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My name is Francis and I teach ballroom dancing to adults. Because I teach full time, usually evenings, I’m not too anxious to go clubbing, or to parties. I live alone, but I used to be married. I was in the Marine Corps when I met my ex. She was teaching fifth grade. My ex was so jealous, thinking about what I did with my younger ballroom students, whether I was really teaching them to dance or fucking them. She’d quiz me every night, who did I teach, how old was she, what did she look like. Did she have big boobs. If I taught couples, she’d ask about the wife. How old was she, did she proposition me, did she cheat on her husband. My ex wasn’t getting any sex from me, but she didn’t run around. When I got home she reminded me how many times she masturbated. That was supposed to make me feel guilty. But really, I didn’t give a shit. She could work her way through a dozen cucumbers. I didn’t give a shit. We got a divorce.

I like living alone. My students are like family. But it changed one day when Al called me. Al, my old Marine Corps buddy, called me with an interesting invitation.

“Hey, Francis, we’re having a retirement party for Sally’s girl friend, Megan. Can you come?” I hesitated. “Megan is really hot.” Al added.

“OK, Al. When is it?” Sally was Al’s wife.

“Sunday night. You can come as you are …” My usual dress was black trousers, black shirt, black patent leather shoes. I didn’t need a wardrobe. No fancy suit. I looked like I was going to enter a ballroom dance competition.

I thought it unusual that Sally’s girlfriend was retiring. Is she that old? I visualized a 50 year old woman, overweight, with sagging boobs. I’d have to listen to her drone on about her grandchildren.

When I arrived at Al’s home, I was surprised to see so many people in uniform. There were Navy officers and their wives, and a few Marine Corps officers in dress blues. No wives. There were two woman Marine officers. There was Sally waving at me, trying to get my attention. Sally was a trophy wife, as they say. She was an awesome tennis player as well as a surgical instructor at USC medical school. I hate to admit this, but I did play tennis with Sally one time, and I spent most of my time ducking her 90 mph serves.

You don’t need great intellect to become a dance instructor, but my students did call me Dr. Francis because of my reputation as a sex therapist.

I arrived on time, actually a bit early. I’m compulsive about being on time.

“Francis, let me introduce you to Megan.” Sally offered.

Standing, talking to a Marine Corps officer, I spotted Megan. How do you describe gorgeous? bahis firmaları She was a brunette, 5’6″, with her hair cut to her shoulders. She had thick eyebrows, full lips, and beautiful green eyes, wearing a white cocktail dress that reached just above her knees. She appeared very trim. And stood erect.

Sally added, “Francis, we’re so proud of Megan. We all graduated college together but only Megan enlisted. Megan is a jet fighter pilot. Or she used to be …”

I was stunned. What the fuck do I say to a jet fighter pilot?

“Hi, a pleasure to meet you, ma’am.”

“Francis, don’t call me ma’am. I’m retired. I’m a forty five year old civilian now.”

I laughed. “Sorry about that, Megan. It’s my Marine Corps training.”

“Oh, you were a Marine?”

“Yeah.” She was impressed. I hope she doesn’t ask what rank I held.

Not wanted to appear a complete idiot, I asked, “What jets did you fly?”

“Mostly the F-14. The Tomcat. It’s a two seater.”

She continued, “My co-pilot on the F-14 was a lesbian. Joyce was always after me to go out with her …”

My interest perked up. “Did you go out with her?”

“Twice. But I think I prefer men.” She continued, ” I have some gay friends. I don’t trust guys with beards. They’re hiding something. I like a man who knows how to treat a woman. Open to new possibilities… shall we say.”

She didn’t realize she was speaking to Doctor Francis.

“Megan, I am not a guy who talks about all the women I’ve fucked – er, made love to …” She laughed. “But, Francis, you must have had a lot of students who want to sleep with you.”

“Oh, sure,” I replied. It’s an occupational hazard. If I fucked every horny woman I meet, I would sleep only every other night.”

“Well, Sally tells me you’re pretty hot. Did you sleep with Sally?”

“No, but I ate her out one time. While Al was on the phone.”

“You have a dirty mouth, Francis. It turns me on …” She continued, “Do you like eating pussy?”

Maybe this wasn’t the time and place to discuss my love for oral sex. I changed the subject. “What are your plans after the party?” I thought maybe I could steal her away.

“Tell you, what, Francis. As soon as I get my gold ear wings, we can leave …”

Her ear rings were gold, and shaped like wings. Her gift from the guys.

Luckily Megan lived in town in one of those expensive harbor condos. On the fifteenth floor. The view of Boston Harbor was impressive. Her apartment was furnished sparsely with mounted photos of jet fighters and aircraft carriers.

“Let me change into something more kaçak iddaa comfortable …” she yelled as she rushed into the bedroom.

Megan reappeared in a racerback tank top with flight insignia on the left breast. It reached barely to her curvy hips. She poured me a glass of scotch. While she sipped hers, I gulped mine down. It burned like hell and my eyes teared up.

“Are you OK, Francis?”

“Yeah, sure … fine.”

“Sometimes Joyce drops over after work. Is that OK?”

“Who is Joyce?”

“You remember I told you about my lesbian friend?” I wanted to be cool with that. “She did not re-enlist. Now she works as a personal trainer at the gym.”

I could read the handwriting on the wall. I was going to have to play ping pong with these two ladies. Hopefully Joyce won’t show up. I am not a body builder.

Megan moved over to the sectional sofa. By now I had a huge erection. I carefully walked sideways over to where she sat and dropped onto the floor in front of her. Smiling, she slowly spread her legs open. She was wearing cotton briefs. Her briefs were stuffed with pubic hair. Dark cunt hair trying to escape.

“May I?” I was leaning in.

She responded by slipping her briefs down off her hips, and tossed them across the room. Her dark pubic hair was thick, and curly. Her vulva was wet, glistening with arousal. Her labial lips had opened and her clit was visible, bigger than most women I’ve seen.

I kissed the inside of her thighs. She began to leak as I got closer to her cunt. I started lapping away at her like a thirsty dog. Her labia had opened. She groaned and held my head against her pussy. “Oh, my God … “she moaned. Her first orgasm was intense and long. “I’m going to cum again …” I could feel her shuddering. She had three orgasms, each very strong. Then she needed to rest. As soon as her hips began to move again, I resumed my sucking, but more gently. She was leaking heavily now, but I loved it.

“Francis, I feel like I’m going to pee, she whispered. “Do you mind? ” Suddenly she began to pee. She was pissing in spurts. I kept licking her as she urinated. Then she had another orgasm. I waited until the tremors died down.

I keep literally eating her, then grabbed her ass cheeks. She had a beautiful ass, not fat, but solid. I spread her cheeks open as I licked her, and pressed my thumb against her anal pucker. She had some cunt hair running up her ass. I waited a bit longer before I inserted my thumb into her rectum. I did not want to masturbate her. She could save that for herself. I just wanted to eat her.

She tasted sweet, not musky. kaçak bahis

“Do you have any place to go, Francis?” Did she want me to stay over? What was more important than licking this woman’s pussy? Offhand, I couldn’t think of anything.

Someone knocked at her apartment door. “Oh, that must be Joyce …”


I quickly got to my feet and sat down on the sofa. Megan went to the door and let Joyce in. They hugged briefly, and Megan said, “Joyce, This is Francis. He’s a ballroom dance instructor …”

Joyce looked at me suspiciously. She knew why I was there, and it wasn’t to teach salsa. “Hello, Francis, so nice to meet you. Did you just meet? Megan has never mentioned you.”

“Ah, well …” I began.

“We met at my party tonight. Francis is very talented …”

“I bet,” Joyce replied.

Was Megan a lesbian, or bi, or what?

“Sit, Joyce, I’ll pour you a drink.”

“Make it a stiff one …” Turning to me, Joyce said, “You do know Megan is a pilot?”

I nodded. Joyce added, “I flew with Megan on some of her training missions. We had some fun times …”

I bet I could eat pussy better than Joyce. But I suppose everyone has a pussy eating signature.

Megan handed Joyce two fingers of scotch.

“Megan, can I stay over tonight? I was going to a jazz club downtown but my date had to cancel …”

“Sure, Joyce. Maybe you and Francis can get to know each other better …”

Everybody laughed, except me.

It was almost midnight but I wasn’t ready to leave yet. Megan offered, “Let’s play a game. Like spin the bottle. But we can skip the bottle.”

Megan pouted, “Francis, we haven’t kissed yet ..” I leaned over and kissed her. Her lips were moist. “Now you have to kiss Joyce …” I leaned towards Joyce and kissed her, kind of timidly.

“That wasn’t much of a kiss, Francis. Try again …” Joyce said. She opened her mouth and her long tongue hung out. I leaned over and sucked her tongue.

“Francis, you smell like cunt. Have you been eating pussy?”

“Well, yeah …”

“You don’t have to answer.” Megan interrupted, “He’s been licking my pussy for the last 30 minutes … before you showed up.”

“I’m jealous,” Joyce pouted. “No one’s been licking my pussy …”

I spoke up: “Why don’t you lick each other’s pussy, and I’ll watch. I can join in later …”

Megan was already almost naked except for her tank top. Joyce stripped to her nylon thong. Joyce was built like a wrestler. They evolved into a beautiful sixty nine; Joyce had her face buried in Megan’s bush. Both of them were moaning, and who was climaxing most was anybody’s guess. The most beautiful sight in the world is not the Taj Mahal. It’s two gorgeous women going down on each other.

I let myself out into the hallway. I didn’t want to be greedy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32