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I saw her just the other day, the memory flooding back out of nowhere and by the blush and smile on her face I’m pretty sure she was thinking of it too. My best friend’s mom. It’s a cliche sort of fantasy that lots of guys have. It’s one that I actually got to live out. Just on one day but it was a fucking amazing time and right when we both needed it the most.

Mrs. Barnett wasn’t the hottest of moms. No my other friend Janette, her mom was absolutely beautiful but I probably would have fallen apart into rambling, giggling, and uselessness if I got a chance at her like I did with Mrs. Barnett. Not that I ever would have. I shouldn’t have even gotten a chance at Mrs. Barnett, who was still really attractive. In her late forties or early fifties, she had probably been my type of gal when she was my age. Attractive but in a nerdy sort of way. An alluring pear shaped body that I had noticed long before that day, she had a nice big butt and a slender… everything else.

I don’t think she knew I was there. Her son and I had come in late, he’d gone to bed in his room upstairs, I’d crashed in the basement on the couch in the game/guest room down there. I’d woken up a few minutes earlier, hit the bathroom to splash some water on my face, “brush” my teeth with a finger and toothpaste, and swish around some mouthwash. Settling back down on the couch for the hour or more I knew it would be for her son to wake up. When I heard somebody cross the house above. I figured it was her. Her other kids were all out of the house by then and her son, who wasn’t, didn’t walk with such a light tread. Not to mention that he would never be up after only eight hours of sleep.

The always friendly and kind woman was humming to herself in a way that confirmed she didn’t hear me, didn’t know I was there. It was also obvious she was oblivious to me because when she came down the stairs she was wearing next to nothing. A beige bra, matching panties, and thigh high nylons. Not expecting her to be dressed like that, it took a second or two to register her state after she came down the stairs. A grunt escaped me only as she was walking away, deeper into the basement. My eyes snapping back up to see that ass, her panties not covering much of that great big beautiful backside. Legs and everything else were sexy, oh yeah, but my eyes could not stay away from that amazingly generous ass of hers.

“Oh damn.” At her curse, my mouth opened to apologize but it wasn’t for me, she was plucking at one of her dresses that she kept by the laundry area of the basement, must have been a stain or something on the one she’d intended to wear. “Hmm.”

Shoving it aside she sorted through the four or five others, she didn’t have the money for a lot of fancy dresses. I’d never seen her in much more than her usual jeans and a blouse. Plucking two off the rack she held them to herself, one at a time. A black silk one with white and red flowers got a head shake. Considering it was a Sunday and I figured she was going to church, that skimpy dress probably wasn’t a good church choice. The other one was a bit dated but modest. Her hands slipped from the bottom of the dress to her beige nylons, giving a headshake, they didn’t match.

It was then that she saw me. Must have been just the outline of another human, where none should be, that caught her attention. There was no jump or cry, her eyes darted up to me, to mine. If there had been the beginnings of panic tightening up her muscles they were gone right away. Her dark brown eyes met mine, a hint of red going to her cheeks at the realization of how she had come down here. At how little coverage the dress she was holding was.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to say something and scare you.” I said softly, for some reason.

“Oh, yeah. It probably would have.” Shifting slightly to cover some part of her she must have thought was exposed, or felt a breeze going over. It uncovered her right side, all the way from shoulder to foot. There was no way I could stop myself, the beige made me think she wasn’t wearing a bra and I looked. Wanting to see my friend’s mom’s tits, just wanting to see tits. “I’m going to church.”

“I figured, what with the dress and all.” We both nodded, struggling to think of something else to say for a long few moments. I found something first, awkward as it was. “The black one looked like it would be way hot, so… Probably not for church.”

“Yeah, that was my thoughts. Well, not hot but…” But she smiled, eyes going to the black dress as if tempted to wear it if a nineteen year old friend of her son thought her hot in it.

“Yes hot.” Giving her a look that said I was prepared to argue about it, she smiled.

“Okay… hot.” A cute giggle bubbled out of her, another longing look at the forbidden dress before she started towards the stairs.

She held the modest dress away from herself, examining it. But what she was really doing was giving me a great view of her as she went by. I happily took that view. Turning and not just pendik escort following her with my eyes as she walked past and to the foot of the stairs. I came up to my feet, bold move on my part for sure but it seemed I had a clear invitation and… I really really really really wanted to see that booty work it’s way up the stairs. Only she stopped and “caught” me staring at her beautiful ass. The entire situation had my pants tight. There certainly wasn’t a perfect outline of my rod in my jeans, there wasn’t a tent, but for sure there was a shape of something. Her eyes flicked there, throat worked as she gulped, the smile growing like my dick still was.

“I guess I should go upstairs.” Clearly needing to say something to prolong her just standing there in her underthings.

“Your house, you do what you want but I’d be really sad to see you go.” It was difficult to keep my voice at a normal tone, thinking that this was my buddy’s mom.

“I’m just thinking that for a woman going to church, I’m being really bad standing here…” She couldn’t come up with a word for what she was doing, or wasn’t confident enough to.

“Standing there… Teasing me?” That made her smile and nod. “I think it’s the best time to do it.”

“Why is that?” She asked, putting the hook of her dress onto one of the support strut things overhead. Not just getting it out of the way but signaling that she intended to stand here a while.

“Because you can go and ask for forgiveness or whatever.” That made her burst out laughing, my pants were so fucking tight as she posed against the wall, pretending it was a casual stance but knowing it was sexy as fuck. A pose that invited me closer, “Isn’t that how it works?”

“Kinda, I mean I don’t think you’re supposed to sin specifically knowing you’re going to be forgiven but…” She shrugged, her small breasts grabbing my attention for a moment, which was not unnoticed by the older woman.

“Yeah, probably not the best mentality to get into. Even if it’s totally how it works.” I gave her a few seconds with that before adding. “Because then you might get it into your head to do something really naughty, right before you go, because you would get immediately absolved of it.”

“There is something naughtier than letting my son’s friend…” Glance upstairs even though we’d hear her son coming from a mile away. “My son’s friend…” Gulp. “My son’s friend see me in my underwear, without even trying to cover up?”

“Oh, there are lots naughtier things than that.” I shrugged. “More fun too.”

“Now you’re sounding like my ex-husband. It was more fun for him, I just ended up pregnant and went another three years before I had a real orgasm.” Her hand went to her lips, fingers just barely touching there as she couldn’t believe what she said. But she was smiling as she brought them away, breath nervous but I could see she liked being honest. Especially about that, thought it was naughty too, her smile and the waggle of her shoulders said. “He had three years of trying but it was wine and a late night with a showerhead that got me there for the first time.”

I almost nodded, taking her words at face value. Thinking that she liked that she was showing herself off but didn’t want to do more. Had a bad history with it with doing more being boring and punishing. I might have nodded only… Only she watched me as she posed there. No matter what she said, that pose and more specifically that smile on her pleasant MILF face said differently.

“If I had a chance,” Pushing for more even though it made my heart beat, made me think what a shit friend I was. “I would promise that I would make it fun.”

“For you? Or me?”

“Well…” Eying her sexy pear shaped body, assuring myself of the intent of that pose. She wanted to be seduced! “That body,” Motioning to her delicious curves. “Guarantees it will be fun for me.” A happy sort of laugh escaped her, she had some response to that that she held onto when I brought up both hands. “But I know… What’s the hope of me getting it again if I don’t make it fun for you?”

“Hmm,” Taking that in before tapping at her lips a few times. “I gotta say… You probably are right,” While she still looked playful and happy she trembled with such nerves. “Just having that…” Her turn to motion at me, to my body. My nineteen year old body. “It would be fun, even if it doesn’t turn out to be as fulfilling as I’d want it to be.”

“So… Is that a yes?” My question just got a playful shrug from her.

Taking that first step towards her, wow did I remember that being about the most effort I’ve ever put into anything. Mentally and physically. She bit her bottom lip as soon as I did, the second step took a lot of effort, it was my friend’s freaking mom after all, but I got it done. There were thousands of things that I could have said but the only thing I could do was go to her, stop before her, pull her against me with my arm wrapped around her midsection, escort pendik and then kiss her.

She came very willingly. Very much like an old movie she went from the wall to me, almost ragdoll-like. Before I was even to her mouth she was coming up to meet me. Then… Then I was kissing my friend’s mom! There was a hint of toothpaste there, mine or hers I couldn’t be certain and didn’t think about for long. As her lips were against mine and we were kissing like it would save the world.

My arm started out on bare flesh, with her in her underwear, so I dared a lot sooner than I normally would have. Plus… I had to have it. Had to get a feel of that freaking ass! It was as big and yummy as I wanted it to be. One hand became jealous of the other until they were both on there, going underneath the cloth to the flesh. Our kissing made noises that filled the stairs, our breathing a choir of enjoyment.

“Church is in forty minutes.” It was only then that I realized my mouth had moved from hers, I was kissing my way down her neck, after having done the treatment to the other side. That didn’t mean much to me until she went on, “I need another twenty minutes to get ready.”

“You look beautiful already.” She used that opportunity to push me away, like a foot, to look me in the eyes. I blinked, finally realized what that meant and couldn’t believe it. For sure she meant it, brown eyes watched me with nervous excitement. “Alright, I know what you want.”

Once more she bit her bottom lip as she watched me pull my shirt off, the divorcee letting out a squeak as she fell back against the wall. Mrs. Barnett all but humping the air as I undid my pants and let them drop. My dick was way more obvious through the thin material of my underwear, then totally bared as I got out of them too. Whatever my size was, her moan, her momentary weak kneed sag, and the expression on that pretty face said it was more than big enough.

I don’t know if she was going for something, thinking to deny me something, or what. She popped off the wall as soon as I stepped forward after kicking my clothes away, turning towards the top of stairs but her knees so weak she collapsed down onto them. On all fours. I didn’t really register that she might have been trying to leave until after. All I saw was that ass, her on her hands and knees a few stairs up so that booty was fucking aimed right into my fucking soul. I cursed as I ran my hands over the big thing, grabbed her panties and yanked them down.

Beautiful ass, deep crack, and a lightly hairy cunt peeking out lower down. My hands were back on that bare flesh. Shoving the cheeks apart to see everything she had to offer. I got an offer a moment later, Mrs. Barnett working her panties to a point where she could slip a leg through, then plant the foot on the stair up from where her knee was. So her legs were both as far apart as they could get. I know an offer when I see one but considering I was already being drawn in…

“Oh my freaking… Gah!” Falling forward onto the stairs before she could recover herself, as I licked up from that fuzzy dripping hole to the puckered one above. I did it again, this time enjoying the taste of her before finding the more mild flavoring of her backdoor. Bringing a hand up to first rub at her clitoris with a pair of fingers, then slide them into her. As I shoved my tongue at her back entrance, trying to get it in instead of across. “Kyle! Oh frick, you’re licking my ass! And I freaking love it! Ky… Kyle you’re licking my ass and oh frick it feels good! I’m really going to have to ask forgiveness for this!”

Pulling the fingers from my pussy I slathered them over her anus. While she tightened up all her muscles I did notice she did not draw away, interesting as that was I had a girl try and shove a finger up my butt once. It had made me very aware of the problem with that. So I licked, teased, but I did not really try and penetrate what I absolutely knew was a virgin hole. Mostly made fairly quick work of her as I licked while fingering her gash, then tongue delved into her cunny while rubbing her clit.

“Kyle! Okay! Okay you are not going to have the same… OH GOD! OH GOD!” Obviously close I rocketed her over the edge by shoving a thumb into her pussy while swirling her bump around with the two fingers, all while lapping away at her up until now untouched but very sensitive asshole. She slapped and clawed at the carpeted stairs but ended up shoving herself back at me at the end. “YES! Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! GOD YES! GOD! YES!”

“I promised fun Mrs. Barnett, so fun I’m going to give.” Dragging her down one stair and I came up one, kissing my way up her back, laying across her.

“Pull out.” She told me, I wasn’t in her yet for that to be a current demand, so I took it as her telling me she wasn’t on the pill.

“I will.” If only because as good as it would feel to cum inside the first woman who was going to let me raw dog her, I wanted pendik escort bayan even more to see my cum all over her ass.

“Then fuck me!” Reaching back to grab my ass and pull me forward, which hindered what we both wanted. Still eventually I got myself not just lined up but inside her, which had her face go all over with shock. “Ah! Wha… Kyle, Kyle, Kyle… Your dick is INSIDE ME!”

It was too, by then it was inside her all the way and I was holding her hips with myself thrust all the way forward. I could feel her pushing back against me. I was WAY inside her and loving it. After a moment of that I shifted not just my position but hers, so we were at ideal angles for each other. She screamed up the stairs not when I drew out of her but when I slammed my way back in, slapped the tread, looked back at me with that shocked look. Unable to fathom that anything could fill her up so good, it was an expression I wished all my lovers would match.

That expression of disbelief didn’t go away but was mostly replaced with pleasure, as I started to really fuck my friend’s mom. I had to hold her hips, insane as it was it seemed like I had way more experience in this position (I hoped just doggy style and not all things sex.) than she did. Even with that sometimes I had to press my forearms to those cheeks to keep her lined up, as she tried to angle and tilt. I did give her some angle and tilt, if only so I could see my dick going in and out of her pinkhole. My friend’s mom’s pussy!


“Mrs. Barnett?” Slightly out of breath as I slammed into her as freaking hard as I could.

“Kyle, Kyle, Kyle, KYLE!” Close for sure, which was good because I was close for sure.

“You having… Enough fun Mrs. Barnett?” I don’t know if she was just there or if my question focused her on the idea of her husband’s failure’s and my success.

“Yes! Fahhh! Oh my god! YES! KYLE GOD YES!” Orgasm hitting her.

It was time, I pulled her back, stepping onto the concrete floor. Her heels were touching her butt, her knees on a stair tread, hands gripped onto another one (way further up) as she dangled backwards. Would have dropped back fully if not for me smashing into her over and over again. I had to grab her by the bra-strap as she tried to crawl up the stairs away from me. I would have laughed but I was chasing my own orgasm, her tight wet cunt had me right there at the edge… And then had me over it.

“Fuck yes!” I hissed when I got there, pulling out.

“Ahhhhh!” She cried when I did, maybe thinking I was going to plunge back in her again because she climbed a few stairs quickly before a wave of pleasure hit her and laid her out onto the things. I might have worried about how uncomfortable it had to be for her, but I was freaking out of time. No way I wanted to cum anywhere but on her, as good as her butt seemed like a target, well… The idea of covering her face was too good to resist, especially after she rolled over onto her back to gasp down at me. “Wha..?” I climbed the stairs in a squat with her between my feet and below me. I kinda thought I would just cum on her like this but she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and feebly came off the stairs. “Kyle I gmm…”

Reaching down I grabbed her by the back of her head, pulled her up. I came as soon as my tip got close to her eager and expectant mouth. It dropped onto her tongue, but also down her chin and chest. I was hammering my fist up and down my length so that before she could do much tasting, there was another round for her. This time I let a line of seed run from her forehead to her lips. She thrashed at that, I guess either she, her husband, or both weren’t into facials. Just swallowing because that’s what she’d quickly done with what had gone into her mouth. The movement made me drop three on her cheek, for sure she wasn’t used to this because she gasped up at me like I’d just spilled soda on her new carpet. But let me turn her face so that I coated the other cheek as well, the rest of it I put right where she wanted it. Not just jerking myself off into her mouth but inserting myself and letting her suck me empty, which she happily gulped down.

“You’re still hard.” She said when I pulled out of her mouth, it snapped up against me.


“I’ve got to finish…” Touching her cum covered face and dribble dotted chest. “Start over getting ready.”

“Are you sure?” I asked her, reaching out to take her hand, put it on my still hard member.

“I’ve got to…”

“Just remember if you ever want it. Say the word.” I told her before pulling the dress off the hanger, waiting until she could get to her feet, and watching her slowly make her way up the stairs.

The way she went up them was so fucking amazing. A little confused, smile pulling at the corners of her lips as she checked back on me to see I was watching (and enjoying) her go. When she turned down the hall, out of sight, I sagged. Shaking my head and smiling at what I’d just done. As I collected my clothes I thought that not only had I fucked my friend’s mom but more importantly I had not disappointed her. She had come twice and walked away like she might never gain the strength back in her legs. It was a good thought. Another thought was about keeping her panties as a trophy but I put them on the laundry instead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32