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Gif Sex

This is a quick one. I was inspired while on one of my many flights.


“When the captain turns off the fasten seat belt sign…”

I sat slightly forward hoping that the young Captain sitting across the isle from me would get a good view down my shirt. I had rather ample bosoms and the low cut shirt and Victoria Secret bra I was wearing made them look even bigger.

He had caught my eye when he boarded the plane and I had hoped that he would take the seat next to me. To my luck, an overweight aging business man sat next to me, and the Captain sat across the isle next to a June Cleaver look-a-like.

I listened as he spoke softly to the woman next to him. He would be flying the next leg of this flight, but for now he planned on sitting back and enjoying the ride.

He was a handsome man. No older than 30 with a brown crew cut, piercing blue eyes, and a strong square jaw. His lips were full and sexy, and his ass had filled out his uniform pants very nicely.

As he laughed at something the older woman said, he glanced my way. I had been noticing each glance he stole. They were becoming more frequent. And even though he was trying to hide the fact, it was apparent his gaze was locked on my tits each time.

A soft ding sounded and the seatbelt sign turned off. He looked my way again and I turned slightly, waiting for his eyes to reach my face. I gave him a huge smile and tilted my head to the side, indicating the rear of the plane. His face showed no reaction.

I then unbuckled my seatbelt and stood up. As I made my way toward the back of the plane and the cramped bathrooms, I could feel myself getting wet.

I slid open the door to the restroom, looking back toward the front of the plane. He was watching but had an odd look on his face. Had the pilot really never been propositioned on a plane before? I found that hard to believe. Perhaps he had not understood the non-verbal halkalı escort cues? It was looking more and more like I’d be getting myself off in the bathroom.

He continued to stare, and I met his eyes once more and smiled. “Come on sexy,” I thought to myself, “Figure it out before some balding business man feels the need to drop a load.”

I turned and entered the restroom, closing the door but not locking it. I stood there for maybe two minutes before I heard a light tap on the door. I stood back as the door opened and the young pilot stood there looking dumbfounded. I just smiled and crooked my finger at him, motioning for him to enter.

He hesitated only briefly before entering, closing the door and sliding the lock home. His eyes narrowed as they roamed all over my body. When they finally reached my face there was confusion and desire in his eyes.

I leaned forward and brushed my lips against his. They were just as soft as they looked. After a moments hesitation, they were crushed against mine in a demanding kiss. His tongue prodded for entrance and I eagerly submitted by tangling my own against his plundering muscle. His hands groped my chest, squeezing my breasts to the point of pain. I moaned into his mouth, voicing my approval of his rough treatment.

The neck of my shirt was loose and low cut and as he pulled down on the fabric, my tits were exposed. They were barely contained by the lace material of my bra and a nipple was already exposed.

His kisses began to travel across my jaw to my lower neck as he deftly plucked each breast from its meager confines. His fingers twisted and pinched each nipple as his mouth sucked just below my left ear.

My hand made its way down to his crotch and his rather impressive bulge. I could feel the outline of his hard cock as I rubbed it through the fabric of taksim escort his pants.

I gasped as his mouth finally found my large and erect nipples. He sucked them into his mouth as his hands continued to ruthlessly squeeze my breasts.

As I used one hand to massage the front of his pants, the other was struggling with his zipper. I wanted my mouth on that cock and soon. As soon as the zipper was released I reached my hand in his pants to cup his massive erection. I squeezed against the soft cotton as I sought out the opening of his boxer briefs. Finally my finger made contact with the silky hardness of his cock and I stroked the length of him with my hand. He bit down harshly on a nipple as his hand reached up instinctively to cover my mouth, stifling my moan.

After of few stokes of his cock, I pulled its length from the confines of his uniform pants. He was larger than I thought and I licked my lips in anticipation.

The hand that had moments ago suppressed my groan was now eagerly pressing my head downward. I held back a smile as I rejoiced that he was, after his initial trepidation, completely into this.

The restroom did not afford room for him to stand and me to kneel before him, so I sat down on the commode as I leaned forward to take the head of his hard shaft between my lips. He tasted salty and just a little sweet. I pulled back and licked my lips, looking at him before resting my tongue against his purple head. His eyes closed, head thrown back in a silent moan, as his hands settled on either side of my face. He guided my mouth further onto his waiting cock. I moaned as his length entered my hot mouth, the vibration giving him pleasure as his hips jerked back slightly.

My mouth now took in his entire length, the tip of his cock bumping the back of my throat as he began to thrust himself in further. I breathed slowly through my nose to şişli escort keep from gagging as his hands continued to force my head further onto his cock. I swallowed as my nose touched his groin, and his grip on my head tightened. The slight pain excited me even more.

We started a frantic rhythm of sucking and thrusting as I reached between his legs to cup his balls. Rolling each between my fingers, I then ran my index finger just below them as I sucked his entire length into my mouth. Saliva dripped from the sides of my mouth and I was sure that anyone waiting outside the door would be able to hear the sucking and slurping noises I was making.

That final deep pull of my throat must have been his undoing because he suddenly jerked me to my feet. Violently he spun me around and pushed down on my back, bending me over the toilet. I caught myself with my hands just before my face slammed into the wall.

I thrilled as I felt his rough hands push my skirt up over my ass. He growled quietly as he ripped my now soaked thong from my body. Without warning he thrust into my sopping pussy, fully impaling me on his cock. His thrusts were hard and quick, pushing my body forward with each movement. I could feel his cock banging against my cervix with each plunge and reveled in the pleasure of the pain it caused. I loved a forceful fucking.

He lasted only a few minutes before pulling my ass back against him and shooting his seed deep inside my quivering cunt. After several moments he pulled out and stood there catching his breath as I watched over my shoulder. I stood and turned to face him. I could feel his cum leaking down my leg. I reached my hand between my legs, gathering up his thick milky jism on my fingers. I brought them to my mouth, licking the sweet cum from them, savoring the taste of our combined juices on my tongue.

He just stood watching me for a moment. A soft ding sounded in the enclosed space. The fasten seatbelt sign had come back on. I reached down, tucking his now flaccid prick back into his pants and pulled his zipper up. Tucking my swollen tits back into their confines, I adjusted my clothing and gave the stunned pilot a wink as I unlocked the door and returned to my seat, his cum leaking from my pussy with each step.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32