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Lindsay woke up to the screeching of her alarm. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and glanced at the clock. Another fun-filled day shaping the minds of teenagers lay ahead of her. Everyone thought she was crazy for being a teacher. With her looks and her brains she could’ve done just about anything and been successful. But somewhere deep down inside she always wanted to teach; she also harbored a secret fantasy.

She called it the Van Halen fantasy. Ever since she saw that Hot for Teacher video she imagined herself in the place of those bikini-clad models, strutting away in front of hormonal teenagers. She would never sleep with a student, but she secretly yearned to have a steamy, secret affair with any one of the single (or married) dads that were in her school.

Lindsay knew it was possible. She saw the way they looked at her on parents’ night. She always dressed a little on the provocative side for that. Low-cut blouse and skirt that was probably a little too short, but showed off her perfectly tanned and toned legs. She immediately singled out the two or three hottest looking men in the room and give them a little extra attention. She would bend over in front of them, giving them a clear view of her perfect 36C breasts. After they would get an eyeful, she would turn away and pretend to drop something on the floor and bend over, giving them another view of her tight ass and tiny g-string panties. That was usually all it would take before she would notice them breathing heavy and trying to adjust their seats. Then Lindsay would continue with her parents’ night presentation as if nothing had happened.

And when she’d get home she would find her favorite vibrator and quickly slip it into her dripping pussy. She was as turned on as the men were and she would bring herself to a climax several times just thinking about what she had done, and wanted to do, to them. But there never really seemed to be the possibility of her fantasy coming true until this year. There was one dad in particular that seemed to come around bursa escort the school more often lately, and he was definitely someone that Lindsay would fuck: late-thirties, muscular, tan, and a firefighter! He was there to volunteer every Wednesday, and Lindsay realized as she crawled out of bed that this was Wednesday.

Lindsay hurried into a shower, being sure to shave all the right places, paying special attention to her already smooth pussy. She picked out a sexy, but still dress-code appropriate dress to wear. She was hoping to make an impression that would lead to a bit more than stares today.

The school day seemed to fly by with no sighting of her target. Then as if he read her mind, he showed up at her door after school.

“Excuse me, Miss Gibson”

The sound of a male voice startled her. Lindsay looked up to see HIM standing there.


“Don’t know if you remember me but my name is Aaron and I volunteer here once a week. Is there anything that you need done?”

Is there anything I need done….ME…she thought to herself, but managed to say something along the lines of “no, but you can come in anyway”

Aaron walked into the room and over to where Lindsay was standing. She smiled at him and began to formulate he seduction plan as he sat in the chair next to her desk. Lindsay sat down directly in front of him and crossed her legs, her short dress sliding up as she did so.

“You don’t have to be so formal. Call me Lindsay,” she said as she noticed him staring at her leg. She thought to herself that this may not be as hard as she thought.

“Okay, Lindsay it is!” he said cheerfully. “I don’t believe you have my daughter, but I’ve seen you around school.” He managed to pull his eyes off her legs long enough to shoot Lindsay a smile.

“So have you liked what you’ve seen?” Lindsay figured there was no use beating around the bush. He already seemed interested.

“Um, uh…” he hesitated for a second, which was just long enough for Lindsay to lean forward pretend bursa escort bayan to reach for something just in front of him, giving him an ample view of her chest.

“Yes, yes I have liked what I’ve seen. You appear to be a very good teacher,” he finally said, his casual conversation belying the growing bulge Lindsay noticed in his crotch.

“Oh, thank you,” Lindsay replied. She rose from her seat and walked over to her door to close it. Thank heavens for doors with no windows that when locked from the inside they can’t be opened! Aaron’s eyes followed her and seemed to ask her what she was up to, but he stayed silent. Lindsay decided to go in for the kill.

“Have you ever seen that really old Van Halen video for Hot for Teacher?”

“Um, yeah, I think so,” Aaron replied.

“I love that video. Something about being so sexy and being watched,” Lindsay continued, walking slowly over to where Aaron sat. “Have you ever been hot for a teacher?”

“Yeah, I have,” he replied as their eyes locked.

“Are you hot for me?” Lindsay asked as she slid to her knees in front of him. She could see his erection trying to get out of his jeans and already knew the answer but wanted to hear it from him.

“You probably already know that I am,” he said breathlessly.

Lindsay kept his eyes locked in a stare while she reached up and unzipped his fly, releasing his rock hard cock. It was spectacular, at least 8 inches long and thick. He shaved too. Lindsay licked her lips and while still staring at him, took the full length of his hard cock into her mouth. He let out a loud moan and leaned his head back. Lindsay began slowly moving her mouth up and down his shaft, teasing the tip a little with her tongue each time before going back all the way down. She took his balls in her mouth next and sucked each one in turn, eliciting another moan from Aaron. He grabbed the back of her head and urged her to use her mouth to fuck him.

Lindsay was eager to please but really wanted to feel him inside of her. She pulled escort bursa herself off his member and stood in front of him. She began to undress herself but Aaron pushed her hands away. He unbuttoned the front of her dress and pulled it slightly off her shoulders, exposing her braless breasts. He quickly took a nipple into his mouth, nibbling and sucking on it while kneading the other. It was Lindsay’s turn to moan as he devoured her breasts.

Slowly he opened her dress further to reveal her smooth, dripping pussy. She had gone pantiless today, and he moaned in appreciation. He planted a kiss on the outside and slowly ran his fingers through her wetness. She shuddered as his tongue found her clit and he ran it slowly back and forth across the engorged nub. Her legs started to go weak and she grabbed his shoulders to steady herself. She didn’t want to cum without him inside of her. She reluctantly pushed him back into the chair.

“I want to fuck you,” she said, breathlessly.

She no sooner had the words out of her mouth and she was straddling him, poising her dripping pussy over his rock hard member. Their eyes met again as she lowered herself onto him. She sank slowly, enjoying the feel of him. She paused when he was all the way in, leaning in to give him a long, deep kiss. As she did this, Lindsay rocked her hips slightly, causing them both to moan into each other’s mouths. Aaron grabbed her hips and controlled her movement, slow and steady back and forth. Then he raised her up slightly and began ramming his hips upward, both of them watching his cock slam in and out of her. He reached down and began rubbing her clit, making her moan with delight. Lindsay could feel her orgasm building from deep inside of her, and Aaron began thrusting harder, nearing his release. Suddenly they both tensed and cried out at the same time, their climaxes taking over, sweat pouring out of them, Aaron pounding her dripping pussy until they finally collapsed into each other.

They shared another passionate kiss as they came down from their orgasm. Lindsay finally got up from him and they looked at each other for a long moment.

“So, still hot for teacher?” she asked with a smile.

“Most definitely,” he replied, his cock stirring once again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32