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I’d had a couple of drinks. So sue me. It’s not a crime. We were driving home after a party. I wasn’t the driver. She, poor soul, was totally sober. Amused at out antics, but sober. The rest of us? We were rather noisy, singing and carrying on a bit.

The windows of the car were open and the radio was blaring away and adding to the noise. You could definitely hear us as we approached. We weren’t speeding (sober driver, remember) but the lane we were in was travelling slightly faster than the lane next to us.

For a short while we were travelling next to a very nice BMW. A slightly older man was driving, about my father’s generation, which was to be expected with a car like that. The driver frowned over at our noisy vehicle, so I flashed him.

I smiled and lifted my top and bra and showed him the goodies, and I do have a very nice pair, even if I do say so myself. No sag as of yet, a victory of fitness over gravity, long may it continue. He blinked, his eyes riveted on my endowments for a moment, then he remembered that he was driving, looked ahead and slapped on his brakes.

Whoops. He near as damn rear-ended the car in front of him and certainly disconcerted the driver behind. Our lane just sailed along and the BMW and driver were a fading memory.

The next day I decided to drop in and see my parents. It was just a spur of the moment thing. I was near their place and I had nothing planned so I just pointed my car towards them and headed on over. Bit of a surprise when I got there. They were having a small barbecue. They called it small, anyway. There was quite a crowd there as far as I could see and not one of them was my age. All of them were my parent’s generation. I decided on the spot that I wouldn’t be staying too long.

I said hullo to my mother and wandered out to find my father, eventually finding him in a corner chatting to a couple of people. Mike I knew, the other guy I felt I should know as he looked familiar.

“Ah, Melody, my love,” Dad called when he saw me. “How nice to see you. You know Mike, I believe, but I don’t think you’ve met Simon.”

Mike waved and Simon looked at me and smiled. For some reason, I just didn’t like that smile.

“Afternoon, Melody,” he said. “How nice to meet you.”

Sounded innocuous, didn’t it. What I could see, and Dad and Mike couldn’t, was the thoughtful way his eyes drifted down to my breasts and then back up to my face, still with that horrible smile.

Oh my god. I’d parked next to a BMW istanbul escort and hadn’t given it a thought. Now I knew where I’d seem Simon. Sitting in his BMW, travelling next to us. What was worse, he had recognised me, I just knew it. I cut my talk with my father short, telling him I was just going to circulate and say hullo to a few people I knew.

“Oh, good,” said Simon. “You can introduce me to a few people. I’m new in the area.”

Dad naturally thought this an excellent idea, sending us on our way with his blessing. Stupid man.

“I do believe we’ve seen each other before,” Simon said affably. “Last night, wasn’t it?”

“You know damn well it was. I was a little tipsy. Are you going to tell Dad?”

“No. Why should I? None of his business, really. Just like it won’t be any business of his when I corner you and seduce you. I’m quite sure you won’t discuss it with him.”

Geez, I got my backup over that. Arrogant prick.

“Not going to happen,” I stated, trying for an indifferent but firm voice.

Did I say arrogant prick? It turned out I was understating it. He just casually took my hand and pressed it against his crotch and the damn man had an erection.

“Just so you know what’s coming your way,” he said softly, while I gulped and snatched my hand away. I was horribly aware that I’d been just a little slow in removing my hand. It was the shock. That was why.

I had my revenge almost immediately. I introduced him to Mrs Wilkins. She’s a gossipy nymphomaniac who’ll latch onto a target and hold him. Strong men curse and flee when they see her coming. She took one look at Simon and flagged him as a target while I discretely went elsewhere.

I was quite surprised at the ease with which he gave Mrs Wilkins the slip. Still, he didn’t come chasing after me so I counted it as a win. I was still very much aware of where he was in the crowd and he always seemed to be looking at me and smiling. I’ve never been so totally aware of anyone before.

Being the daughter of the house I wasn’t treated as a guest. I was additional labour. My mother soon had me running little errands to help keep the party running smoothly. I was in the kitchen, fetching a big bowl of salad, when I had my next encounter with Simon. I turned away from the table, bowl in hand, and he was standing there.

“Don’t drop that,” he said, moving towards me. Silly advice I thought.

Not so silly, avcılar escort it turned out. He calmly lifted the front of my dress and pulled my panties out. I was outraged.

“Just getting a preview of where I’m going,” he said insouciantly, letting my panties snap back into position. “Very nice it is, too.”

I just glared at him and marched out with the salad. Thinking about I was surprised to find that while his conduct had been outrageous and I had been outraged, I hadn’t felt insulted. I mean, it’s hard to feel insulted when someone looks at you and approves of what they see, even if they shouldn’t have looked.

I was also even more aware of the dratted man. The evening was getting on and it was going to be dark soon. Quite frankly, the barbecue was boring from my point of view. (Simon didn’t count as entertainment.) I looked up the parents and told them I was off. Simon didn’t seem to be around and I just slipped away, heading to my car.

I may not have spotted Simon but he spotted me slipping away. When I reached my car he was right there beside me.

“Leaving so soon?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said. I figured if I kept if short there wouldn’t be any arguments.

I unlocked the car. Before I could open the front door Simon had opened the rear door and was indicating I should get in.

“I am not getting in the back of the car with you,” I stated coldly.

“I’m not asking you to,” he said, laughter in his voice. “All I need you to do is bend over, hands on the seat.”

I will be damned if I can work out how he managed it. Somehow or other he had me at the rear door and was coaxing me to lean forward. If he’d tried to force me I’d have fought and screamed, but not one ounce of muscle did he use. He just made it seem inevitable.

“Are you crazy?” I protested. “We’re out in the street. People will see.”

“Ah, no, I don’t think so. We’re in a pretty secluded spot here and effectively hidden by the trees.”

Even while he was telling me that he was lifting the back of my dress and pulling down my panties. His hand was massaging me, kneading my mound. The damn man had been making me aware of him all evening and now that he was actually touching me I was getting aroused. Who am I kidding? He’d already got me mildly aroused. Now he was just building on it.

I shuddered when I felt the length of his erection drag against my lips. I couldn’t look. The thing felt huge.

“You know I don’t want this,” şirinevler escort I protested.

“Are you telling me to stop?” he asked, sounding as though he really wanted to know. He wasn’t waiting on the answer though. His cock was still dragging back and forth along my slit, wreaking havoc on my senses.

He was confusing me. His touching me was confusing me. Had I told him to stop or just registered disapproval of his actions. I dithered, not knowing what I was saying.

“Well, while you make up your mind I’ll just do this,” he murmured, and just like that his cock is easing past my lips and into me.

I’m like, “What? What? He’s not really doing that, is he?” knowing full well that he was. How could I not know with his erection snaking it way along my passage. I’m quite sure there was a look of shock and total disbelief on my face.

He was pushing my dress higher and I felt my bra loosen as he unclipped it. Then his hands were coming round me and I gave a small groan of relief as they closed over my breasts. I’d been imagining his hands on my breasts ever since I saw him with Dad.

And I still hadn’t told him to stop I realized. It was, I guess, a little late now. He was moving inside me, a slow gentle movement as he slid easily back and forth inside me.

He kept it up, a gentle suasion that was making me all dreamy. The few times I’d been with my boyfriend, he’d been all frenetic activity. All very exciting, but nothing like this gently blissful encounter.

Simon was deep inside me, rocking me gently, and I was happily rocking in place, accepting him. Accepting? Hell, the way I was feeling I wanted to adopt him and take him home. He wasn’t domineering or forceful or urgent. He was peace and serenity and heavenly feelings moving through me and they just kept on going.

They had to end eventually, I guess, and I could finally feel the end approaching. Simon was moving faster now, and I was going, “Ah, ah, ah,” with each ah being higher pitched than the previous. Then I was screaming and climaxing and Simon was really giving me the works as he came and everything seemed to just collapse around me.

I stood there, breathing deeply, feeling Simon pulling out.

“That was interesting, wasn’t it?” he said softly and all I could do was nod, although I think interesting was rather an inappropriate word. Devastating might have fitted better.

Simon eased my panties into place, dropping my dress down to where it should be. Then he was handing me into the car. I started the car, running on auto-pilot.

“Drive safely,” he told me. “I’ll be seeing you again.”

The last was a promise. I could tell from the way he said it. I drove off, wondering if I was developing a thing for older men. Maybe it was his experience but he had certainly touched me where I lived.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32