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In a pale blue sky, the Winter sun sat looking down over the snow covered landscape of Old London Town and the populace that lived out their day to day lives. The date was the 10th of December 1889 and the oncoming festive season gave rise to an air of eager anticipation despite the hardships of daily living for the majority.

Along the banks of the frozen Serpentine, people from all walks of life and social standing were out and about enjoying the Christmas card scenery of Hyde Park. On the lake, families gathered, children played, and couples courted for it was the first time in a number of years that the ice had been thick enough to safely traverse. Winter fairs were a popular attraction in Victorian London as two women wrapped up snug and warm against the biting cold strolled arm in arm enjoying the simple pleasures of the day. Prudence glanced across at Lizzie wondering what she was thinking for their first meeting after the events of a few days ago had been an awkward affair for the Tea Room had been packed with patrons and conversation both casual and private would be easily overheard. So this hour found them away from the crowds and able to converse with ease.

They found a small bench and, after dusting off the layer of snow, sat down together. Prudence pulled her coat tighter around her and buried both hands into her muffler. That her companion was deep in thought was obvious and Prudence remained silent to give the younger woman a moment to gather herself.

Lizzie reached up and fiddled with the strings of her woolen hat as she looked across the white fields. “It’s so beautiful,” she breathed. “Albert and I always loved this time of year. Those times seem so long ago now.”

Prudence patted her gloved hand. “Henry always said that even when life is cruel and unkind it is always the nature of who we are to look for a brighter day. I tend to worry about things of inconsequence that matter not whereas my husband is forever the eternal optimist. My life is not what it was even a mere six months ago though and I have changed much in my outlook. Despite losing Albert, you should seek out the things that truly mean something to you. Apart from good health, the only thing that matters in this life is to be happy and content with your lot.”

Lizzie nodded. “Oh, all that I understand. To dwell in the past is no good for anyone. The memories that I cherish will always be happy one’s, Prudence. What happened the other afternoon,” she paused and turned to look at her older friend. “Was the beginning of a new day. I know that now. I’ve thought much since then about what occurred and come to realize that it was something I needed to do in order to change the way I was living my life. It was so much more than just what happened between us physically.” She pressed a hand on her chest. “In here is where it mattered most.” She gave a wry smile, “Though I have to admit I was mightily impressed with your husband’s delicious cock.”

Both women giggled and hugged each other.

“Did he really have no idea?” asked Lizzie.

Prudence shook her head. “No, none. I can’t begin to tell you the conversation we had once we had returned home. The man was positively speechless for the rest of the evening and kept staring at me in a most peculiar way!” she laughed. “Once the surprise had worn off he was quite enthusiastic about the whole escapade. Fucking a new pussy will render any doubt worthless for most men I suspect.”

“Does Henry take advantage of you often?”

Prudence pursed her lips. “Oh, much more these past few months, Lizzie. To be truthful, until Henry took our sex life in hand, I was the prim and proper wife who took the act of lovemaking as a chore and something that was a weekly ritual to be endured.” She looked down and dug the toe of her right boot into the snow. “Henry must have thought I had the sexuality and libido of an old maid. Breed a family then have done with all that disgusting nonsense.”

“We are so alike you and I,” said Lizzie quietly. “Funny how fate plays her hand sometimes.”

The snow had begun to fall again as the bells of St Pauls pealed in the distance. Lizzie took her hand and stood up. “Come let us be on our way for the sky looks full and I don’t fancy the idea of walking up Ludgate in a blizzard. You can catch a hansom at the entrance to the park.”


Prudence mounted the step and got into the black carriage. In front, a pair of Shires stood blowing clouds of white steam as their driver jumped up into his seat. Prudence pulled the door shut and leaned out of the window as Lizzie stood outside. “Remember, next Tuesday. We should arrive around one depending on the weather. Another day can be arranged if travelling is impossible due to the snow. Oh, and remind me to make plans for Christmas as I’m sure you’d be made most welcome by the family.”

A gust of wind had Lizzie clasping the hat on her head as she walked alongside the hansom as it began to move slowly across the lane. “I shall,” she shouted as the wind picked up. Then, “Oh, wait!” She reached into her bahis firmaları muffler and pulled something out. “Here, I nearly forgot. My answer!” And she handed Prudence a note through the window and stood waving as the carriage took Prudence back home.

Prudence sat back in the seat and unfolded the piece of paper. On it was wrote:

“Inquiring minds may need to know that Curiosity is a most persistent thing.

Yours in virgin anticipation.

Elizabeth Armitage.”

Prudence smiled as the snow swirled around her carriage and the world outside faded away like an early morning mist.


The following Tuesday morning found Miss Elizabeth Armitage all of a fuss. The anticipation of this day had begun the previous evening as she had sat reading a book in her drawing room. With each page turned, her gaze would be drawn to the clock on the wall as it ticked away each second that felt like an eternity. Her mind wouldn’t rest easy this night she sighed and put the book to one side to sit pondering her situation in front of the fire. That anticipation was most assuredly the work of the devil for her imagination was tormenting her as to the kind of physical ravishment’s she was to experience on the ‘morrow. Her face flushed as she relived the moment she had released Mr Chamber’s most outrageous member to her shocked gaze. The man was hung beyond measure and no wonder his wife walked about town with a permanent smile on her face and skip to her step.

She sat back in her chair and rested her clasped hands on her stomach for her first penetration by that beast still lingered even all these days later. That feeling of being so completely stuffed with good, hard, solid cock that had stretched her sex so delightfully and the delicious ache was a joy that had never left her deep inside. She loved and savored that sense of absolute fulfillment and sated exhaustion that had seeped into her bones and left her wanting more. And more was to come during the afternoon hours of the next day. She slowly ran her tongue over her lips and pressed her hands into her groin to ease the itch in her privates. But this time it would be different. This time she was going to experience something that was beyond “normal” sex. Prudence had hinted at the possibility and she had replied in the positive and now she waited with vulgar whispers teasing and tormenting her. As she had sat in her chair with the clock ticking time away, she was acutely aware of the quiet throbbing of that orifice between her bottom cheeks.

As expected, the night had been a restless one and the early hours of the following day had been spent doing her regular housework and daily chores. Lizzie kept busy until mid-day and made herself a light snack even though her appetite was nowhere to be found. As each minute passed, her nervous anticipation increased until she was walking around her room muttering to herself to gather her wits and show some decorum and emotional backbone.

She went to the window and peeked through the lace mesh covering them. Prudence and her husband would be here in less than an hour!


As the distant bells chimed the hour of eleven, Prudence Chambers looked up as her husband entered their sitting room with Lilly, their maid, behind him carrying his hat, scarf and overcoat.

“Whatever is wrong, Henry?” she asked, getting to her feet.

He held up a note. “Just this moment came. One of the apprentices delivered it and said it was most urgent. Apparently, my services are required for a short time as complications have arisen on some matter of import.” He waved his hand. “I’m afraid I shall be late for our little..” he paused and glanced in her direction as the maid helped him into his overcoat. “..meeting.”

“Oh Henry,” sighed Prudence. “A shame but no matter as I will attend and explain the situation to our host. On reflection, your absence for a short period may be beneficial to the proceedings. You run along and do what you have to do, beloved. We shall await your arrival with some anticipation.” She gave him a peck on the cheek as he grunted and put on his cap.

“I somehow think the anticipation is all mine.” he smiled as he tapped the rim of his hat and left the room.

Prudence tapped her lips thoughtfully with a finger. Things needed to be done. She must make haste!


Knock Knock Knock.

At the sound of someone at her door, Lizzie jumped up from her chair, quickly glanced in the mirror at her reflection and patted her hair before hurrying down the hall to the front door. To her surprise Prudence was standing there alone with a smile on her face and holding a large bag. Lizzie stepped to one side and invited her in out of the cold as the hansom carriage made its way back down Ludgate Hill.

Prudence removed her woolen hat, long stitched scarf, and heavy coat. Lizzie took them and hung them on the rack in the hall. The clock struck one as they made their way into the sitting room to warm themselves before the fire. “Prompt as usual.” smiled Lizzie as she sat the kettle on the kaçak iddaa hot plate to boil. “Your husband?” she inquired.

Prudence shook her head and sighed as she took a seat, “Called away on urgent business I’m afraid.” She smiled to herself at the fleeting look of disappointment on the younger woman’s face as she prepared tea. “But, he assures me that once he is done he will be with us forthwith. An hour late or so he presumes.”

“Well, needs must.” mused Lizzie as the whistle of the kettle drew her to the fireplace and she poured the boiling water into the teapot. “Without your husband and his..” Lizzie looked at her older friend and blushed. “His.. his companion, we may as well spend the afternoon stitching or knitting!”

“Then let us hope his business is brief.” laughed Prudence as she took her cup of tea. “Actually, it may be wise to spend this delay doing what needs to be done before Henry arrives.”

Lizzie took a sip from her cup. “Hmmm?”

Prudence nodded at her bag. “Before being buggered, Lizzie, a lady should always attend to her toilette and prepare herself with a little irrigation to flush herself clean.”

“Ohhhh..” was all the other woman could muster by way of sensible reply.


In her bathroom, Lizzie stood fidgeting in her bodice and bloomers as she watched wide eyed as Prudence mixed the concoction that was going to be used for their flush. Pouring warm water into a large jug, she took three sachets from her bag and added them one by one into the water before mixing them thoroughly.

Prudence looked up at Lizzie. “Have you never had an enema?”

“Oh, years ago. When I was but a child of ten or so,” she recalled. “I had come down with the most ghastly ailment and the Doctor was called for. He suggested a complete cleanse of the bowel in order to flush away any toxins in my system. I had to endure that for a week from memory. It was not a thing I recall with fondness though it did appear to do the trick. That was the experience of it.” She gave Prudence a wry look. “Until now, apparently.”

Prudence reached across and removed a vulcanized rubber water bottle and short hose from her bag and attached them together. She opened the bathroom door slightly and indicated a wooden chair in the corner. “Bring that over here and kneel on it.”

Lizzie did as she was told and stuck her bloomered bottom out nervously. The older woman came up behind her and knelt down to undo the buttons that held the rear flap of her underwear closed. Lizzie gasped slightly as the cool air wafted over her now exposed pale bottom as Prudence tugged the opening wider.

“Reach behind you and pull your bottom cheeks wide apart, Lizzie. Good girl. Bend a little further forward and arch your hips higher.”

Lizzie turned away and rested her face on her arms across the back of the chair for she was blushing from head to toe with her heart beating like a hammer.

Behind her, Prudence took a small bottle of ox oil and dipped her finger in the lotion. She then bent down and gently rubbed around the tight brown orifice making sure the rim was well lubricated. “Ready?” she asked.

Lizzie had her eyes closed. “Hmmm?” she mumbled. She had the most peculiar sensations in her belly. She gave a start when she felt Prudence press down firmer and with the help of the oil, her finger slipped through the tight knot and up into the beginnings of her rectum. Lizzie gasped and rolled her hips. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm…”

Prudence took the rubber bag and poured the douche into it until it was three quarters full and then hooked it on the bathroom door leaving her holding the end of the rubber tube to be inserted into Lizzie’s bottom. “Now for your irrigation, my dear.”

Lizzie felt her rubbing the end of the tube up against her rear passage to get her used to the sensation. She pushed back slightly and felt the end of hose being pushed up into her bottom a good few inches. The invasion into her bowel was not as unpleasant as she had imagined it would be once the initial discomfort had eased. She nodded when Prudence told her she was releasing the liquid and gasped when her innards were flooded with a most delicious warmth.

Prudence squeezed the bag until it was empty and reached down to withdraw the hose from Lizzie’s bottom. “Squeeze your buttocks tight, Lizzie. Exercise the liquid inside you to make sure your give yourself a proper irrigation. Give it a minute or two then go to your toilet and pass the waste naturally. I shall retire until you are done.”


Lizzie was rubbing her bottom with a damp cloth when Prudence returned and she smiled for the older woman had removed her dress and was now attired in similar white underwear as her.

“How do you feel?” asked Prudence as she added some more warm water to the jug.

Lizzie twisted around to look over her shoulder at her bottom which still peeked out from her bloomers. “Most invigorated. What a most becoming thing to experience and I feel quite melancholy because of it. I shall consider it a weekly ritual from now on!” kaçak bahis she grinned. “Do you wish me to aid you in your cleanse, Prudence?”

Prudence handed her the jug. “Of course. But we should make haste for Henry shall be here soon.”


Henry arrived an hour later.

A small amount of time was given to idle chit chat over a cup of tea in front of the fire so that her husband could warm his bones before Prudence brought forth the matter of their little get together for she sensed Lizzie was as distracted as she was.

“Dearest,” she began as she smiled at Henry. “Shall we retire upstairs for I am positive our thoughts are elsewhere. I swear I feel quite dizzy with the anticipation of it all.”

Lizzie, sat beside her, nodded and turned puce.

Henry put down his cup and stood up with some relief for his member was causing some discomfort in his pants as it struggled to break free. He stepped to one side then followed the swaying bottoms of both ladies as they left the sitting room and mounted the stairs towards the main bedroom of the house.


A naked Lizzie stood awkwardly with both hands clasped over her sex as she watched Henry remove his clothes and lay them over the back of a bedside chair. With each item discarded her heart thumped louder and louder and the tingle in her belly made her feel quite faint. She stared at his hairy backside as he removed his pants and underwear before turning back to face herself and Prudence who had joined them as nature had intended. Lizzie gasped for her gaze dropped to the drooping snake that swayed in front of her as Henry let both women admire his elongating cock.

“Ladies,” he began as he idly stroked out his length of flesh. “Shall we begin?” He turned to Lizzie. “Prudence has explained to me the game for today. Are you sure this is what you want, Miss Armitage?”

The younger woman blushed deeply and glanced at Prudence who had gone to her bag and removed a small bottle of oil. “Well,” she replied as Henry reached forward and cupped her left breast. “What I mean to say is..”

Prudence returned to her side and placed an arm around her hips. “I suggest a demonstration.” she smiled. “I shall let Henry take me up my bottom first for it is a thing that comes easy these days and, you Lizzie, can watch and then decide if you wish to try the act. Taking a large cock up your rear end is not something to take lightly especially if you haven’t done it before. The sensation is quite unlike any other I can assure you.”

Lizzie nodded. “That sounds a sensible course to take for I fear I have a faint heart at the thought of such a thing invading my most private place. Having a seat in the front row of such a performance will hopefully allay those fears.”

Prudence kissed her on the cheek and got on the bed. She turned until she was kneeling with her back arched and full bosoms hanging succulently down like ripe fruit ready to be plucked. Prudence then nodded at the bottle on the bedside table. “Lizzie,” she instructed,” Be so kind as to liberally rub some of that oil over my bottom hole. The application is most beneficial in aiding the penetration into the back passage and for the subsequent arse fucking.”

Lizzie went and retrieved the lubrication and returned to the rear of her companions as Henry stepped over and straddled his kneeling wife. Wide eyed, she stared at the massive cock that hung down and the bloated ball sack that rested on the apex of the spread female backside below it. Prudence was spread wide and her knotted anus sat erotically throbbing in anticipation. Dipping a slender finger, Lizzie, with studious attention, smeared the oil all over the twitching orifice until it shone like morning dew and was suitably prepared for the rigors to come.

“Ready, wife?” asked Henry for the ache in his loins had become a nag. Prudence looked over her shoulder and nodded. Henry bent forward and kissed his eager spouse as he positioned himself above his wife’s buttocks and aimed his rod at her slick hole.

Prudence sighed at the first pressure against her ring. That feeling of being spread helpless as the large cock head broke down any resistance and wedged itself at the entrance to her back passage made her feel quite giddy. Behind her, she heard Lizzie gasp as she sat forward on her chair in rapt fascination at the scene in front of her. Prudence groaned and wiggled her bottom for her husband had pushed himself to the limit in one firm thrust. “Ah, dearest.” she gasped as she felt him settle down to rest himself on and over her sturdy thighs and buttocks. Once Henry was sure his wife was comfortable with him so far up her bottom, he began their fucking in earnest.

Staring wide eyed, Lizzie watched the couple indulge in the dance of anal sex. The sensual thrust of push and pull, the deep grunts of deeply satisfying pleasures washing over both participants, and the soft gasps as Prudence climaxed after climax until the urgency in Henry’s thrusts signaled his on coming release and he jabbed forcefully at his wife’s pucker and flooded her arsehole with a spurting stream of pent up spunk. At that, Prudence collapsed face down on the bed with a loud groan and her husband fell on top of her with his balls still bouncing on her twitching bottom.

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