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It was a dark and stormy night outside the hospital ward, and from the windows only one bedside lamp could be seen amongst the sleeping patients. Matthew sat upright quietly reading a book whilst waiting for his last check of the day before he could go to sleep. It had been two days since the operation to remove his appendix and although it has all gone smoothly he was still having regular examinations to make sure everything was healing properly.

At eleven o’clock the night duty nurse appeared from between the curtains around his bed to do the nightly inspection. She was tall and slender with silky blonde hair neatly pinned up in a bun. Matthew hadn’t seen her before, but as she studied his charts was able to see from her ID tag that her name was Kate and she was still a trainee.

“This is my first night on duty alone, so you’ll have to tell me if I do anything wrong” said the young nurse smiling nervously.

“As long as you don’t amputate a leg, I’m sure I’ll be none the wiser” Matthew grinned as she began pulling back the bed sheets. Although these examinations had become routine after three days, he could not help feeling a little embarrassed lying naked beneath the gaze of such a beautiful girl who could not be older than 18 or 19. “Well everything looks alright,” she announced after checking his stitches and replacing the bandages. “Have you experienced any trouble with your circulation since the operation?” She queried.

“Um, I don’t think so” Matthew replied.

“Do your legs and feet feel ok, no swelling or numbness?”


“And, err, what about your penis” she asked hesitantly looking up shyly from behind her clipboard.

“Uh, I don’t know” Matthew answered, already turning crimson with embarrassment.

“Ok. I had better take a quick look to check that the anaesthetic hasn’t caused any blood clots.” And she pulled the sheets down further to reveal his penis. Matthew lay there unable to move as the young nurse gently felt and squeezed his penis checking its length for any lumps or abnormalities. Her hands were so soft pendik escort and warm as she touched him, that even against his will he began to feel himself swell and stiffen in her hand. The young girl pretended not to notice the effect she was having on him, but by the time she had completed her examination his penis was standing hard and rigid.

“Oh dear” she exclaimed looking at his erection for the first time. “Well at least we don’t have to worry about any circulation problems,” she joked trying to ease his obvious embarrassment.

“Don’t worry its quite normal. I’ll just go and get the vacuum pump to relieve you”

“I’m sure it will go down” Matthew stammered in fear. He had heard about the vacuum pump already. By all accounts it was an extremely uncomfortable contraption; fitting over the penis, air was pumped out of the tube until the pressure built to such a degree that the semen was literally sucked out from inside you. It had a reputation for being horrifically undignified and not completely painless.

“Don’t be silly” she answered. “If there is still anaesthetic in your blood then it won’t disperse properly and your penis will become very uncomfortable.” Without anymore argument she disappeared between the curtains to fetch the infamous pump.

Matthew lay there silently cursing his penis which was still standing defiantly upright when the young nurse returned looking worried.

“I can’t find the vacuum pump” she said biting her lip with anxiety. “And I’ll get into so much trouble if I have to call down a senior nurse at this time of night. I suppose I could always…” Her voice trailed off as she wrestled with herself trying to make a decision.

“Would it be ok if I relieved you the old fashioned way?” she asked, her worried eyes imploring him to help her out of her predicament.

“Um, I suppose so” Matthew replied, wondering what horrible contraption could be considered old-fashioned in comparison to the vacuum pump.

She smiled at him nervously, but instead of leaving to get the alternative equipment, she sat down escort pendik on the edge of the bed at his knees. With one last embarrassed smile she took his erection in her small hand, pulled back his foreskin, and lent forwards taking his penis into her mouth. Matthew gasped as he realised what was happening, but before he could speak his mind was clouded by waves of delirious pleasure as her lips closed around his rigid cock. Her mouth was hot and wet, and he could feel her soft lips sliding down over his swollen head as she took him deeper.

Matthew could do nothing but groan as she began to build a steady rhythm sucking him in and out of her mouth and stroking his shaft in her hand. The sight was completely mesmerising and he could only watch transfixed as the beautiful young girl sucked his throbbing penis. She seemed to be completely lost in her task with her eyes closed and her head bobbing up and down as she took him deep into her mouth in long urgent strokes. Soon she began making delicious slurping noises as her combination of sucking and stroking increased in speed, and Matthew knew it wouldn’t be long before he came. Yet as he approached the brink of ejaculation she pulled away from his penis leaving it wet and rigid.

Her cheeks were flushed and her lips were engorged, and long strands of golden hair framed her pretty face from where they had escaped her neat bun. “It doesn’t seem to be working” she said mournfully. “I’ll have to try something else.”

Matthew was about to tell her that she couldn’t be more wrong, when she slipped off the bed and began pulling her uniform up over her shapely hips. He was instantly silenced by the perfect vision of her and the small white knickers which separated her soft thighs from her slender belly.

“Do you think you could cum if I put you inside my vagina?” she asked looking hopeful.

“I, I think so” Matthew stammered, and she smiled warmly at him as she pulled off her knickers.

Seeing the neat triangle of soft hair between her thighs made Matthew’s erection twitch and throb, and his heart raced pendik escort bayan as she climbed back onto the bed kneeling astride him.

“Tell me if I hurt your stitches” she advised him tenderly, and pressed his penis to the entrance of her vagina.

The young nurse lowered herself onto him, and his swollen head stretched her tight vagina as it pushed slowly up inside her. A long groan escaped her lips and her eyelids fluttered as she felt inch after inch penetrating her. She slowly sank down the entire length of his enlarged penis until he was completely buried within her. The feeling of her moist folds gripping his erection was truly heavenly and Matthew knew he wouldn’t last long.

“Are you ready?” she asked breathlessly, and began to move up and down on his shaft. With her hands resting on his chest for support Kate brought her whole body forward until only the head of his engorged cock was gripped by her stretched vagina, and then pushed back making him slide up deep inside her.

“Ohhh faster” gasped Matthew lost beneath the waves of pleasure she was creating. Her small breasts jiggled and strained against the material of her uniform as her breathing became quicker, and she lifted herself up and down on his throbbing penis with greater intensity. The speed of her thrusting became faster and faster, and Kate groaned as her own excitement mounted. With one final thrust she drove his entire length inside her and threw her head back, her whole body shuddering with her orgasm. The added sensation of her vice-like vagina spasming around his erection pushed Matthew over the edge too, and he spurted long hot jets of semen deep inside her.

The young nurse quickly recovered from her climax and suddenly remembered her patient. “Have you come?” she asked desperately still panting from her exertions.

“Yes thank you” Matthew answered lamely, his mind still struggling to comprehend the unbelievable thing that had just happened. She smiled sweetly at him and lifted herself off his already subsiding penis. After slipping on her knickers and smoothing down her uniform, she lent over and kissed him tenderly on the cheek.

“Thank you, for not getting me into trouble” she beamed, “and thanks for the orgasm too.” Without looking back she disappeared between the curtains.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32