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I smile and close my eyes as my gorgeous wife Esther Philemon-Charles grabs my dick and pushes her strap-on dildo deep into my ass. I’m lying on our bed, my hands and feet bound my thick ropes. I’m six-foot-one and weigh two hundred and fifty six pounds. I used to wrestle in high school and I played rugby at the club level at Canada’s Capital University. It’s not every day that I feel helpless, that’s for damn sure. Somehow, Esther has done it, and now she’s got me completely me in her power. Right where she wanted me all along.

At long last, my fantasy is coming true. Who would have thought that my mousy, church-going gal pal would turn out to be the woman of my dreams? Five-foot-seven, slender, with medium brown skin, long curly black hair and light brown eyes, Esther is one fine Haitian mama with curves in all the right places. With a stern look in her pretty, serious face, Esther thrust her toy deep inside of me and whispered into my ear that I was her little bitch. Hmmm. Something about a dominant black woman simply thrills me. My name is Stefan Charles and I’m a young black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. This here is the tale of an average Saturday night at our house.

While sodomizing me with her strap-on dildo, Esther tugged at my chest hairs, causing me to grit my teeth against the sweet pain. I’m going to get some screams out of you, Esther said. Gently she caressed my face and then looked deep into my eyes with such a loving look that my heart skipped a beat. The slap that followed stung my face like a shot of electricity. It sounded like thunder to my ears and frankly came out of nowhere. I cried out though more in surprise than pain as Esther suddenly bit into my chest. Ouch, I said. Esther smiled wickedly, and told me she was just getting started.

For the next hour, Esther put me through all kinds of hell. She twisted my cock and balls while slamming her dildo mercilessly into my asshole. She slapped my face repeatedly, spat on it and yanked a huge tuff of my chest hairs, slowly and painfully, one by one. You’re my Chewbacca, Esther said nastily and I’ll shave you one hair at a time if I want to. halkalı escort A nerd and a dominatrix all rolled into one, that’s many a fan-boy’s fantasy and this one’s nightmare. After fucking my ass with the dildo for a while, Esther pulled it out of my ass. Feeling suddenly empty, I groaned in surprise. Esther smiled and slid two gloved fingers into my ass. Now I’m inside of you, she cooed softly. I like it, I said. At this point I was kind of afraid to say anything that displeased her. When she’s riled up, Esther can be a scary woman.

Esther and I continued with our wicked games, and this time she removed my bindings. Suddenly free, I sighed in relief. A whack upside the head reminded me that I was still in her power. Placing a collar around my neck, and fixed it to a leash. Follow me little doggy, Esther said. I nodded, and followed her around our apartment like the faithful pet that I am supposed to be. After making me follow her from the bedroom to the kitchen, Esther finally led me to the living room and there, she sat on the throne-like seat where I love to watch football games. Kneel before thy mistress, Esther said sternly and I immediately complied.

Looking down at me with divine hauteur from the throne, Esther spread her shapely thighs, allowing me a glimpse of her pussy. A lot of women shave these days but not Esther. This dominant Haitian queen flaunts her own natural aroma, and I got turned on by the mere sight of it. Don’t just stare at it frigging eat it, Esther commanded. I nodded, and inhaled the sharp scent of her womanhood before licking her pussy. I buried my face between her legs, my tongue digging through all the hair to get at her sweet pussy lips. Once I found what I was looking for, I began licking like there was no tomorrow. Shaping my tongue like a spear, I darted inside, and was rewarded with a deep moan from Esther. That’s it, she said haltingly. Smiling inwardly, I continued pleasuring my dominant goddess, delighting in the squeals of pleasure coming from her.

Esther just sat there, legs spread, her sexy body shiny with sweat, as I pleasured olgun escort her. I had her right where I wanted her. If you haven’t realized by now that in BDSM the submissive is the one in control, then you never will. I worked my fingers and tongue into Esther’s pussy, and soon she was moaning and squirming, urging me to go on. I had her on the ropes, time to finish her off. I lathered her pussy with my tongue, and at the same time buried two fingers inside of her while sliding two fingers into her asshole. The combination proved to be too much for Esther, and soon she cried out…this time in orgasmic delight. I watched as her sexy body was wracked by the throes of a violent, powerful orgasm. Oh, yeah. My sweetie’s in heaven and I brought her there. Hallelujah!

Much later, Esther and I continued with our fun. In a more traditional manner, I must admit. Once I was done licking her pussy, my sweet Haitian goddess was horny as hell. I was rock hard and ready to service her. On the floor, she told me, assertive to the end. Yes my goddess, I said as I assumed the position. Grinning salaciously, Esther climbed on top of me, straddling me and slowly lowering herself on my noble tool. Locking eyes with me, Esther impaled herself on my dick and began riding me. I put my hands on her hips and thrust deep inside her. Grunting with effort, I briefly lifted her up only to have her slide right back on top of me, and smacked her nicely rounded ass for effect. Yup, I love smashing Haitian booty. Been at it for years and see no need to stop.

I put Esther on all fours and admired her sexy round ass, which she stuck in the air, waiting for me to take her like this. Face down and ass up, that’s the way I like to fuck my woman. I even grabbed Esther’s hair, yanking her head back while thrusting my dick deep into her pussy. Hearing my wife’s deep, sexy moans as we made love turned me on like you would not believe. We went at it for a long good while, exploring each other’s bodies thoroughly. The only thing I love more than yielding to my dominant Haitian queen şişli escort is to make her yield to me. We made passionate love for hours, until exhaustion claimed us.

Esther rested her head on my chest. I smiled and looked at the reflection of our entwined bodies on the mirror. For some reason there’s always been a mirror in the living room of this apartment when we got it and we never bothered taking it out. It belonged to the previous owner, I guess. Esther fell asleep in my arms, snoring loud enough to wake the dead. I’ve gotten used to her snoring, or so I tell myself. That’s my darling wife. We met in 2011 when my buddy Francisco invited me to a Haitian church shortly after I moved to Ottawa from Boston. At first, I dismissed the lovely but frumpily dressed young Haitian woman with the glasses and shy smile as another boring bible thumper. Until I ran into her on one of the worst days of my life, man.

I was working as a security guard that summer, trying to make enough money to pay the two grand that I owed Canada’s Capital University. July was flying by quick and I wasn’t getting enough shifts, man. If I didn’t figure something out by September I’d be screwed. I wouldn’t be able to register for the three classes I had left and graduate from the criminology program. Anyhow, I had a shift at this mall downtown and the fools cancelled on me. I got dressed up in my khaki rent-a-cop uniform for nada. Great. So there I was, waiting at the bus stop when I saw Esther. She walked up to me, smiled and asked me how I felt. Dude, I felt lousy but seeing her cheered me up. After that, I think I saw her in a new light.

The following weekend I went to church even though I had worked overnight the day before and felt dog-tired. I was one of the first people in the church that morning, arriving even ahead of Saint Esther herself. The world’s cutest little bible thumper walked up to me, hugged me and kissed me on both cheeks. I was glad to see her too. To the point that I, um, started getting hard just from sitting next to her. I stayed in church for most of the ceremony and afterwards I went home and slept. Guess I ran into that night while on my way to work? None other than Esther. We talked a bit, and she gave me her number. I called her as soon as I got to work. And all of a sudden I couldn’t get her out of my head. How weird is that? I’d been with white chicks, Asian chicks and one Lebanese Christian gal. I had never dated a gal from my own ethnicity because Haitian women can sure be a handful. Yet somehow, I married one. Life is funny, isn’t it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32