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I’ve been with Dora over 10 years now, we know each other well. She’s solidly built, not fat but not thin either, short, slightly curled inwards black hair, medium large breasts, wide sturdy hips and fairly large bottom, a super-strong sex drive, and a confidence in herself one seldom finds in a man, let alone a woman. I’m thin, not particularly strong but healthy, curly black hair, a nice round ass, a normal-sized dick with a mind of its own, large balls, and almost as strong a sex drive as Dora. And I lack self-confidence, even bordering on being a sissy or girlish sometimes in manners. Which Dora actually likes, it works well with her strong personality. Oh, and my balls produce a lot of cum.

Being like she is, Dora demands that I do things her way, keep things clean and in order, do my share around the house, pay my share of our expenses, and keep her satisfied sexually. Which I’ve learned to do, all of it, quite well. Except that sometimes my casual careless nature comes out, which usually isn’t good when it comes to Dora. And it happened Saturday.

That morning, Dora was in a strong sexual mood, obvious by the way she was kissing me and touching me in bed after we awoke. I knew we’d be having sex later that day. But first, I had breakfast, then took Cannon, our dog, for our usual Saturday morning walk.

On the way back from the park, Cannon wanted to swim in the pond. She’s a Lab, so of course she wanted to swim in the pond. And she’s a good dog, a happy dog, and I wanted her to be able to exercise and swim and enjoy life, so I let her swim. Even though Dora insists I don’t. She doesn’t want a wet dog in the house. If I make Cannon stay outside after swimming, I can get away with it, which is what I usually do.

But you see, my memory isn’t all that good. Or my discipline. Or both. I forget. I did forget. I got back home and opened the door and let Cannon into the house ahead of me. And didn’t notice she was still dripping. I was in the garage doing something when I heard Dora yelling. I’d learned it’s best not to ignore her, so I went in to see what was wrong.

“How many times have I told you not to let Cannon swim? And NEVER to let her into the house wet? Look at the floor. Look at all this water! Go get a rag right now and clean it up.” I obediently did as she said. As I was on my hands and knees wiping up water, she was watching me. Especially she seemed to be watching my ass. Which is not surprising, she likes my ass. And I knew she was horny. But I was worried, because she was still angry, and that usually meant I had something coming.

“There, how’s that, all cleaned up!”

“There’s another spot over there.” I wiped it up. “And there.” I went and got that one.

“Come over here, I want to talk to you.” She was standing over by our simple wooden chair. I walked over. “How many times have you ignored me and done this?” I was embarrassed. I HAD done it a number of times. I mumbled about not really remembering. “You’ll remember next time. Take off your clothes.”

“What? Why? What are you gonna do?”

“I said, take off your clothes.” Her tone of voice meant what she said, and I knew better than to ask more questions. I undressed, and threw my clothes in a heap. Finally I was down to my underwear, and I was feeling embarrassed, despite the sexual element to it. I turned my back to her so she wouldn’t see my cock, and slid off my underwear. As I threw them on the heap, I saw her looking at my ass, and realized I’d done just what she’d wanted by turning away from her, she got a great view of my bare bottom. I turned to face her. My dick was limp.

She said nothing, but undid her belt, pulled it off, and carefully set it on the chair. She then proceeded to strip herself, not in a provocative way, but in a quick, matter-of-fact way. She was looking at me, but expressionless, as if what were happening needed no interpretation, no explanation. Her body was strong, her muscles showing, her feminine beauty there but out of mind as the focus of both our tuzla escort thoughts was obviously on my misbehavior.

She picked up the belt and sat on the chair. “Come here. ” I walked over and stood in front of her. “Bend over”. As I suspected, I was in for a belting. It had happened once long ago, and since that time I’d been on pretty good behavior, and it had never been part of our play. “I said, bend over. Put your stomach here on my lap, arms down, hands on the floor. Bottom up more. Put your bottom up here more.” I did as I was told, my head to her left, my bottom to her right. Her legs were slightly spread, and my limp cock and balls were hanging down the crack between them.

“You’re being punished for ignoring my requests over and over.” She looped the belt in her right hand, then put her left hand on the small of my back and held it strongly so I was pinned to her rather well. She lifted her right arm, and “thwack!”. The belt hit my bottom with a hard slap and sting. I winced. Then again. I winced each time and thought it must be almost over. It wasn’t.

After about the fifth whack, I was beginning to feel slightly like I was losing control. But then I noticed a strange thing. I was getting hard! How could that be? Damn my cock! I felt embarrassed. Then again, whack, and again and again. I felt tears come to my eyes. And at the same time, I felt my cock getting harder and harder. After about the 20th whack, I was crying, aloud. And my cock was rigid, pressed against her leg. She had to feel it. She used her leg to spread my right foot and leg outward a bit, presumably to get better positioning on my ass. She hit me another five times. I was bawling and begging her to stop. She stopped and dropped the belt.

“Are you ever going to do that again?” she asked. At the same time, I felt her hand enter between my legs and slightly brush my balls, and her fingers barely brush my cock. It wasn’t that she wanted to feel if I were hard, or how hard I was. It felt like, and I knew it was, that she wanted ME to know that she already knew my cock was hard, because she had intended that it would be, that she was in total control, that my mind and body, including my cock, were hers right now.

“Stand up”. I stood, blinking tears from my eyes, my penis erect. She stood up in front of me. Did I mention she is two inches taller than me? I felt humiliated, standing there with a hard-on, her seeing me exposed completely. It didn’t seem to matter that she too was naked. In fact, that made it worse. There was a feeling of domination from her, that her exposure to me was a further way for her to exhibit her complete dominance over me. That’s what it felt like.

“Go get the harness and black dildo, and KY jelly.” Oh shit, I thought. I went to the bedroom closet and pulled down the harness, which we hadn’t used in a long time, and the dildo. I got the jelly out of the bedside drawer and brought it all back to her. My hard-on was beginning to subside.

She was standing firm and unyielding, as if ready to take somebody down in a wrestling match. “Kneel on the floor and strap the harness on me.” I knelt and did as told. Putting the straps around her bare legs and looking at her open pussy right in front of me, I began to get hard again. She grabbed the dildo and inserted it into the harness ring, then grabbed my chin and pulled my face towards her. Tears were still on my cheeks. Looking at me sternly, she said, “Suck my dick.” I momentarily looked confused, but she grasped my hair and thrust my face towards her cock. I’d never sucked a cock before, but I did now. I pretended it was a real cock, it felt real. And though I’d never expected that sucking a cock would turn me on, it did turn me on. My erection returned in full force.

I sucked and licked her cock quite well, for several minutes. As I did so, I was acutely aware of my erection, and how it wouldn’t go away, and how she was looking down at me, and it. I felt weak, as if my erection were evidence that I had no strength of will, no control tuzla escort bayan of my own. Which actually was indeed the case. Then she pulled away. “On your hands and knees.” I got on my hands and knees on the polished hardwood floor. My ass was right there for her, still stinging like crazy. I felt so open, so vulnerable, so incapable of defense, so at her mercy, and it seemed like my cock LIKED feeling that way, because it stayed hard as a rock.

I heard the KY lid pop open, and the sound of it being squeezed out, then the sound of it being rubbed onto her cock. Then I felt her hand on the small of my back. Her lubricated thumb went down into my bottom crack, and slid its way slowly down, until, as she approached my asshole, it slowed and its pressure increased, and then it began to enter onto my anus, and the pressure made her thumb just suddenly slide right into my asshole. I gasped at the sudden feel of the intrusion. She began to massage, and the feeling intensified, and I knew she was preparing me, and that made me feel scared, but it made my cock harder. After a while at massaging, she withdrew the thumb.

“Say you’re sorry for bringing a wet dog into the house.” I apologized. “You won’t ever do that again.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement of fact. She slapped my ass hard, making it sting yet again. Then I felt the dildo in my ass crack, felt it sliding down, felt the increasing pressure of its head against my skin, felt it slow down as it reached its target, then felt it ever-so-slowly creep to my asshole and slowly begin to stretch it open as it began to enter. There was sharp pain. I winced, and her response was to put one hand on each side of my pelvis and hold me strongly, as she pressed her penis further against my asshole, not hard, just hard enough.

She kept a steady pressure, and I felt my asshole gradually open up and the dildo gradually creep inwards. Then the rate of insertion increased, and suddenly I felt her cock enter me about an inch. I gasped. It felt like an intrusion, something I had no control over, something I had to submit to. She pressed more, and slowly slid her cock farther and farther into my asshole. It was as if a pole were opening my insides, probing and entering and overcoming all resistance. I let out a cry. She kept pushing slowly, and she slid slowly into me until I thought I was going to split open. At one point it felt like it hit something, and I winced vocally, but she pulled back slightly and pushed again, and suddenly I felt her cock enter me completely, her pelvis making hard contact with my ass. I gasped again, more strongly this time.

Then, Dora proceeded to fuck me. In and out, she fucked me in the ass with her cock, slowly, but fast enough for it to feel like I was being so totally fucked. I gasped and cried and began to moan. The entry, the force, my inability to resist, began to feel good, very good. I felt my cock becoming as rigid as it ever gets. She kept fucking and fucking me, and I kept moaning, louder and louder. Suddenly I realized I was beginning to approach orgasm. I thought, no, I can’t let her make me come this way, it is so embarrassing. I tried to resist, but she kept fucking me, faster and harder now, and the good feeling got stronger, and I was having a harder and harder time trying to resist it.

There comes a moment in a man’s orgasmic sequence when he realizes he is committed to coming. How quickly that event occurs after that realization varies, depending on the mood, the circumstances, the skill of one’s partner, or any of a thousand other variables. In a bad cum, the orgasm releases almost immediately upon that realization. The longer the time passed between realization and release, the better the orgasm. All men want to make this period last as long as possible, but we generally are at the whims of other powers beyond ours, and we experience whatever we happen to experience. In this case, I think Dora was the power beyond.

As my moans increased, I felt Dora’s hand again lightly touch my hard penis, escort tuzla as if double-checking that it was still in the expected state. And Dora modulated the strokes, slowing, then speeding up, softer, then harder, and I gradually realized she was milking my ass for all it was worth. She was controlling the event. My orgasmic threshold approached, then receded, then approached again, never too far away, never so close as to trigger the event. When that circumstance occurs, which is by all accounts exceedingly rare, a man notices that something builds up inside, as if a fluid is undergoing stronger and stronger pressurization. There can even be moments when one suspects it will not explode, it will dissipate, and indeed I once knew Dora to cause exactly that to happen. But usually, no matter what one thinks, the pressure builds, and with it the out-of-this-world pre-orgasmic pleasure, and when it finally happens, the magnitude of the feeling is in direct proportion to the amount of time spent building the pressure.

In this case, Dora was so skillful at fucking me that I was in pre-orgasmic ecstasy, not knowing when or if I would cum, but hardly able to think or care. And then, I felt Dora’s hand reach around and grasp my penis. She began stroking it rapidly in concert with her penis strokes. Now when it happens under such extreme control, the explosion that occurs almost feels slow-motion. One has feelings in his testicles, slowing rising up, following his vas deferens up and into his prostate, accompanied by a pumping sensation occurring in both the testicles and the prostate. There is one moment when time seems to stand still, as if the explosion has stopped in midstream. Then it happens, the release occurs violently, very explosively, with a coincident release of mental and vocal energy.

I told you I had big balls, and I cum a lot. So it was now, in spades. Many men have stories to tell of experiments jacking off as a prepubescent teen, and what happens when you attempt to hold your thumb over the penile outlet. The pressure builds to extremes within fractions of a second, and no longer able to hold it, the thumb is pushed away, and semen shoots skyward, easily hitting 10 or 20 feet distance. I wasn’t holding my urethral opening, nor was Dora, but the effect of the pent-up pressure was the same. Hot sperm shot out of my penis in a forward direction, squirting under my head just above the floor, and hitting the polished wood a good 10 feet ahead of me. That was just the first shot. As usual, I felt the pumping continue on and on, squirt after squirt releasing the built-up semen. It was by far the longest and strongest ejaculation I’ve ever had, and the feeling was by far the most pleasurable and intense. I cried out with each ejaculation. As it slowed, my cries lessened, and I began to feel how energy had been completely sapped from me. As Dora stroked and pumped the last few drops out of me, my arms and legs weakened, and suddenly I dropped to the floor, into my own cum, exhausted.

We stayed that way for several minutes. At first I was only semi-conscious. I’d just had the strongest orgasm I’d ever had in my life. Then, as I began to feel some energy begin to return to my body, awareness to my mind, and then Dora slowly removed her cock from my asshole. Again I gasped, mostly from a powerful visceral knowledge, transmitted through my anus and anal canal, that I had just been thoroughly fucked.

I thought it was over, but Dora said, “Turn over.” I turned. She had removed the harness. She squatted over my face, and moved her wide-open swollen pussy to my mouth. “Eat me.” And though I usually find myself uninterested in more sex after coming, for some reason it was different this time. I couldn’t wait to eat her. I wanted to eat her SO BADLY. And I did. I took my time, exploring every cavity of her vagina and cunt that I could reach with my tongue and fingers. After little more than five minutes, I could feel her reaching climax, and as she herself began to explode, I kept my tongue working her clit in the way I knew would extend her orgasm more or less indefinitely as long as I continued. And it did. She must have cum for a good solid 10 minutes. I stopped, and it was her turn to collapse on the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32