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Before the story, a few words and some random thoughts.

I have not written much erotica. My writing has been technical and legal. My first attempt at erotica was posted some years ago. Its called A Most Delicious Dinner. The second story I wrote, called The Wiener Roast, has not been posted. I lost my copy of it when I had some computer problems. However, I did send it to three or four people I met at Literotica. If you happen to be one of those that I sent it to, I would appreciate it if you would send me a copy of it. I would like to do some editing on it and then post it.

If you read my stories you will notice that they all have been about my fantasy of Linda. She is a real person. A long time friend. A very close friend. We flirt a lot and have exchanged semi-erotic emails but that is all. I have seen her tits and pussy. If you want to know how that happened send me an email or ask me if you see me at Literotica.

If I may, a few words about myself. Some of you that I have chatted with already know these things.

I am nothing special. Just a typical 61 year old gentleman. I have been cumming to Literotica for about seven years and having been doing selective phone chats for about five years now. I cherish friendship. I am very discrete. I never give out any information about anyone other than myself. If we chat on the phone I must call you; ask me sometime and I will tell you why. I always destroy the phone number when we are finished and never, never call that number again unless we meet at Literotica first and you tell me to call. I like to keep things light and fun for all.

I am a bit of a romantic … gentle and tender. I like to use very explicit and erotic language without being vulgar or disrespectful of women. I am very oral. I love to eat pussy and please the lady first. There have been times when my wife and I fucked more frequently that I would eat her pussy for more than an hour or for however long she wanted me to do it. I have fucked her and cum in her pussy and at times eaten her pussy right after that. Some men wont do that for their ladies, but I will and I do. My wife is also a real squirter … female ejaculation. When having sex, in real life or in fantasy, the person I am having sex with is always the most important.

We have been happily married for 38 years. My wife and I don’t fuck much any more because the aging process has slowed her down more than it has me and since straying is not for me, I cum to Literotica for the fun, fantasy and release. My sex drive is greater now than it was twenty years ago.

I don’t need Viagra yet (but those days will cum with age LOL) and I, as you will see in the story, don’t have a large cock. To those who are like me … over sixty and have small cocks … or ladies that have small tits … we can be sexy and have fun at Literotica too.

When at Literotica I welcome PMs …and will answer almost any question you may have, including questions concerning that incident that happened when I was a teenager that I have told some of you about.

There may be another chapter to this particular story. It will continue to be about my wife and Linda but will also include more of Linda’s husband who is also a good friend.

Please give me your honest comments.

Thank you, each and every one of you.

This story is one of fact, fiction and fantasy. The reader must decide where one stops and another starts. All of my characters are real people. I wrote the second part of the story from a woman’s (Linda’s) point of view. I didnt think I could do this very well. Please let me know what you think and how well or poorly I did this.

There is a man who loves to eat pussy,

And swallow its sweet gushing streams.

And after he sucks,

The lady he fucks,

And makes her cum till she screams!

* * * * *

Friday had been a hard day at work. It started very early and I was running late and was quite exhausted. Patty was off work and was preparing for our friends Bill and Linda to come over for a quiet evening of visiting and relaxation. We were going to roast wieners in our fireplace since the winter weather was cold and snowy. I had intended to leave work by no later than 3pm and be home in time to help make the preparations. But it was after 5pm when I was able to leave work and the normal thirty-five minute drive took almost an hour.

When I arrived home a little after six Patty had things pretty well prepared. Bill and Linda were to be there at 6:30 so I had a little time to shower and change clothes. Patty continued to get things ready and I headed for the shower.

I always enjoyed the time we spent with Bill and Linda. They were long time friends. Very good friends. And Linda was one of my favorite people. One of my favorite sexy people.

At 55, four years younger than me, Linda has dark brown, almost black, hair nearly down to her shoulders, dark brown eyes, stands 5′ 10″ tall, weighs about 140 pounds and has delicious looking 40 C breasts, istanbul escort although I had never seen them in the flesh. For years Linda has been one of my strongest fantasies. I have never strayed on Patty, but if Linda would ever make the first move and open the door, I would go through it.

Bill, who has become a good friend, is a good looking man, 5’11” tall, about 160 pounds, brown eyes and balding. While Bill, I am sure, had no idea of how often I have had sexual fantasies about Linda certainly realized how attractive Linda was to me. He was aware of how close Linda and I had become, as friends.

Realizing that it was 6:20 I knew I would not be able to take a long hot shower, which is how I prefer them. I quickly stripped and stepped into the shower, leaned back against the shower stall wall and began to enjoy the hot water splashing over me and cascading down my body. I had to force myself to pick up the soap and start rubbing it over my skin. My mind began to wander as I slid the soap over my chest and down toward my cock. Thoughts of Linda streaked through my mind.

Linda’s naked body stood there with me in the shower. The hot water and the soap made my cock wet and slick in my right hand as I stroked it. I could see her breasts … nipples standing straight and hard … her chest heaving with excitement … anticipation … my eyes moved down over to her tummy to her pussy. Her legs open wide knees slightly bent … her fingers moving slowly over her pussy lips … then slipping inside …moving in and out … slowly … then faster and faster. I could hear her moaning as I stroked my cock … the soap and hot water added to my excitement … my cock throbbed in my hand. Linda’s pussy was there for me and I was moving closer to her … stroking faster and faster … up and down … harder … I could see her … smell her fragrance … hear her breathing. She thrust her hips forward and said, “Fuck me, John, now.”

I moved against her and pushed my cock inside her … sliding all the way into her pussy. I felt the heat and tightness of her body grip my cock … her wonderfully soft tits pushing against my chest … my cock throbbed more now as it moved in and out of her pussy. My pressure building up and up. In and out … in and out … until Linda grabbed me and pulled me tight against her …and I began to cum in her pussy … squirting long hot streams of cum deep inside her pussy.

“John …” It was Patty calling to me from the bedroom. “Better hurry, they’ll be here in a few minutes.”

My fantasy was shattered and my eyes opened as my cum splashed against the wall of the shower stall. “Ok. Be out in a couple minutes.” I said, being thankful that Patty had not come into the bathroom and caught me jacking off in the shower. (Although she had caught me doing just that not too long ago. But right then I didn’t want to explain why I was doing it.)

I quickly finished my shower and wrapped my large towel around my waist. After brushing my hair and teeth I laid out my clothes for the evening and realized that the shirt I wanted to wear was in the laundry room. I looked at the clock and noticed it was 6:40. Bill and Linda should have been there, but since I had not heard any conversation in the living room I knew they hadn’t arrived yet. So with my towel still around me I opened the bedroom door and started to walk into the living room.

To my great surprise there sat Linda on the loveseat directly opposite the bedroom door. For a moment I didn’t know what to do or what to say. I started to quickly shut the door but something stopped me. I just froze, looking straight into Linda’s eyes. She was wearing a red, very tight pull-over blouse that seemed to cling to her large breasts like an outer skin and a full black pleated skirt and she had taken off her shoes.

“Patty’s in the kitchen.” Linda said in almost a whisper as she leaned forward and gave me one of her sexy smiles and a quick wink and parted her knees just a little as she pulled her skirt up slightly up.

I leaned forward just enough to almost be able to look toward the kitchen. “Ah … OK …sorry … I didn’t know you had gotten here yet.” I said, beginning to be a bit embarrassed.

“That’s all right. I don’t mind at all.” Linda whispered again. “I wont tell Patty if you don’t.” she said, winking again and moving her tongue between her lips.

As I eased the bedroom door shut and began to get dressed. I realized that my cock had gotten hard again. I was glad I had the loose towel around me. I quickly, found another shirt and a pair of sweat pants to wear and got dressed.

I wondered if Linda would still be sitting on the loveseat when I came out, but she had gone to the kitchen with Patty. Although I have lusted for Linda so much over the years and we had flirted and exchanged some mildly sexy emails I had been a little embarrassed and was glad she wasn’t still sitting there.

“Where is Bill?” I asked as I walked avcılar escort into the Kitchen.

“He got a call from the store just after we got here and they needed him to come in for a while.” Linda said, looking me in the eyes and smiling. “You were still in the shower.”

Chuckling, I said, “Oh. Will he be back soon?

“Don’t know. He said he would call in a little while and let us know.” Linda said.

“We’re going to go ahead and eat. Linda and I are hungry.” Patty said. “I expect you are too. Aren’t you?”

“Yes, lets roast the wieners. The fire’s going good. Its time to eat.”

For the next few minutes we roasted wieners in the fireplace. We talked about what games we were going to play after we finished eating. Nearly every time we got together with Linda and Bill for an evening we would play games. We all like board games, dominos, some card games like Taboo and Gestures. Jenga, the game where you stack small pieces of wood as high as possible, is one we really like.

As we were eating our hot dogs and all the other things Patty and Linda had fixed Patty got up to go to the kitchen for Pepsi refills. When she was in the kitchen Linda said, “You never did tell me the answer to your Pepsi question.”

“My Pepsi question?”

“Yes. I know you remember it.” She said, curving her lips in a sexy way, lowering her head and tilting her chin slightly to her right. Then looking over her glasses she said, “You know … ‘What’s even better than Pepsi to drink and eat?’ You never did tell me the answer. When are you gong to stop teasing me?”

I did remember asking her … Oh … did I remember. And I was tempted to tell her, but I didn’t think the time was right. Patty would soon return from the kitchen and I really didn’t know how Linda would react to my answer, but then I thought she already knew.

“I think you probably already know the answer.” I said, wondering what her response might be … hoping I already knew it.

“Well, … I might … “

“Linda, do you need any more ice in your glass?” Patty said as she came back into the room ending our conversation about Pepsi. I was both relieved, a little, and disappointed … a lot.

“No, Patty, I don’t think so.” Linda said, not taking her eyes from mine and slightly shrugging her shoulders as she gave me a very brief “oh nuts” frown that left me really wondering how far this conversation might have gone had Patty not come back so soon.

Patty brought the Pepsi refills in and we continued to sit and eat and talk. After a few minutes the telephone rang. It was Bill. Linda talked to him for a couple minutes and hung up.

“Bill says he will be at least another two or three hours and that we should eat without him.” Linda said with a laugh.

Patty and I joined in. “Did you tell him we already had?” Patty asked.

“Yep, but I think he already knew that!” Linda said, still laughing and chewing on a hot dog.

“Oh well,” I said, “Guess we’ll just have to force ourselves to get along without him.”

We laughed and joked about Bill not being there to eat for a little while longer. He seems to be able to eat and eat and eat and not gain an ounce. Since it doesn’t work like that for me I tell him he is disgusting. He takes it good naturedly and shoots right back at me with something or other about me being overweight.

“Think I need to go to the bathroom.” Linda said, getting up and heading for the bathroom adjacent to the guest room.

As she walked away I noticed the sexy sway of her hips and my thoughts rushed to how nice it would be to have my arms around her … on my knees in front of her … squeezing that soft flesh gently as I pulled her toward my open mouth, my tongue anticipating the very first taste of her delicious pussy … my cock throbbing, knowing that after my tongue was finished devouring her I would slide it inside her body …”

“John …” Patty said as she moved against me and leaned down to whisper in my ear, “Maybe after Bill comes back and they leave … we can have some fun in the bedroom?”

Well, that was a surprise, but a welcome one. Being around Linda for the evening and being in the mood … that sounded like a great idea.

Patty’s sexual desires have decreased over the past few years, which is understandable for her age and mine have increased greatly over the same period. That’s what seems strange to me. My sexual drive and desire should be diminishing too, but it just seems to be growing and growing, especially when I am around Linda.

“Ummm, I would like that.” I said to Patty, and moved my hand to her left breast and gave it a little squeeze.

Patty moaned softly and our lips met in a quick but passionate kiss … her tongue moving into my mouth and swirling around for a couple seconds. Now I was really getting hot. Linda’s presence … Patty’s tit in my hand … her tongue in my mouth … my cock was beginning to get hard. When our kiss ended Patty giggled and whispered, şirinevler escort “My pussy’s getting wet … and I think I could … squirt in your mouth tonight.”

Wow! I took a deep breath. Rarely did Patty talk like that. I thought she must really be getting turned on. “I’d like that … uuuummmmm … but what’s turning you on now?” I asked, looking her in the eyes.

“I don’t know … maybe it’s the way I noticed you looking at Linda … and maybe its … “

The sound of the flushing toilet jerked us away from our brief erotic encounter and a few seconds Linda came out of the bathroom.

Patty got up and began to gather up some things and take them back to the kitchen.

Linda walked past Patty and came in my direction and began to help to clear things off the snack table. I was sitting on the couch less than two feet from Linda as she bent down to pick up a napkin that had dropped on the floor. My eyes were inches from her chest. And I noticed something. Her nipples were standing out fully erect and her tits were swinging free under the red blouse. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She had taken her bra off while she was in the bathroom!

Linda looked directly into my eyes, smiled and licked her lips before straightening up with the napkin. Then she picked up some dishes and glasses and headed for the kitchen.

I just sat there not knowing what to think. With what Patty had done and with Linda’s braless tits having been only inches from my lips, my heart rate was up and my cock was hard.

Surely Patty had to notice that Linda had taken off her bra. But maybe not. She wouldn’t have been looking at Linda like I was.

I sat there for a few minutes and began to cool down while Patty and Linda were in the kitchen. Surely I must be wrong … she didn’t really take off her bra. Surely not! Or … did she? That would really be a strange thing for Linda to do. I’ve thought for a long time that she knows how sexy I think she is and really knows what I would love to do to her. For a long time we have flirted and sent those borderline erotic emails, but neither of us has ever … vocalized anything … except for some suggestive but not too suggestive comments. But no … she couldn’t have taken off her bra … not with Patty there. And even if we were alone … she would never do that … never open the door that somehow I think she knows I would walk through.

But … I had to find out for sure. I had to know. If Linda had taken off her bra she would have to have left it in the bathroom. The door was in plain sight of where Patty and I were sitting in the living room. If she did take it off she couldn’t have brought it out with her. So, I got up and headed for the bathroom.

“Where’re you going?” It was Patty’s voice.

“My turn in the bathroom.” I laughed as I stepped in and shut the door.

Once inside, I began to look for Linda’s bra. There weren’t many places she could have hidden it. I looked in the bath tub behind the curtain. In the clothes hamper, but found nothing. Then I looked in the cabinet under the sink. There, in the back left corner I found it. I took it out. Linda’s bra, no doubt. I looked at the tag … 40 D (but I already knew that) … it was her’s. Patty’s would have been 38 C.

I was about to put it back when I noticed something else. Something had been laying under Linda’s bra. I picked it up … Linda had taken off her panties too! They were folded up and laid underneath her bra. I picked up the panties. They were soft thin black cotton panties.

I stood there in front of the sink and mirror holding Linda’s bra and panties. I could not believe she had done that … and what was happening. They were soft and I could smell her fragrance on them. I held her bra in my right hand and her panties in my left. My mind began to race … my cock began to get hard and throb.

Slowly I raised Linda’s bra to my face. Rubbing it against my cheek I inhaled deeply. Oh, the thoughts that I was having. Dare I do what I was thinking?

I laid Linda’s bra on the sink and pulled the elastic waist band of my sweat pants down over my fully erect cock. Then I began to rub the crotch of Linda’s panties over my cock. Once again, as I had so many times before, I thought, of how I would like to eat Linda and fuck her … cum in her pussy … then … suck it out of her.

Slowly I moved her panties over the head of my cock. It was hard and throbbing. The full length of my cock moved against the soft material … then I lifted them to my mouth … licking the inside of the crotch … right where Linda’s pussy had been just minutes before. They were wet! I could taste her!

After a few seconds I moved the panties back down to my cock. I was so excited … so worked up that a long stream of pre-cum drained from my cock onto the crotch of the panties. Then another … if I kept this up I would cum and I didn’t want to do that now and I didn’t want to stain her panties … anymore than I already had.

Oooohhh, I had stained them with my pre-cum. How would I explain that to Linda? I wondered what I would do. I had really done it now. No matter why she had taken them and her bra off … how would I explain what I had done. My mind seemed to reel … my cock got soft … I really had done something I shouldn’t have done and now what would I do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32