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Brianna walks into work with butterflies in her stomach, not knowing whether or not to be to be nervous or embarrassed. She walks straight to her desk, then Jason comes up behind her and whispers in her ear “baby, I need to see you tonight” She looks at him and smiles, not knowing what to say. She knows she wants to go and she knows it’s wrong but the passion and desire runs so deep, more that she could imagine for someone she hardly knows.

She returns home form work and quickly logs into her messenger and there he is already waiting, he sends her a message says “So you want to come over?” she sits there in front of the screen for a moment and then types “what is your address?” Jason gives her his address, she has a quick shower and off she goes.

She walked up to her door, nervous as hell, and rang the door bell, Jason open the door and their eyes met and they starred for about a minute before she walked inside. Jason takes her hand and walks her inside, she takes off her pendik escort shoes, and thought to herself “ok I am here and I am going to make the most of it and not be scared” Brianna turns to Jason and grabs his shirt and pulls him close to her and she kisses him so hard, she grabs the back of his head, opens her mouth wide and slips her tongue deep in Jason’s mouth, and their tongues going so crazy.

Without taking their lips off each other, they make their way to the living room, Jason hands all over her breasts, Brianna is so horny, she takes off his shirt and his pants and Jason’s cock so erect through his underwear, Brianna slides her hand down and rubs her palm and fingers over it. Jason can’t resist her and rips her clothes off.

Jason’s hand moves down from her breast, to her stomach and to her wet pussy and he glides in 2 fingers and Brianna’s body shutters and she lets out a moan and says “deeper Jason deeper” They both fall to the kartal escort sofa, he opens her legs wide and moves his fingers in and out, so deep and Brianna is loving it, she begs for harder. Her hand moves down and she plays with her clit, rubbing it in a circular motion, he moans so loud, and Jason just backs up a bit, takes his fingers out and watches her play with herself.

Her body wiggling all over as she moans louder and louder, she inserts two fingers and you can just hear all the wetness and her fingers move in and out. Jason so horny, he can’t stand not to touch her, he moves back in and replaces her fingers with his, and lets her continue rubbing her clit. Jason gives it to her hard and deep and she screams out his name “Jason…yes…oh yes Jason…I want you to fuck me hard”

He takes out his fingers and rubs his hands from her ankles, to her inner thighs then her waist and inserts his big throbbing cock, Brianna moans so loud, he maltepe escort starts to thrust hard and deep and in no time she screams and she grabs both sides of the sofa. Brianna head leans back and her back arches and she is in sheer ecstasy. She all of a sudden pushes Jason over and straddles him, she grabs his cock and slides her wet pussy over it, she goes all the way down, deep with a twist in her hips and she rides him like a wild woman, both now screaming, they both know that they are going to orgasm soon and the anticipation makes them wilder.

Jason grabs on to her hips and she feels her pussy get tight and then….a rush a pleasure runs through her body, she screams so loud, her body twitching and a gush of cum squirts out all over Jason’s cock, Jason overwhelmed in moans couldn’t hold it any longer, her tight throbbing wet pussy around his cock makes him go over the edge. They gaze into each others eyes and then he explodes, moans so loud and rolls his eyes in the back of his head.

They lay on the carpet beside each other with trickles of sweat on the their foreheads and trying to catch their breath, Jason turns to Brianna and says “Well was it worth it?” She smiles and leans over to give him a kiss and says “I have never felt like that before, you are awesome.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32