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Mike didn’t sleep well that night. Despite a tough two hour workout, his mind and body were in no mood to nod off. The chastity belt around his cock meant that every time he cast his mind back to the gorgeous yet cruel gym attendant who had put it on him. That made his cock hard and that meant horrendous pain as it was crushed up against the plastic of the device. He rolled over and squirmed as he thought about his predicament. It was not sexy, he decided, not at all. He was scared and frustrated. He also felt a pang of anger at Heather, for farting on him and for the chastity. His head said it was disgusting and cruel; his dick however was out of control whenever he thought of his Goddess. He wondered what she would do the next evening. Would she let him out? He felt confident she might, after all the game couldn’t go on that long. He had planned to relax over the weekend, but now he felt like he would do anything but.

Heather collapsed into bed happily. She was thrilled and turned on by what she had done that evening. She had had an eye on Mike for a few weeks because of his quiet style. The fact he didn’t flirt with her, nor show off, had got into her head. She knew that he liked her, and had seen him glance over every now and again, but his clear self control and restraint had made her dream up ways in which she could get him obsessed with her. The more restraint he had showed, the crueler her fantasies had become. Now she had him. She held the key to his sexual pleasure, literally. This was only serving to fuel even kinkier ideas of how to torment him. Moaning with pleasure, she caressed her dripping pussy and traced the key around her nipples. She thought of him squirming and frustrated, unable to cum without her permission. This drew Heather into an intense orgasm, panting and squealing in raw sexual pleasure, at the plight of her slave.

Mike woke at 2pm. He had fallen asleep at about 3am under the pressure of his chastity belt and the thoughts swirling in his head about Heather. Many of them were fearful; he was turned on at the time but now, just scared of what she would do next. He himself toast and went out for the newspaper. Normality was going to be hard to come by, but he was willing to try and forget his predicament, if only for a few hours. He also wondered if he could remove the device without a key. Risky, but if a clear solution presented itself, it may be worth it. That would mean not seeing Heather gümüşhane escort again; he would struggle to face her if he had got out of her trap. The revenge would surely be worse than the status quo. Getting through the afternoon was difficult, Mike was usually good at killing time but this was a whole different dynamic. Watching the news had worked until a fit weather girl came on and he had been forced to quickly switch off. The pain on his dick was unbearable and he was not growing used to it as he thought he might. Shopping had remedied things a bit, but basically Mike’s life was about avoiding getting turned on and trying to forget about his dick and the Goddess who owned it. He was tired, frustrated and nervous, yet tremendously turned on every time he thought of Heather.

Heather awoke at 9:30am. She grinned as she remembered what she had done to Mike. As she relived the evening her pussy moistened at the idea that she controlled his dick. She purred, pleasuring herself at the fact she knew he couldn’t. She ran her hands all over her body, gleefully using the key to tease her nipples again. She picked up her vibrator and climaxed while thinking of the wicked things she could do to him.

After her orgasm she set off for work. She had a long shift from 10:30am through until 9:30pm, one she normally would have dreaded but today she was eager to get to work and torment Mike. The hours before would fly past. She spent the day instructing fitness classes with a quick break for lunch. All throughout she felt pangs of excitement and arousal at the idea that Mike was either in pain or deeply frustrated with his situation.

At about 7:30pm Mike arrived sheepishly at the gym and made his way into towards the changing room. It was another quiet night as people headed out to nightclubs rather than workout. Before he got to the changing room he got a tap of the shoulder. He turned and saw Heather. She grabbed him by the collar and dragged him off to a small office.

“Sit.” she commanded. He sat.

She then proceeded to take off her attendant’s fleece to reveal a tight fitting pink sports bra. She wore the same tight sexy leggings as the previous night. She let down her hair and suddenly thrust her crotch into his face. Mike was overwhelmed by her scent and perfume. She grinded her crotch over his nose and mouth viciously while clawing at hair and neck with her sharp pink nails. He escort gümüşhane groaned; his head was saying to run and somehow get the belt off but her dominance pulled him in and strangled him with every grind of her now moist leggings against his face. He felt himself fall as she kicked him onto his back. She lowered her ass onto his crotch and sat there, grinning wickedly at him. The cruel glint came into her eyes again, sending a jolt of fear through Mike.

“Are you scared bitch?” she sneered. The word bitch cut through him.

He hesitated and was rewarded with her nails dragging across his cheek.

“Yes, yes! I am, I’m terrified!” he cried out.

Heather smirked arrogantly. “How long will you keep the belt on for me?”

“Please take it off! I’m desperate please Heather! Its too much for me!” he bawled. He knew he would regret it from the moment he said it.

A curious smile came over her face. She produced the key.

“Wrong answer.”

With that she grabbed his shirt and pulled him in close to her lips. For a second they gazed at each other, her cruel smile met his terrified eyes. Then she spat angrily onto his face before delivering a sharp slap to his cheek. Then she opened a door from the office into a connecting toilet and shoved him through it, sending him sprawling onto the floor. She strutted in after him, making sure to stamp on his midriff and wind him. He gasped and pleaded for mercy.

“How badly do you want it off?” She inquired, refusing to break eye-contact, causing him to look away in fear.

“Um…really badly!” he practically squeaked.

At this she ripped down his shorts and exposed his locked up dick. She looked at it with an evil grin. Then at down on it as she had before, grinding up against it.

“How does it feel with my sexy bum teasing you?” She asked sweetly. But the question was laced with menace. Mike answered diplomatically.

“It feels amazing!”

This was met with a punch in the stomach and another tear at his face with her nails.

“You will address me as Goddess,” she hissed.

“Sorry Goddess!” he whimpered. He felt a crippling mix of sexual arousal from her ass on his locked dick and fear from making another mistake.

“Do you still want that key? Answer me truthfully.” Her words hung in the air of the small toilet that now smelled of her scent and heady perfume.

“I do gümüşhane escort bayan Goddess, I’m sorry,” he whined as she grinded her legs and ass on his locked dick that was now slopping with precum in its cage.

“Ok slave, you have three options on how to get it.” she replied with that cruel glint in her eye.

“The first is that you wait for six months and then get out, and that’s a promise.”

“The second is that you come in here every day you want a release and pay me a cum tax of £250 per release.”

“The third is that I drop the key in the toilet and you have to fish it out with your teeth in 30 seconds, if you manage, I have to give you a blowjob for every day of the next two weeks. If you don’t. I flush.”

She kept grinding, getting wetter and wetter as she told him each choice; the pussy juices now seeping through her leggings and onto his cage. She lent forward, pressing her perfumed boobs into his face. She started to moan in pleasure.

Mike faced an impossible choice. It was only made harder by the stunning blonde pleasuring herself on his plastic encased cock.

“You want to cum now don’t you?” she whispered seductively into his ear while grinding even harder on his cage.

That did it for Mike.

“Option three, I want it now Goddess!”

She pulled off him and produced the key, holding it in front of his face. He could grab it, he thought. Just grab it and push her off. But then she put the key in the toilet and pulled him up by the hair.

“Did I mention you would be blindfolded?” she purred into his ear before taking down her leggings and wrapping them around his head. He could hardly argue. She pushed his head down into the bowl and set her watch.

“Start,” she giggled as he began to thrash around in he compressed bowl.

Mercifully it had not been used in a long while because the office was so out of the way. Biting down into toilet water was still horrific though.

Then it got worse. Heather pulled down her panties and sat on the back of his head, making it a fight for breath. Then he felt a warm liquid pouring down his neck. Heather laughed silkily as she masturbated on the back of his head- squirting into his hair. Then he felt the key brush his lip and he fought harder to get it again. Heather’s juices slopping down his neck and causing the bowl to stink of her pussy. He gagged. He had to give in or he would drown. He pushed up with all his might and flailed his arms wildly. She moved off cackling to herself, still caressing her sweet pussy.

He collapsed onto the floor, just happy to breathe clearly. He was alive he told himself, it couldn’t get any worse than what he had just been through.

Then Heather pressed flush.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32