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The entire house slept late into Saturday morning. If Tom didn’t have an outing scheduled with some of his friends he never would have climbed out of bed. The idea of he and his buddies getting together to play some basketball and work off some of the holiday treats had seemed like a great idea on Wednesday but this morning it seemed like a really bad one. If he hadn’t been the guy that had organized the whole thing he surely would have skipped it.

The only thing that made getting out of bed tolerable was that Amy got up with him and they shared a long shower. As they slowly lathered and rinsed each other in the way they had done so many times before Tom told Amy about his two previous encounters with Leslie before they had all fucked the previous night.

Amy listened closely to his vivid descriptions and often asked for more information about how Leslie reacted or how her body felt as Tom fucked her. She was particularly excited to learn all the details as she and Tom showered in the same place where he and Leslie had first fucked.

After the shower Tom got dressed and left. Amy threw on her most comfortable clothes before she changed the sheets on their bed. Once the new sheets were on she couldn’t resist their lure and climbed back in bed. She lay there picturing Tom fucking Leslie in the shower and then began to wish that it had been her in the shower with Leslie rather than Tom.

Until a few nights earlier she never would have thought she actually would have gone through with her sex talk about being with another woman. However, now that she had crossed that line she realized that she was actually very attracted to other women, at least to both Leslie and Diana. She fell back asleep thinking about the previous night.

It was well into the early afternoon before the four college girls began to awake. When the two couples emerged from their rooms to shower and get dressed they exchanged sleepy, but knowing, good mornings. Megan showered first and Katie was more than a little surprised to see Leslie and Diana sneak off to the shower in her parent’s bedroom together. Katie couldn’t believe how bold they were being and she panicked that her parents would catch them and she would get in trouble. Partly to protect them and partly to protect herself Katie threw on a robe and went down to keep her parents occupied.

She was relieved to find her dad out so she only had to keep her mom busy for a while. Amy confessed that she had just gotten up a short while earlier and offered to fix Katie some breakfast. They sat together and talked for a while until Megan came down the stairs.

Katie was relieved to see that Diana and Leslie had finished their shower when she went upstairs. Leslie was in the middle of getting dressed when Katie stepped into the room to get some clothes. “Morning,” Katie said wickedly. She then added, “Looks like you had a fun night.”

Leslie smiled back at her knowingly and said, “I could say the same for you.”

She looked at Katie for a moment with a raised eyebrow before Katie quietly replied, “You know?”

Leslie told her about how she and Diana had crept down and watched her and Megan with the guy. She left out any descriptions of what they had been doing before they went downstairs. “That was Joel,” Katie said softly.

“Joel?” Leslie asked, “the same Joel you talked about the other night?” Katie smiled and nodded. “Damn, he is a cutie.”

Katie looked at her roommate and said, “You don’t think I’m some kind of sex fiend do you? I mean, I don’t know what came over me last night.”

Leslie replied, “Don’t worry about it.” She then added, “Everyone needs to get crazy sometimes,” as she thought about her adventures the previous night.

By the time Katie finished her long shower and joined the other women downstairs Tom had returned and gone up to shower. The basketball was fun but he now felt completely worn out. He took a long, hot shower and collapsed on the bed where he slept like a rock for the next few hours.

The women all moved to the basement and spent the afternoon reading, watching TV, and chatting comfortably. Amy felt like a horny schoolgirl and she had to admit it embarrassed her a little to feel this way. Still, after watching Leslie fuck Tom and then Diana the previous night and after having the opportunity to caress her wonderful tits Amy now found herself particularly occupied with Leslie. Amy found herself watching Leslie from across the room or sometimes even gazing at her tits wrapped as they were in her tight T-shirt.

To further her horny condition Amy noticed several times when Diana was casting glances in her direction. Simply knowing that Diana felt that way about her despite their age difference made Amy feel very sexy and turned her on. Once, when they were the only two upstairs in the kitchen, Diana quickly groped her ass and gave her a wickedly sexy smile that made her pussy tingle.

Tom finally made his way downstairs and joined the other five. casino şirketleri Not too much later Amy decided it was time to cook up some dinner and asked if anyone wanted to help. Several of the women said they would help if needed but Amy said she probably only needed one person. She finally turned to Leslie and asked if she would mind.

“No problem,” Leslie said happily as she bounced to her feet and went upstairs with Amy. As they walked Amy smiled to herself because the situation had played out exactly as she had hoped. She would now have some time alone with Leslie, but now that she had the opportunity she quickly had to figure out how to use it to try and fulfill her own fantasies.

As they started cooking Amy and Leslie began chatting about various subjects. They continued preparing the meal and Amy knew that her window of opportunity was closing. She still didn’t know exactly what she wanted or needed to say, but she knew she had to say something.

She moved close to Leslie and spoke softly so they wouldn’t be overheard. “Leslie, I wanted to talk to you briefly about last night,” Amy started before pausing and searching for the right thing to say next.

“Please don’t be upset,” Leslie replied, “I didn’t really mean to do it with your husband. I just go so excited watching that I lost my head.”

Leslie looked at Amy with sincere eyes and Amy smiled warmly at her before saying, “I’m not upset at all. Last night was one of the best nights Tom and I have had together. In fact,” Amy paused again to gain her courage, “I got very excited watching Tom and you together. I was sort of hoping that tonight I might get the chance to be with you with just the two of us…” Amy’s voice trailed off. She knew there was no going back now as she had left herself completely exposed to Leslie. She tried to judge Leslie’s response by her body language but she couldn’t get a good read on her.

Leslie was still trying to comprehend what Amy had said. She was so relieved to hear that Amy wasn’t mad about her fucking Tom that what Amy had said next completely took her by surprise. Leslie had to think carefully to make sure she understood what Amy was saying but it finally sunk in that Amy had basically just asked if they could fuck later. The slight fluttering of excitement in her stomach and the tingle in her pussy told Leslie she already knew the answer.

Leslie licked her lips softly and whispered, “I’d love that. But how?”

Amy smiled widely at Leslie’s answer and said, “I have an idea.” They soon finished getting dinner ready and Amy called the others up to eat. As everyone was sitting down Amy discreetly pulled Tom into the other room and briefly told him what had happened between her and Leslie.

“I could take the others out to a movie or something,” Tom suggested. Amy agreed that might work so they returned to the dinner. It was nearing the end of dinner before Tom threw out the idea casually. “If nobody has plans Amy and I were thinking it would be fun to all go out to a movie. Everyone game?” He then added, “Assuming Katie here isn’t too ashamed to be seen out in public with her parents.”

One by one the others agreed that it sounded fun. Leslie was the only one to say she would rather just stay at the house and relax. She insisted that everyone else go out without her and that she wouldn’t mind at all. At first Amy had agreed to go to the movie as she didn’t want it to look obvious that she and Leslie were not going on purpose.

As the group gathered their coats and started to head out the door Amy finally spoke up. “If you don’t mind I think I’ll stay home also. I know she said she didn’t mind but I can’t bear to think of Leslie sitting here alone. You go out and have fun and we’ll hang out here.” They said their good-byes and Amy watched them pull out of the driveway. She then turned and went upstairs to find Leslie who had gone up about five minutes earlier.

Amy looked around in the guest bedrooms and didn’t find her so she went into the master bedroom. She inhaled sharply when she saw Leslie waiting for her on the bed completely naked. Amy moved over next to the bed and looked deeply into Leslie’s eyes. Leslie was sitting up and leaning against one of the pillows propped up against the headboard. Amy let her gaze shift down to Leslie’s magnificent tits as they hung temptingly off of her body.

Amy slowly began to remove her own clothes as Leslie watched her excitedly. Soon Amy stood completely naked before Leslie and let the younger woman’s gaze move all over her. Amy was already extremely excited and could feel her pussy growing wetter in anticipation.

Amy crawled onto the bed next to Leslie and the two women sat closely together letting their fingers roam over each other’s shoulders and arms. “Tell me,” Amy whispered, “have you done this before?”

“Yes,” Leslie whispered in reply. Amy moaned with the knowledge that Leslie was experienced with other women and could feel her pussy casino firmaları grow even wetter. “Have you?” Leslie asked back to Amy.

“No,” Amy answered softly before adding, “not until this weekend.” Leslie smiled a wickedly sexy smile and dropped her head to Amy’s tit. Amy let out a long moan as Leslie lay her on her back and began to move back and forth between her tits teasing them softly with her mouth and hands.

Leslie continued for a long while until she moved upward slightly and began to let her own heavy tits dangle over Amy’s mouth. Amy immediately opened her mouth and began to suck and lick Leslie’s tits. Amy couldn’t believe that the tits she and Tom had so often talked about where now hanging in her mouth.

The women soon rolled over so Amy could continue teasing and exploring Leslie’s tits. Amy felt Leslie’s nipples harden to stiff points under her tongue and savored the feeling of them as her pussy grew hotter and wetter than she could ever remember.

Without saying a word Amy began to move down Leslie’s stomach softly kissing and licking her as she moved. Leslie spread her legs widely when Amy neared her pussy and Amy immediately moved between them. She explored all the sensitive areas around Leslie’s pussy driving Leslie wild from the teasing.

Finally she brought her tongue to Leslie’s pussy and experienced her first taste of Leslie’s pussy. She savored the musky scent and heavy taste and began to let her tongue explore Leslie. She loved how different and yet how familiar Leslie’s pussy seemed when compared to Diana.

It was immediately obvious that Leslie loved what Amy was doing. She gasped and moaned repeatedly and soon it was clear that she was building to her orgasm. As she drew closer and closer to cumming she began talking to Amy. “Oh God. Yes! Faster. Ohhhh, yes right there!” Leslie gasped.

When she finally started cumming she held Amy’s face tightly and pressed the older woman’s face into her quivering pussy. Leslie wrapped her legs around Amy’s head and began to squeeze slightly as the waves of her orgasm passed. Amy continued to explore her pussy and grew even more excited feeling Leslie cum under her.

By the time Leslie finished cumming and Amy finally pulled her face away from her pussy, Amy could feel Leslie’s pussy juice coating her chin and cheeks. She moved up to kiss Leslie feeling sexier and nastier than she could ever remember. They exchanged a long, slow kiss and let their tongues dance together.

Leslie could hardly believe what she was doing. All she had intended was to have a holiday visit with her friend’s family and now she had fucked her roommate’s dad twice and just let her roommate’s mom suck her pussy. It all seemed so unreal, but Leslie knew that the burning desire to taste Amy’s pussy was very real.

Leslie guided Amy onto her back and began to move down toward her pussy. Amy let out a long moan before Leslie ever touched her simply from the thought of what was about to happen. When Leslie finally did begin exploring her pussy the feelings were beyond anything she could have ever imagined.

There was now no denying that Amy loved feeling the softness of another woman between her legs. She let her fingers rub over Leslie’s shoulders and head until her pleasure was so great that her arms fell onto the bed beside her. Her mind reeled with the thought that the woman of so many previous fantasies was now licking her pussy.

Leslie tried to make this last but Amy was so excited and Leslie so desperately wanted to feel Amy cum that she couldn’t help but push Amy to her orgasm. Amy cried out loudly and started pushing her hips up into Leslie’s face as she began a massive orgasm. Leslie seemed to know just how to tease her to prolong the orgasm and continued to lick her pussy long after she finished cumming.

When Leslie finally moved away from Amy’s pussy they stayed in bed fondling and kissing each other’s tits. Amy spent most of the time gently caressing Leslie’s large tits as Leslie either watched her hands move or looked up into Amy’s eyes. Amy knew she could have stayed like this all night and could easily have started fucking Leslie again. She began to think about moving to Leslie’s pussy when she heard Tom’s car pull up out front. “Oh shit,” she exclaimed, “they’re back. I completely lost track of the time.”

She and Leslie hurriedly threw on their clothes and went down to the kitchen to make it look like they were just getting something to drink when the others came inside. Tom exchanged a knowing glance with Amy as he stepped inside and he knew immediately that she had fucked Leslie. The very idea made his cock twitch.

Everyone stood around chatting for a while but none of them were really interested in talking or hearing what the others were saying. Each had thoughts of how they could get themselves some time alone with the person they wanted to be fucking.

Amy and Tom made the first move as they each said they were exhausted güvenilir casino and were going to go up to bed early. Katie then said she wasn’t tired yet and wanted to maybe catch a movie on cable. She asked if anyone was interested in joining her and Katie immediately said yes.

As Katie and Megan moved toward the stairs to go down and Tom and Amy began to go up Leslie and Diana looked at each other and smiled. “How about you?” Diana asked.

Leslie faked a big yawn and smiled wickedly as she said, “I think I’ll head up to bed.” Diana smiled knowingly and said that she might be up for some TV. They exchanged winks before turning and heading in opposite directions out of the kitchen.

Leslie went upstairs and immediately joined Tom and Amy in their bedroom. Tom knew this was dangerous and that it would be very easy for Katie to come upstairs and notice that Leslie wasn’t in her room. These thoughts, however, almost immediately disappeared from his mind and were replaced by lustful thoughts of the two women in the room as he watched his wife and Leslie fall into a wild embrace.

Tom removed his clothes as Amy and Leslie began stripping each other as their kiss continued. By the time Amy pulled off Leslie’s bra and let her big tits spill out Tom couldn’t stand to just watch and he moved over to his wife’s side. They guided Leslie until she was sitting on the edge of the bed and they sat on either side of her. Leslie groaned as they each lowered their mouths to her tits and began to kiss and lick her.

Tom couldn’t believe they were living out this fantasy with Leslie. He could feel Amy’s head and face right next to his as he sucked Leslie’s nipple until it was hard. He let the nipple slide out of his mouth and moved over to join Amy in teasing her other tit.

Soon he and Amy were both kissing and licking Leslie’s tits in unison. The feeling of Amy’s tongue against his at the same time his tongue explored Leslie’s soft tits was beyond anything Tom could have imagined.

They continued sucking her tits for a long while until Amy finally pushed Leslie back until she was flat on her back. Amy crawled onto the bed and quickly straddled Leslie’s face before lowering her pussy onto Leslie’s mouth.

Tom moved to Leslie’s spread pussy and immediately shoved his entire cock inside her. Amy and Tom paused and looked deeply into each other’s eyes and exchanged a lustful smile as the woman they had fantasized about and fucked separately lay under them with her tongue busily exploring Amy’s pussy while Tom’s cock filled her.

Tom began fucking her and soon the room was filled with groans of pleasure and gasps of delight. Tom and Amy occasionally leaned forward and kissed each other wildly. Between kisses Tom alternated between fondling Amy’s tits and Leslie’s tits.

Leslie had been silent so far other than some soft moans as she frantically tongued Amy’s pussy. Suddenly, she let out a muffled cry that would certainly have been much louder if not for Amy’s pussy on her mouth. As she cried out Tom felt her pussy clench and watched as she came under them.

Amy also stared intently at Leslie as she came and when she made eye contact with Tom again he immediately noticed the wild gleam of lust in her eye. She began to grind her pussy around over Leslie’s mouth and Tom knew she was about to cum. He reached out and pinched Amy’s hard nipples before pulling on them lightly in the way he knew drove her wild.

Amy pushed down on Leslie’s mouth and threw her head back as she started to cum. Her face contorted into a mixture of pleasure and lust as she came wildly. Tom continued teasing her nipples right until she finished cumming and sat up some from Leslie’s mouth.

Tom looked down and saw that Leslie had her arms wrapped around Amy’s thighs and appeared to be guiding Amy as she continued to lick her pussy. Amy leaned forward and Tom leaned back some as he watched Amy’s hand move to Leslie’s stomach. Her hand moved quickly down her stomach and to Leslie’s pussy hair before sliding lower.

Tom felt Amy’s fingers touching his hard shaft as he withdrew from Leslie and groaned. “Let yourself go,” Amy whispered as she continued fondling her pussy and his cock. The new sensation of her touch was all Tom could take and he pumped quickly into Leslie a few more times before he grunted and began to fill her pussy.

Almost as soon as he finished cumming Amy pushed him back until his cock slipped out of Leslie. Amy immediately lowered her mouth to Leslie’s pussy and began fucking her with her tongue. Amy could taste Tom’s cum mixed with Leslie’s juices and eagerly sucked up the mixture aware that this was the raunchiest thing she had ever done.

Tom watched in fascination as his wife sucked his cum from the pussy of his daughter’s roommate. He sat next to them and watched as they continued in their 69 position for a long while more. He was finally drawn to move closer to Amy’s pussy after she lifted her head from Leslie and gasped, “Oh my God.”

What he quickly saw was that Leslie’s tongue was now reaching beyond Amy’s pussy and that Leslie was licking her asshole. Amy continued moaning and gasping as Leslie continued teasing her asshole aware of how much she was exciting Amy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32