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Chapter 1. New guy on the block.


When Victoria woke up that Saturday morning, she had no idea that her life was about to change. She was blasting her favorite band on her Bluetooth speaker while showering, singing along to the songs while warm water washed away the soap and shampoo from her naked body. She felt like such a dork standing in the shower, using her conditioner bottle as a microphone as she pretended to be on stage with Massacarade, and was glad that she was the only one in the vicinity of her bathroom.

After drying off with one of her favorite towels, she got dressed in a pair of jeans and a Massacarade tank top she had gotten a couple months back when she went to one of their shows with her friends. As she studied herself in the mirror she found her appearance to be very acceptable for a lazy Saturday.

Breakfast was a quiet affair, as her dad read the paper and her mom was browing the web on her phone. Victoria enjoyed the silence while she took apart her Mozarella and Ham toast with great gusto, sipping her coffee in between bites. She was just reaching for a second toast when her dad broke the silence.

“The new neighbor is moving in today.” He commented, not looking up from the paper.

“Really? How do you know?” Victoria asked, more to hold up her end of the budding conversation than any real interest.

“Talked with Bob when I got the paper. He talked with one of the contractors that has been working at the house for the last month. They had some movers over there yesterday around noon, so the house is all ready.”

“Hmm. It will be nice to have the house lived in again. It’s been empty for years now.” Her mother commented, eyes locked on the screen as she scrolled. “Such a shame too. The Coopers kept such a magnificent garden. A shame they moved to Florida.”

Victoria rolled her eyes. Of course her mother would be all about the appearances of the house and its garden, instead of the people. She had complain relentlessly over the years that the empty house was becoming an eyesore. Victoria disagreed. While the house had stood empty since Mr. and Mrs. Cooper retired and moved to the Dick of America, it had not been left neglected. A caretaker had kept up repairs, done maintenance and kept the lawn neatly trimmed.

When a steady stream of contractors and trucks had started showing up a few weeks ago, it had been the talk of the neighborhood. Everyone was speculating that the Coopers had finally gotten around to selling the house and was sprucing it up a bit. But to everyone’s surprise there was very little done to the outside of the house. It still looked like it had for as long as she could remember.

“So, dad. Did Bob know anything about who is moving in?” she asked, popping another bite into her mouth while savoring the taste.

“Huh? Oh, no, not really. Just that they were moving in today.”

“When they do arrive, please try to be friendly Victoria. It’s important that we make a good first impression on them, since they will be living across the street from us.” Her mother said, still not looking up from her phone. Victoria just rolled her eyes at her mothers words. She was so concerned about what people thought of her and the family, that it almost bordered on the comical.

The table lapsed into silence again for a few minutes, while everyone was finishing up their breakfast. When the quiet was interrupted again, the topic was something much more to her interest.

“Hmm. That band you are always on about is on the news.” Her mother commented.

“What? Massacarade?” Victoria asked dumbfounded. She was subscribed to pretty much every newsletter there was about the band, and there was nothing newsworthy last she had checked.

“Yes, Dear. Seems like they are going to take a break.” She responded uninterested.

Victoria’s heart skipped a beat. No… No no no no. That cant be right! She thought. Without thinking, her hand darted out like a striking rattlesnake, almost knocking over her coffee mug, to grab her mom’s phone.

“Hey!” her mom protested, but Victoria was far beyond listening as she read the article with her heart racing. There it was, black in white. The band was going to take a break from their touring to focus on other projects. The article went on to speculate on how the solo projects might finally reveal the identity of the bandmembers. That had been the source of heavy speculations and rumors for years, as the bandmembers always wore masks when in public, and used stage names. She had spent hours imagining how they looked, especially the lead guitarist and backup vocal known as Rover. There was two highlights in the article however. The band promised that in a year’s time, they would release a new album, after which they would start touring again. The other highlight was that they were going to hold a show at the stadium in her home town. It had long been speculated that the band were locals, as they first started playing in the area before their breakthrough, but still, no one really knew much about the extremely secretive kadıköy escort group.

She put down her mother’s phone on the table with an audible thud, and ignored the annoyed scolding she received as her mind raced. She had to get tickets for that show, no matter what. It would be her last chance to see them live in who knew how long.

A few hours later, she was sitting on the porch texting with her friends and enjoying the sun. Her parents had occupied the backyard when some of their friends had dropped by for a visit, so unless she wanted to be bombarded with questions about school and boys and college next year, the porch was her only option if she wanted to enjoy the relatively fresh air. As she was putting away her phone, she noticed the SUV pulling up the driveway across the street. She realized right away that it had to be the new neighbors. She imagined a typical suburban family. A married couple in their 30s or 40s, two kids, a dog.

When the door of the car opened, she found herself surprised. The guy who stepped out of the SUV looked to be just a few years older than she was. He was tall and athletically built with his abs visible through the shirt he was wearing. He had dirty blonde hair in a shaggy mop, and a pair of ray bans on as he took a look around the street. He noticed her looking his way and gave a smile and a wave. She returned it automatically, and found herself studying the guy with interest. She expected more people to exit the car, but he just closed the door with no one else emerging.

Well, mom did say to be friendly… she thought to herself as she collected her phone and rose to her feet. She beelined right for the young man with a warm smile plastered on her face.

“Hey! You must be our new neighbor! I’m Victoria!” She said in her friendliest tone as she offered her hand.

“Hey! Yeah. Nice to meet you! I’m Ian.” He said with a dazzling smile that made her heart skip a beat while he shook her hand firmly. The touch of his hand in hers left her palm tingling, even after their handshake ended.

“Ian. Welcome to the neighborhood, I’m right across the street.” She said, gesturing behind her.

“Good to know.” He smiled again, that beautiful smile. “So, you’re a Massacarade fan?” he commented, pointing to her shirt.

“Huh? Oh yeah. They are awesome! Are you a fan?” She asked hopefully, eager to find something in common with this guy. His lips twisted into an amused smile, like at some private joke.

“Yeah, I’m passing familiar with them.”

“Oh my God. I saw them last month in Portland! By far the best concert I’ve been to! It’s like their shows get better and better every time you see them!” She said excitedly.

“Really? So you go to a lot of their shows?”

“I’ve been to seven. Me and some friends try to make it to every show in driving distance. I’m in a tribute band to them” She blurted excitedly.

“Really? That’s awesome. What do you play?” that damned smile of his. It was like it lit up his entire face, and she found herself wishing he would remove the shades so she could see her eyes.

“Um, I play the guitar.” She blushed a little, feeling his eyes on her.

“Oh, so you’re Rover then.” He laughed, naming the stage name of the lead guitarist.

“Yeah, kinda. I’m not even close to being half as good as him thou.”

“Everybody starts out somewhere you know. It just takes a little practice and a whole lot of patience to master pretty much any skill.”

She was about to say something more when she heard her mother’s voice call out from their front door.

“Victoria?” her heart sank a little. She liked talking to this guy, but it seemed like her chances of talking with him alone was evaporating. She turned to look as their friends left the house, calling their goodbyes as they headed home.

“Right here mom. Just saying hello to the new neighbor.” She called back, before turning to giving him an apologetic smile.

“Oh, How lovely!” Her mom called out before turning and yelling into the house. “Jon! The new neighbor is here! Lets go introduce ourselves!”

Victoria winced. A small smirk flashed across Ian’s face. In mere moments, her parents were next to her and introducing themselves to Ian.

“Hey! It is so good to finally have someone move in! I’m Nicole, this is my husband Jon. You’ve met our daughter, Victoria. We have another daughter, off at college, we’re so proud of her. We are the Andrews.” Her mom said, as they exchanged handshakes.

“Yeah, Nice to meet you. I’m Ian. Ian Cooper.” He said, flashing his dazzling smile again.

“Cooper? Are you Linda and Charles grandson?” Her mom asked.

“Yeah, I bought the house off them when they moved to Florida, but work has kept me too busy to move until now.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful!” the conversation evolved into her parents asking after their new neighbors and how they were doing in their retirement, and Ian answering to the best of his ability. After a few üsküdar escort minutes, her mom asked him over for tea.

“I’m so sorry, I would offer coffee, but we ran out this morning, and I haven’t had the chance to run to the store yet.”

“Oh that is ok, but if you want, I should have some coffee. Why don’t we head in and take a look?” Ian said, flashing that damned smile of his again.

“Oh, we don’t want to intrude. I am sure you have a lot of unpacking to do with the moving and all.” Her dad piped in. Ian chuckled a bit as he shook his head.

“No worries. I had the movers and the decorator I hired do all that stuff for me. I know, I know, it seems weird. Must of my stuff was in storage anyway, so I just had them set it all up while I was travelling for work. Come on, lets find the coffee.”

“Well if you insist.” Her mom said sweetly, while Ian lead the way to the front door.

“I’m sorry Mr. Cooper. I don’t mean to be rude, but I had expected someone… Older. You seem to be very young for a homeowner, no offence.” Her mother just had to get all of her stupid questions out of the way.

“Oh, yeah, I get that. I’ve been very lucky, and my grandpatents gave me a good deal on the house. No offence taken.” He said as he unlocked the door and ushered their way inside.

“And is it just you? No Mrs. Cooper? No girlfriend?” Victoria felt herself blush in embarrassment at her mom’s questions. This was so like her.

“No, just me. I just needed to get away for a bit, and I used to visit here every summer growing up. Lots of good memories. I’m hoping it will give me some rest and inspiration.”

“Hmm. Maybe I should introduce you to my oldest daughter when she comes home for summer. She’s about your age.”

They made their way into the house, and as they passed through the living room to the kitchen, Victoria was staring openly. The living room looked like something out of an Interior Decorators magazine. Soft, comfortable looking sofas, a sleek glass table, stylish shelfs and potted plants, and a huge TV hung on the wall. But what had her attention was not the furniture. It was the guitars and records decorating the walls. She was at least half a dozen autographed guitars on the wall, and a dozen framed records. There was pictures and posters of several bands, all of them signed.

When they sat down around the kitchen table, she was still in awe of the stuff she had seen in the living room. Ian busied himself rummaging through a few cabinets, looking for and finding the coffee, and proceeding to make a pot. When he finally turned around, he had removed his sunglasses, and she could see startling ocean blue eyes.

“So, what kind of work are you in?” Her dad asked.

“Oh, I work in music. Producing records, writing songs, composing. That kind of stuff.”

“Do you play any instruments?” Victoria blurted out. “It’s just, I saw those guitars…”

“I do. Those are just for show though. Showpieces I got from some of the guys I’ve worked with. But yeah, I play guitar, bass, the drums a little, but I’m not very good at those. I also know how to play a few tunes on the keyboard, but again, not a pro.” Ian answered as he took a seat.

“That is so cool!” She leaned forward a bit, excitedly. “What kinda music do you play?”

“Honestly? A little of everything. From country to black metal, but I mostly stay in the realms of metal.”

“Do you know any Massacarde songs?” She asked hopefully. He laughed a bit at that, not in a mocking way, but genuinely amused.

“Yeah. I’m pretty sure I can play most of their songs.”

“That is so awesome! Can you teach me?! I’m really just staring out, but I struggle with some of the..” Her mom interrupted her.

“Manners, Victoria, I’m sure Mr. Cooper has better things to do than teaching you.” She said sternly. Victoria had to bite her tongue from telling her to shut the fuck up.

“Oh, that’s alright. If you really want to, I can show you a few things. I’ve got a lot of time on my hand for a while, since I’m taking a bit of a break from work.” Ian replied with a gentle smile.

“That is very generous of you, Mr. Cooper.” Her dad said.

“Oh, please. Call me Ian. It’s no trouble, really. It will be fun. I haven’t had the time to just jam in a good while, so really, it would be a help for me too.” Victoria felt her cheeks blush as she met his eyes.

“Thank you! When can we start?”

He gave a genuine laugh at her eagerness. “Tell you what, if it’s OK with your parents you can bring your guitar over tomorrow? Around noon?” He looked to her parents for approval. “If you’re uncomfortable with her being her alone, you’re free to come over as well.”

“I’m a grown ass adult! I’m 18, and I can take care of myself” Victoria hissed, before catching herself. She had meant to cut off any objection from her mom, but only now realized how petulant she must have sounded. How desperate.

“Language young lady!” her mom scowled at her and gave her a searching look, before turning to tuzla escort Ian and plastering a sugar sweet smile on her face.

“If it’s no trouble for you, Ian, that would be fine.”

Victoria felt a warm tingle through her entire body at the thought of being alone with Ian. Talking music with him, playing guitar, having him correct her grips… She couldn’t wait for tomorrow to roll around.



The moving had been surprisingly easy, he thought to himself as he sat in his new sofa, watching a documentary on Netflix. The Andrews seemed to be a nice family. Jon seemed a bit reserved, and Nicole seemed like good person, if a little overbearing and nosy. But their daughter was something else. He had felt a strange connection to her almost immediately. Victoria was a beautiful young girl. Slender and petite, but with all the right curves, a narrow waist, and perky, round tits on the smaller side. Her green eyes had captured his attention from the start, and her long, red hair was mesmerizing as it cascaded around face like a waterfall of fire.

But it wasn’t just her body that interested him. He had been relieved when he had found out she was 18, making him feel less guilty for imagining sliding her jeans off and squeezing her perfect heart-shaped butt. No, it was her bubbly personality. Well, he assumed it to be bubbly. She was so enthusiastic about music and so eager for him to teach her how to play. She had been more reserved with her parents around, but he had seen glimpses of her shining through over their conversation.

It was just getting dark outside, and he felt his cock hardening a bit as he thought of Victoria. There was something perversely hot about petite redheads, and she checked most of his boxes. Her freckled face was utterly adorable, and she had surprisingly full and inviting lips. Not to mention seeing her in that tight Massacarade tank top got his fantasies running wild.

He was just contemplating whipping his cock out, finding a porn vid and taking the edge off, when he heard the doorbell. Sighing in disappointment, he paused the documentary and got up to open the door, thankful that he was not fully erect and hoping it wouldn’t show. He was wondering just who the hell it could be at his door at this time of day. It was fairly late in the evening, so it couldn’t possibly be another neighbor stopping by to welcome him. He opened the door, and couldn’t help the smile that spread across his lips.

“Irene. What a surprise.” He said, looking her up and down. She was a gorgeous brunette, with warm hazel brown eyes and flawless olive skin. She stood about a head and a half shorter than him, and had an hourglass figure that most men would kill to see naked.

“You fucking bastard” she said, slapping him lightly across the face and barging in, her dark curls bouncing around her shoulders as she huffed passed him. “You are back in town and don’t even call?!”

Ian closed the door with a sigh and gently rubbed his freshly slapped cheek. “Nice to see you too Irene. How did you find me?”

She stopped in the middle of his living room, giving it an appraising look over.

“I talked with Tommy. He gave me your address. Now, why didn’t you do that yourself? I thought we had an agreement?” She said, putting her hands on her hips.

“Yeah, well, I was going to. I just moved today. It has been busy. You know, flying in from LA, buying a car, settling in, meeting the neighbors…”

“Excuses, excuses.” She clicked her tongue at him. “Why the hell are you even here? In the suburbs I mean? It’s so not you. So silent, so quiet, so boring…”

“So peaceful, you mean? Look, I just need to relax a bit, you know? I want some peace and quiet.” He shrugged. She let out a deep sigh and dropped her whole angry demeanor.

“Fair enough Ian. Fair enough. But you’re not getting much peace tonight.” She said as he dropped her jacked to the floor, revealing a formfitting sundress that hugged her curves and matched her leggings. “For fuck’s sake, Ian. You promised me you’d call as soon as you were back… Lets go break in your bed, ok?” She said, turning around and shaking her perfectly rounded ass at him as she headed for the stairs to the second floor without waiting for an answer, while lifting her dress up to give him a good look.

What else could he do but follow her, her butt jiggling with every step as she ascended the stairs.

She had barely entered the master bedroom before she had her sundress off over her head, ad bent over to pull her leggings and panties off. Ian was treated to the view of her bent over, her sexy ass jutting in the air. He felt his cock grow stiff at the sight of her naked butt and cunt. Her pussy was already glistening wet. She turned around, a sultry smile on her full lips as she looked him over.

“Well, what are you waiting for? I came here to get fucked, so chop-chop,” she said, snapping her fingers as she cocked her hip seductively to the side. “Get those pants off and get fucking.”

He took in the sight of her standing there for a moment. Holy shit, she was drop dead beautiful. Her full, bouncy tits with her coin sized areolas, her nipples already hard. Her short-trimmed triangle of pubic hair, pointing down to her moist pussy lips. She was like some sort of Mediterranean sex goddess, standing in his bedroom waiting for him to slam his cock into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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