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We were having a girl’s night out and I was having a blast! Getting drunk, playing cards, and laughing our asses off was probably the most fun I’d had in a long time. Suddenly, the laughter stopped and one of my friends burst out in frustration.

“I need a smoke!”

I didn’t smoke because the smell of it gave me headaches bordering on migraines. I was also the only one who didn’t smoke and they had all been abstaining out of respect for me.

“Do you mind if we take a break?”

“We can go outside so we don’t bother you.”

I shrugged. “I don’t mind. I can maybe take a shower or something.”

They all gushed their thanks and hugged me before piling out of the room. I knew from experience that it would take them at least 20 minutes. Looking down, I realized that I was still wearing only my bathing suit and a sarong from when we’d gone swimming in the hotel pool an hour or so ago.

Come to think of it, while we’d been in the pool, I’d met a few couples who told me that they were having a sex party tonight. I’d been invited to join, but originally declined because the rest of my friends were not into swinging, nor did they have open relationships.

Well I have some free time now, so why not?

I left the room and walked down the hall to the room number they’d given me in case I changed my mind. I love sex parties and more than half wished that my husband was here with me. It’d been a while since we last attended a party, and he needed it every bit as much as I do. I knocked on the door.

“Hello?” A woman asked cautiously.

I grinned at her. “I was invited by a few couples to come play.”

“Oh! In that case, come on in!” She invited with a grin, stepping back so I could enter the room. I looked around with a grin. It looked like the party was definitely in full swing! The room was actually a suite, and so there was a surprising amount of space for the many couples to play.

Now wet in anticipation, I decided to hop in the shower to rinse off first. I didn’t want to ruin the experience by tasting like chlorine after all. After my rinse, I left my clothes in the bathroom and enjoyed being naked as I walked back into the room.

“You there!” I pointed to a man with a short and well-groomed beard and a devilish grin. “You look like you know how to suck a clit, so come here!” I was on a bit of a time casino şirketleri limit after all, no sense in wasting a second!

He grinned and settled himself between my legs with a soft chuckle. “Yes ma’am!”

I spread my legs and used his head to steady myself as his tongue quickly made my legs tremble. I threw my head back and cried out from the pleasure. This really was one of my favorite things!

A tall and thick man laughed and tossed a Hershey’s Kiss at me to get my attention. I am not sure how, but I managed to catch it. I looked over at him sitting in an arm chair curiously.

“Look, there’s an anxiously waiting dick here for you to sit on while he does that,” he pointed out as he rolled a condom onto his shaft.

“So there is,” I replied a bit lamely, but I was having fun anyway. I took the hand of the man who was currently eating me and led him toward the chair. A moment later, I faced away from the man on the chair as I settled on his lap – taking his dick inside me as smoothly as possible. It took a bit of awkward shifting, but soon I was reclining my softly chubby body against him with handsome beard working my clit with his tongue once more.

“Oh Gods!” I cried out happily. Between the two of them, I was very quickly on the edge of a glorious orgasm. My breath caught in my throat as I pushed against the head between my legs. A squeal let him know that I was in the midst of a strong orgasm and needed him to stop for a moment.

The man under me murmured in my ear. “Do you mind if I move to your ass?”

“Why not?” I asked breathlessly. I had already seen that he was on the thinner side and shouldn’t hurt. He used plenty of lubrication as he worked himself into my anal cavity. I gasped in surprise at how good it felt. Normally I only mildly like anal, but at the moment, it felt incredible.

“I guess that leaves you free for me,” handsome beard informed me with a grin. He placed a condom on his long and wide shaft, and then leaned over us so that he could shove himself inside me.

It was rough in the best possible way. He managed to hit a spot that very rarely got stimulated. He also had a ring around his cock that had a squishy, jell-like bulb on it that bumped into my clitoris in a completely unexpected way.

“Holy fuck!” I cried out. This was a new experience for me for so many reasons. I’d never casino firmaları had a dick in both entrances before, and I’d never had anybody use that ring thing on me either. This was surprisingly awesome!

The man under me grabbed onto my tits to help give himself leverage as he thrust up into me. I responded by lacing my fingers together and resting my hands behind his head. At the same time, the handsome bearded man held onto my hips as he also pounded into me – the best he could considering the angel we were at.

I dimply heard a knock on the door. The same woman – who was volunteering for door duty because she’d already had so much fun that she could barely walk – opened the door. I wasn’t really paying any attention to her, but even so, I heard my friends say: “We’re looking for our friend…”

“Hey, is anyone here named,” she called out my name, which sent a small electric thrill through my body.

“Yes!!” I squealed out. My squeal was long and keening, ending with: “Oh my fucking Gods Yes!”

The woman at the door laughed. “I think that might be her!”

My friends were probably red in the face at the sight of me, especially since I was actually rather close to the door and fully visible.

“Two minutes!” I gasped and panted as I held up two fingers, not caring if they stayed to wait for me, or left to wait back in our hotel room.

The two guys in me each grunted and roared in triumph as they reached their climax too. The handsome bearded one ground into me in a way that set me off like never before and I clutched his shoulders and screamed as I gushed all over the place. After that, I practically melted onto the man under me, who was still mashing my tits in his palms a bit rhythmically.

A minute or so later, I stopped shaking quite so much, and tried my best to stand up and walk to the bathroom. As I suspected, my friends had left. Taking only a few moments to wipe up the excess fluid, I put my bathing suit back on and chuckled as I realized that I smelled strongly of sex. After tying my sarong around my waist, I kissed my lovers goodbye – as well as a few people who had watched the show and wanted to grope me – and then returned to the party I was actually here to attend.

I stumbled quite drunkenly as I walked down the hall, and when I got to the room I was sharing with my friends, I practically fell güvenilir casino into a chair.

“So…” my best friend began with a soft smile and a shake of her head. “I hear you had fun.”

“Yes!” I blurted out dreamily. “Hang on a minute,” I stated as I grabbed my cellphone from the side table next to me. I promptly dialed my husband.

He answered curiously, not expecting me to call him at all tonight. “Hello?”

“Honey, you’ll never guess! I squirted for the first time ever tonight!” I announced with a proud grin.

“That’s awesome!” He congratulated me. “How did that happen?” He must be dying of curiosity because none of my friends were into women. Even so, picturing me with any of my friends was probably going to keep him awake and playing with himself all night.

“There’s a sex party down the hall and I was invited and I went and there were these two guys and they did me together and it was so fucking hot that I just went sploosh all over the place!” I explained in an excited rush.

“Whoa!” One of my friends blurted out incredulously. “She literally just told all of that to her husband!”

“Right?!” Another agreed. “If I said that to my hubby – even as a joke – he’d frickin’ kill me!”

I laughed. “Anyway, I’ll talk to you later, love you!”

“Love you too,” he replied just before we hung up.

I then grinned at my friends. “My hubby and I just love to have sexual adventures and tell each other about them. You have no idea how hot is is to turn each other on like that until we just tear each other’s clothes off!”

“Hmm…” my most conservative friend hummed in disapproval.

I purposely pretended like she was congratulating me instead and grinned at her sweetly. “I should totally go back a little later on and see if anyone else wants to play.”

My best friend tossed a pillow at me in mock offense. “I told you! You’re not allowed to play around since I can’t!”

I laughed and smiled at her softly. “Okay, since you’re the most important person in the world to me, I’ll refrain from playing around and focus all my attention on you.”

She shook her head at the way I made that sound a bit flirty, and then smirked. “Good!”

And with that, our girl’s night out party resumed as if it had never stopped. We had so much fun making each other laugh that I honestly didn’t care that I never did get a chance to go back to the sex party. Even so, occasionally I’d get a dreamy look on my face and my best friend would have to throw a pillow at me again to bring me back to reality. With a laugh, I shook my head. Man I love this girl!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32