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I awoke to darkness. Where was I? Even with my eyes open everything remained black. I reached my hands in the air and touched something soft and fuzzy. Wool? Oh right, I was in Misumi’s boots. I recalled the events of last night. On the bright side, I think I got used to the stench because I smelled nothing.

I had work today… How long did Misumi plan on keeping me trapped here? What if she forgot about me? I grabbed the fuzzy wall and attempted to pull myself up, but after reaching a quarter of the way, I lost my balance and landed back on the padded soles.

“Stop.” Misumi murmured from the outside the closet. “Stop.” I wonder if Breanna was playing with her this morning. An impure smirk snuck up on me as I got lost in my delusions. They could be in a hot girl on girl relationship, that could explain why Misumi wanted me out of the apartment.

A soft scratch rustled as the covers shifted. Footsteps echoed and a doorknob turned. But not mine. Locked away in the darkness I sat with my legs crossed.

I laid back with my arms behind my head. I hated to admit it, but I was getting comfortable. The room temperature of the boot was warm and whining about being stuck here was not going to do me any good.

A few minutes passed and the footsteps returned. Above me, the ceiling was filled with light, though my surroundings remained dim. Misumi tipped the boot upside-down. I landed in her soft palm. As I regained my senses, she carried me out of her room. She wore blue plaid pajamas, her loose sleeves dangled in front of me.

Misumi placed me down on the countertop next to a dripping coffee maker. “Do you want some?” She asked.

I wanted to say, so what? Are we not even going to address what you did to me last night? But thought better of it, in case she might put me back in her boot, “No thanks,” I replied, “What time is it?”

“Around six thirty.” Misumi poured herself a glass.

The door opened, Breanna’s blonde hair frizzed in many directions, tied and tangled among itself. She wore a short pink and black pajama with frills on the top, barely held up by two thin strands going around her shoulder. She wandered in yawning and rubbing her eyes. Bre’s mouth somehow stretched open wider displaying her shining white teeth. She dragged towards the counter spotting me, “Morning Ella, how did you sleep?”

Misumi stared at me eyebrow raised in curiosity, she must be wondering what my answer will be. “It was alright, it is kinda difficult sleeping in an unfamiliar place.”

She looked disappointed for a brief second but regained her composure. “Careful Bre, don’t wear such skimpy pajamas,” Misumi warned, “Ella’s a huge pervert.”

Bre’s hands rushed to her boobs, and in a failed attempt tried to cover them. She stretched out her fingers to try to cover the wide mass, but the gaps in her fingers only forced her tits to poke out even more. “Really?” She asked.

“Oh yeah,” Misumi said, “He spent the whole night smelling my boots.”

I wanted out of the apartment, “I have to get to work, see you both later.” I said. I got lifted in the air by fingers lying underneath my arms. Breanna pulled me up to her face.

Her emerald eyes looked down at me almost cross-eyed, her warm morning breath bathed over me, “You can’t go to work after being in Misumi’s shoes all night. You’ll smell like her feet.”

“I don’t exercise in my winter boots,” Misumi objected, “he’ll smell fine.”

Breanna breathed in through her nose, “Nope, you need a bath mister.” She carried me towards the bathroom. My legs dangled over open air and I wrapped my arms around her fingers to prevent falling. I would admit though, I liked whenever someone picked me high up, gave me a perspective of what it would be like to be a normal person.

I started to lose feeling in my arms by the time we reached the bathroom. Breanna placed me on the white porcelain sink. She grabbed the collar of my shirt with her fingernails and pulled it off. Her index finger and thumb unzipped my pants and picked me back up, letting my pants fall against the sink top.

My morning wood kept my boxers from falling off. “I can bathe myself.” I protested.

“I know, but you might be late for your bus, we don’t want that.” Breanna tugged off my briefs to display my erect member to the cold world. The socks were last to go. She set me down in the curved basin.

The creamy white surrounded me, Breanna’s arm stretched above me as she pulled up on the lever lowering the metal stop. Breanna turned the handle. Cold water poured down on me in a steady stream. The icy stream from the faucet shocked me awake and any remaining drowsiness vanished.

The water warmed up and reached my knees. Bre pressed down on the liquid soap dispenser. “Keep your mouth and eyes closed.” She scooped me in her palm. The slimy soap coated my body. With my eyes closed all my attention was on Bre’s soft hands and fingers moving across my entire body, covering me in more gooey liquid.

My back felt a warm sensation erzincan escort against it. The water rose up to her hands. I held my breath as the soap turned into a foam. Surrounded by the suds, with my eyes closed, I surrendered myself to Bre’s gentle handling.

She held me under the curved faucet. It released a steady stream washing away the foam. My body rotated against my will as she turned me effortlessly.

The water beat against my back, I took the chance to breathe as much as possible, before being turned over again.

Bre, let me soak in the sink as she bounced off towards a shelf filled with perfumes, folded towels, and sealed toilet paper. She returned with a green washcloth. “Upsee daisy.” She picked me up and placed me in the washcloth. She moved the makeshift towel with tender care across my body drying me.

“There we go.” Bre held me up above her. I covered my penis with my hands. “What’s wrong Ella? Do you need to pee?”

That was not the problem. I just wanted to hide my erection. Being played with someone as hot as Bre was more than I could take in the morning. “Kinda,” I said.

“No problem.” Bre smiled, “I told you I would help you.” She set the washcloth down, held me in her left hand, and carried me over to the toilet. She lifted it up the seat with her free hand, “Go ahead.”

I hovered above the edge of the toilet. Bre’s palm was a curved and difficult surface to stand on. My feet sank in the side of her of palm and I stood over the edge.

“Aww, it’s so thin,” Bre said. I hoped she meant the pee stream, but I never bothered asking. Even though the toilet had barely any piss in it, she flushed and put the seat back down. She looked over my naked body, “So where is your change of clothes?”

“My parents helped me mail my belongings here. It should hopefully arrive today or the next closest business day.” I said.

Bre set me beside yesterday’s clothes on the sink. “So you don’t have a change of clothes?”


The door swung open and Misumi shuffled around Breanna. She pulled her pants down and sat on the toilet. I guess privacy does not mean much in this apartment. But it was a relief to not be the only one in the room without pants.

“You can’t wear the same clothes two days in a row,” Bre said.

“You’re only saying that because of how bad you sweat. Ella will be fine,” Misumi’s leaned forward and grinned, “In fact, I bet he likes the smell.”

Bre ignored Misumi’s remark, “I got it, I’ll wash your clothes, that way at least they’ll be clean.” She walked out of the bathroom leaving Misumi and me alone.

Misumi started pissing and I did my best to continue looking out of the room and pretend nothing was happening. The dynamic of this apartment is much more open than I expected. I wondered if all women are like this? Or is it just these two? My lesbian delusions returned to me. Only to be broken by the toilet flushing.

Misumi pressed some liquid soap in her hands and turned on the warm water. She washed her hands above me, her arms getting close. Her elbow swung beside me, almost bumping into me, but I laid down to avoid getting smacked.

She turned off the water and in a swift flash, her index finger flicked me. I flew backward, splashing into the warm murky water. “Oops, my bad.” Misumi’s half-smile disappeared behind her hand as she blew me a kiss and walked out the door.

I trod in the sink keeping myself above the water. I floated in the half-filled sink, gauging my position. I think if I reach my arms far enough, I might be able to grab onto the edge and pull myself up. I started swimming towards the front.

Breanna walked in holding a container of laundry detergent, “I already gave you a bath Silly. She scooped me out of the water and set me on the rim of the sink. My feet rested on the inside of the basin and I sat down on the side. Bre took my clothes and poured a little bit of detergent in the water. She swished my clothes back and forth through the soapy water.

So far my attempts at independence failed. In just the past few minutes Bre helped me pee, bathe, and now she was doing my laundry. I knew she did not have any bad intentions, but when we talked online she seemed so supportive towards my desire to be independent.

She pulled my clothes out of the water and turned on her hair dyer. Humming to herself, she let the hot air blast against my clothes in her hand.

Was I supposed to remind Bre about how I wanted to be independent? It did seem rude after how nice she treated me… But if I never communicate, nothing will get solved. Bre smiled holding my clothes out to me. “There you go, all done.” I guess it could wait, she looked happy, no reason to ruin the moment.

“Thanks, Bre.” I grabbed my heated clothes. I wanted to be dressed as soon as possible. Bre brushed her teeth. It was time for me to head out. I grabbed onto the black cord from the hairdryer and rappelled down the cabinet. I bounced off the sturdy furnished wood, sliding erzurum escort down to the halfway point where the cord dangled between the outlet and the hairdryer.

The drop looked to be only about a foot. I released my grip and landed on my knees. Thank goodness I am durable. I ran out of the bathroom door and onto the carpeted floor. The carpet slowed down my movement, but I made it to the front door of the apartment.

I stood on the floor mat gazing up. Before me, the massive gray door remained closed. How was I supposed to open this again? There was no way I could reach the doorknob and even if I could, I doubted I had to strength to turn the knob.

Misumi’s foot landed beside me, “I’m going to class. I’ll be back.” She called out to no one in particular. I waited for her to open and the door, and bolted through the entrance. Misumi walked past me with ease and pulled her bike off the stop. She pedaled away from the apartment building towards the direction I could only assume was the college.

I brushed the dust off my shirt and walked towards the bus stop at the end of the sidewalk.

The bus stop had an arched plastic roof, a see-through glass back, and a wooden bench in the middle of the kiosk station. No one was at the bus stop yet, but just to be careful I waited under the bench. After yesterday, I wanted to avoid getting stepped on at all costs.

A couple of people showed up, but neither of them paid attention to me or maybe never even noticed my presence. A middle age woman who looked trapped in the ’80s sat first, complete with excessive accessories and all. The second one to show up was a man, most likely at the end of his teenage years, listening to music from cordless earbuds. He never even sat down, and instead leaned against the side of the station.

The bus pulled in with a delayed stopped. The two people boarded the bus. I jumped up and grabbed onto the first step. I swung myself over the first step and repeated the process for the other step. I climbed the following step.

I unfolded a bill from my pocket. I doubted the slot would take my money, but despite the creases, the bill disappeared into the machine. I scaled down the machine and walked past the bus driver, taking my seat on the floor.

The bus ride was short. Nothing special happened, a few people gave me a second glance, but nothing new. The bus arrived at my block and I left to set out to work. The streets had not yet awoken. My business, Precision Massage, sandwiched between a vinyl store and what I assumed to be some European style restaurant by the name Francesco.

From the front, my building was simple by design. A quaint green roof overhead with a simple brick wall matching my neighbors. A large square button in the wall positioned to the left of the door. I pushed against it. The automatic door swayed open, and I entered.

My receptionist waited behind her curved maple desk. Despite my entrance, she seemed focused on whatever she was doing. She leaned forward in her leathered black rolling chair, with an intense stare towards the computer screen.

The screen was far too high up for me to see what was displayed on the monitor. I walked past her chair, “Morning Sheila.”

Sheila pushed her loose glasses upwards as she turned her attention to me on the ground. “Morning Mr. Crawson, I wanted to talk to you about a raise.”

“You have only been working here a couple weeks,” I said, “You expect a raise so soon?”

Sheila had short unkempt brown hair, her bangs touched her glasses. Her light brown eyes resembled milk chocolate. Behind her bangs and glasses, her stare remained unchanged, icy and expecting. “I want a raise.” She said.

“Look you’re the best employee I have,” I said.

“I’m the only employee you have.” She crossed her arms.

“But, it is too soon for me to give you a raise. If you keep doing what you’re doing, I can guarantee you will get one in a couple months.” I began to walk away towards my massage room.

“Now now, I think we need to continue negotiations. Sheila grabbed me with her left hand and brought me up to the desk. She slid the black tape dispenser closer. She pulled off a piece of the tape, the tearing sound caused me to wince. She placed me on her computer mouse and pressed the tape against my waist holding me in place.

I thrashed around and attempted to rip away the tape. Sheila held my arms down with her fingers. Her right hand approached with more tape, she taped my legs to the heightened curve of the mouse. She finished with two half pieces holding down my arms like a bird’s wingspan.

She studied me over and after a nod of affirmation, returned to her tasks. She acted like I was not even there, staring towards her monitor, the occasional finger pressed against my face and pushed my head into the plastic surface, followed by the click of the mouse.

I tried to pull my legs up, but the tape held firm. My body remained trapped to the mouse and the situation only got esat escort worse. Sheila rested her hand on my body, her palm pressed down on my legs. The base of her index finger covered the rest of me. I peeked my head between her middle and index finger.

Sheila’s eyes darted back and forth as she checked the screen, I had the wind knocked out of me with every occasional click. I craned my neck back to see an upside-down graph. She right clicked with her middle finger sending an electric shock through my arm. “Sheila…” I groaned through my teeth, “You’re crushing me.”

“Are you ready to negotiate?” She asked.

“Negotiate?” I am the boss, this is my business. She cannot just treat me this way and expect to get away with it. I dug in my heels, “If you refuse to stop this, I will fire you.”

She sighed she started pulling away from the tape. I silently rejoiced she only stuck the tape to my clothes as the audible ripping rung with each piece of tape being removed. I moved all my fingers and toes to make sure they worked, a fist wrapped around me. Sheila clenched down, “I guess I’ll have to crush you even harder.”

If I tried to pull myself out of her grip, I would get nowhere. She was far too strong, “If you put me down, I will forget that you almost assaulted me.”

“And if you give me a raise, then I’ll spare you what comes next.” She stood up and placed me on her desk chair.

“Not again.” I groaned as her butt lowered on top of me. It was nothing compared to Bre’s, but in comparison to me, it dwarfed my small body. I scampered on the chair trying to escape my looming demise. Her rear smashed against the chair. I was pinned between the cushion and her left cheek.

The pressure was less than I expected. It might have been due to the torture I experienced yesterday, but Sheila’s ass felt more like a Queen mattress was on top of me, as opposed to the mountain that crushed me last night. A Queen mattress with a lot of springs… Sheila did always appear a bit slender, but I never expected her to be this skinny.

I pondered my next move. Do I wait her out? She will have to realize this is not working sooner or later. Do I bite her butt? A fantasy played out in my head, but I knew not to risk angering someone of her size. I guess my best option is to let her come to understand that I am the boss, I would rather not fire her. She really does go above and beyond. I will just let her off with a warning, telling her that I promise not to tell anyone about her actions if she agrees to let me give her a raise at my own choosing.

“Good morning Ms. Young.”

“Hello, do you know where Ella is?”

“Hmm I’ve got no idea where Mr. Crawson is, but I’m sure he’ll be there in a minute, so just wait in the room and I’m sure he’ll be with you shortly.”

Ms. Young walked into the next room. Sheila stood up and turned around to look at me. “Are you ready to cooperate or do we need to resume negotiations?”

“Let me do my job. You are going to ruin my business, then you will be out of work.” I reminded her.

“True, but you’re going to fire me anyway.” She bent down, her face near inches away from mine.

She intimidated me, and I started to buckle, “Alright, I will not fire you. Let me get to work now.”

“And my raise?” She asked without budging her face. I could feel the wind from each word she spoke.

“We will talk about it later.” My parents always said that to me, and I hoped it worked for her too.” Sheila turned around and once again I found myself face to face with her rear, she lowered herself, “Alright, Alright! You will get a raise.”

She stopped with my face against her pants fabric. She stood back up and returned to looking at me with a smile. “Good morning Boss, Ms. Young is waiting for you, you have five more appointments scheduled for today and possible walk-ins so you best get started.” She scooped me up and set me on the floor.

“Bony Butt…” I muttered.

“Excuse me?” Sheila asked.

“Nothing.” I walked out of the waiting room. Sheila was almost a living paradox. She was an entitled Princess, thinking the world owed her everything. But at the same time, she worked so hard, I never saw her take a break. Maybe all she wanted was to be recognized for the effort she did.

“Morning Jannet,” I walked through the opened doorway. “How are you today?”

I helped heal and lowered my client’s stress today. A mother stressed with taking care of the dog the kids promised they would be responsible with, a welder with severe back pain who refused to see a doctor, despite his girlfriend’s plea, a yoga instructor who only after two visits felt like she was becoming a regular, and an ice hockey forward who picked way too many fights.

All of that was just before lunch. Lunch break was quick as always, Sheila would give me something small like a peanut or blueberry, something to fill me up before I would return to the massage room and get ready for more patients.

Minus Sheila’s earlier rebellion, the day ran like clockwork. Over the next few hours, I wrapped up the rest of the scheduled appointments, and fit in some new customers checking out the place. Another day had passed me by. The sun still hung high. It cast the light across the bustling street.

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