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It’s Valentine’s Day, and Mandy had taken the day off from work without her husband, Erik, knowing. She had been planning and plotting this day for weeks. It was their first V Day as a married couple and she wanted to make it amazing–for the both of them.

Last weekend, she told the hubby she wanted to see a movie alone, specifically Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, since she had just read the book. It made for a convincing cover story. Instead, she snuck off to a nearby mall that happened to have a theater and a Victoria’s Secret. If he, by chance, happened to go off somewhere to do something manly, like drink some burr or play darts, he would not give a second thought to seeing her car at that mall. On the other hand, if he knew exactly where she had decided to head instead of the movies, he certainly would not have wanted her to be gone for a full two hours. Whenever she told him that she was going to Victoria’s Secret, he always wanted her home as soon as possible because the entire time she was gone, he was horny fantasizing about her in sexy lingerie. The second she walked through the door after outings like these, he instantly mounted her until they were both satisfied.

She had wandered through the different rooms of Victoria’s Secret, past their Pink Collection and Body by Victoria. She searched for something very specific…something that would blow his mind.

The moment she saw it, she knew it would be perfect. Red with white trim, the skimpy babydoll wouldn’t leave much to the imagination. She tried it on in the dressing room and spun around in it, watching the hem of it rise up before sliding back down against her smooth skin. Her breasts practically fell out of the top and a nip slip felt inevitable, but somehow it managed to cover everything. Or…most of everything.

After her shopping there, she found candles, rose petals, and other frou-frou V Day standbys. So many thoughts rushed through her head. Should she greet him in the babydoll, or should she be waiting for him in the bathtub? Should she have bought the French maid outfit and been busy cooking in the kitchen? She knew V Day was a notoriously feminine holiday, so she was on a mission to man it up a little. After shopping some more, she settled on a plan.

Two days later, Valentine’s Day arrived. She had scheduled the day off for months, long before anyone else would have thought of it. It guaranteed that she would get it off, and thankfully, she did.

For dinner, she did not go the cliché route of oysters, bananas, and honey. Instead she made chicken cordon bleu, Erik’s favorite dish from when they went to Paris for their honeymoon.

While the chicken baked in the oven, she busied herself with preparing the house for his arrival. She wrapped up the babydoll as a “gift” to him (a gift he was surely going to enjoy for many nights to come), drew an incredibly hot bath until steam covered the mirror (so it would still be hot when they used it), and dressed herself to the nines in a tight, cleavage-baring black dress. She completed her ensemble with matching lingerie and a garter belt for her thigh-highs, just in case things didn’t go exactly as planned. She placed a couple dozen candles around the bathtub and some more in their bedroom. Working carefully, she spread some rose petals on the bed in the shape of a heart and left a trail of them while she walked to the living room.

Soon, she heard the key in the door. Mandy slipped on her heels–stilettos, Erik’s favorite–and slowly walked to the front door, sashaying her hips seductively. The silk from the dress caressed her skin, drawing goose bumps everywhere and giving her delicious tingles in all the right places.

Erik turned to close the door behind him.

“Hi, honey,” Mandy said, using her best sex line operator voice.

Erik started. “Oh hey, baby, what are you doing home?” He glanced behind her and saw the dinner table. “What is all this?”

She walked closer to him until they were almost pressed together. She drew her finger up to his tie and hooked her finger into it to loosen it. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” she whispered. She grabbed his ass with one hand, his head with the other, and pulled him close for a deep kiss. Their lips met and she sucked his lower one lightly before tracing it with her tongue. He opened his mouth further and dove his tongue into her mouth, eagerly wanting what was happening in his mouth to be occurring further south. She could feel him hardening against her and decided that it was enough teasing for now. Mandy pulled away and broke the kiss, leaving Erik gasping for breath.

“Hungry?” she queried him.

“Ummm, yeah, yeah, I’m starving.”

“Take a seat and I’ll bring it out.”

Erik shuffled over to the table, his cock slowly losing its firmness and sat down. “Babe, this all looks great!” bakırköy escort He eyed the rice, broccoli, and rolls already on the table and smelled the chicken in the oven. “Did you make…” he started to ask, but didn’t have time to finish it before she brought the main dish out.

“Yes, chicken cordon bleu just like on our honeymoon.” She set the dish down and drew up a chair across from him.

“This looks amazing. You look amazing, too.”

“Thanks, love.” She reached over to grasp his hand and hold it for a second before turning to the food and dishing it up.

After they served themselves, Mandy asked Erik about his day and he complained about it, as usual. While he was in the middle of his monologue about the evils of corporate America, she slowly took off her shoe under the table and moved her foot up until she caressed the skin on his calves with her stocking-clad feet. He didn’t respond to that in any noticeable way, at least in his speech patterns, so she changed her trajectory. She slid her foot against the outside of his pants, going from the calf to the thigh to his crotch. Erik had started to harden again, his chatter slowly dying down as he enjoyed the feeling of this game of footsie. She traced her toes against the bulge in his pants, reached under it to touch his balls, and then slid her foot back down his other leg and into her shoe.

“Hey honey, I have a gift for you,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Oh?” he replied, his heart beat slowly going back to normal.

“Yes, here.” Mandy handed the red bag to him. “Open it.”

Erik slowly pulled out the tissue paper, not quite sure what to expect. Then his hand found it. He removed it and it took him a few seconds to put together what he had in his hand was a gift really for his wife, but a gift only he would enjoy.

“Oh, Mandy. You’ll look so sexy in this.”

“Mhmmm,” she mumbled through a mouthful of rice. “I’ll model it for you later.”

“Can you model it now?” He had a wanton look in his eye, almost desperate.

“Maybe after our bath.” She winked.


“Yeah. Do you want to take it now?”

Her question had become pointless in the middle of her asking it. Erik was already up and moving towards the master bathroom. She followed him, grabbed a belt loop, and spun him around.

“Well, you’re not going in wearing all of this, are you?” she asked while loosening his belt, her hand grazing over the protrusion in his pants.

He pulled her close, crushing her to him, and kissed her hungrily. His tongue worked her mouth open and she sucked on it softly while tracing the tip of it with her own tongue. Erik let go of her and started walking towards the bathroom again, stripping off his clothes as he went, leaving them trailing along in the rose petals.

He arrived at the side of the bathtub clad only in his precum-stained boxers, his wife mostly nude beside him. He turned to face her, reached around her ribcage, and released the clasp of the bra before lowering his attention to the garter belt, hose, and thong that barely covered her sex. Her lower lips, engorged to the point that the thong had been swallowed up in them, dripped her excitement. Erik went to his knees as he pulled off her undergarments, his hard cock trying to make its escape from his boxers as he knelt, but to no avail. Rubbing his nose against her mound once he stripped her, he inhaled her scent deeply. He loved her scent, her taste more. He held onto her round, firm ass, and stuck his tongue out, searching for just a drop of her cum. Then he would get into the bath, he told himself.

But, as usual, one taste was not enough. Erik kept licking and tasting, feeling the soft folds with his tongue, her salty-sweet on his taste buds. He gained a semblance of a thought and pulled away from her pussy, and slowly rose to his feet. Mandy was breathing hard, trying to get some self-control herself.

“Shall we?” he asked before dropping his boxers and stepping into the tub. The most Mandy could respond with was a head nod.

They both lowered their bodies into the steaming bubbles, the hot water feeling soothing against their skin. It was as though the heat they felt inside themselves now surrounded them. They leaned back against their respective sides of the tub facing each other. Mandy closed her eyes and leaned back, trying to relax, but it was difficult with the fire that raged inside of her. It took all of her mental strength to not crawl on top of Erik and slip him into her.

Instead, she decided to taunt him a little. Mandy inhaled deeply, her pert nipples breaking the surface of the water, and exhaled slowly, letting them disappear under the water again. Erik loved to suck on them until she squirmed under him in near ecstasy, so she knew this beşiktaş escort little movement would drive him mad. She open up one eye a little, stealing a swift glance his way to gauge his reaction, but was sorely disappointed when she saw that his eyes had also been closed.

Her brain was in overdrive trying to think of ways to force him to make a move. Should she repeat the deep breathing? Should she dangle a leg over the side of the tub, coaxing him to move onto and into her? Should she just…wait? No, she decided. She absolutely could not wait. She had waited all day, three days, even. Mandy had been sly about making up excuses every night since her Victoria’s Secret outing to avoid Erik’s advances, everything from the tried-and-true “I have a headache” reason to fake snoring when he’d join her in bed. She knew he wanted it just as much as she did because just the night before, he had accidentally woken her up with his hard cock poking into her backside, his hips moving slowly against her. All of this while he was fast asleep. Thankfully, he didn’t blow his load onto her back. That was one mess she didn’t look forward to cleaning up.

Then it came to her. She knew how to move this show along.

“Hey Erik?”

He made a low murmuring noise, letting her know he was listening.

“Do you want me to get some wine?”

“Yeah, that sounds good,” he replied, his eyes still steadfastly closed against the glow of the candles.

“Okay, I’ll be right back.”

He grunted.

Mandy slowly raised herself out of the tub, the bubbles running down her body in rivulets, merging with the rest of the water. She stepped one foot out of the tub, then the other, the coldness from the room making her skin prickle with the chill. Instead of covering herself with a towel, she decided to just go in the buff to the kitchen. There was something for her to wear still in the dining room.

She walked down the hall, water drops falling from her and onto the rose petals making a quiet splashing noise. She wandered into the kitchen, pulled down two wine glasses from the shelf, and poured them almost to the brim. Then she wandered into the dining room and slipped on the red babydoll. She decided to forgo the thong. It would only get in the way, she knew. Mandy sauntered back down the hall and into the bathroom and leaned against the door jamb.

“Hey, do you want to drink this in the bedroom instead?” she asked.

Erik opened one eye and looked over. His second eye popped open as soon as the first saw her.

“Oh. My. God,” was all he managed to choke out before rising from the tub, grabbing a towel, and quickly drying off. During this time, his wife and gone back into their bedroom, set the glasses on their end tables, and spread herself invitingly. She positioned her hair so it cascaded over the pillows, the babydoll so it barely covered her dripping pussy, and her breasts so the cleavage was as enhanced as possible for Erik’s viewing pleasure.

He went into the bedroom and had to stop short at the sight. Mandy looked as amazing as ever, her body perfection. Barbie didn’t hold a candle to his wife, this he knew for sure. Erik climbed onto the foot of the bed. He crawled up the bed until he was positioned over her scantily clad body, her breasts slowly rising and falling with her breathing. He kissed her forehead, then her nose, and finally, her full, red lips. He started off slowly, with each peck lasting longer than the one previous, until he pried her lips open with her tongue. His tongue searched for hers, meeting it, tasting it, swirling around it. He pulled it back into his own mouth, leaving her no choice but to slip her tongue into his mouth. He sucked on it lightly, drawing her tip with his own. She wrapped her hands into his hair and pulled him closer to herself, deepening the kiss as far as humanly possible. Mandy pulled out and whispered against his mouth.

“Give me your tongue.”

Erik dove his tongue into her waiting mouth, pumping it in and out like a minicock, while she sucked at it furiously. Some sucks were harder, others so light he could barely feel them. He was fully aroused, his cock pushing against the bottom of the babydoll, pushing it higher up against her body. The silky material felt excruciatingly good against him, its coolness against his hard heat. Erik reclaimed his tongue and nudged her head to the side until he could reach her ear. He flicked at the lobe with the tip of his tongue before sliding up to the conch and into the inner crevices and returning to the lobe. Her nails started running lightly up and down his back, encouraging him enough to continue his ministrations on her.

He worked his way down to her neck, leaving a trail of small kisses down until he reached the point where her neck met her shoulder. beylikdüzü escort There, he licked her sweet spot, dancing his tongue against it. Her nails became more insistent against him, drawing him closer against her, forcing his cock to be trapped against them. When he sucked on her neck’s sweet spot, she moved her hips against him, desperate to feel him twitch against her clit. He could feel her wetness. Erik continued his decent further south, pushing off the skimpy straps of the babydoll onto her shoulders, freeing her breasts to his mouth. He traced a spiral on her breast, starting with the outside and working in to the center, slowly making each circle a little smaller than the one before it, until he circled faster and faster around her areole. Mandy’s nipples were taunt, waiting for him to nip them lightly with his teeth. He scrapped his teeth against them, sending shudders through her body, her hands holding onto his head tightly to keep him in place and make sure he didn’t stop. Erik sucked one nipple deep into his mouth, suckling like a baby and making her moan with pleasure. His cock jumped at the noise, precum oozing onto her thighs, soaking them. He repeated this same motion with her other breast. By the time he got to her nipple, she was writhing under him, desperate to cum.

But he knew the first way he’d get her off. Erik reached to the edges of the babydoll and pulled them up to her waist and started to kiss down her belly. He made a pit stop at her bellybutton, flicking his tongue inside, before continuing south. He smelled her arousal long before he reached her pussy. Leaning down, he inhaled her before diving his head down into her snatch. He wouldn’t let her cum easily, not after all the teasing she put him through tonight. Erik licked her hole, the salty-sweet tasting slightly of soap from the bath, but he didn’t mind. He moved his tongue up her slit, millimeter by millimeter, parting her lips around it and spreading her juice up. He came close to her clit, the one place he knew she wanted him to lick, before returning to her hole and moving in the same manner. This second time he went a little bit closer to her clit, but still avoided it. Mandy groaned in frustration and tried to force his head to where she desperately wanted it. Erik deftly avoided her efforts to make him lick her clit and instead made his way back to her hole and licked up, stopping just under where her clit poked out. He could feel her thighs straining, desperate for one lick, one suck, one anything to get her off. Erik could hardly wait any longer himself, so he decided it was time.

He poked his tongue into her hole and moved it in and out like a minicock before tracing it up into her wet folds. His tongue played with the folds, feeling them squishy beneath it, before continuing upwards to her clit. He licked over it quickly, just one time, and paused, his head looking up over her mound at her on the bed, sweat from the exertion of trying to orgasm dotting her forehead. She was obviously in agony, a delicious agony, that is. He returned his attention to her clit, sticking out from under its hood, desperate to be paid some attention. Erik surrounded it with his lips and sucked on it lightly, then with increasing force. Mandy’s thighs squeezed around his head, locking him in place until he made her cum. He worked as much of the clit into his mouth as possible and then started flicking it with his tongue. The dual stimulation became too much for her and she let out a feral noise, evident of her orgasmic peak.

Mandy was breathing hard, but Erik could wait no longer. He swiftly climbed up her body and dove his throbbing cock into her. He knew he wouldn’t last long, especially with the squeezing of her pussy around his cock. He ached so hard, but wanted to get in at least a couple of thrusts before letting loose. He pushed hard into her, as deep as he could go, and withdrew quickly before thrusting into her, hard again. He gave up trying to hold out and started pumping into her furiously, desperate to cum. He could feel his cum boiling in his balls, desperate for releases. But he started to feel squeezing around his dick. Was Mandy cuming again?

He looked down at her. Her hands were locked onto his ass, driving him deep inside of her and trying to slow him down a little so she could enjoy it, too. He slowed a little, but not much. She pumped her hips against him, meeting him thrust for thrust, until they worked like a well-oiled machine. She squeezed around him, lightly at first, but as they continued, the pulsing became stronger with each thrust until Erik was battling to stay inside of her. Suddenly, he felt the most powerful spasm around his cock that he knew she had cum before her breathing had given her away. He pounded into her and used her contractions to finish him off. Spurt after spurt came from him, coating her insides and mingling with her own wetness. Their combined juices leaked onto the bed, but they didn’t care. Erik collapsed to the side of Mandy, and she rolled so she faced him, his softening cock still inside of her.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby,” she said, and kissed him hard against the lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32