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It started out as a (what to do Saturday night). Cathy a very good friend of my girlfriend, Heather, my girlfriend and a girl from their high school Cindy. Cathy and Heather are 19 and Cindy 18 and myself which just turned 20.

I’m about 5’6″ and alright physical built wise, My girlfriend is 5’5″, blonde hair and rather slender. Cindy is a brunette and also about 5’5″ and also slim. Cathy’s a brunette also but about 5’0 and quite the chest. I use to call her “Lumps” for a reason but that ticked her off some times. She usually wore loser sweaters or tops. I think she’s a little self conscious about her breasts.

Cathy’s parents were gone for the weekend and Cathy’s older sister went out partying herself, so we had the house to ourselves.

Cindy’s brother had bought her some cheap fruit wine and I went over and just bought some beer, chips and a few other things. I came back and they had the music on and Heather & Cindy had started into the wine. Cathy & I went for the beer. We were all sitting in the family room just gabbing and someone suggested playing cards. Ya, ok! Nothing better going on. We played a few games and got into crazy 8s which we played for awhile and after a couple of beers and the other 2 working on the wine, we got laughing and giggling and just shooting the shit.

I can’t remember who even suggested it but someone said HEY!!! Lets play strip poker. Ahhhhh ya right I said! The wine was hitting them more than our beers and I said to Heather are you sure about this? Ya, it’s ok, I’m just rather a bit dizzy.

we all kind of looked at each other and wasn’t sure where or how to start. I have to be honest, I don’t really know how to play real poker.

So I suggested that what we would do is just turn over the cards one at a time, each of us taking turns. The Ace & wild cards, you have to remove a piece of your clothing. The 7 would be “your” choice as who has to remove a piece of clothing and the 2 you must physically remove any one else’s piece of clothing.

We had just started to play and a few cards were flipped over and Cathy, Heather & I lost our socks. The next one was Cathy again and she had to remove her sweater.

Damn! Her tits were large and so firm. We all watched as she lifted the sweater over her head and those tits came out supported by a fancy white bra. I just stared, they were awesome. They were Cs if not Ds. My girlfriend is a 34B but I never complained.

I’m not sure if Heather really felt sick or she just didn’t want to continue, but she said I have to go lie down. So I walked her to a bedroom and she said no, go back out I just feel sick.

When I returned I felt awkward cause Cathy was sitting in her bra and I said I don’t think it’s a good idea to continue. Both Cathy and Cindy said NO, Heather won’t mind, besides escort kocaeli we’re just playing strip poker. Cindy was just plain giddy and Cathy was doing pretty good with her beers. I had only 2 and it was enough to take the edge off. I said if I get shit for this, I’ll be pissed.

So we each grabbed another drink and started to play again. I remember Cathy got a 2 and looked at me & then Cindy. She said Cindy, lift up your arms and she reached over and removed her top. Cindy said but I haven’t lost my socks yet but Cathy said it was her choice. Cindy blushed a bit and kind of half crossed her arms. She was small breasted but they looked nice from my position. I lost the next one and took off my shirt. Cathy lost next and I could feel me getting warm with excitement to at last see her tits. She stood up and removed her pants showing that she was wearing a nice white thong. I was a bit disappointed but damn I got a hard on seeing her like this. We were good friends and flirted a lot but holy cow! This was awesome! She sat back down on the carpet and I said Wow, VERY NICE! She smiled and said thank you. Cindy lost the next one and yeas, removed her socks and laughed as she was quite tipsy. We all just laughed. I was nervous but so excited at the same time! I actually had butterfly’s.

We were getting close to crunch time and we laughed and teased as to who was going to lose first. Cathy again got a 2 and just looked at me. Ya I know I said. You get to do the honors! To my surprise she turned to Cindy and said come here and she unsnapped the front hook of her bra and removed it! Wow I was really hard by then. Her breasts were small but perfect shape and tight hard nipples. I just said WOW! She blushed and went to cross her arms again. I said NO, please let us see them, their wonderful. Really she asked. Oh yes I said. I lost the next hand so stood up and removed my jeans. I wear bikinis and my hard on was just one big bulge. I’m 6 1/2″ hard and both said wow… that looks like quite the bulge. They both stared at it but Cindy was, well her jaw dropped open. I don’t think she has seen a guy.

I got a 2 and I looked at Cathy and said should I? she said your choice. I looked at Cindy and she got a bit red and I said stand up and I moved over on my knees and unsnapped her jeans and started to lower them. She had to wiggle a bit and as I lowered them she was wearing a pair of green panties. As I was removing them from her feet I moved forward and kissed hard on her covered mound. She was damp and kind of cooed as I did this. I backed up and we kept going. Finally, Cathy lost and she reached back and unsnapped her bra and pulled it forward and off! My god their beautiful I said. WOW!!! they were very firm and her areolas were large with firm nipples that were about a 1/4 inch. I was feeling quite flushed gölcük escort and she said, so you like them. Hell Ya, I said! Kiss my nipple she said so I did as I was asked and gave one a suck also. It was great. Cindy was just looking with eyes wide open. I’m soar I said and turned and touched her breast and moved forward and sucked her right nipple. Wow she said and she was quite flushed.

I kind of said… hmm, maybe that was going to far and left it at that.

The next hand I got the last 2 and looked at the both of them with a sly grin! Cathy stand up please. She stood in front of me and as I reached to remove her thong I noticed I was actually shaking with excitement. I reached upwards and with her facing me I slowly started to remove them. She was partially shaved a neatly trimmed. As I got them near her knees I just moved forward without a thought and licked her slit up to her clit. She was wet, not damp and she just moaned. I backed off and glanced at Cindy who was just staring. I said something and she just kind of laughed but looked at Cathy as she sat down on the carpet. Cathy’s pussy lips were exquisite and so smooth looking.

She sat there naked and said OK, now what I’m naked here by myself. Ahhhh OK, we’ll do a couple of more cards and see what happens. We Never thought of what happens when we finished the game. It just sounded like a good idea at the time.

I lost within seconds so I stood up with a big bulge in my underwear. I’m not huge but It’s a rather nice cock with a wonderful head on it, if I do say so myself.

I started to lower the bikinis and they noticed I shave. Yep, my big brother told me about it. Both their eyes were glued to me as I released my cock. I noticed Cindy’s eyes pooping out and Cathy just staring. I said to Cindy. Come touch it. Feel it. She was like in a trance, she raised her arm and touched my cock which gave a bit of a jump at her touch. Wow she said! Put you hand around it and stroke it up an down. She did and it felt good. All she could say it’s SO Hard!

I turned and looked at Cathy. Here you touch it. I turned to her and she reached out and placed her hand around it and moved up the shaft slowly to the head and god I thought I was going to cum. Before I knew it she leaned forward and put the head of my cock in her mouth and just sucked it. Oh my god I said and let out a moan. Is that good she asked. It’s wonderful!

Cindy said, what do we do now? Hmmm good question I said. I have an idea if your both willing. How about we sit and watch each other masturbate. That way I won’t get into as much trouble if Heather finds out. We won’t say anything Cindy blurted out!

We agreed and I said… just one thing. What they asked, Cindy, you still have your panties on. Stand up! She did I moved forward izmit sınırsız escort and slid them down. She does not shave but is well trimmed. I took her by the hips and moved my head forward and licked hip slit and clit as I had done to Cathy.

We all got into a comfortable position and we each started to play with ourselves and watched each other as we did. Cathy’s nipples were so erect and she was squeezing one and moaning as she moved her right hand to her pussy. She started with small circular moves and slowly started to move up and down her slit. She was so wet you could easily see her wetness. This was wild cause Heather would never masturbate while I watched. Cathy’s breathing was getting much heavier and she nursed her large breasts and squeezing her nipple. I was so friggin hard and slowly moving up and down the shaft. Cindy was just staring at my very hard cock. She moved also in small circular motions and really concentrated on her clit. I looked at Cathy and she had placed 2 fingers inside of her and was thrusting in and out as her other hand played with he clit. This was unbelievable. I could feel my balls tightening up so I managed to stop for a moment. I didn’t want to but I wanted this just to keep going. Cathy came with a heck of a shudder and sat there not moving. She looked at me and just said WOW! We both looked at Cindy and her head was back and eyes half closed and we both watched her cum. She was a more quiet cum with multiple little spasms.

Cathy said I wanted to see you cum as I have never seen a guy cum. I told her I haven’t yet as I wanted to watch her and Cindy cum. She smiled and said can I see you cum! With that I turned towards her and I swear I have never being so hard. My cock was actually hurting a bit it was so hard. I slowly started from the head and moved down the shaft. My motions were slow and the feeling was incredible. Cindy moved in to get a better look. I continued to go slow and then a bit faster. My head was huge and so hard it was almost purplish. They both watched in amazement and I eased off as a few drops of precum oozed out of my cock. Cathy leaned forward and took her tongue and licked the drops off. Cindy stared wide eyed. Oh god I can’t hold off any longer. As I stroked hard and long I took Cindy’s hand and cupped my balls. She squeezed just a little and that did it. I shot Hard and long covering Cathy’s beautiful tits. I swear I have never cum like that and don’t think I have to this day. Cathy again moved forward and licked a bit of cum from the head. Cindy said can I try it. I turned to her and she placed the top of my head into her mouth and sucked on it. I was so week kneed I had to sit down. We all looked at each other and said, fuck, fuck fuck! we all laughed and said this was truly an awesome idea.

I asked the girls how the cum tasted and they said awesome. A little bitter but loved the taste.

I said we might have to try this again. There was NO hesitation! Yes.. how about next week. It was a wonderful year to say the least!

I’ll share other moments next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32