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Like anyone would be

I am flattered by your fascination with me

Like any hot blooded woman

I have simply wanted an object to crave

Uninvited by Alanis Morrisette


You say I smolder, that my passion falls short of your hunger, as you dine on my breasts -SaY

I don’t think you unworthy

But I need a moment to deliberate – Uninvited A.M.

For me, I desired you because of that smile…that mischievous 3 year boy charm in a grown man … with the grown man’s wickedly naughty list born from under those tamed blond curls. And maybe a little bit about that almost carnivorous hunger behind the gentle blue eyes… The thought of you is never quite finish Brayden…

May our Hunger never consume more than what we are willing to lose, Tori


You and I are icons for my understanding of masculine and feminine discussion and discord. We connect in ways that are amazing…and yet, I can’t quite understand what separates us even when we experience touch together.

This is what I know – Women are painfully logical – from the correct vantage point.

When we see a man we desire – we see him as someone worth desiring. Yes, all people are worthy of desire, of love, of connection and touch … But there is the human tendency to place a value on what someone brings into another’s life. The “cost” of emotional, physical, financial, social energy is less than, or at least equal to, the value of the lover’s time and talents – this is what I mean “worth” desiring.

For a woman, a man she desires is worth the energy, the regret, the forgiveness, the bittersweet/sweetness, the forgetfulness, the cheating, the lying, the secrets, the desires for the dark and depraved. It is perfectly logical to invest in this worthy man – be he the king, the life partner, the Dom, the sugardaddy, the call-after-10pm, the Monday-Thursday, the uninvited/unrequited, the highschool lover-turned life partner, the fuck in car after closing-time, the prince, the pauper, or the femme-dom fucked/cum-sucking queen.

For a woman, a desired man is one who is worth the energy …because we see beyond his words and actions – and his blatantly obvious hit-it-and-quit-it intentions – to see this complex, multifaceted jewel with hidden compartments of treasure behind his silence and “nothing” box.

We see the boy and the prince, the outlaw and the savior – he is needing us to unlock him from his manly prison, his mental man-cave, to be the freed soul he craves to be in the garden – our precious pink lush garden. To be free to taste, touch, devour, create, press, pull, test and rest within our sanctuary giresun escort – the expanse of our arms, the loft of our breast, the curves of our figure and the warmth of our sweetest escape.

But, if what you say is true, it is simpler than this…men are who they say they are and nothing more.

The words, actions and non-actions are exactly who he is.

I concede the point and offer the counter – the depth, the one a woman thinks she sees in the man in front of her, it is nothing more than a projection of her masculine self she has within. The man is complete. It is his hunger for other tits, cocks, mouths, embraces, pusses, asses and touch that is unending. But maybe I am still wrong.

So this is us…a man and a woman, once again, falling short of completely understanding each other…

Brayden…there is just you…just me. Just us…and the woman in your bed…

I walked into the room with you – Lili lays on the bed where you left her. Her smile gentle and inviting. Her dark hair and pink lips, I can see why you love kissing her. Her skin adorn with freckles and curves – such a fun body to lay one’s hands.

Her eyes …her gaze hurts to return.

The love she has for you filled the room. It covers the past emotional scars and the unrequited love she has for another woman’s husband and made this soft, enveloping space for you. The space, now housed in a second floor hotel room where you bring another lover in to feed your hunger. You are coddled and loved so deeply – her unspoken woman words told me just how much worth she sees in you.

You tell me I am beautiful as your hands touch my warm brown skin. A small wink as you press my curvy mom body into your lean chest, your newly graying beard is soft against my cocoa painted face, I worry a little too much about leaving my mark on you as you kiss me. I only worry for that moment because I melt at your touch Brayden. I purr and moan as your familiar scent fills my air and I breathe you in…your tongue is welcomed between my parting lips… your thumbs curl under the woven hem of the halter blue dress … and you tease us both with the slow descent of the top …slowly over the swollen chocolate morsels with the promise of sweet milk at the very tips.

Your breath is comfortable and yet mine has already quickened…I stand before you, between the dresser and king sized bed in your rented room as you sit on the edge of the bed. You take the weight of the engorged breasts into your hands – you smile in approval and I am pleased to see the sweet little boy smile you managed to keep for some 28 years now. “Brayden,” … your name escapes my lips as your tongue presses giresun escort bayan the full milk suck into your mouth. My sensitive inner thigh space flushes warm, then cool – the unmistakable release of wetness soaks the soft lace over my smooth bare labia. You drink from me, with those sweet baby eyes fixed on the expressions of pleasure on my face…one of grown man hands hold my breast and the other on the cheek of my ass now as I arch to you. I am certain you know just how much I want you to consume every part of me…to take me…to command me and own me.

In that moment, you could have asked me for all that I am… and I would have been powerless to say no.

Women are lucky that way – evolutionarily speaking. The little boy we think we see behind the eyes is really the fear of rejection in the man before us. That alone is the only logical reason you do not take what is so openly offered to you … even Lili knew how far I would have gone…for she is now caressing you from the center of the bed. Her long nails deliciously slow against the smooth skin of your back – and your eyes close in reverie. Your lover touch reaches to your soul and brings you back to her. A milky smile gaze to me before you turn to kiss her. Your right hand remains on my bottom but your left has gone to loosen the tie around your waist…your lips kiss hers as your hands busy themselves with more urgent matters. With two moves you are lying across the short axis of the bed and my body crushed in alongside of you. Your sweet girl has the task of taking your cock on a journey of hours of edging, while your words, hands and mouth are mine to enjoy.

Kissing is like interpretative dance. It is complete with an arc and climax of its own…and in those rare spaces when the dancers are in sync, and the music is just right – there is more than a kiss being shared… there is a story of movement being created. It’s the inexplicable rare space that gives validity to superlatives. Words with their power to covey innumerable meanings still fail to define the boundaries and depths of the sensation …beyond mere foreplay and sexual pleasure… akin to some primal place where kissing was the very essence of life … of care, nurture, sustenance and human contact. We created that place with lips that play sweetly and tongues that dance effortlessly. Words are the sweet cotton candy fluff of aural pleasures. The touch of your skin on mine – our secret place – where only you and I fit – it was perfect and for that, I will have a special adoration of you.

But for you, there is only the symphony of touch. Lili’s familiar touch cradles and stretches the skin beneath your curved cock. Her escort giresun patient and loving fingers and tongue lavishing torture on your nearly exhausted manhood. Your erection encouraged, then denied, with sweet pain pleasure from the woman who loves you more…


Her tits are bigger than mine…with their dusky pink nipples and golden areolas that hang heavy with the weight of full womanly breasts … to comfort and nurse that mischievously sweet little boy smile of yours when your hunger is more easily pacified. Side by side, my swollen with milk breasts are barely remarkable aside from their thick jumbo candy sized nipples with the tiny stream of cream … driven downward by a heavy wet drop… in anticipation of feeding you more.

Your delight is infectious…Lili and I are giggling at, and with, you in glee…TittyHeaven. Kiss, suck, grope, drink, kiss, taste, caress – the sounds of joy, desire, satiety and earnest desires come from you and radiate through me. I crave your touch Brayden…

I crave your touch. I am now naked beside her – her mons is pale and her tiny pink pea hides from my touch…but I am craving you so much. Your hands are on my knees and your face presses against my wet skin. Your tongue and fingers search me and find just how much I am ready to receive you. My swollen sheath presses against your steady entry, your fingers bathe in my desire…I cum with quivers that make my legs vibrate and my toes curl. My hips dance…Maya hip sways against your tongue…my pink princess stand firm to greet your deep kiss. My leg crosses over hers and pulls it closer to us. You look to see her ecstasy, my fingers contrasting with her flesh…my fingers curl and pulse into your precious lover’s quim. And your attention, and passion, are again focused on me. Your right hand commands me…your thumb torturing princess with unending swells that break into more surges of desire and wetness while your fingers expand the narrow sweet-sticky walls.

Your face now meditates upon her womanly lips…but I am still hungry for more… My lips find her breasts. Kneeling beside her, your fingers still gyrating within me, I began to taste the lover you are so devoted to serve, to savor, to share and, some day you say, to set free. My tongue teases the erect nubs around her nipples while my hand reaches to stroke you hair. My eyes watch you…as your love her … show her how special she is by knowing her body, her moves, her rise and her quakes. My touch is merely gilding.

She is coming down and I am lost in this space.

This space is owned…by lovers with a history deeper than my shared moment. It is gorgeous and oppressive…It is the air in this room and I cannot breathe. I could not be her…not in a 1000 years for you. A pleasant place … to know one’s role … to be able to witness a lover communion…and for a moment … when time is irrelevant … share in that space with you Brayden. To be your lover for a moment … it was truly effortless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32