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Girlfriend’s BFF Cucks Boyfriend

Summary: Girlfriend is out with her promiscuous best friend. Boyfriend’s concern only increases when BFF takes over his girlfriend’s phone, slowly teasing and agonising him with pictures and videos.


[Call Rings]

Jenny, Give me that phone.

Hi Jason, it’s me Ashley. It’s her night out with me, her best friend. We haven’t met in almost 6 months.

I am just going to steal your girlfriend for tonight. We just got to the club. I will keep her safe.

I know you’re concerned about your girlfriend. Just in case she has too much to drink, we can crash at my place and she will be there with you in the morning.

Relax, I’ve got this.

Look at it this way, I’m babysitting your girlfriend. It’s your free night out too, go out and have some fun.

You are working on a project? Dude, it’s a Friday night. Go out with your friends, have some fun.

Anyways, I am going to hold on to your girlfriend’s phone. But if it would help, I’ll update you every half an hour.

Mark… Mark, I’m right here. Jenny, that’s the cute guy I was telling you about and that’s his friend Tom. Isn’t he hot?

What? I can’t hear you Jason? I’ll call you back later bye.

[Call Ends]


[Call Rings]

[Loud Music]

Hey sorry, it’s a bit loud. I can’t hear you properly. Yes, Jenny is fine.

Where’s Jenny? Oh she’s dancing with Tom.

Look, I know what this is about. I know you think I am a slut. I saw the way you looked at me when I came to pick her up. Yeah it’s okay, I don’t blame you. I know I have a reputation and I am not ashamed about it. That’s who I am, but Jenny is my best friend.

I know that’s the reason why we got off on the wrong foot, you didn’t like Jenny hanging out with me and I thought you were a bit of a nerd. That’s why I was hesitant when Jenny started dating you.

It’s like we both are from different worlds, but you know what is the one thing that we both have in common, we both care about Jenny. We are getting along now. We are friends right. So don’t worry I will take care of her.

Mark, can you get us another round of shots?

Yes Jason, We are having a couple of shots.

I know, I know how Jenny gets when she has shots. She can get a little wild. I will keep an eye out. Don’t worry dude. Gotta go bye.

[Call Ends]


[Call Rings]

black… it’s black.

Hi Jason. I’m sorry we were just playing a game.

What game?

It’s just a silly game. You know the one where they guess the colour of your panties. And if he gets it wrong, he needs to take a shot.

What if they get it right?

Then they get to keep your panties.

Oh it’s just an innocent game. Don’t get so worked up.

Well how else will they know you’re telling the truth, without seeing your panties.

(Talking to the group)

Yeah, Tom won.

Of course I didn’t help him. He guessed it all by himself.

Don’t be such a spoilsport. You know the rules.

Of course that sounds fair and… naughty.

He did win it fair and square. Go go go… Mark and I will guard our table.

Tom wants to take his prize by himself.

What does that mean?

It means Tom wants to remove Jenny’s panties by himself. Isn’t that hot?

Come on Jason. It’s just good fun. Your girlfriend and Tom just left to the handicap restroom. Fuck, this is so hot and exciting.

Well, do you want him to remove your girlfriend’s panties here? Although that could be quite fun too, your girlfriend might end up flashing the whole club like me.

Although I didn’t mind that.

Just like me, what do I mean?

Well, I went first on the “guess the colour of your panties” game.

Do you want to take a guess?

Both Tom and Mark guessed wrong, so they had to take shots.

Well, that’s because I am not wearing any panties.

Does that turn you on? I know you have a thing for me. I see the way you look at me.

And you want to know how I proved it… I asked them to check for themselves.

Yes, both Tom and Mark took turns feeling my wet pussy right here in the middle of the club.

Although Mark did a little more than just feel. That dirty bastard, fingered me for quite some time.

God I am so horny right now.

I saw the way Jenny was looking at me while I was getting fingered. The way she was biting her lips, staring at my excited nipples and watching his fingers play under my dress. I could see the jealousy in her eyes, that slut was craving attention.

I was putting on a show for her and challenging her to outdo me. You know how competitive your girlfriend gets.

Yes, you are right. It’s been a while since Tom and your girlfriend left to the restrooms. Wonder what is taking them so long?

How do you think Tom removed your girlfriend’s panties?

Do you think he just slipped both his hands under her dress and slipped it off without taking a peek at her pretty pussy?

Or do you think your drunk and horny girlfriend lifted her dress, bunched around her waist and presented herself güvenilir bahis to Tom to remove her panties.

Fuck that would be so hot.

Imagine your girlfriend standing there with her black dress bunched around her waist with Tom on his knees in front of your girlfriend slipping her panties off.

Her dripping pussy would just be inches from his face and I bet Tom can see how wet she is… and also smell her dripping pussy.

What do you think Tom would do next?

Do you think he would be a good boy and take your girlfriend’s panties and leave?

…or do you think he would dive right into that wet pussy.

Fuck can you imagine that, your girlfriend could be cuming right now, on another guy’s tongue.

Fuck I am so horny right now. Are you turned on by this? Imagining your girlfriend squirming.

Is your cock hard? Are you stroking it?

Fuck this is turning me on so much.

I know, they really are taking that time in there. Let me just go check on them.

Don’t worry, I’ll call you. Bye.

[Call Ends]


[Call Rings]

[Loud Music]

Go on Mark. You can dance with them.

I don’t mind. I will watch our drinks and the table

Hi Jason. We still are at the club.

What happened in the bathroom?

Oh… they got back as soon as I ended the call, I’ll tell you about it later.

Oh… you saw that picture I just posted online.

Jenny’s hair looked a little messed up and her lipstick smeared. Oh Jason, you’re just imagining things, she is just a little drunk. That’s all.

Jenny is fine, she is right in front of me dancing with Tom and Mark.

Well, it’s more like they are grinding and humping each other on the dance floor.

Fuck they look so hot together. What do I mean?

Hold on a second, let me just send you a picture.

(Message incoming Sound)

Did you get that pic? Your girlfriend sandwiched between those two hot studs.

You want to know what they are doing now? Fuck this is so hot.

Mark is grinding into Jenny’s ass from behind while Tom is humping her from front. Jenny has her hands around Tom’s shoulders

No, Jenny is not encouraging them.

When Mark tries to grind his crotch into her ass she is pushing him away and moving forward but that is just making her grind on to Tom’s cock in the front and push her breasts against him.

Fuck those guys are really toying with her.

I can see their bulges even from here, I bet every girl in the club is jealous of your girlfriend right now.

Just having studs grinding against you from both ends.

Fuck those guys know how to show a girl a good time. I bet they have even done this before. They are in total sync with each other.

Fuck they are getting even more bolder.

Bolder how?

Are you sure you want to know? Because I know you are the jealous type?

Mark has his hands on your girlfriend’s ass and is pulling her against his bulge.

And Tom’s hands are slowly moving to her breasts.

Mark is dancing like he is spanking her ass. You know that Jenny loves getting her ass spanked right? It really turns her.

Fuck now he’s just rested his hands on her ass.

They really are teasing your girlfriend.

Fuck you really need to see this to believe it.

Hold on, let me switch to video call.

[Video call Sound]

Can you see them?

The way Tom is spanking your girlfriend’s ass and while she is trying to swat his hand away Mark is groping her tits.

And when she tries to remove Mark’s hand from her tits, Tom is grinding his cock against her pussy.

And when she tries to pull away from Tom, Mark is grinding onto her ass.

Fuck this is so hot.

Watch how Tom pulls down those thin straps on her dress from one side and when Jenny is swatting his hands and pulling her straps up, Mark is pinching her nipples on the other side.

I bet her pussy is dripping right now.

Look how she tries to remove Mark’s fingers from her nipple and Tom is biting her ears and grinding his hardon into her and they start all over again.

Fuck, I wish that was me.

Can you see her resolve breaking? How she is slowly letting them… Can you see her giving into their teasing?

Are you hard Jason? I can hear your quick breathing. Are you slowly stroking your cock watching them and listening to me.

Listening to how those two studs are groping and taking advantage of your girlfriend.

Are you turned on? Are you jerking your cock? Tell me the truth or I am going to end the call. You can ask Jenny tomorrow. But I doubt she would even remember what she’s doing right now.

Well if you want me to continue. I want you to send me a picture of your hard cock.

No, send me a video of you stroking your cock.

Do it right now and I will call you back.

[Call ends]


[Message Outgoing Sound]

[Call Rings]

Well that was quick.

I love how hard you are. Your cock is not so bad but you know these studs are bigger right?

Your girlfriend is definitely going to find out how much bigger güvenilir bahis siteleri they are?

Fuck did you just groan?

That’s a good boy.

Because you’re such a good boy I am going to video call you again because you definitely need front row seats to this.

[Video Call Rings]

Fuck are you watching this?

Your girlfriend can’t stop both these horny studs from taking what they want.

Do you see how Tom is behind your girlfriend now and Jenny is turning around for that sloppy kiss.

And Mark has pulled both her straps down so low, that he has your girlfriend’s tits in his hands while he’s softly nibbling and sucking on her nipples.

Watch Tom’s hands as he slowly pulls your girlfriend’s dress up.

Fuck, Mark just slipped his hand into your girlfriend’s panties.

Fuck, he really is just fingering your sweet girlfriend right in the middle of the dance floor.

Just look at that slut, with her tits hanging out and dress bunched around her waist.

Tom is now groping her ass and spreading her ass cheeks. Fuck he has a finger rubbing up and down her ass crack. I bet he is slowly massaging your girlfriend’s puckered asshole.

Oh my god, your slutty girlfriend is getting fingered in both her holes. Oh fuck, watch how she is trembling.

Fuck, are you watching this? Are you close? I can hear your ragged breathing. Keep stroking that cock and don’t you dare take your eyes off the screen.

Look how those two studs are relentless, just playing that bitch like an instrument.

Fuck, now that’s the slut that I know from college.

Holy shit, I think that bitch just came right in the middle of the club.

Fuck, look at her. She is a quivering mess.

Look at her flushed face and the way she is biting her lower lips.

Fuck, did I hear you just moan. Did you just cum? I bet it was a huge load. Fuck that is just so hot. The thought of you cumming watching your girlfriend get finger fucked by two studs.

I think I need to stop them before they get any more crazy.

And to think that slut lectured me last week about finding someone and settling down in a committed relationship.

All three of them are adjusting their clothes and coming back. I think we need more drinks, I definitely need a drink.

Shit, the bouncer is moving towards us.

I guess we need to move this party to my apartment.

Got to go lover boy.

I’ll call you. Bye.

[Call ends]


[Call rings]

Oh that was quick. You picked up my call in the first ring.

You must have been desperately waiting for my call. I can imagine your phone on one hand and your cock on the other.

Were you slowly stroking yourself?

Were you going through all the pictures I sent you?

Did you make it to the last picture or did you cum again before that?

Well, you were curious what happened to your girlfriend when she went to the bathroom with Tom.

So, I asked Tom to take some pictures on his phone.

Did you like them? That slut loves to pose, doesn’t she?

Did you like the picture where she was lifting her dress and showing off her drenched thong with that innocent smile.

Or did you like the one where she was looking back with her dress bunched around her waist and spreading her ass. Did you see how that thong didn’t even cover her asshole? You could clearly see her brown puckered hole on either side of that thin fabric.

Fuck that was so hot.

I can hear your heavy breathing. Fuck you must be so hard, are you edging yourself?

Did you see the picture where he had pulled Jenny’s thong down to her knees and buried two fingers in her wet pussy or the next one, one of my favourites, a close up of your girlfriend’s pussy with his fingers coated in her pussy juices.

Did you enjoy watching that little video clip, where your girlfriend is bent over, while Tom finger fucked her from behind.

Oh Fuck, that dirty slut loves taking it from behind, doesn’t she?

I love the part where he spanks her ass and that slut just turns around moaning like a bitch in heat and says “Please spank my ass, Daddy.”

Fuck, I almost came watching that.

Does she ever call you daddy?

Did you watch her cum on his fingers? The way she was trembling and moaning like a slut. She didn’t even care if anyone heard her.

Fuck, that was so hot. You know what was even hotter, the next pic where your girlfriend is kneeling on that filthy bathroom floor undoing Tom’s pants.

Did you see the expression on her face when she first saw his cock, that shocked expression with her mouth wide open. God, It was priceless. That ten inch cock and almost as thick as her wrist. I bet that image will be burnt in your mind for a long time.

I bet she doesn’t have that look when she sees your cock.

The next picture where his cock is lying on her face and she has that hungry look with her tongue hanging out like a real bitch in heat.

Well your innocent girlfriend doesn’t look so innocent, does she?

The next set of pictures where she is just slobbering iddaa siteleri all over his cock. That slut knows how to suck a cock.

You saw how she could even deep throat his entire length. Well, that’s the slut I know from college. I’m just glad she hasn’t forgotten her way around a huge cock.

Did you watch the video clip? The way your slut girlfriend was sucking on his cock like a popsicle. That slut surely knows how to make a guy feel special.

Did you see how she let Tom fuck her face? How he was holding the back of her head and pumped into her mouth, just face fucking your sweet girlfriend. The way she willingly let him use her like that.

I loved the part where he just held her head and came deep in her throat. The way she took it all in like a good cock sucking slut.

Did you cum watching your girlfriend swallowing another guy’s cum or did you wait to see if there was more. I bet you wanted something more to happen didn’t you?

Oh don’t worry, I will ensure there is more, lots more and personally see to it that you have front row seats to all of it.

Well, you wanted to know what happened in the bathroom, didn’t you? Well now you know.

Where am I right now?

We are in the cab, on our way to my apartment.

Oh, Mark and Tom are coming with us too.

Don’t blame me. It was your girlfriend’s idea, she was the one who invited them.

Yeah, we got kicked out of the club, Thanks to your girlfriend.

I am in the front passenger seat, sitting next to the driver.

I think we both have the biggest blue balls in the world right now.

Dude, eyes on the road.

Jenny is in the back with Mark and Tom, getting their full attention.

That lucky bitch.

You want to know what’s going on in the backseat?

If you want a picture. Well then you need to ask for it nicely.

There you go that wasn’t so hard to visit was it?

[Message Sound]

Fuck, did you see that?

Your girlfriend in the middle with Mark and Tom on either side.

The straps on her dress are completely pulled down exposing her tits and Mark is sucking on your girlfriend’s nipples while Tom is making out with her.

And did you see how her dress is bunched up around her waist and her legs are spread wide open while these two studs are fingering your sweet girlfriend.

Why are they only after your girlfriend? Well, it’s because I told them to. Because I told them tonight is about her, about your girlfriend, about reminding her of what a dirty slut she is and of her true slutty nature that you have repressed for so long.

Fuck you need to see this to believe it. Let me video call you.

Fuck are you watching this?

Look at this close up view of your girlfriend’s pussy with two fingers in each of her holes. Look at the way Mark is finger fucking her creamy cunt and watch how Tom is stuffing his fingers into your girlfriend’s puckered asshole.

Fuck these guys are totally in rhythm.

Are you watching this? The way Mark lubes his fingers with her pussy juices and then fingers her ass while Tom is stuffing his fingers from her ass back into a creamy cunt. They are going back and forth.

You know what they are doing right? They are slowly stretching her holes and getting them ready. They are preparing her fuck holes to take their hard cocks.

Fuck, watch is this part closely as both of them insert their fingers into your girlfriend’s greedy cunt. Look at how easily her cunt swallows all four fingers, see how they are slowly stretching her pussy open in opposite directions.

Can you hear that nasty squelching noise? That’s your sweet girlfriend’s cunt begging to be fucked.

If you could only be here, the whole cab is reeking of your girlfriend’s cunt.

Mark is complaining that he still hasn’t felt your girlfriend’s sweet lips around his cock.

Watch how eagerly she is getting on all fours on the seat.

Her ass is facing Tom and fuck did you see how he dove right in. Tom is tasting your girlfriend’s sweet pussy.

Of course, I know how sweet your girlfriend’s pussy tastes. Fuck all those nights we have spent in between each other’s legs. All the times we have put on a show for so many guys and even some lucky bitches.

Are you watching this? This is a special moment for you isn’t it? The first time you’re watching your sweet girlfriend suck another guy’s cock live.

Let me zoom in a little, so that you don’t miss out.

Oh fuck, look how your girlfriend is holding his cock by the base and slobbering all over his cock. Watch how she is just sucking on his cock head.

Oh Fuck, Watch how Mark is holding her head and bucking his hips. He is fucking your girlfriend’s mouth like a pussy.

Fuck I think he just came in your girlfriend’s mouth. He is not even holding her head, but watch how your girlfriend is swallowing like a good slut, not wasting a single drop of cum.

Did you know your girlfriend loves the taste of cum? Look how his cum is leaking out at the corner of her lips and she is licking it off.

Fuck, it’s the same lips you kiss everyday.

You know what this means right? Both of them have got their first loads out of the way. It’s going to take them longer to cum again, which means they are going to fuck your girlfriend longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32