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From the pen of G

One Saturday night we were watching some fairly awful film, K can usually watch any old rubbish but even she was getting bored. She was laid across me so I just started absent mindedly rubbing her shoulders then neck. That neck rub led to me leaning down and kissing her neck.

I lent down to just give her a peck on the lips but before I realized what was happening, her tongue was stretching its way down my throat. Usually K isn’t assertive at all so this was a very nice surprise, and then things got even more shocking as she grabbed my cock through my shorts and started to softly rub up and down.

We shifted so we were both sat upright, her hand hadn’t left my cock but now I could slide my hand up her shorts and very quickly my finger was rubbing the crease of her pussy, right through her panties. She was damp and that increased quickly as the kissing got mire urgent and the aroma of her sex began to fill the room.

She slid her hand inside my shorts, pulling them down to free my straining cock, already harder than hard and throbbing in deep anticipation. She grasped my cock hard and she started to rhythmically stroke away and I had to try my best to stop shooting my load there and then.

Suddenly she lifted herself up from the sofa and pulled her shorts and soaking panties down, dropping the shorts on the floor but holding her panties to my nose so I could deeply inhale her scent.

K has a quite well hidden clit, but she was so wet that it seemed wherever I touched her made her moan, and variety is good so when I lost track eryaman bayan escort of her clit I just went in deep and varied up the speed to tease her as much as I dare.

She stopped stroking my cock as everything but the sensations I was causing between her legs had disappeared. She smelled sweetly of pussy juice now and began making little cries from the back of her throat. With my sticky finger held tightly between her legs, she began to moan and shake.

Finally, she had to force my hand away and pull her legs up, still trembling. I asked if she was okay and she purred “Oh, yesssssss, honey.” I licked her juices greedily from my finger.

She started stroking me again and passed me her panties again so I could have another good sniff. She plucked them from my hand and wrapped them around my hard-on, rubbing rhythmically. “Cum.” She whispered. “Cum in my panties.”

She jerked faster and I was a goner. She stared in fascination as hot loads of my cream burst into the tiny cotton crotch of her thong.

After long minutes of just listening to our breathing return to normal and lots more kissing, she said, “We have to go clean up, now.” She took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom.

She pulled off her top and stood naked before me. She is slender and has average sized, but wonderful, breasts with her nipples sticking straight out. Her pussy is totally bald and I could see hoe wet she had gotten.

After she turned on the shower and climbed in she beckoned me to join her. I stepped into the stall and our tongues met again, long escort etimesgut and deep, back and forth. Under the warm water, I held her as close as I could, my hands clasping her tight butt cheeks. She moaned as I nibbled on her neck. “I have to feel you inside me.”

I can fuck in the shower but have never managed to cum, the water seems to confuse things for me! So we exited the shower and she turned to kneel before me, taking the tip of my ever-hard dick into her mouth, licking swiftly and wetly. After a few moments she rose to her feet, leaving a trail of wetness between her lips and my cock and playfully stuck her tongue in my mouth, allowing me to taste myself.

She bent right over the edge of the sink, wiggling her butt up at me with a smile. “Come on,” she pleaded. “I know you want it.” I reached under her and fingered her cunt which was still soaked. I slid in a second finger without any effort so went to add a third, that was a tight fit but finally, I had three fingers pistoning in and out of her gorgeous hole.

“Now, fuck me” she demanded, and always one to react well to a instructions I put the head of my cock at the entrance to her cunt and pushed. She pushed back too so very quickly I deeply inside her and she gave out a grunt. In the mirror, I saw her eyes widen a little as I held her hips to stay balls deep inside her. She tried to move forward but I held her tight, frustrating her.

Then all of a sudden I released my grip and pulled back, then rammed her hard, in and out as she began a non-stop moaning. After only elvankent escort a minute, though, the excitement had me ready and I told her I was going to cum, she grabbed my cock from down between her legs and felt as I pulsed and filled her with what felt like a record breaking load!

In the morning I woke up and K wasn’t in bed, I went into the kitchen and she was making coffee wearing a a vest and panties “Last night was amazing baby, you were so demanding!” I told her and I wrapped my arms around her whilst she poured the coffee.

I was hard and my fingers found themselves between her legs and curled against her mound. She opened her legs enough to allow my fingers to find their goal. She was already wet so they slid in easily. Her thighs tightened and she began to shake almost immediately as I teased her clit. After just a minute, she had to grab the worktop to steady herself as she early collapsed on the floor.

“I know what I want for breakfast'” I said playfully. I pulled down her panties and had her bend over so I could lick her pussy from behind, while my nose tickled her ass.

“Fuck me now!” she growled forcefully. She bent over and spread her cheeks. I positioned my hard-on at her tight but welcoming slit and again slid it in from behind. I grabbed her breasts and pushed in and out. She more than kept pace, wiggling her butt back and forth at me as her fingers frigged her clit.

“Oh my God….uuuuungh! Oh my God, yesss!! Ffffffuck me! I’m….uhhh…. I’m….awwwwwwwww, shit, YES!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!!!! Awwwww…… Oh…. my…. Gawd!”

I turned her around and lifted her onto the worktop, she spread her legs apart and I slipped back inside her welcoming hole. We kissed deeply and she wrapped her legs around me to hold me close to her and we gently rocked together until I came deep inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32