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She fiddled furiously along the highest notes of her fiddle as the drums and saxophone kicked in behind her to support the tone. She angled her chin to brilliantly smile at the gathering crowd while striving to maintain a firm grip on her violin. An old lady with chickory coffee from the left, an eager young man staring at her legs and compressed breasts from the right, and a schoolgirl from the front flitted in in turn to drop bills and coins into the saxophone case sitting on the knarled and broken sidewalk in front of them.

Keira loved Royal, almost as much as she loved Chartres near Canal. The tourists were numerous and drawn to the antiques and odds-and-ends shops and were curious enough to hear her little band’s antics in jazz and folk festivities. New Orleans drew the down-and-out, the vagabonds with no remembered family, the drunkards, the starving artists who felt their starvation worse than their art, and the cocksure poets. And NOLA drew Keira.

Never having the grades to pursue Julliard, her long years of committed violin practice urged as a command by her Asian home led in time to a love for her craft and her music that called her to a small, private music conservatory in Oregon. Far enough from her rigid upbringing in San Fransisco’s Chinatown, she dared to venture forward from Tchiakovsky and Mozart into the realm of her own vibe – jazz and American folk.

Keira put her soul and body into her music. Her body made the most influence, she knew, on her audio tone and, perhaps most importantly, on the tips and CD sales her band lived by, on her audience attendance. While no supermodel for sure, Keira was certainly an item, at least for the casual devotee of the female form. An oval, softly chiseled asian face, long, delicate neck, larger breasts than perhaps fit for her slender frame, lightly tanned arms and long, soft legs, which were thin yet curved in all the right places, tight ass that held a miniskirt well although fit nicely into the tight jeans she more often wore.

She and the three guys rose, waved and smiled to the crowd, and while one of the guys sat to watch over their instruments, the three others headed off to lunch. Keira had had a short fling back in school with the drummer, who had stayed to watch the instruments, but although she had wanted their relationship to continue, he was convinced that beyond a casual interest, he could see or want no long-term relationship. She had no idea why! But they had agreed to live on as friends and bandmates.

“Good crowd today,” Solomon skipped a step along Royal as they made their way toward Bourbon Street.

“Yeah, I think one of the antique shops down closer to Chartres is closing and selling off their stuff kinda cheap,” Roger pointed down. During their long music sessions, they had little time to talk and Keira always found it funny how they had all sorts of random niceties to put out during lunch and dinner.

“Cheap is a relative term,” she mused. “Same Juice, guys?”

They agreed and the four sauntered into a drink/smoothie bar where they often grabbed a cheap sandwich and fruity drink diced with a shot of vodka. In the past few weeks, Keira had upped her dose to two shots. Made the afternoon session go smoother, she reasoned.

They filled out their drinks and chatted on nothingness waiting on line for the register. It was a long snaking line and Keira made friendly nods to the tourists and French Quarter stalwarts as they passed each other, she had seen several before.

But one was new to her. A bit taller than Keira, this girl had a full although slender build, waving brown/reddish hair, wide open and eager greenish eyes, and soft pale skin with a scattered – adorable!! – freckle. Keira almost felt compelled against her better judgement to take a quick stare along this newbie’s full, pouting, well-tipped breasts held in by a low neckline and the softest, long white legs she had ever seen. As they passed, they inadvertently locked eyes momentarily until Keira forcefully dragged her eyes away to a random poster on the wall. As she looked back toward her bandmate Roger on the line, she again couldn’t resist the ropes pulling her fine eyes back in the direction of this unknown girl … who also slowly turned to look back into the eager inquisitive Asian eyes of Keira.

They paid for their drinks and walked out, Keira beginning to follow the men back toward their post. “Oh!” Keira murmured, I forgot something this morning back at my shack, you guys go ahead and let Jim go get his grub. I’ll be there in a minute.” Without waiting for their reply, she turned quickly on her heels … and headed right back to the juice shop.

She concealed herself around the corner and stared at the door. This was so weird for her, she kept shouting at herself in her head. But she couldn’t help herself.

The mystery girl trotted out down the stone steps carrying her large plastic cup of mashed fruitiness. Keira let her get some distance and then followed. kocaeli escort Down Bienville to Decatur, took a left, then into a small clothing boutique. A couple moments later Keira, hardly thinking, climbed into the store herself.

On the surface, Keira maintained an upright, almost conservative posture, remarkable given her day job as a street performer in NOLA. She had dated several guys, was even on the cusp of engagement once back in Oregon, and if anyone had even suggested alternative interests to her, she merely laughed it off. A friend in school used to theorize, half-jokingly and half-seriously, that all girls had secret lesbian tendencies bottled up inside their beautiful breasts. Keira used to mock her idea, sure it at least didn’t apply to Keira herself.

As she walked into that clothing boutique, she wasn’t so sure anymore.

The taller brunette/redhead was behind the counter!! She works here!! Why have I never seen her?!

After a customer paid, Keira walked slowly but firmly up to the counter.

The other girl grinned at her and extended her hand to shake Keira’s. “Enjoy your juice, young lady?” she asked and then giggled. “I go to that juice bar every day, first time I run into-” she paused and stared for another second into Keira’s surprised eyes, “something so interesting.” She smiled broadly.

“I’m Keira.”

“I’m Anna.”

A managerial fellow in a prim suit walked out from the back room and the girl behind the counter quickly picked up some necklaces and started to show them to Keira. Anna watched him as he left into the next room.

“Tonight, 9:30, pizza spot on Canal and Royal.”

Keira looked down at her shoes and then back up at Anna. “A better introduction,” she whispered, “I can’t wait.”

The afternoon session couldn’t go quickly enough. A few jazz medleys where the saxophone took solo stage and Keira didn’t mind at all providing some harmony and almost-counterpoint in the background. She tried and tried to make her friendly, pretty smiles at the small crowd around them, but her mind was elsewhere.

Per Keira’s suggestion, they called their evening session short at about 8 and each headed off to his or her own little apartment, two of the guys doing so together hand-in-hand.

Keira rushed back to the tiny apartment she shared on Iberville with one of the nearby hotel clerks. Throwing down her violin case and clothes into the same little closet, she rushed into the shower. For some odd reason, warm water always came out of their pipes without delay and she eagerly started cleaning off the sweat that built up on a warm day with a violin under your chin. She thought about Anna. Who was she? Where from? As she thought about this stranger more, her hands crept down closer and closer to her wet pussy. Soap bubbles, soft, reaching lower and lower, her delicate, long fingers stroked left, then right, up toward her navel, down to her vagina. Stroked, and stroked, thought more of Anna, how she looked in the juice bar, stroked gently, walking on her lithe, long legs down the street, giggling behind the shop counter – her fingers penetrated deeper into her pussy with each stroke until … clean … soft … wet … deeper finger pokes … Keira gasped to the ceiling with the exquisite orgasm, quietly letting out the faintest scream.

Although her general inclination had always been to dress stylish but not overly flashy or suggestive for a first date, this time Keira wore a smirk on her face as she donned her low-cut pink shirt, tight jean miniskirt, dark sheer stockings, and medium-high pink heels to head out toward the pizza spot on Canal. As she walked in, she smiled at seeing Anna already comfortably seated with a beer pitcher in front of her. The taller girl rose with her arms raised in a double-handed wave as she greeted Keira with a friendly hug and kisses on the cheeks.

“So glad you came, Keira! Lookin’ great, girl!”

“Thank you, good to see you too.” Anna had almost oddly dressed the way Keira used to for first dates – red t-shirt and tight jeans. The denim shaped her long legs so well, the shirt fondly nestled upward her generous breasts. Keira marveled at her pale, reddish cheeks.

“So, Keira you are! Where you from, kid? I’m pretty sure I once dropped a couple quarters in your music case walking by, doubt you remember me, was kind of a big crowd-“

“That day, at least,” Keira laughed and shrugged her shoulders. “Sometimes we’re almost sitting out there playing to stray dogs and cats! You saw us on a good day?”

“Must have been. Y’all sounded real good, you play violin, right?”

“Ah!! You remember?!”

“Pepperoni good?” Keira nodded and patted her hungry tummy. Anna pointed at the bartender and nodded for her regular. “Hard to forget the pretty sexy Asian girl sitting out there with all those big bearded guys, eh?” Keira took a long swig at the glass of beer Anna had poured for her and they stared at each other silently for a moment, pleasant kocaeli escort bayan and relaxed smiles on their faces. “Think I would have dropped quarters into your case even if you weren’t playing at all.”

“I’m from San Fran, how about you?”

“Eastern Tennessee, nowhere land!”

“How long you been working at that clothes place?”

“For that dickhead you saw there in the stupid suit? Only about 4 months now, I came down to New Orleans not much earlier-“

“To get away from Tennessee?”

Anna give her the finger pistol-shot “Pow! Exactly, needed to get away. Small old house on an old farm filled with 12 really religious kids.”

“12?! Your parents were prolific!”

“And stupid. Couldn’t wait to get out of there.”

The pizza arrived and for a few minutes that took the main attention from the hungry girls as they dug into the pie over scattered smalltalk. Anna ordered a second pitcher of beer and they jovially clinked glasses as the buzz began to kick in. Anna was pleased when, for desert, Keira ordered them a couple Jamesons shots to chase the beer and pizza.

As they walked out the door onto Canal, they felt like they’d already known each other for at least a couple months, and when trotting down Royal Anna softly placed her hand over Keira’s upper back, the girl who had always shunned the thought of such intimacy with another girl declared her surrender to herself. She was still not sure why, but something now felt more right than it ever had, or at least felt so good.

They arrived at Anna’s apartment on Decatur, which was small although at least bigger than Keira’s and which she shared with – herself!! Anna quickly invited Keira in for a further drink, but it was getting late and .. “ok, but just one!”

After she quickly downed a tumbler of rum, Keira firmly stood up and headed for the door, where Anna gave her a hug and peck on the cheek goodnight. Keira slowly walked down the hall to the staircase and barely on the third step down heard Anna’s voice behind her. “Keira dear, come back in, you forgot something!”

Keira felt in her pockets and couldn’t figure what she had left behind, although walked back into the open door. Anna closed it quietly behind her as Keira asked what was up.

“This is what you forgot-” without a further second’s pause, Anna softly but firmly grabbed the smaller Keira around the shoulders and spun her around, assaulting her lips with a huge open-lipped kiss. Keira collapsed into her arms, passively relaxed her mouth open, and their tongues intertwined. Keira grabbed Anna around her upper back and neck, pulling her closer and tighter into the kiss, Keira’s eyes first wide open in welcomed shock and then closed in strained passion. Anna rubbed firmly up and down Keira’s back as she pulled her new beautiful Asian friend backwards towards the couch. Lying arm in-arm on the couch, Keira rubbed along Anna’s thighs with her own and wrapped her legs around Anna’s ass. Keira’s lips moved downward, Anna stretching her head up and backward as Keira showered her neck with innumerable wet, sucking kisses.

Keira gasped and panted as Anna’s fine fingers pulled upward at Keira’s shirt, reaching under to fondle her arched back, then coursing her hands downward and under Keira’s tight miniskirt to cradle her ass. They held each other in close embrace, fondling each other’s breasts, asses, and legs, kissing the neck, pulling off each other’s shirts to nestle their hands and heads in each others’ naked breasts. Anna unzipped and removed Keira’s skirt, stroking along her panty-lined legs before removing those to delicately fondle and then grasp Keira’s wetter and wetter crotch. As she attempted to lower her head down into Keira’s pussy, the wonderful long fingers of Keira’s delicate hands strongly fought to pull down Anna’s tight jeans over her soft, long, white legs. As Keira finally grasped the pouting, drenched pussy, Anna conquered her own prize, nestling her head deep between Keira’s open legs to lick and kiss her welcoming pussy. Keira moaned and stretched her back and neck and head back, her pouting breasts angrily thrusting forward as she took firm hold of Anna’s head with both her hands, pushing that gorgeous head and gorgeous lips into her pouting, hot pussy. Anna licked and sucked away at Keira’s labia and clit until she climaxed with a scream, panting and gasping softly as Anna rose to cradle her in her arms, letting her slowly drift off to sleep with a delicate kiss on the lips.

Keira woke early, looking around this still-strange small room with open perplexed eyes, until looking down at Anna, face and naked breasts emerging from the covers next to her, still deeply asleep. Keira stared at the ceiling and then closed her eyes tight. What was she doing?! This was crazy, easily the craziest thing she had ever done. But certainly the first thing she had ever done that felt so good. She knew several girls who had done lots of weird, kinky kocaeli escort things, some had done weirder, crazier, more sexy and dangerous things. Then she took another look down at Anna’s naked form – no, not any more beautiful and sexy than this.

Keira gently kissed Anna on the forehead and quietly asked her if she had to get up for work. Anna murmured that she had the next two days off and groaned when Keira whispered back that she had to go get her violin and meet her band on Chartres, she was already late. Anna reached up, pulled Keira’s head down, and softly kissed her on the lips. “Leave your number on the kitchen counter, I’ll call you. Have a wonderful-“

“ie. lucrative.”

“day,” Anna giggled.

Keira walked quickly up to her apartment, said a quick hello to her roommate, showered, changed, and basically ran to Chartres to meet up with her band, who had started without her. She weakly nodded and smiled at them, joining the folksy fray with gusto. She played as fervently that morning and afternoon, without a break, as they had ever remembered her doing.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket in midmorning, she didn’t have time to look at the message until evening – Anna had sent her number with an emoticon kiss. She called back in early evening, was sorry to hear Anna was out of town up in Mississippi the next couple days, but the two managed to meet up again for beers and pizza a couple nights later – this time Keira dressed more casually, although was sure to dress loosely, clothing that easily came off was her new style priority.

“Hey, kid, hated to be away the last couple days, your days were productive? Good crowds?”

“Eh, not bad, can’t complain. How was Mississippi? I never been.”

“It’s not all that exciting. Bunch for churchy prudes who are holier-than-thou all day and burying their semi-automatic arsenals in the backyard and cooking up meth in the garage all night.”

“You know people up there?”

“Some.” Anna took a long drink from her glass, didn’t seem she wanted to say more, and Keira didn’t push it.

Walking out after a couple beer pitchers and a couple shots, Anna took her new pretty Asian friend by the hand and Keira didn’t object, leaning up to kiss Anna on the cheek.

They took a short walk and were back in Anna’s apartment for merely a few seconds this time before Keira took a firm grip on Anna’s face, planting a long, deep kiss. Any thoughts to the contrary had been banished from her mind as she quickly unbuttoned Anna’s top and reached around her back to unclasp her lace bra. Anna massaged Keira’s flanks, then belly, then breasts as she lifted her t-shirt over her head, burying her head in Keira’s breasts to kiss and suck at her nipples while Keira took hold of Anna’s bounteous breasts herself. Anna was kissing her way downward, grasping at Keira’s jeans to halfway open them before Keira sensuously fought back, winning the battle as she rapidly unclasped Anna’s tight jeans, forcefully pulling them and Anna’s panties down. “No! No! My turn!” as Keira dropped to her naked knees and planted her head into Anna’s crotch as the taller girl stood, softly screaming as Keira on her knees kissed and fondled her clit with her rotating tongue, wetter and wetter. Anna could stand no longer amid the relentless onslaught of Keira’s tender lips and tongue on her snatch, collapsing backward onto the couch with legs wide open. Keira widened Anna’s labial folds apart to lick even deeper and then softly guided her fingers into the deep opening, feeling softly for her G spot. Seconds became minutes of ecstasy before Anna screamed to the ceiling in delighted climax.

Keira stroked up and down Anna’s long, naked legs as she rose off the floor, fully removing her own jeans and panties, as she continued to kiss upwards along Anna’s flat belly, sucked at her breasts, produced huge hicky’s on her long neck, and relaxed into a long, deep kiss.

Until Anna proceeded to move downward, taking her turn …

Keira woke up late again, this time after Anna had left for the work she hated, and texted Solomon, her bandmate, that she would be late this morning. Hours led into days and weeks, and over a drink one evening Keira told Anna how glad she was that they had found each other, not just for the sex.

“Very glad you feel that way, Keira, so do I. It’s been great … and yes, there is a lot more than sex … and a lot more we can do with our … physical feelings … you know?”

Keira smiled. “What we have now is incredible, and I also feel so close to you, personally and … otherwise,” she giggled. She was happy she had come such a long way from San Fran Chinatown and the Oregon music conservatory. “I can’t imagine- you wanna live together or-“

Anna burst out laughing. “Hilarious! You’re just so funny, Keira, love that about you. No, I’m my own girl, live on my own.”

“It’d be different than the crowd you had at home-“

“Surely, but nah, no need for that. I mean, really add something, to how we interact?”

“Curious,” she took another gulp of beer, “what you mean?”

Anna didn’t hesitate. “Do you like wrestling?”

“Like what, like people rolling around and pushing and all that-“

“No. Like pro style wrestling.”

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