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I arrived promptly at Louise Bellman’s Clinic for my appointment. My dear friend Margaret Jenkins had arranged this visit. Margaret has become my guide in a journey of discovery of my needs for degradation. Margaret suggested that treatment by a qualified therapist would help me better understand my desires and incorporate them into my normal life.

The address given was in a quiet residential neighborhood. Except for the small sign near the door, I wouldn’t have been sure I was at the correct place. LOUISE BELLMAN, THERAPIST the lettering said. With some apprehension, I pushed my finger against the button below the sign. Almost immediately the door opened and I was greeted my a middle age man, perhaps 20 years older than I, or in his early 60’s I thought. I told him I had a 2:00 appointment, and he said Ms. Bellman was expecting me, and led me into a comfortably furnished office.

Louise Bellman was not what I expected. An attractive young woman, in her 20’s I guessed, very fashionably dressed in a finely tailored suit over a beautiful silk blouse. She stood at her desk as I entered, extending her hand to me. “Hello Eve. I’m Louise Bellman. Welcome to my clinic” she said as we both studied each other. I took her hand, a warm, gentle, yet firm grip in my own. “Thank you Miss Bellman, I’m Eve” I said feeling a bit more at ease. “Call me Louise and please sit down” she said to me. “That’s all for now William” she said and the man left us alone.

Louise briefly looked through some papers she had and then said “My friend Margaret tells me that you’re having some difficulty understanding your needs for degradation, but you’re very open about exploring all of your thoughts and feelings. She also tells me that you have begun to actually follow through on her suggestions for ways to debase yourself, but haven’t been able to intimately involve others in your shame. I believe that with some extensive therapy here at the clinic, we can help you open yourself to the real pleasures of humiliation.”

I must admit that her insight and professionalism caught me by surprise, given her apparent youth, but also made me realize I was dealing with someone who seemed qualified to appraise my situation. “That’s true Miss Bellman, excuse me, Louise. What confuses me is that I seem to derive a certain sexual charge from the shame of degradation.”

“First you must hakkari escort bayan realize that your sexual arousal is completely natural” Louise went on. “Our therapy here will help you appreciate that, and actually increase your pleasure by experiencing new humiliation. Additionally, you will learn to let your internal fences down, and enjoy the real shame of degradation. Do you have any questions?”

“No questions actually, but I’m concerned about what the therapy involves, and what if I don’t want to go along with it” I told her.

“Listen to me Eve. The reason you’re here is that you believe that you’re a degradation slut and you need to understand how to live with that. You will do exactly as you are told or all of our hard work will not help you.” Her voice was very stern, definitely in contrast to her pleasant looks.

Stunned by her sudden change in demeanor I could only respond with eyes lowered “I’m sorry Louise. I’ll trust in your professional judgement.”

“Very well. Behind that screen across the room, you will find a dressing area. Please remove your clothes, except for your panties, and hang them in the armoire that you’ll find there. Then come back .” As I went behind the screen as told, I heard her call on the intercom. “William, please come in. We’re ready.” I walked back to Louise’s desk, now almost completely naked. I crossed my arms over my chest as William entered the office. “Take your arms down Eve. William is my trained assistant and will be seeing more of you that just your naked breasts. There’s no need for modesty now.”

I let my arms fall to my side, already feeling the beginnings of my humiliation. “William, please take Eve to Room 3 and help her get comfortable on the examination table. We’ll use leg and arm restraints to begin with. Also prepare a full tray of cavity instruments. I’ll change and be in shortly.”

“Louise, may I use the bathroom first? I really need to go” I asked.

“Just hold it. You’ll be able to relieve yourself soon enough, and in a way that I’m sure you’ll enjoy” she added.

“This way Miss” William said leading me out of the office and down a short hall until we entered a good sized room. It had tile half way up the walls and completely on the floor with an unusual medical examination table in the middle and several cabinets and small tables around hakkari escort the walls. A bright surgical light was mounted above the examination table. William directed me to get up on the table on my back. Then he guided my legs into oversized stirrups which supported not only my feet, but also my calves and knees. He wrapped soft straps around my legs which were now spread widely, and then came around and also strapped down my forearms, effectively leaving me immobile. He then made himself busy gathering things from the cabinets scattered around the room arranging them all onto a tray on a rolling table.

Then Louise entered the room. Her suit was gone and she was now wearing a full length white medical coat. Her outfit showed off the wonderful curves of her young body and I was sure that she didn’t have any underwear on underneath.

“Start the digital camera and pass me the massage lotion please” she said to William.

“Video camera?” I said.

“Yes. Of course Eve. I’ll need to study your therapy later, and I told Margaret I would send her a copy also. I’ve had William put restraints on your arms and legs so that you can let go and let your body control what you’re feeling instead of your brain holding you back. I also chose William for a reason. I would guess that he is about your father’s age, and so as you’re humiliating yourself, I want William to see you and have you think of your father watching you. I don’t think anything would be more embarrassing for you than having your father see you do filthy things. Now just relax and let’s get on with the treatment.” Louise squeezed some lotion onto her hands and then began massaging my left breast with the cool lotion. She coated it completely except for my nipple which she ignored. Her small hands gently massaged my breast, working the lotion into my skin. Then she repeated the same on my right breast. “You like your tits played with don’t you?” she asked. “Margaret tells me that you have very sensitive nipples. Would you like me to rub them also?.”

I was already physically excited and my body answered for me. “Yes please, Louise. Rub my nipples.”

Louise took a different ointment from William and began applying it to one nipple. No sooner had she rubbed it on than I felt it begin to get hot, making the feelings in my nipple even more extraordinary. She did the escort hakan same to the other, slowly working the cream in. Then she began to pinch and pull on both nipples at the same time. The feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced before, driving me crazy. “Yes! Yes! Please more!” The words came out without me even knowing it, and Louise kept up the torment of my hard, hot, tingling nipples.

Suddenly, Louise stopped playing with my nipples, although the heat continued to excite me. One hand began rubbing my abdomen and she asked “Do you still need to pee Eve?” Oh, god did I ever. “You can pee anytime you want. Margaret told me that you love to pee in your sexy panties, and you can’t hurt anything in this examination room. When you are ready, just go ahead and let it happen.” And so as Louise rubbed my abdomen, I peed in my panties with Louise and William watching. This was the first time someone had actually seen me do anything so degrading.

“Oh Eve, you filthy slut. You’re peeing your panties in front of us ” Louise exclaimed. “Go ahead and piss you slut. Let it all out .” I was in heaven. Already sexually aroused and now peeing my panties while two relative strangers watched me. I was so ashamed and yet stimulated more than I could ever remember. My urine ran down on the floor and also soaked the surface of the table where I was laying. All the while, Louise rubbed my tummy and urged me on. “Look at you. Your piss is running down all over the place. William, look at her. She’s such a filthy fucking slut” she said.

As my flow ebbed, Louise released the straps holding my arms. “Margaret told me how much peeing your panties excites you. Would you like to masturbate yourself now?”

I didn’t need any further encouragement. I was so hot that I didn’t care who was there watching me, only that I could scratch the wicked itch between my legs. I reached into my panties, quickly finding my demanding clit and began rubbing it. As I did, Louise went back to pinching my nipples. “Go ahead you dirty slut. Play with your pissy cunt. Fuck yourself with your own hand. Let us see what a slut you really are.”

And so there I lay, wet with me own piss, Louise playing with my tits and William watching me as I rubbed my clit. I didn’t care. I only wanted my release which was soon to come. My pelvis raised from the table as my orgasm hammered inside of me. “OH FUCK! OH FUCK! I’M SUCH A SLUT!” I screamed as wave after wave overtook me.

And so I came. Right there in Louise Bellman’s clinic, laying on a table in a pool of my own urine, while Louise and William watched me and the video camera recorded my degradation for all to see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32