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I still look back at that time almost in disbelief. We had neighbors in a town we lived in 15 years ago that we have stayed very close to even though we moved away three years ago because of a transfer in my company. Even though I work from my house about 80% of the time, they still wanted me to move to a more central location. Our old neighbor’s had two children that we had know from the day of their birth. Alisa was the older daughter and was extremely nice but a very shy girl. She pursued athletics and was very good, but even us having known her for a long time she still was a girl of few words and preferred to stay out of the lime light. Her sister was equally nice but far more out going and of course teased her about being shy.

We found out that Alisa was going to go to college in our city and would be staying in the dorms on campus. The school campus was only 10 miles from us. She was young for her age group and turned 18 in September after starting school. We had her over for dinner a couple of times and she was genuinely excited about school but never told us too much that was going on. We were going on a trip and she offered to take care of our dog. The dog had a dog door and could go in and out on her own but would need food put out once a day. We gave her a key to the house and she helped us a few times. Over the first four months of school Alisa became like a live in daughter to us. She would come and go from the house regularly and used our house as a quiet place to get away from the craziness of school. Her dorm mate tended to party far more than she did.

My wife works from 7:30 to 5:00 and I tend to get up, do two hours of business paper work, and then run on the tread mill and lift weights. Then I would shower, go to work with email, business transactions etc. One day Alisa came over mid morning and I did not hear her come in. I showered and then walked out of my bedroom and into the family area stark naked only to find Alisa right there staring at me in all my glory. She had her Spanish book and asked what a word was before she glanced up. Her eyes went straight to my crotch and I froze. I fumbled that I needed to see it in the sentence and she got up and walked to me pointing at the sentence but her eyes kept glancing down at my cock. I quickly answered the question and said I better get dressed and she giggle and quietly said please don’t on her account. She asked me another question but one I think she already knew. I answered it and then she asked a couple more. I started to get hard and decided I better go before I really got embarrassed.

I got dressed and when I came back out I apologized and she just giggled again and said no big deal that it was kind of fun. I swear I did not know how to react to her at that point. I noticed that after that she was coming over every Tuesday and Thursday morning as her classes did not start until noon. The next few days she usually found me working out and would talk to me. I would take a shower and she frequently talked to me from the family room about anything. She was more talkative kadıköy escort than she really had ever been and about nothing really in particular. Then one Tuesday she asked me about a Spanish word again but came into the bedroom when I was naked and just acted normal asking me a couple of questions and trying to act like she was not staring at my cock even though it was easy to tell she was.

I got dressed and nothing was said about her seeing me. Thursday of that week she began coming into the bedroom and laying on the bed during my shower and looking at me as I got dressed. I knew I should not be doing this but for a 38 year old man it was stoking my libido. I convinced myself that this was harmless fun and this went on for a couple months. My wife knew Alisa would come over and the discussion came up about our work out equipment and my wife offered her access to use it any time she wanted.

A few days later Alisa showed up with a sports bag and worked out in the gym with me. She mostly did tread mill but also a few weights. She went to get a shower in the hall bathroom and a short time later I got in my shower in the bedroom. I came out not expecting her as I figured her shower would take much longer than mine, but she was standing with a big bath towel wrapped around her body and was drying her hair with a second. She just said that the work out was great and that she appreciated my wife and I letting her use the equipment. I grabbed my clothes and tossed them on the bed. As I began to dress she dropped the towel she was using on her head on the bed and then also took off the one covering her body and tossed it on the bed. I could not believe I was staring at Alisa’s beautiful body. She has absolutely perfect small petite breasts with very pale pink areoles and the cutest stiff nipples. She has an absolutely muscle toned body with a flat stomach that slid right down into the blond curls of her pubic hair. She seemed to try to prolong her nakedness and I instantly got rock hard. It was a little embarrassing to try to get my pants on with a raging hard on. She then dressed and said she had to take off. She hung the towels in the hall bathroom to dry and took off. I hate to admit it but I masturbated two times to the memory of her body that day.

I knew this had crossed a line I did not expect. Sure enough though she continued to come over every Tuesday and Thursday and work out and then repeated being naked with me as we dressed and talked. She also would sit and brush her hair on the corner of the bed several times and spread her legs comfortably apart just exposing the soft inner labia of her vagina. I got comfortable having an erection in front of her and was not as embarrassed any more. One day she confessed that I was the first penis she had ever seen in real life. I asked her about her boyfriends and she said she never got that far. I asked if she was dating a guy and she said yes but not seriously. She was dressed before me and then blushed as üsküdar escort she shyly asked if she could touch my penis as she was very curious about how it felt. Without waiting for an answer, she reached out and began to massage my cock with one hand and with her other hand on my testicles. She rolled my testicles in one hand and slowly stroked my penis up and down the entire length. She commented that is was hard but felt so soft. She also said it felt very warm. I could not help it but an orgasm was rapidly coming. I spread the towel out on the bed and turned so my cock was pointed at the towel. I told her to watch out and her hands went still, holding the shaft of my penis in her left hand and my testicles in her right hand.

I exploded shooting several huge squirts of semen out onto the towel and she giggled with absolute delight. She said that was so awesome and said she could feel my penis contract when it squirted. She seemed so delighted in her accomplishment and said again that it was so cool. She said she did not know that she could make a boy ejaculate so easily. I wiped off my cock a little and got dressed. As she left that day she told me thanks that she was glad I let her touch her first penis and let her make me go ejaculate. The next time she came over it was back to just working out and dressing together. The following time she came over she shyly asked me if she could make me squirt again. As she asked she only briefly hesitated before grabbing my penis and she very quickly made me come again. She was delighted at getting to do it again. Well this went on for a few months several times a month.

She talked me into lying on the bed and making me going on my belly. It felt great but I had to take a second shower. I found out she was on birth control pills now and had been for 6-8 months. Well one day she straddled me on the bed as she stroked my cock. As she did it, she slowly inched up until her pubic hair was touching my balls. Her actions made me ejaculate quickly. This became her new way of doing it and she slowly moved forward so that her wet pussy was on my shaft and she just played with the tip to make me come. I knew this had gone far beyond what it should have but it felt so good and somehow still seemed so innocent. She had indicated on several occasions that she was still a virgin and did not want her boyfriend to be the one to take her virginity as she knew he was not the one.

Then the fateful day came that my mind told me would but I found ways to convince myself it would not. Alisa moved forward until the tip of my cock was right at the entrance of her vagina. She moved around and was absolutely soaking wet. I felt the tip go just inside her a few times before the downward pressure gave way and I slowly and gently slid all the way inside of her. Alisa collapsed on my body and just stayed still for what seemed like a couple of minutes. Alisa then lifted up with and then came down as she leaned over and gave me the softest sweetest kiss I think one person could give another. Then tuzla escort she lifted her body up and sat on me for a little while with a big smile on her face. She began to move up and down a little at first and then longer and longer. She moaned and said that it felt so good and I told her that I was going to come if she kept doing that and she smile at me and continued to move. Only a little while later, I grabbed her hips and moaned that I was coming and she slowly sat down. I ejaculated so much and it felt so strong.

I began to shrink inside of her and she slid off of me leaving a huge trail of semen on my thighs and the towel on the bed. She giggled and said she had been so scared about making love and she said now she did not understand why. She said it hurt just at first but then felt so amazing. She bent over and kissed me again and told me she was so glad I was the first person to make love with her. We actually took a shower together that morning cleaning off the semen from both of our bodies. After Alisa left that morning, I for the first time got a little scared that Alisa might be falling in love with me rather than just two good friends. I loved my wife so much and knew this had progressed father than either of us expected. The next time she came over we worked out, took showers, and dressed together. She was talking about her boyfriend all the time that day so I actually felt she was telling me in her own way that she did not want a “couple” relationship with me. Over the course of the next two years in college we ended up making love dozen of times. She figured out how to slow down to keep me from coming so quickly and allowed her to orgasm first and then she would make me ejaculate after that. She was always on top and we never kissed like we did the first time. She told me on a couple of other occasion she was glad that her first lover was someone she had known for a long time and could trust. She indicated that she knew that I (we) should not really be doing this stuff but that she said we were only close friends and that it was just a physical thing.

She dated a few boys over that two year period of time and then met a boy she really liked and got a long with amazingly well. She brought him over for dinner and my wife and I both agreed that we thought this might be the “soul mate” for her. I could tell when their sexual relationship took off as her need to be physical with me disappeared,

Sure enough just as they were graduating college they announced they were getting married. They have stayed in our town and have two beautiful kids together, one boy and one girl. We still get together with them regularly as we are like adopted grandparents to the children. My wife never found out or suspected anything ever happened between Alisa and me. I feel so fortunate, as my love for my wife was never stronger the whole time this occurred, but it was just a very unique situation. Alisa told me that her husband once asked about how many people she had slept with and when she lost her virginity. She just told him one other person and it was just with a really close friend. She said he asked exactly who and she just said that it did not matter that it was a while ago. She indicated he has never brought it back up and seemed to be OK, not knowing any more details.

I look back on that time as one that I think both of us grew up, me just a little later than her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32