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First Time Ch. 03 – The Girlie Bar

After dinner, we took a taxi to Uncle Jake’s favourite bar in Tanjong Katong Road. On our arrival, Lek, a fellow hawker friend of Jake was waiting anxiously for us at the entrance of the establishment. Both Lek and Jake were obviously well associated with the Golden Bar for they were immediately identified by the chief bouncer and escorted to a quiet corner.

The whole establishment occupied about one thousand square feet of floor space. It was unlighted except for the incandescent lamps at the main bar counter. The whole interior was tinged with the acrid odour of beer. The interior lay out consisted of shoulder height partitions creating a series of private cubicles for the bargirls to entertain their clients.

“Boss Jake, it’s been a fortnight since your last visit. Shall I invite Ah Ying to open the table for you?”

“Yes, Ah Ying will do. And also invite Sally and Annie to join us?”

“Number 2, Ah Ying come to table 2.” The chief bouncer announced in the darkness of the air-conditioned bar.

“Coming.” A lady responded from one of the cubicle and in the twinkling of an eye, a young girl of about twenty-three appeared at our table.

“Tai Siu (boss), how pleased I am to see you.” Ying began her routine compliments. In the darkness of the night, I could make out her outline. She was a smallish built girl with a small bodily frame. Her facial features were nothing extraordinary, but she indeed carried with her the sweetness of youth which had made her the ‘hong pai’ or favourite escort of the establishment.

“Ying, I want you to meet my friend Robert. He is young and I want you to teach him about the facts of life. He know Lek of course.” Jake responded to her courtesy.

“Oh, it’s so nice to see someone so young and so handsome in this place. Not like you dirty-minded people who only want young chicken all the time. Let me sit next to Robert.” She grinned in her most sexy mannerism.

“You don’t know this friend of mine. Wait till you feel his cock and you will know that he is not that young there, you silly ‘hai’ (cunt).” Lek responded with the swearing which is the standard lingua franca in this establishment.

“Good, it’s not often that I can enjoy a virgin male who can stuffed me to the limit to satisfy my pussy. You old cocks are so worn out by use that there is little energy left to make it a lady pleaser. What drinks do you want to order?”

“Two large Anchor (beer) to start with. Lek do you want something stronger?” Jake asked.

“Anchor will do. If she is good to us, then we can go for a Hennessy later. Otherwise we will stick to beer. And reminded the bouncer to call Annie and Sally over.”

“Will do.” Ying left the table and went to the serving order to fetch the two bottles of beer. She returned with a container of ice, four glasses and two plates of tit bits together with the beer. While she was serving the beer, footsteps were heard at the entrance to the cubicle and two middle age ladies appeared.

“It’s you ‘Tai Siu’. How nice to see you, and Lek. I am Sally.” The first ladies stretched out her hand to shake as she made her introduction and went on to sit besides Lek.

“This is Robert and that is Annie. Annie, come over and sit next to me.” Jake ordered and the lady lost no time to plant her oversized buttock on the seat between Jake and me. She was large compared to Ying and she reminded me of the oversized hawkers’ wives in Chinatown who were rough and tough. Her belly bulged from her ill-fitting dress while her large thighs were grotesque to the extreme. She was fat and her heavy bosoms were heaving as she excitedly tried to plant a peck on Jake’s cheek. I could not believe that she was the thirty year old woman that Jake made her out to be, but given her deficiency of sexy attributes, she tried her level best to compensate for her lack of physical charm by bringing her hands to feel the bulge between Jake’s legs.

In the meantime, Ying had finished serving the drinks and was sitting placidly by my side next to the partition wall. We took our first gulp of beer and the conversation began to flow from the ladies lips.

“Oh, he has a really hard one tonight.” Annie commented as she unzipped Jake’s fly to reach into the organ within. “What a size and so ready for a fuck. I am clean tonight and I can serve you.” She continued.

Jake was not slow in responding in kind by lifting her skirt and caressing her waiting pussy, which was well hidden by her oversized white panty. As I was learning to adapt to the environment, I found that Lek was equally occupied with the plaything by his side and she was breathing heavily as his fingers found the hole within her pulsating snatch. I found the whole scene highly charged and as I sat there in my shyness, Ying came to the rescue by striking up a conversation.

“These dirty old men are always like that. That’s the fun they get in this place and we are always happy to be touched and felt if the tips are generous. escort kocaeli This must be the first time for you in a bar.” She asked in a mocking manner.

“Yes, the first time with Jake and Lek. It’s so interesting. I have always wondered what goes on behind the walls of a bar and here I am seeing it at first hand.”

“Well, you should not be shy when you come to such places. The girls here are all so friendly and willing to teach. Especially to a virgin, like you. I won’t charge a young chicken for a screwing session. Come, feel my breast and let me see what you have between the legs. Uch! It’s big and hard like he said. “ She lifted my hand and guided it to her bosom. It was not big, but I could sense from the heaving in her chest that she was also interested for me to go further. But I had never undo a woman’s dress before and it seemed so complicated as there were no buttons to allow me access. Surely Ying would not allow me to divest her of her blouse from the bottom to gain access to her tits. Or should I try the top approach and feel her from the neck downwards. Ying could see that I was a complete green horn and she was getting impatient with my novice approach, which was getting nowhere.

“Put it inside her blouse from below, Robert, and squeeze it like an apple.” Jake gave his expert advice as he was also feeling the effects of the oral administration, which Annie was administering to his randy cock. I lost no time to do as he commanded and I found that Ying was most obliging to let me feel the shape of her breasts beneath her brassiere. Jake then tried to touch her left breast, but she immediately pushed his hands away while she brought her face towards me and began a most sexy kiss on the lips.

While we were totally engrossed with our respective partners in heavy petting, and Ying was about to unzip my trousers to feel my erect penis when suddenly a shout rang out in the room. The bouncer was calling. “Ying, table 8 and Annie table 10.” The two ladies being named got up immediately and excused themselves after making sure that their panties and brassieres were in place and went off to serve their other customers.

“This old witch I have is always so ready for a fuck. But that Ying of yours is not touchable. She is always flirting and nothing more. So don’t get too serious.” Jake commented as we resumed our drinking session. I could see that across the table, Sally had already released Lek’s hardened tool from the confines of his trousers and was very attentive to the monster which was been stroke so expertly by her wrinkled hands.

As she continued, Lek was pleading. “Put it inside your mouth, you ‘chau hai’ (smelly cunt). Don’t just tease it with your hand.” But she refused to oblige him with his wishes and instead clumsily raised her blouses to display her two drooping busts. Jake reached across the table and gave her a hard squeeze which she tried hard to fend off. She then prostrated herself and used Lek’s cock to rub against her two gigantic nipples, which were of the size of walnuts. Her actions seemed to calm Lek who was breathing heavily, but the old witch had other intentions.

“I will get it out for you for five dollars.” She made her offer.

“With your hands, no! If you use your mouth and swallow the sperm, then I will pay you five dollars.” Lek responded.

“Make it seven dollars and I will let you come inside my mouth.”

“Okay, and do it well. Don’t bite it like the last time.” Lek growled as his sense for contact with a moist hole increased.

Jake turned to me and softly added, “For seven dollars, he could poke her hole for the price. But then it’s safer with the mouth as those girls are quite unhygienic below and could cause a lot of trouble. A friend of mine was infected with ‘pak chok’ (venereal disease) by one of these girls.” Despite the less than complimentary statements being made across the table, Sally took no notice and when about enthusiastically to earn her reward.

She lost no time to swallow Lek’s rampant monster with her mouth. And as she raised and dipped her head to slide the meat shaft within her oral cavity, Lek was holding her head and trying to get her to accept all the five inches of manly tool which was at that moment in its most heightened state. He was totally oblivious to the audience across the table and was determined to stuff her orally till he had attained his orgasm. From the pace of action, it was obvious to Jake and I that the two performers were in the final stage of the act. As I glued my eyes to my first visual experience of a man having oral sex with a professional lady, Jake was nonchalant as he continued to imbibe his favourite drink.

Lek was breathing more aggressively and as he discharged his torrent of hot essence of life inside Sally’s mouth, he forced her head against his pelvis and in the process, he nearly broke her neck in his excitement. We could see that she was choked and as she raised her face with spermatic fluid dripping from her lips, she was quite a pitiful gölcük escort sight indeed. Just for the seven dollars of tip, which she had been promised. She received her payment and immediately went to the wash room to clean up the mess. There was no sense that she had enjoyed what she was doing, but for a woman of forty-five and at the end of the line in her trade, Sally certainly had to content with all the rougher elements of her trade.

It was half an hour later before Ying and Annie returned to our table to rejoin us. “Sorry, we had familiar customers and we could not come back earlier.” They offered their profuse apologies.

The evening passed quickly and other than some heavy petting with Annie and Sally exchanging partners on our side of the table, we did not accept Annie’s offer of sex. Sally, having already collected her pay from the table, did not return for the rest of the night. Another lady who was as aged joined Lek at his side, but he was too expended in his energy to be able to response to her amorous approaches and they spent the evening talking vulgarities concerning the two human sex organs. It was an education in itself to hear from them of all the many ways the human race could abuse their private possessions inside the privacy of the house.

Ying was however touched by my innocent showing and she took me to the back room and offered me a close-up view of her hairy pussy when Jake told her that I had never seen the cunt of a woman. With Jake’s encouragement, I followed her to the back room for a quick look at the feminine delights she had to offer and to advance another step in sex education by my future father-in-law.

As Ying led me to the back of the bar, she whispered her advice. “Most of the girls here are old and do not clean themselves. It’s only people like Lek who could enjoy fucking their smelly cunts. Some of the customers frequently complained about catching venereal diseases from girls in this bar and hence I must warn you to be careful since you are so inexperienced. I have a husband in Malaysia and he does not know that I am working in this line. I cannot allow myself to be contaminated, as I have to bear his children in the future. Even when I am tempted by the extra money offer, I choose my clients well and make sure that they agree to use a condom before I sell my body. With young virgins like you, I am very comfortable and I really don’t mind offering my ‘fa hai’ to you to gain experience. Maybe one day I can make you real happy with my ‘nonok’ (vulva) and I won’t charge a virgin because they are so hard to come by in the bar.”

“I am not sure about sex, but I am happy just to have a look at how a ‘fa hai’ looks like.” I answered her in return as she guided me like a long time lover with her arms round my back.

“There is a store room here. We will have the lights on and here is a torchlight, which the older girls used to allow their male customers to see their ‘chau hais’. They will charge each customer five dollars for an examination, but I am giving you for free. I am not prepared to allow everyone to look at my hairy hole. Not even if they are prepared to pay. Touch maybe, but not inside my panty and they must be prepared to give a generous tip or have invited me to open the table for them.”

I was totally unprepared for the mess of seaweed looking pubic hair that came into view when Ying removed her underwear. It was so much like my pubic thatch, but hers was so profuse and so concealing of her slit, which I assumed must be there.

“It’s very clean. Use your hand and feel it if you want, but don’t be too rough with your fingers because it’s quite sensitive.” She cautioned as I squatted down to have a better view.

I bided her command and took my left hand to rest on her private area. I knew that she would like me to stroke her pubes. With a light touch, I gently felt the profusion of pubic hair. But she had other wild ideas on her mind.

“Put your hand higher and fondle my ‘hai’ for me.”

Timidly I stretched out my fingers to bore deeper into her lower body. My palm rested squarely on her external genitalia and I commenced to massage the area with a gentle motion. It was warm and nice to the touch and I began to develop new erotic feelings within my body as a pleasant sensation permeated my wholesome body. As she breathed rapidly she urge me to press my hand closer to exert more pressure and to massage her ‘nonok’ more firmly. I could feel the area beneath the pubic hair growth separating into two large folds of flesh. I have once seen this gap in Hung’s ‘hai’ and had casually touched this area before through her panty. But this was the first time that I was having direct contact with an adult pussy and was able to smooch it so intimately. For some reasons, which I found hard to explain, my initial shyness evaporated as Ying herself was requesting me to caress her in this unusual manner.

“Am I doing it right, Ying?” I whispered. I did not dare to look her in the eyes. Something izmit sınırsız escort else between my legs was stirring.

“Yes, it makes me feel real good. Massage it faster and harder and put your middle finger between my slit.”

I did as I was told. The slit was wide open and I could place my finger there without much difficulty. I found that the area was getting wetter and that there was liquid flowing out from somewhere below the pubic fold. The whole inner part of the slit was much warmer than the outside area. I noticed then that she had a knob there. I was surprised, as it seemed to be absent when I was feeling Hung’s pubic area through her panty the last time. I withdrew my hand, but she told me to continue to rub the knob.

“Robert, you are making me so happy. My ‘chau hai’ is feeling so good. I am having a very nice feeling from your touching of this knob.” She said in a soft and sexy voice. She had her eyes half closed and was panting more heavily.

“Ying, what do you called this little thing?”

“Oh, it is called the clitoris. Every woman has it. It can be big and protrude out of the slit or be small and be hidden behind the folds. I learnt from my hubby who has better knowledge than I that it is like his little brother did. When a baby is formed, it has this little thing. When it is a male, it grows longer and becomes a doodle. Otherwise, it remains small within the fold of a girls ‘yin po’.”

“You mean it grows bigger when it is fondled by your male customers?”

“That’s right. It would swell and become bigger and erect just like your cock when my hands hand it. It also can get bigger when I rub it against the bolster or on a man’s thighs. But it is more pleasurable when handled by a male hand. Ooh… It is giving me such a nice and warm feeling all over my body. Rub it harder and move your fingers around it faster.”

What she told me was something new to me. Maybe I had not been observant when I saw Hung’s crotch in the past. Despite my timid nature, I was keen to explore Ying’s sexy slitted long bun. And for her, it must have been a thrilling experience each time to be fondled by her male customers. I was equally keen as I found that I could have pleasant feelings in my youthful body, especially in my rampant sausage, which rapidly became harder and stiffer as I learnt about the secrets of Ying’s willing pussy.

I had an intense desire to see the clitoris with my own eyes and asked Ying to shine the torch. It was hot and it seemed to be very active, as was the slit.

Ying continued to tease me by stretching her two legs apart to fully expose her ‘secret hole’. Pulling her profusion of curly hair with her right hand she ordered me to use my right hand to feel her right thigh. I commenced to stroke her smooth and warm skin, which was most pleasing to the touch. I felt so thrilled that I move it to her belly area to massage her there. She was anxious for me to continue working on her body and unashamedly acted to shift my right hand to knead her pussy while my left-hand middle fingers continued to stoke the heat in her vaginal lining. My masturbatory action caused her to heave her pelvis forwards. The warmth of her pussy seemed to increase and she was feeling the uncontrollable hot sensations creeping through her trunk from my handiwork. I was tired after working on her lower body for some twenty minutes without rest but she coaxed me to continue when I lifted my hands from her pussy.

“Robert dear, put the index finger together with the middle finger into the hole between the legs.”

“Which hole, Ying?” I whispered cheekily. I knew what she meant but I was also keen to feel her anus.

“The hole between the slit in the shoe. Not the anus.” She replied in a whisper.

I was amazed that her ‘hai’ was so dilated that she could accepted two fingers and when I added a third, she did not seemed to notice that there was one more than she requested for. Her ‘fa hai’ was indeed moist and hot on the near end, but the deeper end was dry. Yet the moment my finger penetrated her jade cavern, I found that she could grip it tight.

“Am I doing it right? Is that what you want?”

“Yes.. yes. Push it deeper. Don’t be shy. I want you to use all your strength to push it inside.”

I started to gently massage the inner walls of her ‘hai’ with my digital finger. She was relishing what I was doing to her and her contraction increased. I could feel that as I rested my thumb on her sensitive clitoris, it was also twitching.

“Yes… harder and twist it around. Use the fingertip to press against the flesh in the ‘fa hai’ and rub it harder. Pull it out halfway and push it in again and repeat the action as fast as you can.”

I started to massage her vaginal walls with twisting and in and out motion and she fancied it thoroughly. I noticed in the initial stages that the ‘hai’ was well lubricated by her slippery mucous and the orifice was sizeable enough to accommodate three fingers when I tried to insert another two. But with her growing excitement she told me to use only one finger, the longer middle finger. I noted that she would grip my finger and I felt the lining of the ‘hai’ contracting and pulsating. There was so much watery liquid coming from the hole!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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