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story continues where chapter 3 left off. as you can tell by the description line, this story takes on a new twist…happy reading!


If my cock hadn’t been as sore as it was, her exercise in authoritative wifedom would have had a greater impact on me. Still, I filed her resolution away in the back of my brain to let it stew into some prolific fantasy I could use on a future masturbation mission.

We watched tv for awhile and Suzanne held the remote as she scrolled the on-screen guide for something suitable. Her style of looking is more than aggravating as she doesn’t quite know the right buttons on the remote and she has to read every word one at a time. It takes too damn long and after two pages of slow moving guide content, I excused myself to use the restroom. I didn’t have to go but I needed a break.

Somehow while I was in the bathroom I managed to pre-occupy myself with checking out my cock in the mirror, inspecting it and teasing it to determine the pain level if it firmed up. I couldn’t seem to get it up so I just zipped up my pants and started combing my hair. When I tired of the built up static electricity in my hair, I picked my nose clean, scratched my butt and then returned to the tv room.

I was amazed at what I found Suzanne watching. It was pay per view porn. “Honey come watch this with me” she said when she heard me. A hot blond starlet with fake tits was having her throat stuffed with big porn cock. Tears rolled down her cheeks and her makeup was smeared in several places. She moaned as the stud forced her to keep his cock in her throat.

“What is this?”

“Honey I hope you don’t mind. I thought we could just watch some mindless porn and then go to bed.”

I sat down next to her and watched the screen. The girl got on all fours and stuck her ass out. The guy told her to reach back and pry her cheeks open and then he spit between them. His saliva pooled on her anus and then a close-up showed her anus open and close like a wink. Amazingly, the saliva went inside much like a toilet flush.

“I can’t believe we just saw that” I said and started laughing.

I looked over at Suzanne. Her mouth was open in disbelief.

“I guess we just saw the same thing” I said and kept laughing.

She turned to me and said “I can do that too.”

“What?” I stopped laughing.


“Oh you suck!” I said back to her. “I fall for you every time.”

Suzanne’s gaze turned back to the screen. “The guy has a huge cock. She’s really going to feel him stretch her open.” I was still looking at Suzanne. Her head didn’t move as she focused on the screen. “Jesus that looks hot. I haven’t taken it up the ass in ages.” She was animated now but still watching, not turning to look at me. It was a subtlety in her demeanor and I doubt she even saw it herself. But I noticed it and made a mental note to meditate about it later so I could accept her focus on something else while I’m in the same room. “James doesn’t do me there. I kinda want to go there with Raphael” she said as her voice trailed off again.

This time I looked at the screen. Mr. Big Dick had stuffed his mast into the young woman’s ass. There was about two inches of cock still showing and the woman was squealing and moaning loudly. Then he put his hands on her small hips and attempted to pull her closer and she tried to pull away. “No!” she yelled. “You’re too big.”

“Oh what a fucking baby” said Suzanne. “Just take it bitch. In a minute or two you’re going to be creaming” she shouted.

I looked at Suzanne again. She was sitting back on the couch with her knees open and feet on the floor. Her hands were massaging her crotch and then she turned to look at me and said “what?”

“I’ve never seen you like this before.”

“Sorry. I guess I got carried away.”

“No. It’s okay. I didn’t mean it like that. Your enthusiasm turns me on.”

She smiled. “Okay.” She traced a finger on her chest, circling an outline of her left breast and then her right. “I like the power you are giving me” she began. “It’s addictive. I’m already thinking of a lots of things I can do to you” she giggled.

“Like what?”

“They’re just private thoughts right now. When I want to share you’ll find out then.”

I frowned inwardly. Her tease was devilish.

“I have to say, I think you’re taking my decision to deny your orgasm after dinner pretty well. Why is that?”

“I can’t cum like I used to. It’s hurts after three orgasms in one day.”

She leaned closer to me and asked “Does it hurt a lot?”

“Just when I get an erection and if I masturbate through the pain and have an orgasm, there is a pounding discomfort no matter what I do.”

“I’m sorry to hear that” she said and put her hand on my crotch. “I was feeling guilty for leaving you blue earlier and thinking about finishing you off because you’ve been such a good boy about it.” Her hand caressed my crotch and my dick throbbed while I winced at the attention she was giving.

“Ooh, you’re hard darling. Are you in pain now?”

“Just burdur escort when it throbs.”

She opened her mouth and licked her upper lip with the tip of her tongue. It was intentional provocation and damn sexy too. She made me want her mouth on my dick again.

“You decide then darling.” She reached for my head and combed her fingers through my hair and teased my left ear with her finger nails. “I’m offering to give you head right here on the couch while you watch this porno. All you have to do is ask.”

I smiled and considered her offer. It was a great offer but I knew that if I did accept, the amount of pain I’d feel later would be awful.

“Can I take a rain check?”

“Of course you can darling. I just don’t know when I’ll be willing to fulfill it. You understand don’t you?”

I nodded. “I’m just afraid of the pain. It gets unbearable.”

“It’s probably best then that you don’t put your dick in my mouth then because if you did, I’d suck it harder than ever.”

I closed my eyes and tried to relax. She acknowledged my discomfort and yet she upped the pressure to entice my surrender anyway. It was a dominant move and I believed the consequence of turning her down was just as real. I now faced the real possibility that I may never get an opportunity like this again.

“Suzanne” I began. “I’d love for you to suck off my dick while I watch the movie.”

She smiled and said nothing as I reached for my belt, deftly unbuckling it. Then she opened my pants and freed my cock and said “I don’t want to hurt you Bob. But I’m going to because you want me too. Is that about right?”

I nodded.

“Then let me off the hook and ask me to suck you off as hard as I want. When you are pain you will have only yourself to blame.” She looked at me and waited as her hand slowly stroked up my shaft. Before she stroked downward, I blurted out my surrender.

“Please suck me off Suzanne. I’m willing to blame myself for any discomfort I have during and afterward.”

“Thank you darling. There’s just one more thing. I’d like to tie you up before I give you this fantastic blow job.”

“Huh? What? Why?”

“You’re much bigger than me. If it hurts when I suck you hard, I don’t want you hurting me in return.”

“I wouldn’t do that Suzanne. I’ve never hit you. I just wouldn’t.”

“I know not intentionally. It would be an accident and that’s not a risk I’m comfortable with.”

“Where do you want to tie me?”

“We could go into the guest bedroom. I could tie you down to the bed posts” she giggled. “What do you say? I think it will be fun.”


“I’ll even let you watch one of your hot wife movies.”

“I’m sorry I hid them.”

“You’ve hidden something else from me too haven’t you?”

I thought back to our conversation earlier when she lay on the guest bed masturbating and I found her watching one of my hidden movies. One by one I accounted for each of the movies she mentioned and reconciled it with my memory of what was in the shoe box stashed on the upper shelf of the closet. It was possible that she hadn’t found everything but I couldn’t quite put a finger on it. She didn’t seem terribly mad at the moment so I just said “I can’t think of anything right now but I suppose I will after you tie me up?”

She nodded and smiled. “I’m going to turn your life upside down and love every minute darling. Let’s go.” Then she kissed the tip of my cock and got up off the couch.

“What about the movie?”

“It will be over soon. Just shut it off.”

I shut it off and winced inwardly as I did so. I don’t like wasting anything be it food or pay per view. At least it was only one channel and thought I was curious about the price and could have viewed recent purchases on screen but I didn’t. Suzanne was in the kitchen digging something out of the utility drawer by the time I caught up with her. “Go on ahead darling, brush your teeth and then strip. You’ll want to sleep after we’re done and I think you might be too exhausted to do anything else after we done.”

My pants tented as I walked to our bathroom, brushed my teeth and then walked into our closet. There I stripped and then made the walk back to the guest room. Suzanne was waiting for me when I returned. She held a scissors in one hand and a new package of soft rope. In short order, I lay on the bed and she bound my wrists to the headboard posts and my ankles to the footboard posts. She left enough slack that I could move about while at the same time still feel securely bound. After I struggled a bit, it became very clear that my wife was in a position to do me real harm if she wanted to. The view of her holding the scissors was incredibly frightening.

Thank God she put them down and began to strip. When her clothes were draped over the guest chair, she turned to me with her hands on her hips and said “I know about Mistress Noel. Want to tell me about that?”

I closed my eyes in guilt. How in the world she found that out was beyond me.

“Someone called from bursa escort the phone sex site you use. Your credit card expired and they wanted to be paid.”

“And they told you about her?” I asked feeling anger at the fucking phone sex company.

“I paid your bill and added some credits for you to use. It’s on my credit card. My treat.”

“I pay your credit card bills. How much did you add?”

“I guess you haven’t been in there in a while.”

“I had a log in problem. So you’re not mad?”

“I was surprised and disappointed, but I cheated on you too and at least your way was non-physical. So I deferred anger until a future time when it might be of some use.”

“Like now?”

“Yes” she said and moved her right hand to her crotch. Two fingers pressed her clit and she began to pleasure herself.

“I’ve been calling Mistress Noel for only a short period of time” I began. “I like her voice. She tells wicked stories that excite me.”

“Do you masturbate while she’s on the phone with you?”


“Does she play along with you?”


Suzanne frowned. “Why not?”

“She probably gets a lot of calls and can’t do that for everyone. I probably haven’t impressed her enough.”

“I called her” said Suzanne.

Up to this point the conversation had promise but now I had reason to be fearful. I shared a lot of detail about my wife and I with this woman thinking it would never come back to me.

“How did you do that exactly?”

“I logged into your account and saw all your favorites. You can find out a lot about your husband’s secret life by having such access. You’ve been a busy boy for a number of years haven’t you?”

“Yes” I said and then closed my eyes. A blanket of shame and fear covered my entire body and I trembled for the first time since I could remember.

“I considered divorcing you. It was a lot to take all at once. Do you realize you’ve spent over $25,000 in phone sex calls over three and half years?”

“No. You want to divorce me? Please don’t leave me. I love you Suzanne. I’m sorry. I’ll reform. I promise.”

“I know you do. She told me. Your Mistress Noel did. She says of all her clients you talk about me like I’m an angel. It’s so sweet darling. I can’t tell you just how good that made me feel, even though you came for her and not me.”

That stung. Another level of panic set in and I didn’t say anything.

“Darling you’ve lost your hard on.”

I lifted my head and looked downward. In all the sudden news I hadn’t noticed that detail. Suzanne surprised me and got on the bed and knelt beside me. She grasped my dick with both hands and pressed her fingers onto it in an alternating fashion. Then she lowered her head and said in a playful voice “come on little Bob, time to get hard and play again.” Then she kissed the tip a few times and took my rising dick into her mouth. It felt heavenly. There was no pain and I began to relax as my cock grew. When it was very erect, she began to suck it hard and all of a sudden I felt the pain I had worried about. It came quickly and was very sharp. While I shouted “Ow!, my body’s reaction was to draw away from her mouth but the mattress gave me nowhere to go. None of this deterred Suzanne. She simply moved her hands to my butt and sucked me as hard as she could to the back of her throat. For what seemed like an eternity but was perhaps a minute, Suzanne moved her mouth back and forth over my hardened shaft. She alternated between light deep throating which was very pleasurable and hard sucking which was very painful.

After about a minute, she stopped sucking and lightly fisted my cock with her right hand. “Noel says you spoil her with gifts and high dollar call rates. What is that all about?”

“I’m afraid to tell you. You might get angry and I’m in a very vulnerable position.”

“We agreed we’re not going to have secrets anymore. You need to tell me for the sake of our marriage darling.”

“It’s highly addictive. I rub my cock while I’m on the phone and she sends me pay per view emails. I pay the price and then view the letter and usually she sends me a picture.”

Suzanne continued slowly caressing my cock. The attention felt wonderful and kept my dick very firm.

“I saw the pictures. They’re very pretty but not her. You know that right?”

“Yes. But she says to look into the model’s eyes and know that if she were in the room with me, I’d feel her power as she stared at me like the woman in the photo.”

“And you believed her?”


“Yes you do. I saw your emails and feedback to her. I can’t believe you told her your real name.”

“She seems trustworthy. You don’t know her like I do. It’s going to be okay. She’s not going to hurt me.”

“You’ve done all that on your own. I saw your public declaration to her on her feedback page. You claim you love her and spelled out your entire name: Robert John Wilson. You never go by Robert. What’s up with that?”

“She likes to call me that. I don’t know why but I kind of like çanakkale escort it.”

“She likes me too” said Suzanne as she climbed onto me and slipped my cock inside her. She ground onto me slowly and I felt my cock throb in pleasure and pain.

“I had phone sex with her and she masturbated with me. I gave her a $1000 tip at the beginning of the call and told her I wasn’t interested in the pictures or being financially dominated. The tip was intended to hurt you and reward her at the same time.”

“You’re serious? You gave her $1000?”

“Uh huh. It was a rush. I can see why you do it. She made my pussy so wet it was incredible. I almost gave her another grand at the end of the call.”

“Jesus Christ Suzanne. We can’t afford that.”

“You’re going to have to find a way if you want us in your life.”

“She’s been reasonable with me, working with my budget restrictions this holiday period. You’re showing her she can run over both of us.”

“No darling, just you. We both are. I’ve got some other news for you too.”

“What’s that?”

“I changed your password. You have to pay me first if you want to call her again” she giggled. “You’ll want to call her too because if you ever want to see me with Raphael or any other lover you’ll need to get her permission and the secret password.”

My cock roared with strength and fought through tremendous pain at Suzanne’s audacity.

“Ooh” she cooed. “Your cock feels wonderful darling” she said and ground herself harder and faster against it. “I love fucking like this. Does it hurt good?”

I nodded as she leaned down to kiss me. Her tongue invaded my mouth and I felt completely dominated. My finances were a mess, my wife is a sexual dynamo and my cock was expanding like it was getting ready to unleash a new load and at the same time I felt a new level of pain shooting through my cock. She ended our kiss and rose upward as she moved faster and faster, impaling and slamming her crotch against my body. It felt good and it hurt and there was simply nothing I could do. My cock had gone beyond betrayal and was now pleasuring my wife at my expense.

Suzanne’s hard pounding movements and high pitch cries were having a new physical impact on me too. I was feeling light headed and faintly heard her cry out in orgasm as I too unleashed my torrent of cum. I think I told her I was coming and then about five seconds later I smiled and passed out.


When I came to, it was light out. Birds were chirping outside and my arms felt numb. Then I realized I was still lying on our guest bed and bound to it by my wrists and ankles.

“Suzanne!” I called out and then listened. “Come untie me please,” I need to get ready for work.

There was no answer, though I could hear the plumbing in the walls so I called out again. “SUZANNE! SUZANNE! SUZANNE! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?”

Still there was no response. She was probably in the shower and therefore would never hear me so I just lay there and tried to relax and wait it out. While I did that I must have drifted off to sleep again because the next thing I knew, she was seated on the bed beside me and she was fully dressed. She looked beautiful. Her hair was all made up and she wore fresh makeup and bright red lipstick.

“Hi darling, how do you feel?”

“What time is it?”

She looked at her wrist. “It’s almost 11:30. I need to get going” she said and stood up. She had on a red dress that scooped low in front and stopped at mid-thigh.

“11:30? In the morning? Why didn’t you wake me? And why haven’t you untied me?”

“Yes darling. It’s 11:30 in the morning. You passed out on me last night. I fucked you so hard you passed out so I decided to let you sleep in. Don’t worry. I called your office and told them you were feeling ill today.”

“You did what?”

“I gave them the day off too. Now you don’t have to worry about me using discretion with Raphael at your building.”

“Suzanne come on, be smart. I need those people working. We have bills to pay.”

“Relax darling. It’s just one day. They’ll be back to work tomorrow and so will you.”

“Please untie me Suzanne. I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Nice try.”

“I’m serious. I feel like I’m about to burst.”

She stared at me and held her lips together. “I can’t hold it any longer.”

“Oh yes you can” she said.

“No…I don’t think I can” I said and then my fountain of yellow began. It shot up high, arced toward the door and fell onto the carpet.

“Jesus Bob Wilson! You are incredulous. I can’t believe you just did that.”

Once it started I had no way to stop it and simply let it flow until the last trickles dripped down the side of my cock and landing in a pool between my legs.

“You didn’t give me any choice Suzanne. Now come on. Please untie me. I still have to take a dump and things will be a lot worse if that happens while I’m in this bed.”

“I tell you what” she began and lifted the scissors she left on the bed side table the evening before. “I’ll cut the rope on your right wrist and you can untie yourself from there.”

“Why can’t you just cut them all off?”

“I don’t want you to stop me from going to meet Raphael.”

“I asked for this didn’t I?” I asked feeling a moment of clarity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32