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Chapter Two: My First Date

Colleen was the prettiest woman I had ever seen, a real knock-out. She had big brown eyes, pug nose and tiny mouth with plush lips. Her lips, as well as her nails, were always bright red. Her face was framed with thick golden hair she wore in a rather wild style. Her skin was soft, creamy and fair, with few freckles. Her complexion was clear and glowing with vitality. She had a figure that compelled perverts and introverts to act out their fantasies on the spot. It kept me excited and more.

I would come to appreciate more every day, how perfectly shaped Colleen was and how well cared for. I would find her body always available to me and always on display. It attracted men like magnates do metal, like candle light do moths. It was young, firm and breathtaking. It was meant to be treated with love, petted and cuddled constantly. It was created to carry feminine adornment and take sexual abuse. It was meant for the cruelest dreams of the most perverted. It was shapely and round all over, the most stimulating object I’d ever beheld outside of a dirty magazine. I figured to be dreaming where I spend most my time, and I didn’t wish to wake up. I never could separate dreams from reality anyway.

I felt as if we were expected from the moment we entered the restaurant. Colleen took my hand and guided me through a thin crowd of mostly men. They turned toward her as we passed and all sported grins most devious. She was squeezed into a tiny dress that purposely accented her voluptuous figure, in the most provocative way. It was the color of a clear winter sky at noon and fit her body like a coat of paint, water colors. She was without bra and walked with her chest out, her bosom in the air. She was very proud of her bust, quite presumptuous and brazen as hell. Her breasts stuck out a foot from her body and were crowned with large aureole, capped with thick nipples. Like everyone else, I couldn’t help staring, though I didn’t like being caught. The nipples were not only thick, but hard and very long. So long in fact, they threatened to burst through the flimsy material.

Colleen allowed her breasts to brush and bump against men as we moved. I could have sworn to have seen men grab them as we passed. Other women were openly perturbed and did little to disguise their hatred. Here was a woman torn from the pages of a naughty magazine, a vixen, lewd and lovable, turning the heads of their men. She was ogled openly by every guy in the place and I could tell she reveled in the admiration. The men made plenty of crude comments and bold advances Colleen really enjoyed. She led me to a booth in a darkened corner and pushed çankaya escort me into the seat. Then she followed me in and I was cornered, treed, trapped. She pushed me back as far as she could and pushed against me. Two drinks arrived with a smiling waitress, who promptly disappeared. Colleen picked up her glass and I followed suit. She tapped them together.

“Salute,” she said. She took a drink and I followed suit. I choked on the first sip.


“Bourbon. It’s bourbon and you’ll get to like it. Now finish that one and have another,” Colleen coaxed with words and tacit sensations. I’d never say ‘no’ to Colleen and it didn’t take long to finish another. I forgot about my mom.

I was drunk for the first time in my life and loved it. I was sitting with the prettiest woman I’d ever seen. I felt like a king with Colleen as queen, the luckiest man on earth and I felt like another drink. I was also more nervous then I’d ever been and could only bring myself to glance at Colleen once in awhile. When I found her looking away, I stared till it hurt, or until caught. I struggled to etch her features into my memory as I could. Never had my penis been so aroused and he was making things most uncomfortable. Colleen talked with me and asked questions I felt obligated to answer.

“Do I excite you,” Colleen asked in a whisper. She talked softly and consequently moved closer and closer. I couldn’t collect thoughts, my brow was beaded in sweat and I was trembling noticeably. Every word I uttered came out in a stammering gobbledygook even I couldn’t understand. Colleen didn’t seem to care and while she talked, rubbed her breasts on my arm quite nonchalantly. I ogled the orbs whenever the opportunity arose and Colleen made sure it was often. They were larger up close, rounder and definitely firm. I melted to their touch and leaned into them timidly. A nipple sent shivers up and down my body whenever one scraped my arm. I glanced down at myself and found the front of my trousers developing a wet spot. It was awfully embarrassing but Colleen didn’t seem to notice or care.

“Yea,” I muttered in a bourbon slur. She turned into me and caught my arm between her breasts. My arm disappeared between the two most beautiful things on earth and I almost shot my load. My limb ignited, exploded along with my mind and libido. I caught my breath, blushed bright red and broke out in a sweat that dribbled. I was trembling and wanted to wipe my brow, or move in some way, but couldn’t. I couldn’t move yet I was moving all over. I didn’t blink or even look up and kept my hands on the table grasping the edge.

“I çankırı escort like you and I know what you need,” Colleen blew into my ear. The words came on the winds of her hot breath and she placed her hand on my thigh. Her hand was red-hot and burned through my trouser material. My breathing became labored as I looked into my lap and almost fainted. I saw her fingers near my expanding wet spot and panicked. The tip of the longest finger actually waded in the wet as its nail scrapped the length of my throbbing hard-on. I almost lost it and jumped up to run away, but I was trapped. I became delirious, bit my lip nervously and considered excusing myself, but her hand held me in place. She took a serious scan of the area and wiggled even closer.

“Ah…,” I began to say as the hand stirred and her fingers crawled onto my penis. Like ants onto a dying worm they swarmed with intent. I had never felt anything like it in my life. It was a feeling beyond description.

“Shhh, no ones around, no one is looking,” she said for encouragement. It took me a second to figure out what she meant. Then her fingers and hand attacked my boner with zeal. I grabbed at the tables edge till my knuckles were white.

“…Ah,” I sputtered. I looked at her smiling face, into her wicked brown eye’s and became dizzy. My brain was caught in the twin tornadoes of anticipation and bewilderment. This doesn’t happen to me and never has, because mom said it never would. My mouth was agape and my eye’s retreated to the arena of my lap. Somewhere ancient worlds collided as new life erupted within me. Antiquated fears were swept aside and the new world flooded in.

“Just relax and enjoy this,” she whispered as she went to work. I watched her hand stroke my hard-on until ejaculation was eminent, then I closed my eye’s tight and prayed. My body tensed and my pelvis jumped, sending my penis against the hand. As she stoked the fires of my furnace I surrendered little noises along with my seamen.

“Oh…oh…oh,” I moaned incoherently. I gasped with each ejaculation, with each explosion that emptied sperm into my fruit of the Loom’s. Colleen babbled into my ear quietly, romantically, and her hand continued pumping.

“Shhhh, let me have it all big boy. Come on, give it to Colleen,” she cooed and coaxed with words, as well as action. She pressed her warm moist lips against my ear and I grasped the tables edge to keep from falling over.

“Ohhhh, ah,” I continued without control. I was on a spiraling roller coaster traveling over and over and round and round. I zoomed up, up and up, then down, down and down. Colleen’s tongue squished into çayyolu escort my ear and I shivered as her hand milked my penis dry. Soon I was humping the hand openly and didn’t care who noticed.

“Ohhh, good job. Cum on big man, dance for me,” Colleen continued. Her fingers knew just how to play me. I was in heaven, in a dream, on cloud nine and didn’t want to fall back to earth.

“Ah, mmmuuuh.” I kept my eye’s shut as my penis pumped and surged until spent.

“That’s the way,” Colleen said while finishing me off. She knew when to stop and how to rest her fingers along the length of my organ. She waited for me to subside and then continued. She grabbed my shriveling penis and squished it around in the sperm that filled my underwear. She continued riding her breasts on my arm and whispering in my ear. The front of my trousers was sopping wet and the spot was spreading quickly. I was slowly coming around and beginning to wonder what it was I should do. Colleen had all the answers. Another drink awaited me and her sticky fingers went back to work.

“Ah ,my…I,” I began to sputter while regaining my senses. Her fingers were already arousing me once more and I couldn’t fight it. I didn’t want to fight or resist this woman, so I let her have her way with me. I was a little more relaxed now, just a little, but suddenly more self-conscious. I looked around and saw nothing amiss, no one staring, no gawkers and sighed with relief. I was the happiest man on earth, if only it would last.

“Oh my, such a man,” Colleen said in quiet words that pumped up my ego with my penis. “I like you a lot and want to get to know you better.”

“I, er…,” I said, not knowing what to say. I relaxed my grip of the tables edge and took a normal breath. Colleen’s hand was now wet as my trouser fronts and she’d gathered up enough material to get her hand around me. She used long strokes then and my penis was hard in no time. It took a little longer, but she jerked me off successfully and my underwear got fuller. It almost felt as though I peed in my pants, but it was too thick and gooey.

“My, my you have a lot of sperm in those balls of yours,” Colleen said, once again fisting my penis into hardness. “I’d sure like to see them,” she continued. Her fingers searched for and found my testicles easily enough. Then she sought to wrap her hand around them, but the material made it impossible. This caused Colleen to become a little rough and me to squirm.

“Ow,” I squeaked, when Colleen finally caught one testicle between her thumb and a few fingers. She smiled and shushed me.

“Oh god yes, I must see these gems. If they’re as nice as this one feels, I’m the luckiest woman on the planet,” Colleen said. I looked up at her with a shocked expression on my face and fell into her deep brown eye’s. I was drowning and grasping the words she threw me. I was shivering to her impish smile and nodded. Time to go home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32