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Jim and I were walking to our car. We hadn’t quite made it out of the mall. As we passed the last location before the exit doors we both looked over and saw several ladies doing aerobics. Of course all of them looked great dressed in their leotards and tights. Of course the mall just happened to put benches right in front of the gym’s window. Both of us decided we needed to rest for a minute before we walk out into the parking lot.

Not trying to look like perverts staring at these women we more or less sat there and tried to look to interested in the ladies working out. Really and truly we weren’t too interested in the ladies, we were more interested in what they were wearing. Most of them had on the old fashioned tights, with feet, on under their leotards. You just don’t see many women wearing that style of tights, anymore. Usually they’re knee length or ankle lengths. Jim and I both preferred the tights with feet.

In fact we had just come from our favorite sporting goods store after buying some tights and leotards. For us, not for our wives. Jim and I live together. We’ve lived together for a long time. We were friends back in high school. And as you can tell we’ve stayed friends. Anyway, it’s not so embarrassing to buy women’s workout clothing anymore. We just go in together and pick out something and but it. We used to ask the salesperson if they thought our wives might like what we were buying. Now we just buy. I don’t think anybody even cares anymore if you’re gay or not.

Jim and I had enough of watching bahis siteleri the women so we decided to go home. We already had quite a large collection of tights and leotards, but there was always room for more. We made it back to our apartment and each headed for his bedroom. We may be gay but we still liked a little privacy once in a while. Now all we wanted was to try on our new outfits. We had both purchased the same style just in different colors. Mine was a solid red one- piece, thong leotard with matching tights and Jim’s were nude color thong with matching tights. Both of us walked out of our rooms at the same time. Modeling for each other was sometimes more exciting than anything else we did. I loved the way the thong crotch of the leotard pulled the tights up in the crack of my butt. Moreover, I loved seeing the way Jim’s leotard did the same to him. There was just something about having these kind of clothes on that did something to both of us. It was getting late in the evening so we decided to keep our new outfits on for the night.

We made a light supper and ate in front of the television. Then we both plopped our butts down on the couch. It was totally dark in the apartment now except for the light from the TV. We both had our legs up on the couch. I felt Jim move his foot right between my legs as close to my crotch as he good with out touching me, yet. I just waited to see what he had in mind. It had been awhile since either of us had started anything. That’s why I wanted to get something new that might provide canlı bahis siteleri that extra spark.

FIt wasn’t much of a wait until Jim moved his foot close enough that his foot was resting on my crotch. Just the thought of his foot with the tights on rubbing against my crotch gave me an instant erection. Although my tights and leotard were doing a good job of holding that back but it was there. And Jim felt it. His toes were working their magic on me now. We had learned that the first time never lasted long enough and we usually would do something to make each other orgasm before the long round of lovemaking started.

As I said the first time wasn’t taking long. I could feel my sperm trying to move up my shaft but as tight as the leotard was it wasn’t moving fast. I reached down and pulled the crotch of the leotard out of my butt far enough to give myself some room in the tights for something to happen. That did the trick. It wasn’t long before I came all over myself inside the tights and leotards. I leaned back and closed my eyes until I was completely through emptying my load enjoying that great feeling.

I finally opened my eyes and could feel my sperm running down to my butt hole. Since the red color of my outfit showed wet spots real easily I could see my crotch was sopping wet and I could also see that Jim’s flesh colored tights he had on were wet around the toes where he had been massaging me. I pulled his foot up to my mouth and tried to suck all my sperm of his tights. I could tell he was ready so canlı bahis I didn’t waste anymore time.

I changed positions on the couch and started rubbing his penis through his tights and leotards. I knew it wouldn’t take him long, either. However, it surprised me when he pulled my face down into his crotch, so quickly and I could feel the wetness from his sperm shooting off inside his outfit. I automatically started trying to suck everything I could from his crotch. The more he came the faster I sucked. I could smell that new smell of his tights and leotard and for some reason that got me going more. His orgasm finally came to an end. Nevertheless, I kept sucking for awhile longer until my tongue got sore. I don’t know how much of his sperm I got through the material but it certainly tasted good.

He relaxed and leaned back on the couch and I sat up and changed positions back to normal. When I moved I could feel my wet butt hole from my sperm still leaking out of me. That is such an erotic feeling you just can’t imagine. I guess we both just wanted to lay there and enjoy that feeling. In fact we must have enjoyed it too much. Next thing I knew it was two in the morning and we were still on the couch. Jim was still sleeping just as he had been sitting there all night.

I woke him up and told him to go to bed. I don’t think neither of us wanted to do anything else that night. We both stumbled to our own bedrooms and crawled into bed. My crotch was still almost as wet as it had been right after my orgasm. I pulled the sheets up over me and kept my tights and leotard on and wondered if Jim’s crotch was still wet. I could feel that old feeling growing in my groin. I had to put that thought to bed too. Jim wasn’t going to be anymore fun tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32