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We are lying close together, side by side, actually we are still joined as we have just rolled sideways, as we usually do, after sex.

“So who was she then?” Questioned my wife. That question might sound a bit threatening but we have been together for some considerable time and I know where this is going. From time to time our mid sex fantasies are readable on our faces, obviously mine just had been. It’s not something we worry about, we both do it frequently and sometimes the discussion about it gets so hot that we cannot help but fuck each other again immediately, well as immediately as biology allows these days.

“You were a lady in a story I just read. She claimed she almost always came when she hooked her legs round her partner’s back and got him to rock his pelvis rather than thrust in and out. When you hooked your legs round my back it just brought it all home.”

“So is that why you came so hard?”

“Maybe, but you know that when you pinch my nipples like that, it is only a matter of seconds before I come.”

“I know, that’s why I did it. I was really sexed up, so ready, and the look on your face was was so…so…cumy, I just had to make it happen right then. Mmmm yummy.”

“I told you mine so you tell me yours.”

“I wasn’t fantasising while we were fucking, I was too busy watching you get off on yours! But I did start with the old massage fantasy while you were stroking my back.”

“The one about Jerome, who offered a full service, that you read about on ?”

“The same, and you were Jerome of course.”

“Of course.” We both know that this isn’t quite true but egos are delicate and although we have always been very open to new ideas sexually we still treat each other with care. In theory we also have an open attitude to who we choose to have sex with but, so far, the situation had never arisen.

“We could roll play that one sometime soon. I could get some loose fitting linen trousers, like he had, and give you a slow erotic massage. You’d always know it was me for sure, unless…”

“Unless what?”

“Unless you were blindfold.”

“Woah, sounds fun, I could daydream about Jerome while you massage me with the full personal service. Perfect. I’m starting to bingöl escort flow again.


The scene had been set, all carefully planned for maximum erotic impact. I told her that her “Jerome” would be available to service her every desire on Wednesday. She was planning a long slow hot bath and a pamper and preen then come into the bedroom and lie on the bed, where I would cover her with a towel and fit her blindfold. Then I would leave the room. When I returned as the legendary Jerome, not a word would be spoken to keep up the illusion. We agreed the rules, if she took off the blindfold the game was over immediately.

All went according to plan, candles, gentle music, blindfold fitted and I left the room, closing the door behind me. What she didn’t know was that I had found a real “Jerome” on he internet. He did erotic massage and everything except actually have sex with his clients. As agreed, he was waiting in the hall dressed in the linen trousers and nothing else. There was no need for me to whisper as long as he didn’t utter a sound. Well I would talk to the masseur wouldn’t I?

I opened the bedroom door, ushered him in in front of me, followed and quietly took my place on the bedroom chair. This was going to be fun.

My “Jerome” was every bit as much a master of his craft as the one in the story and soon had her purring with delight. I have to confess I was getting quite turned on watching her naked body being massaged by another man, particularly when his hands traced a line down the cleft of her buttocks, and a featherlight touch on her anus made her squirm. She was definitely turned on.

“Jerome” took a shoulder in each hand and motioned her to turn over. Her pampering had obviously included her pubic area, not a hair in sight just a glorious view of a rather turned on vagina glistening in the candle light.

She followed the script of the story and reached up to his buttocks and round his waist in search of the cord. Her face registered surprise as she realised immediately the buttocks weren’t actually mine! This was the critical moment and it took some time for her to process the information. Slowly the realisation dawned that she was stark naked with another man towering bitlis escort over her touching her in the most intimate of ways. Would she rip off the blindfold to end the game or would she continue?

Her hand came slowly round the front of his trousers, found the cord and gave it a sharp tug. The trousers fell to the floor. Then her open palm made its way to his penis, which was semi erect, and she caressed it gently. There was no way on this earth that it was my penis. She knew every vein on mine and this was a different animal altogether: shorter, fatter and circumcised.

Now she knew for sure, there was no way in this world that she was being massaged by me. What would she do? Is that blindfold coming off or staying on? The tension was unbearable.

She let him continue the massage while she made her decision. After an age she started to stroke his cock slowly to get a full erection. So she had decided to go along with the game, but how far would she go?

Fuck this was hot. I had never seen my wife with another man before, should I be jealous? Why? I had set this up. He massaged her head and scalp then moved dow to her breasts. I have never seen her nipples so extended, she was certainly going to let herself enjoy the experience. After a while he moved to the foot of the bed and massaged each foot in turn, then each calf muscle, followed by each thigh. Her legs had parted slowly during this process and now she was blatantly showing her excitement to him, she was flowing.

He put his palms, one on top of the other, on her mons and made a firm circular movement. Her breathing showed how much she was enjoying it. Then palm downwards, fingers pointing to her toes he cupped her sex and ran his index finger up and down her vagina, it must have caressed her clit on the way past as she gasped and raised her knees and parted her legs slightly.

He took his queue and slipped two fingers gently inside, curling them back towards her head and started to rub, slowly at first and more vigorously as she became more vocal. It was a stroke I had never used and it looked almost painful, but painful it wasn’t, judging by the noises she was making.

Then it happened. She let out an animal noise, bolu escort shook all over and squirted. This could almost make a man jealous. Another man making your wife squirt for, as far as I knew, the first time ever. But I wasn’t, I was filed with admiration because she knew I wanted to give her pleasure, realised it was more of a game than she had bargained for and had just gone with it and finally she’d come with another man fingering her.

“I think I will rest now, after that wonderful massage.” She said dismissively and we took the cue and left the room. I quickly showed the masseur out and returned to the bedroom in husband mode.

“Come here you sexy big bastard!” She said still with the blindfold on, “I so need your cock! Your massage technique is unbelievable.” Keeping up the pretence of the fantasy.

I lowered my linen trousers to the floor and climbed between her waiting thighs.

“That was so hot,” she gasped, “but I need to fuck, to fuck you, and I need to do it right now.” I lowered the tip of my cock to the glistening opening of her inviting pussy, placed it gently at the entrance and lowered myself completely into her. She was so turned on it slipped in to the hilt with hardly a thrust. When our bodies met she locked her legs behind my back. I rocked on her pelvis. She pinched my nipples. I came. She gasped.

“I take it you were watching, while he massaged me?”

“Certainly, I was wondering how far would you have let him go?”

“How far did you plan for me to let him go?”

“As far as you were comfortable, it was a hell of an experience watching.”

“The moment I realised the bum wasn’t yours I had a bit of a panic. It took me a few moments to decide what to do, so I felt him. It was a strange sensation, feeing another man, a circumcised one who shaves his balls. They felt really soft and delicate; quite yummy really.

“He had me pretty turned on and the fact that I was blindfold just added to the eroticism. So what would you have done if I’d let him fuck me like in the story?”

“Watched.” I said, knowing that ‘full service’ was not on offer.


“No not really, his massage service stops short of actual penetrative sex.”

She sighed, “Next time you see that far away look in my eyes while were fucking, you can be sure it’s his short fat circumcised cock that’s doing me. His bum I’m pushing to get his cock in as far as I can!”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32