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Chapter 13

Impatience Chastised–Patience Rewarded

Mr. Jenkins was livid, which was unusual for him. Even through harsh reprimands, his ordinary mood was one of calm equanimity. He rarely lost his temper even if it felt like he was shouting at you. He was master of showing stern cruelty without betraying anger. But his tone and demeanor now signaled real rage. It was clear that Mr. Jenkins was the leader of this enclave.

It was also clear that the whole event had been carefully choreographed by him; thus, the anger and frustration. As might be expected, he was very much a control freak, but also a devotee of ritual, manners and etiquette. Giving Bob first dibs at Lori (among the Doms) was a sign of respect and gratitude to the host. Breaking this agreement was a worse offense in his mind than Bob fucking Lori when she was getting tattooed at his shop.

“I am sorry, JJ. I just couldn’t help it. I was so eager to fuck this hot bitch again.”

“Vera, come here.” Mr. Jenkins shouted over to her. She had Bob’s cock lodged down her throat just then, but she nodded; Bob removed his dick, and she tottered over.

“Yes, Sir, JJ?”

“Harry seems incapable of following simple rules, dear, and you are going to have pay for it… again, my dear.” Mr. Jenkins said to Vera while sympathetically fondling her behemoth but constrained breasts.

“Yes, Sir, I understand.” He nodded to Angel, who came over; they whispered to each other for a moment, and she scampered off toward an equipment cabinet on a side wall of the large room.

She came back promptly, with a few items: a bull whip, some thin rope, a shiny metal hook with a fat ball on the end, and her tablet used to control the playroom machinery. She handed Mr. Jenkins the whip and placed everything else on the couch, except the pad which she tapped at adeptly. A small motor whirred as two chains, about three feet apart, descended from the ceiling.

She turned toward Vera and helped her removing her scant clothing. Once her titanic breasts were out of her top, they unfurled like an inflatable raft. They were all over the place, down her front as far as her belly-button. Her breasts had the obvious marks and scars of years of the kind of treatment Lori had just received the night before. In fact, the entire surface of her skin bore similar marks, both old and more recent.

“Friends,” Mr. Jenkins began, as he stood up on the Bellini, while Dr. Harris continued to plow my wife’s ass. “Rules and manners are there for a reason. I know Harry gets impatient and impulsive sometimes, but we can’t devolve into animals. There must be some order!

“As usual, I will punish his slut, for his sins, but I think we need some stronger corrective for this behavior as this is not the first time. I propose that Harry pay for his transgressions by losing access to his whore for three months. We will place a chastity device for which we will in turns hold the key. And, we will share her among ourselves until he serves his time. Bob, who was so rudely displaced from the agreed upon order, should have first dibs on the whore.”

“Hear! Hear!” The other Doms voted unanimously on this course of action, while Dr. Harris objected vehemently losing focus from Lori’s ass, for a moment. He argued this was particularly harsh punishment for him since Vera was his only slut, while everyone, but Larry had more than one. Their response was basically, “you should have thought of that, before breaking the rules.”

In addition, while Mr. Jenkins, would allow him to finish, he would have to leave immediately afterward, without Vera and missing the rest of the festivities. He was additionally warned that if he did such a thing again, he would be banned from future group activities. At this he started to argue, but they just shouted him down, and he decided to make the best of the consolation by finishing up in my wife’s ass.

Meanwhile, Angel busily prepared Vera for punishment. She tied Vera’s arms behind her back with the rope, then tied the long end of the hook to her bound hands and both to the chains; she then placed the ball end in Vera’s asshole. She also bound her formless breasts with the rope, as Mr. Jenkins had done to Lori.

When she was done, however, she tied the rope around the figure eight between her tits and tied the other end to the second chain. She tapped on the iPad again and the chain tied to her tits inched up until Vera was just about off the floor, her toes straining to keep contact. She tapped again, and the other chain moved up until the hook was taut and Vera was leaning slightly forward, her feet maybe an inch off the floor.

Three things seemed obvious immediately: one, this had to be a very painful position for poor Vera; the groaning and grimace on her face showed that; two, her ability to endure pain was well beyond most people; three, this was not the first time she assumed this position in defense of her Dom. “Vera, dear, how is that?” Mr. Jenkins asked sweetly.

“Oh, so very painful, Sir JJ, but I am happy to be able to serve my bursa escort bayan Master in this way. I know the temptation was just too much for him.”

“You’re such a good sub whore, Vera. I’m not sure Harry appreciates that. As our host, Bob has suffered the most offense; would you beg Bob to whip you, for your master’s rudeness, whore?”

“Yes, Sir JJ.” She responded, and to Bob, “please, Sir Bob, whip me for my Master’s breach. His offense is serious, please whip me good and hard, Sir. Strike me until your umbrage is satisfied, Sir.” Mr. Jenkins handed Bob the whip, and backed off.

Bob walked over to the suspended Vera, whip in hand; he caressed her cheek and leaned in and kissed her deeply, vulgarly shoving his tongue down her throat, but it was somehow done tenderly. Vera moaned and returned the kiss. “Oh, Vera, my love, you know how much I enjoy inflicting pain on you. I’m kinda glad Harry fucked up like this, giving us a chance to get reacquainted.

“Angel, I can’t be trusted, and you know Vera will never say; so, stop me if you think I’m going too far.”


“Anywhere you want me to start, whore?”

“Wherever you would like, Sir, please. I always especially love the pain you give me, Sir, your touch has such viciousness, it frightens and thrills me.” He pulled on her massive nipples and fondled her hung and bound tits. It was clear where he wanted to start. He reared back ready to strike.

“Vera, don’t hold back screaming, you make such delicious noises when I hurt you.”

“Yes, Sir.” He swung the whip in the air and it landed right in the massive cleavage formed by the rope and Vera’s enormous titties, and immediately there was a bright red mark there. This scene was for the benefit of Dr. Harris, who looked as if he had not much longer to go.

Lori was groaning and moaning to herself under his sawing cock, with her gloved hands still holding her ass wide open for him. Just before the lash struck poor Vera, Mr. Jenkins made eye-contact with Lori and gave her a signal that she should encourage Dr. Harris to a quick finish. She nodded back, and began bucking her ass hard, as best she could, given her restrained condition. She also increased the volume and pace of her moaning, and started begging for his cum.

Vera did, in fact, moan/grunt/scream in the sexiest way, when the lash struck her tit. If one didn’t know its cause was a vicious whipping, one might have thought it had been triggered by intimate and passionate lovemaking. The effect of this was obvious on its intended audience… Dr. Harris was now thrashing my wife’s hole mercilessly. Lori was matching his force, driving herself onto his cock as he thrust into her; and increasing the volume of her moans and continuing to implore him to come into her whorehole.

Dr. Harris was in a terrible quandary; as soon as he came his evening would come to an end and access to his whore would be blocked by the other Doms, for the next three months. But he was so impatient that he must be desperate to cum in my wife’s asshole. Between her moaning and bucking, and Vera’s sensuous reverberations of pain and pleasure, he was about to lose the battle.

After the third strike on her huge tits, Dr. Harris could take no more; he exploded into my wife’s hole and held his cock inside her until he was totally spent. Mr. Jenkins, gave him the signal that he had to leave, both her hole and the party. He finally pulled out, looking like a spent, but anxious man. He began to plead with Mr. Jenkins to stay even if he couldn’t participate. The group decided to let him stay, but he would have to be shackled with the cucks. He agreed ruefully.

I giggled with Fritz’s cock in my mouth as I thought to myself, “perhaps I was not the only one who could fit into two categories tonight, after all.”

Angel escorted the chastened Dr. Harris to “Cuck’s Row” and shackled him like them, next to Vera’s cuckold husband, Bernie, who was smiling broadly at this turn of events. Dr. Harris grumbled as the took his place.

Bob struck Vera’s breasts five more times and twice directly into her open pussy, he was about to move on, when Vera–who had continued making the same pain into pleasure sounds–begged for some distraction from the pain, “please Sir, the pain you are giving me is exquisite, but I need something to take my mind off it. Please, Sir.” Mr. Jenkins had an idea, and he nodded at Hannah, who had her slut Julia’s face buried in her voluminous cunt.

She got the message, yanked the whore by the hair and drug her on her knees to just under Vera’s exposed twat. Julia got to work right away: “same slurping, different hole.”

“Ummmph, mmmm, Oh, thank you, so much Mistress. Would you care to fist-fuck my cunt too Ma’am?”

Why yes, she most certainly would; her eyes opened wide and for the first time that evening, she grinned, showing quite a beautiful smile. Hannah pulled Julia back from Vera’s pussy, shaped the fingers of her right hand into a cone, and proceeded to fist fuck Vera, and then directed Julia back onto Vera’s clit.

The tones coming out of Vera now görükle escort filled the whole room with sounds that verged on religious chanting. “Please sir, whip me hard, but can I come while you whip me, please, Sir?” Bob agreed, and promised he would whip her through her climax.

“Yes, please Sir! I would love that! Thank you, Sir!” Hannah was relentless with her fist-fucking and soon had her arm elbow deep in Vera’s open cunt. Bob whipped her back, barely pausing between strikes, though not as hard as before. He started from her shoulders and moved down her back to her generous posterior. Her back now matched her front with crosshatched red marks, in some cases breaking the skin.

“Strike me harder please, Sir, I’m going to come, I’m gonna come! Ummmph, uurgh!” She was coming violently, her body wracked and spasmed as she seemed to go into a wave of multiple orgasms. Bob was as good as his word; he continued to whip as hard as she liked until she finally stopped spasming and grinding her ass against the hook and her cunt against Julia’s arm.

Although, except for the cucks, the whole room was engaged in some kind of sexual activity at that moment, no one else physically came, but it felt as if everyone had vicariously climaxed together through Vera. Mr. Jenkins had moved next to Lori during the Vera spectacle, and was randomly and casually fingering both her holes oscillating between the two.

Fritz had his long, but definitely thinner cock buried deep down my throat. I was loving the feeling of having my throat full without gagging or choking. I was daydreaming about how this might be good training to finally get Mr. Jenkins’s cock down there, so he could use my mouth like pussy.

Mrs. Smith was alternating between deep-throating Larry’s big fat cock and, his partner, Alex’s smaller member, which had been unlocked for the night. While Gerald was stuffing his cock in her pussy. I spied Dr. Harris looking forlorn back in Cuck Row, hands shackled to legs, but his fat cock standing at attention and his eyes fixed on the debauchery before him.

Poor Vera was finally let down from her ordeal. Angel led her stumbling into the washroom. Though still sexually engaged, the room seem a bit deflated after the excitement of Vera’s punishment and rocking orgasm.

There was some rearranging, with Mr. Jenkins, as usual, directing. Bob would finally take his usurped turn in Lori’s ass, but would be joined by Fritz in her pussy, for a DP. He had undone the chains on her boots, and Fritz placed himself on the couch under Lori. Her arms were left restricted by the fettered gloves.

Bob’s big cock remained rock hard from his abuse of Vera. He shoved it down my throat to help keep it that way while adjustments were made. The taste of Bob’s cock was one of my favorites. It was not as sweet as Mr. Jenkins’s, but it wasn’t bitter or pungent like Gerald’s. It was kind of spicy, but with an undertone of sweetness.

This time the focus of my attention was on keeping him hard for my wife’s asshole. I wanted him to fuck my face, but he shook his head, no. The whole performance with Vera had gotten him too excited, he was, I’m sure, afraid he might come before getting into Lori’s beautiful ass. So, I had to settle for slowly suckling his lovely cock.

Lori had established her position with Fritz’s cock in her cunt, and held her ass cheeks open with her gloved hands, as before. Bob, pulled eagerly out of my mouth, and positioned himself behind her and entered her slowly until he was all the way in. My wife was intermittently: screaming from the pain, moaning and grunting and her body shuddering. With both cocks deep inside her, she began rotating her hips, rocking from one cock to the other. She finally let out a sigh then moaned in pure pleasure.

“Please fuck me, Sirs. Fuck me hard, please!” Bob kept his cock still, buried deep in her ass, but Fritz began to push up into her with force. Because he had such little room to work with, having to lift both of them to create space to tug his cock out. He was bouncing them both up and down as he began to set a rhythm. Lori caught on to his rhythm, and lifted herself up into Bob’s cock in her ass as Fritz was pushing up into her pussy.

It was like a jazz trio; Bob was the last to get into the rhythm, but was soon leading the melody. As he alternated between long and short, and fast and slow strokes. While someone might have been tempted to see it as a savage assault on my wife’s body, to me it looked like the most sensuous lovemaking. Lori was moaning desperately and soon was begging Mr. Jenkins to let her come. He agreed, but she had to count to ten first. She counted in a slow and regular tempo, but moaned sensually in between.

Lori clearly is made of sterner stuff. While this was going on. Larry had positioned Alex by my me, and he was doing something only Dr. Harris had ever done. He was sucking my little clitlet. From that feeling and the scene I was witnessing.

I was having a sissygasm from the moment Lori begged to come and past when she got to ten. I was still coming, bursa escort bayan my clitty pulsing in Alex’s mouth as Lori’s body was trembling in the midst of her own huge orgasms. Bob, who was almost there when he got in her ass, was driven over the edge by this and spasmed into her ass.

Fritz just kept his cock jammed inside her as this was all going on. Bob took his cock out and shoved it in my face. “Suck my cock right out of you whore wife’s ass, cuck bitch. Suck another cock that’s been where you will never go, in your wife’s ass. My cock felt so fucking good in her hot whore ass, faggot.” I felt the humiliation of what he was saying, but it was really far off, as if I was watching it happen to someone else.

I was more preoccupied with eagerly wanting to clean him off, I so loved the taste his cock and cum. I lapped at his head then engulf it with my mouth. I knew it was tender so lightly suckled his cock until he was clean. I was getting into it; the taste of Bob’s cum was so delicious. He pushed my face off his cock and walked away toward the showers.

Mr. Jenkins had Larry trade places with Fritz. Larry’s enormous cock, longer and almost as fat as Daddy’s, was pushing its way into her cunt. When it was all the way in, Lori gasped, caught her breath, then purred and moaned. “Oh my God, Sir, your cock feels delicious in my cunt.” She was grinding her pussy into his big fat dick. Fritz now replaced Bob at her backdoor and began to feed her his cock.

Lori had been loosened up significantly already, but she still squealed as both cocks got all the way in. This time Fritz began the action by plunging in and out her without a care. When Larry began to move his monster in her cunt, it had a big effect on Lori. She was once again on the verge. “Sir, please, please, please may I come.”

“You are such a nasty fucking whore, aren’t you?” Mr. Jenkins shouted.

“Yes, Sir, I am a nasty fucking cumwhore! I want them to fuck my filthy ass and cunt hard, please, Sir, let me come.”

“Go ahead and come, nasty whore.”

“Ooooh, thank you, Sir!” She came again and was shaking, grinding and bucking her hips on the cocks inside of her. In the throes of her orgasm, Fritz finally came too. I sucked his cock clean and licked her gaping asshole clean again, while Larry was slow fucking her cunt. I licked at the place their genitals met and at his balls, which I sucked into my mouth as he romantically fucked my wife. Unlike Mr. Jenkins, Larry had no oral hang-ups, so I could hear him passionately making out with my wife, while gyrating his massive cock inside of her.

Larry fucked with deliberate speed and force for some time, and continued to make out with her, while also reaching between them and squeezing and twisting her nipples occasionally. They were both moaning and groaning into their passionate kiss as he began to gush his cum into her cunt.

I watched his cum start to ooze out of her wide-open cunt and form frothy streaks on his marvelous cock. His orgasm triggered her again, but Larry didn’t let her break their kiss to ask permission, so she just came sputtering and grinding away. She pushed her ass down as hard as she could to keep Larry’s cock inside her. But Mr. Jenkins pulled her by hair off Larry’s cock.

It plopped out of her and I eagerly engulfed it enjoying my rich reward for ceding my wife to be another man’s sex slave. Larry’s cock was so huge, I could barely get it in. His spunk was surprisingly bland, so I mostly tasted Lori. I licked her cunt clean too.

Mr. Jenkins finally pulled her off and roughly raised her by the neck. “You will pay later for coming without permission, whore, and had Angel take her into the shower.

When Angel came back from showers, she attached a sling contraption to the chains used on Vera and raised it to about waist high to the rather tall men in the room. Bob and Mr. Jenkins lifted me bodily and placed me into the contraption.

My legs were strapped in spread wide high over my head. My back was supported by a canvas “seat” which ended at my tailbone, so that most of my new plumper and wider-hipped ass was hanging off it. My arms were also strapped in over my head, but my hands dangled free. My head flopped on the other end of the canvas.

I was nervously excited. This was finally the moment of truth. What I had dreamed of more than anything in the past month or so–what I had gone through all kinds of changes for–was about to happen. I was eager to experience it, but I was also afraid. What if the pain was more than I could take? What if he did so much damage to my little ass that I would end up in the hospital? What if Mr. Jenkins was disappointed, or disgusted by it, and would leave us? How did Mrs. Smith end up with Fritz?

I was in a terrible state, but just then Lori, refreshed from her shower and wearing a comfy bathrobe approached me. She leaned over my head kissed me upside down and tenderly kissed my lips. “I love you, honey. I’m sure this will be all you dreamed it would. His cock feels so good up my ass, I know you are going to enjoy it.” She walked to a nearby couch, where Vera was also sitting in a similar bathrobe and wearing the biggest most satisfied grin, with a giant drink in her hand. She blew me a kiss and smiled, I think, with some pride. Vera waved to me with her smile; everything was upside down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32