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It started with a single assignment.

I’m Calvin Rogers, a newspaper reporter. (Yes, newspapers do still exist.) At age 26, I’m what you would call a “cub reporter”, so of course, I got the assignment to go undercover in the local high school as a student. I had my beard and mustache permanently removed (I never liked the feel of facial hair anyway), and with the permission of the school district, was put in at the start of the second semester as a “transfer student”. I was to remain embedded for one semester, “graduate”, and then publish my story. There had been rumors floating around of a pact between some female students to all get pregnant together, but they wouldn’t talk to any adults or authorities about it, for obvious reasons.

Without the facial hair, I could easily pass as a student. In fact, people assumed I was lying when I told them I was a senior – they said I had to be a freshman or a sophomore. I pointed out I was taking senior-level classes with other seniors, and they said, “Okay, so you’re a very smart freshman or sophomore.” My brown hair is short and straight, and I have brown eyes and an unremarkable body. Not fat, not skinny, not particularly muscular. I’m of average height and have no tattoos or scars. Even my cock is average – six inches long and neither Coke-bottle thick or pencil-thin. In short, I’m perfect for blending into the background.

I did everything I could to stay that way. I was always polite to everybody, both students and teachers, participated in class the usual amount, did all my homework and turned it in along with the other students in class, and at lunch I would mostly listen, but would speak when spoken to and occasionally make a remark to contribute to the conversation. The kids were very much like the ones I had actually attended high school with eight years before, when I was a senior at the school on the opposite end of town. They talked about cars and dating and the upcoming Senior Prom and graduating and what they were going to do with their lives after high school.

And for four months, things went like this. It was mid-May and I was thinking I just had 3 more weeks to go until the graduation ceremony, when I finally did something that drew attention to myself. At lunch, I was sitting at a table with three other boys and four girls, all seniors, when a known bully stalked over to one of the girls. Tess was a quiet, plump blonde whose 18th birthday had come and gone the month before. She wasn’t a particularly social type, but had a few friends and was looking forward to graduating. Like me, she tried not to make waves. Personally, I thought she looked rather nice: I’ve always been more a fan of the curvy, voluptuous female body type, and Tess had curves in abundance. Plenty of chest, nicely rounded rear, and strong legs. But apparently the bully wasn’t a fan of that body shape.

“Hey, fatso!” He grabbed ahold of Tess’s shoulder. She ignored him and continued eating. That seemed to upset him.

“I’m talking to you, Two-Ton!” He smacked her on the cheek, trying to get her attention. Again, she focused on her sandwich.

“Don’t you ignore me, whale!”

I’d had enough. I have zero patience with bullying. I stood up and drew myself up to my full height, glaring at the bully.

“Go away and leave her the hell alone, jerk.”

“I wasn’t talking to you.”

I walked around to the other side of the table and grabbed the asshole by the shirt collar. I am not a particularly large person, but my anger, on those rare occasions where it comes out, makes me a scary one. I locked eyes with the fuckhead and could see him wilt.

“Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear.” I gave him a death glare. “Go. The. Fuck. Away.” I paused for emphasis. “NOW.”

I let go of his shirt, and he scuttled off. I sat back down to finish my lunch.

Tess gave me a big smile. “Thanks, Calvin.”

I shrugged. “It was nothing.”

“No, it was definitely something,” Tess insisted. “Hey, I know how I can thank you. Do you have a date for the Senior Prom?”

“I do not.”

“Neither do I. Would you like to be my date?”

“I’d love to, but I need to get permission from your parents first.”

“Aw, aren’t you old fashioned. My dad passed away when bursa escort I was young, but he left a comfortable sum for Mom.”

“I’m sorry, Tess.”

“I miss him, but I’m over it. Anyway, walk me home this afternoon.”

On the walk to her house, Tess made it quite clear that she would be expecting me to do more than just dance with her when Prom Night arrived. That put me in a very awkward spot. I kept my end of the conversation up, and soon enough, we were at her house.

Tess introduced me to her mom, Brenda. I could see where Tess got her build from, as Brenda had the same body shape as her daughter. I asked Tess if I could speak to Brenda in private.

I laid out for Brenda the actual facts. I then asked what I should do about Tess’s obvious wish to have sex.

“Bring her back here, and let her have her way with you, but be responsible,” Brenda told me.

“And what about afterwards? What if she wants a relationship with someone she thinks is a fellow high school student who is graduating? I am unattached, and we are both of age, but she’s going to find out the truth when my article is published two days after Prom Night.”

“If she wants a relationship, would you be interested?”

“Of course I would. She’s a nice girl.”

“Then there isn’t a problem. Thanks for talking about all this with me in advance.”

“You’re welcome.”

I exited Brenda’s room and told Tess that her mom had approved of me being her date for the prom. Tess smiled and gave me a quick kiss before walking me back to the door. “See you tomorrow, Calvin.”

The next day, I purchased two tickets for the Prom Night dance. Tess and I ate lunch sitting next to each other and holding hands. We did high-school-couple things for the rest of the semester, and when the bully came over at lunch again I loudly thanked him for being such a jerk, as it let me win over Tess. He scowled and stomped off.

The way the school rules worked, Graduation Day was the day before Prom Night. The reason being that the prom was only for seniors in “good standing”, which meant ones that had successfully graduated. So on the first Friday of June, I found myself walking across a stage to collect a high school diploma, for the second time. I found it funny that someone who already had a college degree in journalism was collecting a high school diploma, but managed not to laugh. I figured the fact I was smiling could be explained as happiness: there were plenty of newly minted high school graduates who smiled as they walked on the stage.

I submitted the article, which was to be published on Monday. (Only 12 girls were involved, all graduating seniors, and all of them had waited to have sex until both they and their boyfriends had turned 18, so it wasn’t as bad as the rumors had made it seem. Still, it was newsworthy. I didn’t name the girls in the article, but I informed the school district of their identities.) Then I took the rest of the Friday to relax.

The next day, I drove over in my 15-year-old car, the one my parents had bought for me (and it had 80,000 miles on it then) when I actually had been in high school, to Tess’s house. I was wearing my nicest set of clothes: Tess emerged wearing a lovely purple dress. One that, as it turns out, belonged to Brenda. The same one Brenda had worn to her own senior prom.

We ate dinner at a sit-down restaurant that served good, reasonably priced Italian food, headed to the prom, and spent two hours on the dance floor and refreshing ourselves at the snack table. At 9 p.m., Tess asked me to take her somewhere we could get it on.

“Your mom said under those circumstances, to take you back home and join you in your bedroom,” I told Tess.

“You discussed THAT with her?”

“You made it clear what you wanted, and I felt I should get parental approval. The last thing we need is her getting upset with either me or you and telling us we have to break up.”

“Point taken.”

Brenda gave us a smile and a wink when we arrived. After pit stops, I escorted Tess to her bedroom and started to remove the condom from my pocket.

“That won’t be necessary,” Tess giggled. She showed me the instructions for the five-year shot and the place she’d been injected the bursa escort bayan week before.

I smiled at her. “Smart girl.”

We removed our clothes. I folded mine and stacked them on the dresser, while Tess hung her dress in the closet and tossed her bra and panties into the laundry basket. We climbed onto her bed.

“I want this to be a night you’ll always remember, for all the right reasons,” I told Tess. “So I’ll let you lead.”

“But I’ve never done anything sexual before,” Tess objected. “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“I think it’s usual to start by kissing.”

I wrapped my arms around Tess’s large, soft body, moved my face next to hers, and she put her lips against my lips. After a couple of gentle, closed-mouth kisses, Tess opened her mouth, I opened mine, and we clumsily stuck our tongues together. After a couple minutes and two breaks to breathe, Tess managed to properly twine her tongue with mine. When we broke for air after that, she spoke.

“I liked that.”

“I’m glad. You’re beautiful, you know.”

“Me? That’s the first time a boy has ever called me beautiful.”

“If you want, I can kiss you somewhere else. Like your chest.”

“Sure, Calvin.”

I slowly kissed downwards, nibbling Tess’s neck and making her moan before proceeding to her chest. I kissed through her cleavage, taking my time and teasing her skin with the tip of my tongue. Then I kissed up her breast to her nipple, opened my mouth, and began gently suckling.

“Mmmmm,” Tess whispered. “Keep doing that.”

I caressed her big, soft breasts as I suckled. We had somehow ended up with Tess lying half on top of me. I switched my mouth to her other nipple, then began alternating between them. Tess pressed herself against me.

“That feels nice.”

I merely kept suckling. My hands found Tess’s large rear and I lightly groped her. Tess didn’t object, so I continued to kiss and suck her breasts. She shivered with excitement.

“Is all kissing this good?”

“I can kiss somewhere that’ll make you feel even better,” I told her.

“Really? Do it then. I like how you make me feel.”

I removed my mouth from her chest, got her over onto her back, spread her legs, and kissed along her slit. She was already quite wet.

“Ready, Tess?”


I licked up her juices, then moved my tongue to her clit. As I gently circled it. Tess gasped and shuddered. I flickered the tip of my tongue lightly over it, and she reflexively wrapped her legs around my head. I wrapped my arms around her frame and kept licking. Tess was now trying to grind herself against my face.

I licked lightly but quickly. Tess let out a primal roar as a gusher of nectar squirted onto my neck and chin. She clamped her legs so tightly around me that I thought I could feel my skull being compressed. She thrashed violently for a few seconds before her body relaxed.

I wanted more, so I moved my tongue to her folds and slipped inside. Tess reached her hands down to secure my face in place as I lapped at her. She squirmed and gasped as I thirstily slurped up every drop of her honey I could get. She pressed herself more closely against me, and I pulled her more tightly into my grasp.

After a couple more minutes, she rewarded me with another gush of ambrosia, and this time I was in a position to swallow down more of it. After her body stopped quivering and her legs relaxed, I popped my head up and gave her a smile.

“That was wonderful, Tess. Thanks.”

“I should be thanking you, Calvin. What now?”

“It’s your special night, sweetie. What do you want?”

“I want to not be a virgin anymore.” She stared at my stiff cock. “Looks like that’ll fit nicely.”

“Then let me just get like so…”

I lay on my back, with my rod pointing straight up.

“…and you can ride me. It’ll hurt when your hymen breaks, but afterwards it should feel good.”

“Okay, sounds fine.”

I helped Tess position herself properly, and warned her to go slowly. She carefully lowered her pussy downwards. I could feel resistance building. Then, impatient, Tess suddenly dropped herself downwards.


“Hold still, sweetie. I told you to not rush it.”

“I know, escort bursa but…”

“Just relax. Let your body adjust.”

I calmed Tess down by leaning her torso forward so I could kiss her. We did three complete tongue-kisses, pausing to breathe between them, before I felt she was ready to start moving up and down.

“Slowly,” I reminded her. “And if anything doesn’t feel right, stop. The idea is to make happy memories of tonight.”

I put my hands on her hips, and she put hers on my chest to aid with balance. I helped her establish a very slow rhythm, up, down, up, down. The expression on her face turned back into a smile.

“Faster, please,” Tess purred. I bounced her with a bit more rapidity, though still not in a frantic rush. She shivered as her body started tensing up. I knew what that meant, and began moving my own hips, gently, to match her bouncing. Her very tight box clamped around my pole as she came yet again.

When she regained control of her body, she pressed more firmly on my chest and began moving faster. I matched the pace of my hips to hers. Tess was now grinning as she started using her internal muscles on me. I made responsive noises. She would get more skilled over time, but the fact she had picked that trick up already was impressive. Tess leaned forward so her tits were jiggling in front of my face. I lifted my head and put it between them, right as she climaxed again. This one set me off as well.

Tess collapsed onto me. When we got our breath back, I moved her gently to the side and pivoted so I could look her in the eyes.

“I hope you had a lovely prom night, Tess.”

“I did. Thank you for everything, Calvin.”

“You’re welcome.”

We shifted out positions so we could snuggle. It was only then that I noticed Brenda leaning against the wall, quietly watching. I nudged Tess.

“Mom? How long were you here?”

“Ever since you got on the bed. You left your door wide open, so I figured it was OK to come in. I’ll respect a closed door.”

Tess giggled. “Whoopsie.”

Brenda smiled, left, and closed the door behind her. I took that moment, while Tess was still basking in the afterglow, to let her know the full truth.

Tess took it well. “I do want a relationship with you. You can work while I go to college, and then we’ll see what happens from there.”

“Okay, dear.”

The next morning, after we did our morning routine, Tess remembered to close the door when we got back in bed.

“I could feel you squirt in me last night. But I want to see it.”


Tess used her thick fingers to tease my cock to full hardness, then wrapped her hand around it.

“What do I do now?”

“Slowly move your hand up and down.”

Tess did as I suggested. I made approving sounds. She stared with curiosity at the head of my pole as it started to turn red. Then she rubbed it with her thumb, and my hips bucked.

“Huh.” Tess stopped moving her hand for an instant and just rubbed the head. I moaned as she did so. She resumed stroking me, and my breathing started to deepen.

“It’s throbbing,” Tess observed. I grunted as she continued to stroke me. My cock was beginning to pulse with excitement. She reached her other hand down and rubbed her thick fingers against my balls. That made me gasp.

“You like that.” It was a statement, not a question. I nodded. Tess continued rubbing my balls, and my cock twitched with more intensity. She sped up the motion of her hand, and I could feel myself getting close. I grunted to let her know. She locked her eyes on my dick as she jerked it and rubbed my balls. With a gasp, I began spurting. There wasn’t a huge amount, because she had drained me pretty well the night before, but there was enough for her to get a good look. It landed on my belly and she got some on her hand.

“Thanks, Tess,” I said when I was able to speak.

“You’re welcome.”

She grabbed a hand towel and cleaned my cum off my skin and her hand. Then we took showers (separately) and got dressed.

We had lunch with Brenda also present, and I asked Tess what she wanted to do about the future. She decided to spend the summer with me, and if we got along, to live with me while she attended college. Brenda thought those plans were sensible.

Brenda helped move Tess’s stuff to my place last week. Tess’s first day of college is tomorrow. She has told me she wants to study journalism. I think I’ve rubbed off on her…

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