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While working at a start up Dot.Com Company in the late 90’s I was part of a service support team that was made up of many people from all over the country. After the usual conversations and get-to-know-you type of stuff a few of us started becoming chummier than the rest.

Three of us in particular, one female another male and myself, hung out more than the rest and became very good friends. The type of friends you build when you are under lots of stress and in a fast paced work environment. We always joked around, flirted and talked about things that you shouldn’t talk about in today’s Politically Correct World.

One day our female buddy, Tracy, was very upset. I was in her cubicle giving her the usual shoulder rub when I talked to her (this way I could rub up close to her which she liked and I could get a peek down her low cut blouse.). She was pouting about something but still reluctant to tell me what. So, Jared (the third part of our group) helped me pressure Tracy into telling us what the problem was. She always told us everything, mostly about how her current boyfriend was an ass and selfish. We in turn would tell her to dump him, as most guys would say in hopes that she would hook up with us. I know, men are pigs.

Tracy finally told us about her Goose. It wasn’t what your thinking, but close. She always had this stuffed goose sitting on her monitor. We never asked the significance of it nor did she tell. Well today she did.

The Goose was sort of a trophy that her and her old college roommate passed back and forth when one or the other ‘won’ it. We asked how she would win ‘it’. Tracy told us that the roommate who had the wildest or strangest or most daring sexual experience won the Goose for the period of time until the other won it back.

We were astonished; we had thought only guys would be so trophy oriented. I had heard of men collecting points for scoring with certain girls but never had I heard of females awarding each other trophies for acts of sex. We sat stunned until Tracy asked us if we were going to ask her how she had won it originally. “

Hell yes!” We both said wanting to know the details.

So, Tracy told us how she had given her boyfriend a blowjob during dinner at a popular restaurant. WE couldn’t believe it. She laughed and said that she had one too many margaritas and got really horny, her boyfriend was being uptight as usual so she decided to relax him a bit. They got caught and thrown out of the place but she had won back the goose.

Immediately we asked what her friend had done to win the Goose back. Tracy was hesitant but told us after much prodding. She said her friend was at a popular nightclub in the city she lived in with some female friends. They all got drunk and started dancing. One thing led to another and her friend ended up going home with one of the other woman, had her first female on female experience thus winning the trophy Goose back.

“Damn”, I said thinking that would be hard to beat. Jared immediately spoke up as I was thinking about two girls going at it, he said to Tracy

“we could help you win back the Goose.”

I stopped daydreaming and stared at him not believing what he was saying. Tracy laughed and asked him how that was possible; her friend’s last sex-capade would be hard to beat. So Jared asked if her friend had ever taken on two guys. She paused, thought a moment and then said no she hadn’t. He then asked Tracy if she had. She stared at him long and hard. This was something that she had joked to us about a lot. You know, the flirtatious comments about how she could tame any guy and we were no different than the guys she had before. We always commented that we could rock her world but she only laughed and said she had more than she needed at home.

We knew this to be false because her current boyfriend was a jerk who went out on her all the time.

Tracy finally answered no, she hadn’t done that before and then it hit her. She started smiling, looked at both of us and smiled even bigger. I couldn’t believe that she was thinking what Jared and I were thinking. This wasn’t possible, I was going to finally have a threesome, not the kind I though about (two girls and me) but this one was just as good – one girl horny enough to take on two bahis firmaları guys. Jared prodded her,

“Well?, how about it?”

“Sure.” She said without a second thought. “I don’t want to give up this Goose and I couldn’t think of two better guys to have fun with than you two.” She reached out and squeezed our knees. My dick started to get hard.

“Just a few ground rules first. I don’t want anyone else to know.” She said. “You can’t be telling everyone and No photos, video or anything like that. I don’t want to be treated like some porno slut AND we do this at my pace not yours.” She looked at us long and hard to see if we understood. We did and agreed.

The next week we made arrangements to meet at a local hotel after work. Jared and I made our own preparations for Tracy. We agreed to make this her night and her show so we tried our best to do so. Once at the room and after we got beyond the nervous giggles we opened a few beers. I asked Tracy to go into the bathroom while Jared and I prepared the room. She warned us that she didn’t want any cameras or kinky shit. We said okay and pushed her into the other room.

While she was hidden away we spread out white sheets over the old hotel bedspread. We shut the lights off and lit up thirty or more candles all over the room. I took out a bag of rose pedals and spread them all over the bed and floor. We turned on some Dave Mathews Band music (not the most romantic but we all liked it). Then we asked Tracy to come out.

When she opened the door and saw the romantic setting she started to cry. Being typical males we thought we had done something wrong, but she said ‘no’ everything was perfect. Her biggest fear was feeling like a slut doing this but now she felt special, catered to even. That’s when we told her she was in control; we were going to do whatever she wanted.

An hour later and after two six packs we were all on the bed in our underwear. We had played a few rounds of strip poker. Tracy grabbed the bag we had on the floor beside the bed and asked.

“what’s in here?”

“Oh just some extra things just in case we needed them.”

She pulled out a blindfold then looked at us. “What is this for?” She asked.

“I thought you may want to use it so one of us couldn’t see what was going on.” I paused. “You know so we would feel as though no one was watching.” I thought this would help her get over the thought of being seen as a porno girl.

She understood the thinking, if one of us couldn’t see what was going on then she would feel more intimate. The idea worked. She slapped the blindfold on Jared and said for him to wait on the bed. Tracy grabbed my hand and led me over to the chair in the corner. She sat me down and straddled my waist.

Immediately my dick was hard. I was slightly embarrassed because Tracy and I worked together, she was now seeing the manhood I bragged or commented about, what would she think? I knew right away she didn’t mind because she leaned in and kissed me passionately while her hand gripped my cock.

I let out a slight moan as her touch made me harder. She seemed to like the fact that I made a noise because she kissed me harder and fondled me more aggressively.

We continued in this manner of one being blindfolded than the other for another hour. Neither Jared or I had been released yet; my dick was throbbing and so was his.

Finally we placed the blindfold on Tracy, laid her on the sheet and broke out the whipped cream from a cooler we had packed with strawberries, wine, beer, cream, grapes and a few other items. She giggled as the cold cream covered her nipples, bellybutton, shoulders, hipbone area, inner thigh, knees, toes and finally her pubic area.

Then Jared and I started slowly licking and sucking the cream off her from head to toe. The feeling of having two men, two mouths, four hands and two hard cocks rubbing her from head to toe made Tracy cum. I was surprised to find that she actually had an orgasm without either one of us penetrating her. She was moaning and pulling at our shorts. She pulled off the blindfold and sat up.

“I need some more.” Tracy said. Not sure what she wanted, more cream or what? I started kissing her and she kissed back hard. She reached down and released my cock. kaçak iddaa I let out a deep breath to tell her I was ready for more too.

Jared meanwhile reached between her legs and started to finger her wetness. Tracy moaned even louder, this was what she was ready for. She laid back down pulling me with her. Then she spread her legs so Jared could have better access to her. He took advantage and continued to slowly slid one then two and then a third finger into her while using his other hand to spread her lips exposing her clit which he gently circled with his tongue.

Tracy started pushing against his hand and mouth. She was breathing heavy and appeared to have another orgasm. She later confirmed that she had several but how was I to know?

After a brief pause in the action for Tracy to use the potty, us to change the CD’s and grab a cold beer, which I used to cool off my hard-on, still not relieved yet. Jared laughed and said his balls hurt too. Tracy heard this as she came out and said,

“ I can’t believe you two haven’t made me suck or fuck you yet. Most guys want that immediately. They don’t care about pleasing me first.”

We told her that this night was about her, not us. She smiled and said she wanted to make it memorable for both of us. We smiled back and waited to see what was next. Tracy led both of us back over by the chair near the bed. She pulled out our cocks; they were both still hard of course. I looked briefly at Jared’s rod as he did mine. We both looked away quickly and then at each other as we both attempted to not act like we saw each other’s dick. How could we not? Tracy was sitting on the chair between us, grasping both of our dicks. If we wanted to see what she was going to do we would see each other.

Finally after a few seconds we looked at each other and shrugged giving both of us the go ahead to stare while she did what she wanted.

I am not one to openly stare at other men’s dicks but I have seen many since I did and do take showers among other men in locker rooms. The difference here was the dicks were hard not limp and Jared had one of the biggest damn cocks I had ever seen. He was huge! I was only an average 6 inches. He had to be 9 or 10 at least. Plus it was twice as thick as my cock.

I immediately felt very inadequate. Tracy either sensed this or thought that both cocks were fine because she plunged my dick into her mouth vigorously. I quickly forgot the fact that I was half the man Jared was. She pumped his manhood while sucking mine then switched off. We both grinned at each other while this went on. When my turn came next I couldn’t hold off, my juices were ready to spurt out. I didn’t know if Tracy swallowed or not so I tried to pull away to be safe, she didn’t let me. She grabbed my ass with her free hand and pulled me closer. I let go inside her mouth.

What Tracy did next blew Jared and me away too. She immediately stood up and kissed Jared. He tried to pull away but she didn’t let him. He wanted to resist but couldn’t. She had his dick in her hands and her mouth over his mouth. He finally kissed back, slow at first then more feverishly. I knew what she was doing; she was giving him a taste of me.

Panic hit my stomach, was she going to do the same to me? I didn’t know and soon I didn’t care because she repositioned us on the bed so I was between her legs giving her a licking and Jared was standing to the side of the bed still getting his cock sucked. He started to make little whimpering sounds; it was actually funny to hear a man hung like a bull whimpering like a little puppy. Tracy didn’t mind though, she tried to take as much of Jared into her mouth as possible.

I stopped licking her to watch, she turned

and eyed me. I swear she grinned even with the giant cock in her mouth. She knew that I knew what was coming, literally. Jared whimpered more loudly and finally moaned, Tracy coughed, sputtered a bit and then released his cock from her mouth. She giggled at me.

“Come here.” She said pulling my head towards her. I did as commanded. She grasped my face and laid her mouth on mine. I immediately tasted something I only heard about before, cum. This was weird but I tolerated it since Jared had and it seemed to turn Tracy on even more.

When kaçak bahis she was done sharing Jared’s fluids with me I looked up at him, he was still standing beside the bed watching us. We exchanged looks that only two guys who just shared a similar event could exchange. At that moment we both knew we wouldn’t talk about this part of the night with each other again but we wouldn’t forget it either.

Tracy asked us if we could or would continue. We obviously said ‘yes’. She told Jared to lay on the bed. She positioned herself over his mouth in a 69-style position. Tracy then asked me to fuck her. I paused looking down at Jared and back up at Tracy. Jared’s head would be just inches from my dick and probably closer to my ball sack.

She smiled and said, “What’s the matter boys, afraid getting too close to another dick will make you gay?” She giggled, grabbed Jared’s slowly stiffening penis and slapped her cheek with it.

“Try it, you may see that the fear causes more excitement.” Then I heard Jared groan as she tried to swallow his half hard dick.

He then said, “Go on, its all right man. I ‘ll have my mind full of this” pulling her waist closer and tonguing her clit. Tracy moaned.

I was hard again from watching all this. I straddled the top of Jared’s head from my position on the bed behind Tracy. She was extremely wet and willing; as soon as I started to push my head into her she pushed back hard, sending me all the way into her. I couldn’t believe the feeling. So warm, wet and so strong that I knew she was squeezing her muscles to feel me better. I pumped away harder and harder. A couple of times I could feel my balls drag across Jared’s forehead and a few times I could feel his hot breath below but I kept pumping.

It didn’t take long for me to let loose my second load of the night. As soon as I was done I pulled out. Jared was still there licking away. Tracy must have cum again because she stopped sucking Jared’s dick to let out a long breath of air. She looked at me and said,

“Change positions.” We did.

The view from underneath Tracy was scary. I had her wet snatch inches from my mouth. It was glistening from Jared’s saliva but it also was leaking my juices. She got us again I thought, damn she really was in control. I started in on her clit, which by now was so swollen even a high school kid could find it. Jared approached her opening with his giant tool. I couldn’t help but watch as it pushed up against her lips only a few inches from my nose. Tracy was running her tongue up and down my semi-hard cock when she felt Jared’s enormous dickhead push against her.

She tried to do as she did with me but it wasn’t going to be so easy. She spoke,

“Lick me harder” She demanded as she released my cock from her hands, laid her head on my stomach and reached back with her arms to help spread herself for Jared’s entry. This seemed to do the trick.

I licked her pussy like a man on a mission. Jared slowly pushed in his cockhead and then out. He continued to do so until half his length was in Tracy. She was breathing really fast now. I could feel and see her contracting above me, another orgasm!

Soon Jared was pumping into her faster and faster. His cock looked like a big piece of machinery designed to split things in half as it rammed its way into Tracy. She must have felt the same way because she soon was biting my stomach. I didn’t care, she was having the fuck of a lifetime and I was right there to help her with it.

Jared started his whimpering again and Tracy was licking and biting me to help deal with the tool Jared was drilling into her. He finally let out the loudest whimper and all of a sudden the taste of cum was in my mouth again. I opened my eyes to see a small river of white cum leaking out of Tracy’s pussy. I moved my head out of the way just in time because when Jared pulled out his dick a gush of fluid ran out behind it onto the bed where my head was.

“Shit” I said.

“Sorry man I can’t help it.” Jared said.

“Doesn’t he cum a ton?” Tracy said giggling again.

“Yeah, like I needed to know that too.” I said laughing.

The three of us laid back on the bed with Tracy between us trying our best to spoon and rest for our next round of fun. Needless to say that Tracy did not return the Goose, she told her friend what happened and she immediately told Tracy to keep it. Then she asked when she could come down to meet her two friends. Maybe that will be another story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32