starters,” Dirk said, and Charlotte made note of it on her pad. “Is your kitchen still open? I know it’s late on a Sunday night and all,” he said.

“I’m sorry, no, the kitchen closed at seven,” she said, “so all we have are drinks and desserts. But I tell you what,” she said, putting her hands on her hips as she spoke, “if you’re really hungry I can go into the kitchen and make you a meat loaf sandwich. We have some meat loaf left over from the special today, and it’d be no problem for me to make a sandwich for you,” she said, smiling down at him.

“I’d like that very much,” Dirk replied, returning her smile. “But can’t the cook make it? Why do you have to do it?” he asked, curious.

“The cook went home at seven when the kitchen closed,” Charlotte replied. “Right now I’m the only one here, and I usually close at eight on Sunday nights. But the clerk at the hotel called me and told me you’d be heading this way, so I stayed here to wait for you,” she explained.

“That was very thoughtful of you, Charlotte, I truly appreciate that,” Dirk said, looking into her dark brown eyes. “I’ll have to make sure I tell the owner about your over-the-top hospitality!”

“You just did,” she replied, her smile getting bigger. “I’m the owner, and it’s my pleasure to take care of you!”

“Well, I truly appreciate it, Charlotte, I really do,” Dirk replied. “Thank you very much!”

“It’s my pleasure, Mister…so what’s your name, anyway? ‘High Side?’ Is that it?” she said, pointing to the road name patch on his vest.

“That’s my road name,” Dirk replied, “my friends call me ‘Dirk’. And you can drop the ‘mister’ part, too. Call me either ‘Dirk’ or ‘High Side,’ whichever makes you happy.”

“Well, it’s my pleasure to serve you, Dirk! Now let me go make that sandwich for you. What would you like to drink with it?” she asked, bringing the pad up again.

“A coke would be great, but a beer would be even better!” he said, giving her a sly smile. She laughed as she replied.

“Don’t you wish! Even if it weren’t Sunday that couldn’t happen as I don’t have a liquor license for this place,” she said, grinning down at him, “so I guess you’re stuck with a coke!”

“Works for me,” Dirk said.

“Let me go get you that coke, and then I’ll go make your sandwich,” Charlotte said. Then she turned and walked away, treating Dirk to a view of her tight, rounded ass cheeks flexing under the tight skirt as she walked over to the counter. Once there she went behind it, got a glass from the rack, put some ice in it, filled it with soda, and brought it over to where Dirk sat — giving him another view of her spectacular rack in the process as she bent down to put the glass and straw on the table.

“Here you go, Dirk,” she said, smiling at him. “I’ll be right back with your sandwich!” she said, güvenilir bahis siteleri then turned and walked away, giving him another view of her ass.

“Holy shit!” Dirk said to himself, a smile crossing his face. “Small towns — gotta love ’em!”

Charlotte came back a few minutes later with a platter in her hands, and once again Dirk’s eyes were drawn to the undulating tops of her breasts visible in the open top of her dress.

“Here we are, one meatloaf sandwich!” she said, stopping next to his table. She bent down to put the platter on the table in front of him, giving Dirk another generous view of her spectacular cleavage. When he could tear his eyes away from Charlotte’s huge breasts and monumental cleavage, he saw the meat loaf sandwich on the platter and was impressed with what he saw. There was a thick slab of meat loaf sitting between two equally thick slices of obviously homemade bread, and he could see the edges of a couple of slices of pepper jack cheese peeking out from the sides. There was a big portion of chips sitting on the platter next to the sandwich, and Dirk’s mouth began to water as he looked at the food sitting in front of him.

“Wow, that looks great!” Dirk said, looking up at Charlotte who had straightened up by now and was standing there with her hands on her hips. “And is that pepper jack cheese I see in there?” he asked.

“It most certainly is!” she replied, grinning at him. “I took you for a spicy food kind of guy, so I put a couple of slices of pepper jack on the sandwich for you. Am I right?” she asked, her hands on her hips.

‘My God, but those tits are fuckin’ huge!’ Dirk thought to himself, his eyes drifting to her chest for a moment before he caught himself. The smile that he saw on Charlotte’s face told him that she had noticed, and wasn’t upset about it.

“Yep, you’re right,” he replied, picking up the sandwich. “I love spicy foods, and I love meat loaf sandwiches, too. And I have a feeling that this one is going to be great!” he said, bringing the sandwich up to his mouth as he spoke.

“Well, I’ll leave you alone to eat your sandwich, then!” Charlotte said, her teeth white as she smiled. “I’ll come back and check on you in a couple of minutes; I have some things to do in the back to close up for the night. And I’m going to lock the front door, too, okay?” she asked, pointing towards the door.

“That’s fine, Charlotte, do what you have to do,” he replied. He picked up the sandwich and took a bite as she walked over to the door and locked it, then turned and walked into the back of the diner.

The sandwich was very good, just as good as it looked, and it made Dirk realize just how hungry he was. He made short work of the sandwich and chips, and just as he was finishing up Charlotte came out from the back and walked over to his booth. She slid into the booth across from him, smiling at him as she leaned forward and rested her forearms on the table, one on top of the other. Her huge breasts were also resting on the table, pushing her cleavage up and making it even more inviting than it already was. Of course Dirk noticed this, and he had a feeling that was her intention all along.

And wasn’t there another button opened on her dress now? Dirk could have sworn that there were only three open before, but now there were four — and Dirk got a glimpse of the white lacy bra she was wearing under her dress. When Dirk lifted his eyes up from her cleavage and looked at her face he saw that she was grinning at him, her eyes sparkling.

“So how do you like it?” she said, still grinning at him.

“What?” Dirk replied, uncharacteristically caught off-guard.

“The sandwich; how do you like it?” she said, nodding at the empty platter in front of him.

“Oh, the sandwich! It was good, really good! Great, actually, the best I’ve ever tasted!” Dirk replied, trying to regain his composure and failing. Charlotte laughed as she replied.

“Of course, the sandwich! What did you think I was talking about?” she said, teasing him. “Did you save room for dessert?” she asked, a mischievous glint in her eyes that Dirk noticed right away.

‘Okay, Charlotte, I’ll play!’ Dirk thought to himself.

“That all depends,” he replied, returning her grin.

“On what?” she asked.

“On what’s on the menu,” he said.

“May I make a recommendation?” she asked, playing right along with him.

“Absolutely,” Dirk said. “It’s your diner, after all.”

“I recommend the cream pie,” Charlotte said, her voice dropping a little.

“You do, huh?” Dirk asked, feeling a stirring in his jeans.

“I do,” Charlotte replied, leaning over a little and pushing her cleavage up higher for him to see. “But this is a special dessert, you know,” she said, turning up the heat a notch.

“How is that?” Dirk asked, leaning over as well and playing along.

“It’s special in two ways; first, it’s not a dessert that’s offered to just anybody,” she said, looking into his eyes as she spoke. “It’s iddaa siteleri a special dessert only offered to very special customers. And the other way it’s special is that it’s not a dessert that I give to you; it’s a dessert that you give to me.” She paused for a moment to let that sink in, and when she spoke again her voice was a low, throaty whisper that Dirk found sexy as hell.

“Would you like to give me a cream pie, Dirk?” she asked, the desire burning in her eyes.

“Oh, yeah,” Dirk replied, his voice low. “I’d like that very much!”

“Good! I was hoping you’d say that!” Charlotte said, a big smile on her face. “Let me turn off the outside sign and close the blinds first,” she said, getting up from the booth.

“I have a hotel room just down the road, you know,” Dirk said, watching her ass flexing as she walked over to the light panel behind the counter. “Don’t you think we’d be more comfortable there?”

“I’m sure we would,” Charlotte said, smiling as she flipped the switches to turn off the sign and outside lights, “but I’m also sure that Marvin, the clerk at the hotel, would waste absolutely no time in calling my husband to tell him what he saw should he see me go into your room. And I can’t have that,” she said, flipping another switch on a smaller panel next to the first one. The blinds at the tops of all the windows started to close, sliding down with a soft hum.

“No, I don’t guess you can,” he said, nodding his head slightly. She walked around the counter and back over to the booth, her huge breasts bouncing as she walked. She stopped in front of him and looked down at him as she spoke again.

“My husband knew I was a hopeless cum slut when he married me, and as long as I’m discreet and he doesn’t have to hear about it from every Tom, Dick, and Harry in town he’s okay with it,” she explained, slowly unbuttoning the front of her dress as she spoke, never taking her eyes from Dirk’s. When the dress was unbuttoned she pulled the sides apart, revealing her huge breasts in a white, lacy bra to him.

“So what about you, Dirk?” she asked, her voice breathless as she cupped her huge tits in her bra. “Are you okay with fucking a married woman?” she said, her mouth turned up in a smile.

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” he said, returning her smile.

“Nor the last, I would imagine,” she said, reaching into the cups of her bra one at a time and pulling the huge mounds of her breasts free, folding the cups of the bra under them and presenting them to Dirk. The nipples were hard and erect, pink and firm, standing up proudly from the center of two small pale areolas. Charlotte cupped her huge tits in her hands, holding them up to him and pulling on the nipples before stepping forward. Dirk turned sideways in the booth to meet her, and as he turned she reached out and took Dirk’s head in her hands, pulling it into the valley between her huge tits and holding it there.

Dirk’s hands immediately went up to her breasts, gripping them firmly and squeezing them, then tugging on the nipples as he moved his face from her cleavage to the nipple of her right breast. Charlotte gasped and moaned as he clamped his lips around the hard nub, sucking it into his mouth as he flicked his tongue over it. She pushed his head into her breast as he sucked on her nipple, cutting off his air for a few moments until she eased the pressure of her hand on the back of his head.

“Oh, my God, that feels so good!” she moaned, rolling her head back and closing her eyes as Dirk moved to her other breast to repeat the process. He slid his hand down her flat stomach and along the outer part of her thigh before turning his hand and sliding it up her inner thigh to her mound. She moaned again as he cupped her mound in his hand, the heat emanating through the silk of the panties she was wearing. Her panties were already damp, and as Dirk rubbed her pussy through her panties he could smell the first beginnings of her musk in the air. Charlotte bucked and thrust her hips towards him, gasping when he slipped a finger past her panties and into her wet pussy.

“AAHH!! MMMMM!!” she gasped and moaned as Dirk’s finger slid deeper into her tunnel, his lips clamped around her nipple, sucking on it firmly while he squeezed her other breast with his free hand. Dirk could feel his cock getting hard, shifting and growing in his jeans as he worked her over, and he knew that it wasn’t going to be long before he was going to have to stand up to give his cock the room it needed to grow to its full length.

Charlotte’s pussy was tight and wet, and getting wetter by the minute. To Dirk’s pleasant surprise he felt her clamp down on his fingers with her inner muscles as he slid two fingers slowly in and out of her wet pussy, her muscles squeezing his fingers as they moved inside her.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” she moaned, pushing Dirk’s face into her big breast again as he slowly finger-fucked her, making her squeal and jump when he flicked his thumb over the hard nub of her clit.

“NGH!” she grunted as the shock waves of pleasure shot through her body like an electric jolt. She put her hands on the sides of Dirk’s face and pulled his head away from her bosom, looking down at him as he looked up at her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32