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He said he had something special planned for your birthday. He had a wicked little smile on his face when he said it. He made you dinner, and afterwards asked you to put on something that you didn’t mind getting very dirty. That included bra and panties, he said calmly. You went to pick out your cloths…wondering, and wet.

He took you to “your” sex club. He held your hand tight as you walked through the door. Everyone called out birthday greetings, and you felt yourself blushing. He just smiled, and led you to the dungeon room.

To your shock there were already people in the room. An attractive woman leaned against the couch. Her hair was reddish-gold, and her dark eyes made you shiver. She was nude, except for a pair of glasses. She was tan, and curvy, and smiled openly when you looked at her.

On the couch lounged a couple. He looked you up and down openly, like he would a fine meal. He was wearing a pair of boxers, and by the look of him he worked in construction, or some other manual labor. His thick fingers were running over the petite blonde that lay beside him. As you watched he ran his finder over her clit, and she arched her back, licking her lips. Her bright blue eyes watched you, as his finger slipped inside her.

Your lover leads you to the chains hanging from the wall. You turn your back to the room, expecting him to use the floggers and paddles you have come to love so much, but to you shock he spins you back around, to face the room, and the strangers. Silently he binds your wrists, standing you there as they watch. He kneels, and slips your shoes off, placing them carefully to the side. He leaves the room, and you stand there, feeling open and vulnerable as three sets of eyes watch you with hunger. He returns shortly, carrying your bag of toys. He must have had it stashed in the car…

He kisses you, softly at first, then harder. You melt against him as he kisses your throat, your neck. You close your eyes in pleasure, only to open the again when you hear a metallic click next to your ear. He holds up a small box cutter. It looks wickedly sharp. You hear your audience murmur quietly.

He stares into your eyes, and leans in to whisper “trust me,” into your ear. You only smile in response, because you do trust him, completely. He kisses you again, softly, then takes the neck of your shirt in his hand. He moves the blade slowly in front of your eyes, then places in on the cloth. Slowly he draws the blade down your shirt, and you feel your body respond the hiss of the cloth as it opens. The cut runs from just below the collar, to just above the lower seam. He does this twice more, until your shirt hangs in tatter. He runs his fingers into the cuts, caressing your sides, and cupping your breasts. The three people watch you, and you can see their excitement grow with yours. He sets the box cutter down, and runs his hands all over you for a long moment. He kisses you hard as he grabs the collar and pulls. He rips the remains of your shirt from you with one hard tug, and you gasp.

He retrieves the blade, and starts to run the cool pendik escort metal handle over your breasts. Then he takes the tip of the blade, and slowly, carefully runs it over the thin material of your bra, over your nipples, which are already hard, straining through the fabric. He slips a hand into one cup, and pulls it away from your skin, and begins to cut. He works very slowly, very carefully, and the only sound in the room is the quiet hiss of the blade on fabric. Finally one of your breasts hangs free, and release the breath you didn’t realize you were holding. He runs his fingers over your now exposed skin, and leans in to tease your nipple with his tongue. You feel first his lips close over your nipple, then his teeth, lightly at first, then biting down harder. You gasp aloud in pleasure.

When you open your eyes, the you see the man slowly fucking the blonde, both still watching you and your lover at play. The other woman still stands where she was, and when she sees you looking at her she smiles and nods.

He returns to work, cutting away the other cup, and teasing the nipple into almost unbearable hardness. He flicks his thumbs over your nipples, slowly at first, than faster and harder. He licks and sucks them until the glisten wetly, and your pussy throbs. At last he slices through the rest of your bra, and throws the mangles cloth aside.

“Shes so beautiful”, says the single woman, quietly.

He kneels before you, kissing just above the waist line of your pants. One hand slides up the back, until it presses into your ass…the other slides up the front, pressing and teasing your pussy. He then takes the cuff of your pants into his hand, and slowly slices up the leg. The fabric tears loudly in the quiet of the room. He cuts all the way up to the waistline. He then does the same with the other leg. He works one hand into the slash, to your panties. He runs his fingers over your clit, in long strokes. You pull against the chains, and arch your back. When you whimper he stops, and you hang there, aroused and frustrated.

He connects the two cuts along the waistline of the pants, so the crotch is now a flap, that opens with the slightest touch. You don’t have to look down, or hear the happy whispers to know the front of your panties are soaked wet. He runs his hands lovingly over your pussy, kissing the wetness. You pull hard against your chains, and they laugh at your frustration. He opens your pants, so they fall in a heap at your feet.

He slips behind you, and you feel him pull the back of your panties away from your ass. The wet fabric pulls tight against your pussy. He slices through the back of your panties in a slow smooth motion, carrying the cut between your thighs, and up the front, then tearing them away. You stand there, naked, wet and panting, as their eyes run over your flesh like hands.

He stood, kissed you teasingly on the lips, and walked to the far side of the room, sitting down. The dark haired woman looked at him for a brief second, then walked over to you. She stood nude in front of you, studying your maltepe escort body. Her fingertips trace your cheek, your neck, over your breasts. You shudder at her gentile touch. Her soft fingers run over your nipples, then pinch them hard enough to make you jump. He laughs and looks into your eyes. She leans against you, pressing her pussy into your thigh. She is as wet as you are, and she kisses you, slipping her tongue between your lips. She kisses you for a long frozen moment, before drawing back, and looking down at your bag of toys. One hand trails widely over your skin as she kneels and starts to look through the bag. She retrieves your favorite toy, and studies it, before looking at you smiling. She holds the bullet before your eyes, and turns the power on, and it buzzes to life. You cant help but lick your lips and she laughs with delight. She trails it over your neck, and down your breast, the vibrations setting your body aflame. You moan when she holds it to your nipple, and bite your lip as she trails it down your belly. Her warm fingers press it to your clit, and you thrust your hips into it, needing the release. She only hold it there for a moment, before sliding it across your lips, to your pussy.

“We need it good…and…wet…,” She says softly. She runs it over your pussy, rotating it as you spread your legs wider.

She steps closer to you, and kisses you again.

“Lets see why you enjoy this so much, shall we?”

She takes it away from your pussy, and you watch as she slips it inside herself. She leans into you, kissing your neck and biting your shoulder. Her hands run over your back, cupping your ass. Her nipples are hard, driving into your breasts. Her kisses and bites get faster and harder, and she rakes her nails down your back. She grinds her hips against yours, gasping and moaning in your ear. At last she surges against you, kissing you hard, her tongue invading your mouth. You feel her stomach muscles spasming, then she leans limply against you. She looks up at you with sleepy eyes, and slips your toy out of her pussy. She shakes slightly as she sets it down, and shuts it off. She walks away with shaky legs, to lean back against the couch.

You hang there, feeling the blood surge between your thighs. Needing and wanting. The man on the couch stands slowly. He walks over to you, looking you up and down, before cupping one of your breasts in his hand. His fingers are a contrast to hers, rough and hard to her soft, teasing. He pulls your head back by the hair and you gasp. He laughs at you, and walks to the stand in the corner. He picks up a leather collar, and a short chain leash. He walks over to face you again.

“You are one hot piece, you know.”

He slips the collar between your legs, running the inside lining over your pussy. He actually lifts you up, using the leather as a sling. You moan, and he laughs again.

He slowly pulls off the boxers. He is large, and very hard. As he walks around you, the head of his cock brushes your thighs. He holds the leather to your face, and you catch the scent kartal escort of your pussy there, before he snaps it around your throat. He snaps the chain to the collar, and holding you leash in one hand, he starts to unchain your wrists with the other.

Once you are free, he walks back to the couch, and you are forced to follow. He walks slowly, enjoying guiding you about. When you get to the couch he stops you by the arm, opposite the dark haired woman. Using the leash he pulls you down until you are bent over the arm of the couch, then smacks you ass with his bare palm. You jerk as he spanks you again.

“You like that, don’t ya, little slut? I can tell you have been a naughty little bitch.”

He passes the leash to the blonde, who lays below you. Her legs are spread wide, and her pussy is below you. She holds your chain in one hand, the other causally spreads her lips wide, so you can see hot pink and wet you are.

The man spanks you a few more times. You jerk with each slap, and grind yourself against the arm of the couch. He suddenly pulls you back, and spreads your legs with his knees. You feel the wide head of his cock at your pussy.

“You want to get fucked like a little slut now, don’t you? I can feel how wet you are with just my cock…”

With one hard thrust he is inside you. You cry out as he fills you. He starts to fuck you hard, slamming into you and out again, as hard as he can. The blonde on the couch starts pulling you down by the leash, and he reaches up and starts pressing down on the back of your head, until your face is between her thighs. She grinds herself against you as you try to taste her, running your tongue over her. He fucks you harder, grunting like an animal…”Eat that pussy bitch.”

You feel yourself building, as you slip your tongue into her pussy, letting his thrusts rock you forward, so your tongue fucks her. As suddenly as he started he pulls out of you, and steps around to her. She pulls your face away from her so you can watch his cock, glistening with your juices, disappear in her mouth. It only takes her a few moments before he cums, thrusting into her mouth. She shows you his fluids on her tongue for a brief moment.

Suddenly your lover is there beside you, taking you in his arms. He guides you out of the room, into another, and lays you down on a bed. There are other people in there, and the smell of sex in rich in the air. He hold you close, and whispers in your ear : “Do you want me?”

You feel a rush of emotion and lust, as you answer: “Please…”

He slides up between your legs, and slips inside you. You lock your legs around him as he teases you with his cock, softly and slowly at first, and harder as he responds to your needs. A couple joins you on the bed, the dark haired woman, on all fours, with someone thrusting into her from behind. She smiles down at you, giving a little cry with each thrust.

You feel your body just let go. You grip her arm, digging your nails into her skin as you cum. You are dimly aware that your cries of passion are answered from others in the room, then you hear him calling your name, and you feel him explode inside you. After forever, he sinks down, melting into you, telling you how much he loves you. You smile as you drift off to sleep, head pressed against the dark haired woman’s breast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32