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She sat at her computer, bored, nothing to do. Looking over at him as he lay on the couch snoring. Five months have passed by since he moved in and yet it seemed they had been together forever. She knew she loved him, he had become a part of her in such a short time. The few kisses they had shared left her breathless and wanting for more, so much more. But as of yet, kisses were all they had shared.

They had met each other through the computer and fallen in love very quickly after spending hours and days talking. They both felt they were meant to be together. After ten months had passed they decided to take another step and meet in person. But this was no ordinary meeting. He would be driving for 20 hours and was bringing his stuff with him, moving in for good. They were that in sync with each other, that much in love. They had no doubt it would work, and they were right.

He finally arrived late one Saturday; she met him along the road so it would be easier for him to find her house. They got out of their cars and went to each other, embracing instantly. She closed her eyes and knew she was with the man that she was meant to be with. Melting into his arms as he crawled deeper inside her heart.

She sat there watching her beloved soul mate sleep and remembered the past five months, and all they had been through. So much, not just any man would have stuck with it like he did. He was a very special man. Unlike any she had ever met or talked with online or anywhere. He wanted to take their relationship very slow, getting to know each other completely before moving to the next step. They started out with him having his own room, at his request. She was fine with that and really it was a big relief knowing nothing was expected of her. With each passing day they grew closer. She could still remember the first time he held her hand, the first kiss on her forehead, the first real kiss… things she would never forget. Each touch of his hand left her body aching for more.

Eventually they began sharing a bedroom. Sleeping with him was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Falling asleep in his arms made her feel safe and secure, a feeling she’d never had as far back as she could remember. The sound of his snore was like a sweet lullaby to her ears, making her go to sleep every time she heard it. Waking with his warm body next to her was like waking up in a dream everyday. She loved this man with all her heart and couldn’t imagine being without him.

One night after a particularly good day, they went to bed and she snuggled close to him as always. Her head on his chest and her hand lying on his stomach, watching as it would rise and fall with his every breath. He whispered he loved her as his hand pulled her close in a warm, tight embrace. She closed her eyes and whispered how she loved him too, her hand making soft slow circles on his stomach and slowly moving up to his chest. She loved the feel of his strong chest beneath her fingers, moving though the tangles of his hair. She kissed it softly; breathing in his cologne as her hand slowly traveled back down to his stomach. She loved touching his body; the warmth of it and the smoothness of his skin made it hard to stop. Her hand continued traveling up to his chest, softly pendik escort caressing his skin as if it were made of delicate glass. Moving slowly back down his stomach and this time, beyond.

With nervous fingertips, she reached the waistband of his underwear. Quickly her mind was wondering if she should stop, but it was too late to stop. Her fingertips found the hardness he was hiding. She gasped slightly, her heart racing as her fingertips slowly moved along the length of his cock. Liking what she felt, she slowly moved them back up along his cock stopping in the middle. Finally remembering to breathe, she slowly wrapped her fingers around it. She couldn’t believe how big it felt, her fingers didn’t even go all the way around it. She heard him moan softly and it startled her back into reality. Turning loose of his cock, she moved her hand back up to his stomach as though she were caught at something.

She felt his hand on hers, as he slowly moved it back down. He took her hand in his, sliding it inside his underwear and placing it on his hard, swollen cock, pressing down on it hard. She again wrapped her fingers around it, holding it firmly, feeling it’s strength. He slowly moved her hand up and then slowly back down. Her heart was going crazy as she started stroking him slowly up and down, feeling him grow even more. Her breathing quickened and she felt a slight tingling between her legs. She ached to feel him, to have him inside her so deeply. But right now all her attention wanted to be on him. She was fascinated by his cock and wanted to have fun with her new toy.

She raised up and slowly kissed down his chest… down to his stomach. Licking and kissing her way down to his waistband. He reached down and slid his underwear off, giving her full access to her new fascination. She took his cock in her hand and softly kissed the head of it, licking it gently. Suddenly her nervousness was gone and replaced with raging curiosity instead.

She slowly swirled her tongue around the enormous head of his cock. Closing her eyes and enjoying the absolute pleasure of feeling his hard smoothness against her tongue. Slowly she ran her tongue along the length of his cock, savoring every inch of his manhood. Licking her way back up to the head of it, she looks up into his eyes, licking her lips slowly as she leans over and takes his huge head into her mouth. Wrapping her lips around his cock as her tongue teases the head of it, slowly sliding along the rim. Closing her eyes as she realizes she’s found what’s been missing from her life. She’s never felt anything like this before. The hardness of his cock combined with the smoothness of the skin against her tongue made her so wet and so hot she knew she would cum immediately if something was to brush against her clit.

She slowly took in more of his beautiful cock, her warm wet tongue sliding along its length. As she took him in deeper almost into her throat, she imagined him sliding deep inside her pussy. Softly sucking on his cock as she slowly pulled it out. Stopping at the head then sucking it back deep inside her mouth, her lips meeting her hand where she held onto him. Nearly gagging as she feels the head of it just inside her throat, but she wants more. Needs more. Sucking maltepe escort on him as she takes him out faster and sucks it back inside even deeper. Feeling his cock throbbing as she does it over and over again, moving faster each time she takes him into her mouth. She hears his moans growing louder, feeling his hands on her head holding her there as his hips start to move, as if he were fucking her face. This turns her on even more, the control he showed by holding her there. This sudden rage of excitement sends her over the edge and she cums like never before. Moaning and sucking on his cock as though it was a lifeline, she feels him explode deep inside her mouth, so thick and hot. She swallows quickly, trying to keep up with every spurt he explodes, but to no avail, no matter how she tries some escapes and runs down his cock and onto her hand. She slows down as he holds her head tighter, thrusting a couple of final strokes into her cum hungry mouth as he trembles with his final eruptions. He slowly turns loose of her hair, as he takes a deep breath. She takes his cock in her hand and gently licks the dripping cum from the head. She looks up into his eyes as she slowly runs her tongue around her lips, licking his cum from her chin. She lies back down with her head on his chest as he again tells her he loves her. She whispers how she loves him too as they drift off to sleep in each other’s arms.

She was startled out of her haze of memories by the sound of the TV being turned on. Looking around she sees that he’s now awake and back at the computer. She must have really been into her memories, it was almost as though she had been asleep. If it weren’t for the wetness she felt between her legs she would have sworn she had been sleeping. Tired and ready for bed, she gets up and walks to the kitchen, passing him along the way but not saying anything. After getting a drink of water she goes to stand behind him as he sits at the computer. Putting her arms around his neck and resting them on his chest, she leans forward and kisses his head, breathing in the smell of this man she loves so much. “I’m going to bed”, she tells him.

His hands cover hers as he tells her “Ok baby, I’ll be in there in just a few minutes, I love you”.

“I love you too”, she whispers as she slowly takes her arms from his chest, giving his shoulders a squeeze and kissing his head one more time. She goes to the bedroom with a smile on her face, but a feeling of emptiness in her heart.

After getting settled in bed her mind once again returns to her lustful memories as well as a few hidden desires. Closing her eyes as she thinks of his arms around her, hearing his whispers of how much he loves her. Feeling his soft kisses on her face, her lips, her neck as his hands rub her back. Then she feels his hand softly touching her breast, caressing it as though it were a fragile piece of glass. She holds her breath as her hand slips inside her nightshirt, imagining it’s his hand that’s pinching her nipple, his hand that’s caressing her soft breast. Then she feels his hand slowly moving down along her side. Down to her thigh it moves, caressing her flesh so tenderly she can feel how very much he cares for her. Her breathing comes faster as her kartal escort hand moves slowly up her inner thigh and coming to rest between her legs on her warm soft pussy. Her legs open a little more as her touch sends a spark throughout her hungry body. She feels his hand start to softly rub up and down as a finger traces along her slit. Up and down that finger moves, slowly, teasingly as her aching pussy begs for more. Her hips move slightly, pushing towards that hand, wanting him to explore deeper. Then he slides that finger just inside the lips of her pussy. She moans softly as her finger brushes across her already hardened clit. So wet and so ready, her pussy begs to be filled as she continues rubbing her clit faster and harder. She tries to be quiet as she stifles her moans with a pillow.

Suddenly the door opens causing her to jump and grab for covers even though she knows he’s seen what she was doing. He stands there in the doorway looking at her with a blank expression on his face. Is he mad?

Feeling her face turn bright red she stammers, “Oh, I uh, you surprised me”. He says nothing, but moves into the room closing the door behind him. His eyes never leave from her face as he moves closer to her bedside. He reaches out and takes her covers in his hand, pulling them down exposing her pushed up nightshirt and wet panties. Stunned with embarrassment she’s frozen and doesn’t move a muscle. He looks at her with this odd expression on his face, one she’s never seen before. Finally realizing she’s lying there with her legs spread open without any covers, she tries to cover herself with her nightshirt.

“Stop”, he says as he yanks the covers from the bed, looking at her with an almost mean glint in his eye.

“What are you talking about”? she asks as once again she reaches to cover herself.

“I SAID STOP”, he says sternly. Surprised, she just lies there, wondering what has come over him and why he’s so mad at her. Just as she’s about to ask him what’s wrong he gets on the bed, sitting on top of her with his knees on either side of her waist. He looks down into her eyes and asks her “What were you doing”? Rather puzzled and very confused she just looks at him as though wondering who he was. “I said what were you doing”? he asks again a little more loudly this time.

“Nothing”, she answers softly as she feels her face once again turning bright red.

“I think you were being a bad girl”, he tells her with a smirk on his face. Being caught off guard by his statement, all she can do is nod her head and look away as though she really were a child that had been caught doing something wrong.

“You know what happens to bad girls don’t you? Bad girls have to be taught a lesson before they get out of control”, he said as he got off of her and walked to his dresser drawers. Opening the top one he takes out a pair of his long socks and walks back to the bed. Once again he gets on the bed and straddles her body. She lies there still in shock from being caught touching her self. He reaches for her right arm and takes it up to the bedpost, tying it there with one of his long socks. Then he reaches for her left arm and ties it to the other bedpost. He looks down into her eyes as he tells her, “You’re not just a bad girl, you’re a little slut too, aren’t you?” She lies there looking up into the eyes of a man that is totally different from her boyfriend. She pulls at her wrists, trying to get loose from the bedposts, but to no avail. She was completely helpless…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32