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Ch. 3 Fin and Chad team up

This is the continuation of the story of Fin and Travis – Travis and Jessica attempt to conceive a child while Fin and Chad following up their feelings.

The previous history can be read in Fin and Travis & Fin and Travis Ch. 2

Fin and Chad were in the bedroom and had slowly undressed each other. Chad couldn’t get over how beautiful Fin was. He had not really taken that much notice of her body previously, as she was a good as a mother-in-law, even though not married to Travis.

He traced the curves of her breast until he came to her breasts. She watched him as he gently twisted and twirled the nipples and shivered at the sensation that was starting to build in her body. She started to tingle between the legs, and began to feel a wetness form at the junction of her thighs. Their lips met and he slid his arms around her waist and grazed the sides of her breasts with his hands. She placed her arms around his neck and pulled him towards her, pressing her body to his.

Chad pulled back and just gazed at her in wonder. Fin started to undo his shirt and remove it, then bent to undo the zip of his jeans and ease them down his legs, until he stood in just his briefs and socks.

Now, Chad had the body of someone who had worked outdoors all his working life. He stood about 6’2″ with broad shoulders and a body that tapered down to slim hips. His skin was a dark bronze from all his outdoor activities but anything that had been covered was a lighter tan. He had gray eyes with shots of gold flashing through them casino şirketleri when he smiled, and a full head of dark brown hair with highlights of red shafting through it.

“Fin, you are so lovely,” he sighed. I never thought that we would ever be on the brink of making love like this.”

She slipped one hand down to his chest and started to slide his boxers down his muscular legs. She leant back to survey the package that was in front of her face, just inches from her mouth…….Fin thought to herself, “what a wonderful exchange this is.” Even though Travis was about seven and a half inches and quite thick, this stiff rod in front of her was not only longer but very firm and a lot younger.

“I think I am going to love this interlude, so let’s get busy and enjoy our opportunities, Chad.”

“Just because we can’t make babies, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, does it?”

Chad lay her back on the bed and proceeded to slowly kiss her from her forehead down her neck and breasts, caressing the nipples softly. She had a burning heat within her begging for some satisfaction.

She slipped his boxers down his legs and allowed his penis to spring free, and his full balls hanging down behind his cock. Fin took his cock in hand and pulled him towards the bed. He was so rock hard that he could barely contain himself. She bent her head downwards and gently licked the tip of his manhood, then slid her lips slowly up and down that magnificent shaft. He felt tingly all over as she did this, but lay back and enjoyed it for about 10 minutes. He casino firmaları felt himself starting to roil inside his balls and pulled her head from his rod.

“I don’t want to cum until I can give you something, as well,” said Chad.

He then slid down the bed and knelt between her legs and proceeded to lick up and down her upper, inner thighs. His tongue teased the lips of her pussy and he was quite content to lie there and enjoy the tasty feast that was in front of him. He continued to use his finger and his tongue on the labia lips and watched her squirm with every touch.

He eventually worked his tongue up to the hood that covered her clit, and gently lifted it. He then laved and tickled her, and decided to add a little spice to the action. He inched his index finger into her slit, still licking her clit. He began to play with her pussy by forcing his finger in and out of her sex hole, and still eating her pussy and clit. He was sending waves of heat and desire throughout her whole body.

“Oh Chad, fuck me, please fuck me. I don’t think I can take any more of this. I need to feel you inside me.”

As much as she begged him, he continued to flick his tongue over her clit, keeping her on the verge but never pushing her over the top. Keeping one hand on her pussy he worked his way back up to her lips and kissed her. She moved and twisted beneath him.

Fin immediately flipped him over onto his back and grabbed his cock. She then straddled him and teased him by rubbing his length along her warm, wet slit. She then very slowly güvenilir casino lowered herself down onto that great length of manhood until it was fully inside her love hole.

She sat there so that she could settle comfortably on his iron rod, as it was so much bigger than anything she had every had before. Then she started to rock back and forth with both hands on his chest. At the same time, Chad brought his hands up to her breast and started to massage her nipples. As the pressure became more insistent, it drove her closer to her orgasm. She want so much to cum over that hard shaft that was buried deep inside her.

As she was rocking, Chad’s pubic hair rubbed on her clit and this made her all the more horny. They could both sense that the other was close and they both exploded at the same time.

After such an intense wave of pleasure, they both looked at each other in amazement and came together and kissed.

She collapsed on his chest and bought her breathing back to normal.

“That was so wonderful, Chad. I haven’t cum like that since my first few times with Travis.”

Chad was still rock hard and even though he had just finished, he was ready to go again. He pulled Fin back down onto his had cock and began to slide her pussy in and out of her. He started to fuck her hard and it wasn’t long before Fin felt another orgasm on the way. She let it loose and soaked his shaft with her cum.

“I think we need to take a shower, baby, and maybe had a bit of a rest. What do you say. After all, I am not as young as I used to be,” she chuckled.

I don’t know if I will continue with Chad and Fin – what do my readers think. Do I make them lovers from now on????

You know how to let me know – give me your votes and your opinions – either on site or private email OK.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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